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Planning to work as a digital nomad on a holiday? Don’t head out without learning these effective tips on how to remote wipe laptop data for your Windows PC. If you thought your valuable data was safe with a touch ID or face-recognition software, all a thief has to do is insert your laptop hard drive in another system.

However, with a little bit of planning, you can be ahead of the game. By taking these simple precautions, you can remote wipe your hard disk and make your Windows laptop pretty much useless for any burglar out there.

Currently Available Options in Windows

First, if you are using Windows 10, you must locate your laptop’s GPS coordinates using the Windows key with the “Find my Device” option. This technique will not work with previous Windows versions. You will notice a tiny “Bitlocker OFF” icon right below your device.

Next, simply turn BitLocker ON to encrypt sensitive files, folders and even entire disks. The procedure takes a bit to get used to, but you’ll be assured with the knowledge that your files are now secure with AES-128 encryption. The encrypted folders can now only be viewed with a password or a recovery key.

However, such a useful functionality comes with a caveat: it is not available for Windows 10 Home, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 systems. Unless you upgrade to Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, Microsoft doesn’t have your back.

Remote Wipe Laptop Data with Prey Anti-Theft

Prey, a freemium laptop, smartphone and electronic device-monitoring solution, manages to recreate the functionalities and technical strength of the above solutions.

After downloading and a guided installation, you will be asked to set up your Prey account as a new user. You may also log in with your Facebook or Google accounts.

Tracking your device location with Prey works more efficiently than Windows’ “Find my Device” option. The utility uses Geo IP, Wi-Fi triangulation and GPS to access your lost or missing laptop.

After you track your device, you can choose to “wipe” all data including documents, cookies, emails, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive information.

Not all missing laptop incidents can be pinned to theft. If you simply forgot your laptop at a friend’s place, there is another option to remotely “lock your device.”

Tips for Recovery: You can also report your device as “missing.” This means that as soon as a thief opens your laptop, you will start receiving evidence reports, pictures, coordinates, and active and nearby Wi-Fi.

It is always useful to set up a guest account so that the thief can use your laptop to access the Internet. Once done, you can use Prey to send them warning messages along with a police complaint.

However, if you lose your laptop in a foreign country, your only option is to make data backup in Cloud. Use DropBox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

Remote Wipe Laptop Data with DriveStrike

DriveStrike is another relatively lesser-known web utility that offers the same remote wiping facilities as Prey. Their monthly plans are substantially cheaper. It is also much easier to use.


Laptop thefts are way more common than you may imagine. Be it at airports, malls, vehicles, cafes, hotel lobbies, or backpacker hostels, you may luck out almost anywhere. It can be the most unpleasant thought ever, some quick-fingered thief deciding to pick you clean just when you let your guard down.

With the tips discussed in this blog, you may not have to worry about a lost or stolen laptop again.

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Sayak Boral is a technology writer with over eleven years of experience working in different industries including semiconductors, IoT, enterprise IT, telecommunications OSS/BSS, and network security. He has been writing for MakeTechEasier on a wide range of technical topics including Windows, Android, Internet, Hardware Guides, Browsers, Software Tools, and Product Reviews.

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How To Connect Your Xbox To Your Windows Pc

As a Windows-based device, the Xbox has a lot in common with a typical Windows PC. The Xbox is one of the best consoles for interacting with a Windows PC, with the ability to stream games, share media content, and more. If you want a seamless multimedia experience, combining the Xbox and a Windows PC makes sense.

As long as you have the correct network setup, it’s an easy process to connect an Xbox to a PC. You’ll need both devices on the same network and, if you want to stream content, an ethernet connection is preferred. If you want to know how to connect your Xbox to a Windows PC, here’s what you’ll need to do.

Table of Contents

Connecting an Xbox to a Windows PC Using the Xbox App

The Xbox Console Companion app gives you full control of your Xbox One console from your Windows PC. It allows you to start up or shut down your Xbox, stream Xbox games to your PC over your local network connection, install or remove games, as well as chat with your Xbox gaming friends.

The Xbox Console Companion app is installed on all Windows PCs, as part of Microsoft’s plan to further integrate the two services. If you have a local user account, you’ll need to sign in using your Microsoft account to use the app—existing Microsoft account users should find the app signs them in automatically.

While the Xbox app is linked to your Microsoft account, it won’t automatically connect to your Xbox—you’ll need to do this manually. To do this, press the Connection icon in the left-hand menu of the Xbox app on your PC.

Windows will search for your Xbox One console automatically. If it detects it, press the Connect button. If you need to do this manually, type the IP address for your Xbox in the box provided, then press Connect to connect to it.

Once the Xbox is added, you should see it listed in your Connections tab. From here, you can power the Xbox on or off, view the currently open game or app, test the streaming quality, or stream the Xbox to your PC by pressing Stream.

Streaming Xbox Games to a Windows PC

You can stream Xbox games to your PC from the Connections tab in the Xbox Console Companion app.

In the Connections tab, press the Stream button to begin streaming the Xbox One console to your PC.

Once you’ve established the stream, you’ll need to decide if you want to connect your Xbox One controller to your PC or continue to operate it from your Xbox. If your Xbox is a bit further away, you may wish to connect it to your PC. Once you’re ready to proceed, press Continue.

Using your Xbox controller, you can navigate your Xbox One menu as normal. Play a game by selecting it from the My games and apps menu.

Streaming Media Content to an Xbox Using Microsoft Movies & TV

In the Add a device menu, select your Xbox One console from the list once the scanning process has completed.

You can now stream content from the Microsoft Movies & TV media app. You’ll need the same app installed on both your Xbox and PC for this to work. 

In the Connect menu, select your connected Xbox One console. This will open the Movies & TV app on your Xbox and stream the content from your PC for playback.

Streaming Media Content to an Xbox Using Kodi

If you’d prefer to use alternative media apps, then apps like Kodi can be installed on your Xbox. Kodi supports a full range of media playback options, including the ability to access network shares from a Windows PC or other network attached storage devices.

In the plugin options window, press Enable to enable the plugin.

In the Add file source window, press Browse.

In the Browse for new share window, select Windows network (SMB).

If you need to provide a username and password to connect, select Add network location instead. Select Windows network (SMB) from the Protocol drop-down menu, then select a location, username, and password using the options provided.

Xbox Gameplay From Your Windows PC

How To Reset Your Apple Tv Remote

Is your Apple TV or Siri Remote unresponsive? Do some buttons occasionally malfunction, or has your remote stopped working entirely? Resetting the remote might resolve these issues.

There’s no option to reset your Apple TV Remote in the tvOS settings menu. However, there are two workarounds: restart the remote or reconnect it to your Apple TV from scratch. Both methods are straightforward and involve pressing specific key combinations.

Table of Contents

How to Restart Your Apple TV Remote

Rebooting your Apple TV Remote is one way to soft reset the remote controller. Turn on your Apple TV and follow the steps below to restart your Apple TV or Siri Remote.

Press and hold the

Volume Down


Control Center

buttons on your Apple TV remote for at least 5-10 seconds. This key combination turns off your remote and unpairs it from the Apple TV box.

Release both buttons when your Apple TV’s status light goes off and comes back on.

You should see a “Remote Connection Lost” message in the top-right corner of your Apple TV screen.

The remote should automatically restart in another 5-10 seconds—check your TV for a

Remote Connected


Press the Power button (or any button) to turn on the remote if it doesn’t restart automatically.

How to Reconnect Apple TV or Siri Remote

Another way to reset your remote is to put it in pairing mode and reconnect it to your Apple TV device.

Position the remote close to your Apple TV (8-10 centimeters) or on the streaming box.

If you have the Siri Remote (2nd generation or later), press and hold the



Volume Up

buttons for two seconds. That’ll put the remote in pairing mode.

On the 1st generation Siri Remote, press and hold the Menu and Volume Up buttons for 2-5 seconds to initiate remote pairing mode.

The pairing process typically takes about 5-10 seconds. The “Pairing Remote” notification disappears when your Apple TV Remote pairs successfully.

How to Reconnect Apple Remote

Follow the steps below to unlink and reconnect the white or aluminum Apple Remote from your Apple TV.

Press and hold

Left Arrow



buttons for 5-10 seconds.

Release the buttons when you see a broken chain icon on your TV screen.

Press and hold the

Right Arrow



buttons for 5-10 seconds to pair the remote.

Release both buttons when a chain link icon appears on your TV screen.

Can’t Restart or Reset Your Apple TV Remote? Try These Fixes

Try the troubleshooting steps below if you can’t reset your Apple TV Remote and it isn’t working as expected.

1. Power-cycle Your Apple TV

Unplug your Apple TV from its power outlet and wait 5-10 seconds. Reconnect the streaming device to its power source and try resetting your Apple TV remote.

2. Update Your Apple TV

We recommend updating your Apple TV’s operating system if you can’t pair or reset your remote. Use the Apple TV Remote app to control your Apple TV if your remote isn’t working.

Seek Professional Assistance

Contact Apple Support if you can’t use or reset your Apple TV or Siri Remote. There’s a chance that the remote is defective or damaged.

How To Set Up A Windows 10 Kodi Remote Control

How to set up a Windows 10 Kodi Remote Control [Full Guide]






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

The Media Center fell by the wayside in Windows 10. That was perhaps one of the more debatable things for Microsoft to remove from the OS.

However, there are a few Media Center replacements compatible with Windows 10. One is Kodi Jarvis, which is a multiplatform software package you can play videos, films, music and photo slideshows with.

How can I set up a Kodi Remote Control in Windows 10?

You can set up a Windows 10 Kodi remote control with an Android tablet or phone.

If you don’t already have Kodi, you can save its installer to Windows from this website page.

Setting up an Android Remote for Kodi

Now you can set up a new Kodi remote to navigate the software with something comparable to a TV controller. However, you’ll need to have an updated Android tablet or phone to add the Kore app to.

First, add the XBMC Foundation Kore app to your Android device from this page. Then open Kodi and configure the software as follows.

Select both Allow remote control by programs on other systems and Allow remote control by programs on this system if it’s not already selected by default.

Next, select Web server from the left menu as below.

There you should also select the Allow remote control via HTTP option.

Configuring the Kore App

Now open the Kore remote app on your Android device. Kore might automatically detect the Windows 10 Kodi installation.

However, if Kore doesn’t detect it, you’ll need to enter media center name, port, username, and IP address details in the app’s Manuel configuration page.

The Web server options include your port number and username details. Enter those details into the required fields on Kore’s Manuel configuration page.

You can also enter Kodi as the media center name on Kore’s Manuel configuration page.

Your IP address is included there. So enter that IP address into the Address field on Kore’s Manuel configuration page.

Only fill out a password if you’ve set one up for Kodi. If not, you can leave that blank.

Now press the Test button on Kore’s Manuel configuration page. An All done page should open informing you that the media center is configured.

If Kore Still Doesn’t Work

If Kore still isn’t working after you’ve followed the above guidelines exactly, that might be down to your firewall settings. The firewall might block Kodi. So configure firewall settings in Windows 10 as follows.

Enter firewall into the Cortana search box and select Allow an app through Windows Firewall to open the window in the snapshot below.

Press the Change settings button on that window.

Then scroll to the Kodi app. Select all the Kodi check boxes as above, and then press the OK button.

Enter the required details into the Kore’s Manuel configuration page again to set up the remote control.

Kore is the official remote for Kodi, but you can also set up an Android remote for the software with the Yaste app. Both apps are great remote controls for the media center.

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How To Change Nat Type On Windows Pc

Sometimes while playing games, you experience annoying lags in the network. It makes all the difference in gaming. NAT or Network address translation is responsible for this. In this guide, we explain what NAT is and how to change NAT type on a Windows 11/10 PC.

What is Network Address Translation (NAT)

Network Address Translation (NAT) is a process where an IP address is mapped to a different address by modifying the network address information. NAT works in the router and translates the private addresses into a single public IP address. Your router becomes the mediator between your IP address and the internet in this process.

Your internet might slow down with strict NAT settings which are not visible in normal browsing. But, you can experience it while gaming. To beat this, there are three NAT types, they are:

NAT Type 1 (Open) – This type has no restrictions in sending or receiving data as it has no firewall. It offers better speeds and very little buffering or lag, it is not a safe option as it do not have firewall protection which makes your network vulnerable to attacks.

NAT Type 2 (Moderate) – This type is more secure than Type 1. A few ports are open and have a firewall to protect your network. Compared to Type 1, the internet may slightly slow down.

NAT Type 3 (Strict) – This type is a more strict and secure NAT type. This type protects your network from attacks and is set by default in most routers. The internet is slower than the other two types.

Let’s see how we can change the NAT type on PC.

How to change NAT type on PC

You can change the NAT type on a Windows 11/10 PC in different ways. They are:

Port forwarding

Network Discovery method

UPnP method

Using a Configuration file

Let’s get into the details of each method.

1] Port forwarding

This is one of the easiest methods to change the NAT type on a PC. Before going into this process, you need to find out which ports are being used by the games you play. To find the ports used by an application or game,

Type Win+R on your keyboard and type cmd and press Enter

Now, to change the NAT type in the port-forwarding method,

Access your router configuration page and find the Port Forwarding option

Enter the port numbers you have noted in the first section and IP address in the next column.

Now, select both UDP and TCP options

Save the settings and restart the router.

Now the NAT Type has changed.

2] Network Discovery method

To change the NAT type in this method,

Open Control Panel from the Start menu

Now, check the button beside Turn on network discovery and Save changes at the bottom

3] UPnP method

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) method is done in the router settings. It helps devices discover one another on a network by enabling automatic port forwarding. UPnP method makes you vulnerable on the network and is not a safe method. Before going into the process, make sure your IP address is static.

To change the NAT type in the UPnP method,

Open your router settings on a browser

Find UPnP and turn it on.

That’s it. Your NAT Type is now changed.

4] Using a Configuration file

To change the NAT Type in this method,

Open your router configuration page on a web browser

Find Save or Restore Configuration options in the settings

Save the file on your PC, and make another copy for backup

Open the Configuration file and find “last bind“

Then, type  “bind application=CONE(UDP) port=1111-1111” by replacing the port number with the port numbers used by the game or application. Save the file.

Restart your router to apply the changes.

These are the different ways using which you can change the NAT type on a PC. Also, if you don’t want to get into all these, you can use a VPN to bypass NAT types. A VPN gives you complete security by encrypting your traffic and data in a tunnel.

How do I check my NAT-type PC?

NAT Type is visible on the router settings page. You need to access router settings with the address and credentials according to your router make on a browser and see the NAT type.

Is there a way to change the NAT type?

There are different ways to change the NAT type. They are, by Port forwarding, by Network Discovery method, by UPnP method, or by Using a Configuration File. You can also use a VPN to bypass NAT settings.

Related read: Fix slow Internet speed on Windows 11/10 computer.

Remote Control Your Itunes Via Ichat

Let’s say you have more than one Mac in your house – one is in your living room, meant for entertainment purpose, while another one is in your room, for work-related stuff. Now, from your room’s Mac, you can remote control the iTunes in the living room’s Mac to play the songs you want.

You have completed the configuration. Now, set up a chat session between the two Macs.

In your room’s Mac, type

pause – pause the playing



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