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The following is a short summary of the nine Hyperion portfolio companies. Full investment reports are available.

Planned ICO Date: TBD

NOIA aims to disrupt the current CDN [Content Delivery Network] landscape by allowing for a far more decentralized network. Any device connected to the internet could become a node within the NOIA network. A wider distribution of nodes would allow for higher performing content delivery services.

ICO Date: Completed 11 – 25 June 2023

DAV is an open source software platform that allows anyone to buy or sell transportation services in a decentralized market. DAV integrates into any vehicle, enabling those vehicles to discover, communicate, and transact with one another using a digital currency called the DAV token. DAV accomplishes this through the DAV protocol which connects vehicles, users, and service providers on one network.

Planned ICO Date: TBD at 1 December 2023

Lightstreams is a peer-to-peer network enabling transactions and content distribution by means of blockchain technology. It is a decentralized network that is being developed to run decentralized applications, specifically the ones that require high throughput and information privacy. The project originated as a fork [modified copy] of the Ethereum blockchain. It is developed to stay true to its origins by being compatible with developer tools and libraries from the Ethereum ecosystem.

Planned ICO Date: TBD

Gamedex is a platform for digital collectible cards and the games they can be used in. Unlike traditional collectibles, for example, baseball or Pokemon cards, these digital assets can be transferred to anyone on the planet instantly with their authenticity proven. They cannot be counterfeited or reprinted, and they can be used in online games. The platform is similar to Steam but for digital collectible card games whereby individuals are able to create, play and engage in a like-minded community environment.

Planned ICO Date: Completed 16 – 28 June

Wemark is a decentralized marketplace that allows photographers to license their content directly to customers, keeping them in full control of the rights to their content. The marketplace will significantly increase the percentage photographers receive from their sales by reducing intermediaries.

Planned ICO Date: Currently active, 17 September – 15 October

Menlo One aims to promote ease-of-access for developing decentralized applications and allow for interoperability between different distributed ledger technology networks. Menlo One is led by the well-known Matthew Nolan.

Planned ICO Date: TBD

Equiti is a decentralized platform for licensing and distribution of video games. The platform allows for fair trade within a secondary market that video games have lost with the transition from physical to digital copies. Existing video game distribution platforms could easily integrate the Equiti platform to allow for a second market on their own systems.

Planned ICO Date: Q1 2023

Stackr is a long-term savings solution that incorporates investment opportunities from both traditional and cryptocurrency environments. The investment platform is built in collaboration with several trusted entities from the traditional investment ecosystem. Stackr provides cryptocurrency investors with many wealth preservation and compound growth opportunities, along with reduced fees through the utilization of their native token.

Planned ICO Date: TBD

As of writing, Hyperion has acquired exposure to nine different projects that could potentially play key roles in the decentralized ecosystem. Each one focuses on a specific role within the sector that they aim to disrupt or support. It is important that each investment would benefit Hyperion investors not just in the long run, but also in the medium term if the market conditions are favorable.

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The Goal Of Hp’s Radical The Machine: Reshaping Computing Around Memory

Not every computer owner would be as pleased as Andrew Wheeler that their new machine could run “all weekend” without crashing.

Wheeler is a vice president and deputy labs director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He’s at the Cebit trade show in Hanover, Germany, to tell people about The Machine, a key part of which is on display in HPE’s booth.

Rather than have processors, surrounded by tiered RAM, flash and disks, communicating with one another to identify which of their neighbors has the freshest copy of the information they need, HPE’s goal with The Machine is to build a large pool of persistent memory that application processors can just access.

“We want all the warm and hot data to reside in a very large in-memory domain,” Wheeler said. “At the software level, we are trying to eliminate a lot of the shuffling of data in and out of storage.”

Removing that kind of overhead will accelerate the processing of enormous datasets that are becoming increasingly common in the fields of big data analytics and machine learning. 

There’s a certain theater to HPE’s presentation of The Machine at Cebit.

Peter Sayer

Hewlett Packard Enterprise displayed a node board from The Machine, its memory-centric computer testbed, at the Cebit trade show in March 2023. The ‘front’ of the board, furthest from the camera, contains the shared memory and the heatsinked FPGAs that handle the memory fabric. In the middle beneath another heatsink is the processor, surrounded by more memory. In the foreground is the ‘back’ of the board, holding the FPGAs that manage the optical interconnect to the server rack’s backplane.

The board is long — a little too long, in fact.

Four bulky heatsinks amid the rows of memory modules in the front half of the board mark the locations of the FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) that handle the memory fabric, the logic that allows all the processors in the machine to access all the memory. Other FPGAs at the opposite end of the board handle the optical interconnects. Those will all shrink when the FPGAs are replaced by more compact ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) later in the development process, Wheeler said.

HPE shared the lessons it had learned in designing The Machine’s memory fabric with other hardware manufacturers in the Gen-Z Consortium, which is working to develop an alternative to Intel’s proprietary memory fabric technologies.

“Our testbed allows us to incorporate more of Gen-Z’s features as it is defined,” said Wheeler. The goal will be to have full interoperability with other Gen-Z products when the specification is complete.

Gen-Z set up shop last October, a month or so before HPE booted The Machine for the first time.

How significant? The testbed now has 40 nodes and a memory pool of 160 terabytes. In comparison, HPE’s largest production server, the Superdome X, can hold up to 48 TB of RAM using the latest 128 GB DIMMs.

The company has seen a lot of demand for login time on The Machine — more than it can satisfy, for the moment.

However, there are other options for developers wanting to see how in-memory operation can accelerate processing of large data sets, including using a maxed-out Superdome X, or running their code in simulations of The Machine’s hardware.

The simulations obviously run much slower than the real thing. As HPE gains experience of operating The Machine, though, it has been able to calibrate its models and is more confident of the performance improvements forecast by the simulations.

Those forecasts suggest that The Machine will be able to reduce the time taken to model the risk inherent in a financial portfolio, say, from almost two hours to just a couple of seconds: a performance gain of three orders of magnitude.

At that speed, you could get a lot of work done over a weekend.

Apple Investors Frustrated By Jobs

CUPERTINO, California (Reuters) – Apple Inc Chief Executive Steve Jobs wasn’t even there, but at times it seemed like it was all anyone talked about at the firm’s annual shareholders’ meeting on Wednesday.

In a lively, one-hour gathering at the firm’s headquarters in Cupertino, shareholders asked about the absent executive, serenaded the charismatic corporate chieftain, and spoke privately about the continued mystery surrounding his health.

Jobs — who co-founded Apple and is credited with transforming it into a consumer juggernaut after returning as CEO a decade ago — announced in January he would take a five-month leave of absence, handing over the reins of the firm and saying his health problems were “more complex” than originally thought.

All executives would say was that Jobs remained deeply involved in decision-making despite ceding control over day-to-day operations — adhering almost verbatim to previous statements on a subject of persistent market speculation.

“If there’s new information that we deem important to disclose, that will happen,” said co-lead director Arthur Levinson, CEO of Genentech, adding that the board has met all its disclosure responsibilities.

The company also declined to answer questions about reports that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was examining Apple’s conduct in disclosing Jobs’ health problems, which will keep the widely respected executive sidelined till at least June.

Some bristled at the board’s continued reticence on Jobs’ status. AFL-CIO representative Brandon Rees, who pinpointed on the company’s disclosures during a question-and-answer session, said he was not satisfied after the meeting.

“I was disappointed that the board was not more forthcoming … It’s an important shareholder question, as to who will lead this company.”

But it was clear Jobs continued to command the loyal support and affection of attendees. Shareholders even launched into an impromptu chorus of “Happy Birthday” for Jobs, who turned 54 Tuesday.


Shareholders noted that the meeting just wasn’t the same without the charismatic Jobs.

Neal Pann said he believed in both the company’s executive team and its prospects, but sounded a note of pessimism around the lack of information about Jobs’ health.

“I got the response I expected, which was no response.”

Getting down to more mundane business, shareholders voted to re-elect the company’s eight-member board, which included Google CEO Eric Schmidt and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, who attended the meeting.

And four proposals — all opposed by the company, including a so-called “say-on-pay” resolution — failed to garner shareholder approval.

Proposals related to a company environmental sustainability report, political contributions and health care also failed to pass.

During his presentation, Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said the company’s annual revenue has nearly quadrupled over the past four years on surging sales of Macintosh computers, iPods and iPhones. Apple is widely acknowledged as one of the most powerful brands in the world.

But the issue of Jobs himself — often portrayed as a tech visionary and the main thrust behind Apple’s current market prowess — was never far from investors’ minds.

In 2004, Jobs was treated for a rare type of pancreatic cancer. He appeared gaunt at an Apple event in June 2008, touching off rumors that his cancer had returned. The company has not managed to completely quash that speculation.

Facing a prolonged recession and drought in consumer spending, Apple has been unable to shake questions regarding the future of its charismatic CEO, who has been out of public view for more than a month.

Legal experts say Apple could face lawsuits over its health-related disclosures — or lack thereof — although that part of the law is seen as something of a gray area.

How To Switch Page Orientation To Landscape In Google Docs

How to switch page orientation to landscape in Google Docs






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readers this month.

If you ever needed to create a text document, then you probably used a text editor, such as Microsoft Word or WPS. However, these usually come with a heavy subscription price that not everyone can afford.

As such, cheaper or even free alternatives need to be used, such as Google Docs.

Google Docs is a web-based office suite that is part of the Google Drive service, and one of the centerpieces of this suite is the eponymous Google Docs.

It features all the tools that you could expect from a standard text editor.

This being said, arranging the page layout from portrait to landscape is also possible. However, not everyone knows how to do this, so we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to show you how easy it is.

How do I change the Google Docs page to landscape?

Before starting off, you should remember that you need a Google account in order to use any of the Google Drive services, which includes Google Docs.

Once you’ve created an account or logged in with your already existent one, you can start following these steps:

Go to Google Docs

You can also do this to an already existent Google Docs document

Go to File

Select Page setup

Check the box next to Landscape

If you want Landscape to be set as the default state of every new document, select Set as default

Press OK

One thing you should remember is that there is no way to set each individual page to be a certain way, and once you’ve set one page to Landscape mode, all other pages before and after it will be changed as well.

Additionally, remember that changing the layout will also change the way the text and images will fit inside the page. As such, it is good to start off in landscape mode before adding text and images, so you won’t waste time rearranging after the layout change.

Closing thoughts

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More so, page layout changes made in Google Docs is compatible with other text editors as well, allowing you to add the finishing touches using any other text editor, without messing with the original formatting.


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Bitgert (Brise) Price Explosion Attracts More Baby Doge And Safemoon Investors This August

The previous predictions about the price explosion for

Bitgert Price Explosion

Bitgert price is exploding and attracting Baby Doge and Safemoon investors this August because of its massive development. The

Baby Doge and Safemoon

Baby Doge team has been growing the adoption rates of this meme coin. This is by introducing more products on the Baby Doge network. Recent developments include the Baby Doge testnet and the Baby Doge  Swap going live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). However, not much has been achieved in growing the Baby Doge price like Bitgert has done. The Safemoon team has also been making some small moves in growing the Safemoon network. However, no major Safemoon move has been made after the migration from Safemoon V1 to Safemoom V2.

The previous predictions about the price explosion for Bitgert are almost becoming a reality following the recent Bitgert price explosion. Notably, the crypto market has been bearish, where most altcoins, such as Baby Doge and Safemoon, have been posting a decline. The bearish wave across the crypto market is not gone yet despite most of the market experiencing a breather for the past two days. However, Bitgert is still skyrocketing when Baby Doge and Safemoon are struggling to remain stable. Bitgert is currently posting a 130% in the past 30 days and 15% increase in the past 7 days. This is bigger than Baby Doge and Safemoon, which are in the red for the same period. That’s why more Baby Doge and Safemoon holders are joining Bitgert this August. Baby Doge and Safemoon are trailing Bitgert far behind in terms of price growth.Bitgert price is exploding and attracting Baby Doge and Safemoon investors this August because of its massive development. The Bitgert BRC20 chain is a major player in the Bitgert skyrocketing prices. With its zero gas fee and a transaction speed of 100K TPS, the Bitgert blockchain remains the most adopted blockchain today. The ongoing Bitgert BRC20 node upgrades will make the chain more efficient, hence growing the adoption rates. The Bitgert roadmap V2 is already in progress, whereby major products are expected soon. The upcoming decentralized marketplace, Bitgert OS, NFT Marketplace and Paybrise are among the roadmap V2 products that are growing Bitgert buying pressure. The upcoming 1000+ projects on Startup Studio Program will also significantly increase demand and adoption for Bitgert. With such upcoming developments, more Baby Doge and Safemoon holders will definitely be joining Bitgert in the next few chúng tôi Doge team has been growing the adoption rates of this meme coin. This is by introducing more products on the Baby Doge network. Recent developments include the Baby Doge testnet and the Baby Doge Swap going live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). However, not much has been achieved in growing the Baby Doge price like Bitgert has done. The Safemoon team has also been making some small moves in growing the Safemoon network. However, no major Safemoon move has been made after the migration from Safemoon V1 to Safemoom V2. That’s why Safemoon price has been doing badly. This explains why Safemoon and Baby Doge holders are selling to buy Bitgert . With bullish Bitgert, more Baby Doge and Safemoon holders will be buying BRISE.

Rocketize Token Striving To Become Investors Favorite Like Shiba Inu And Axie Infinity.

The Cryptocurrency market is open to all new coins thanks to its relaxed policy, which allows developers to put up their projects for the crypto community to enjoy. However, not all cryptos that make it to the market achieve their aim of becoming successful.

Through a combination of offers, skills, and features, some coins achieve more success than others. The successful coins set records breaking numerous barriers. These successful coins also bring fortune to the crypto investors and traders who choose to hedge their bets on them.

Most successful coins have long-term potential but are sold for low prices. Purchasing the coins at a low price brings handsome rewards to investors when the coin eventually blossom. Cryptos can grow exponentially in days or months. With the current slump in the crypto market, there is no better time than this to add to your portfolio coins that have the potential to become highly successful in the coming days.

Rocketize Token Fuelling Crypto

Rocketize Token (JATO) is the latest crypto asset already making waves on the block. The unique crypto is created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, and choosing the BSC network has already set it on its path to success. Rocketize Token is launching as a meme coin that will be fully dedicated to its community of meme lovers.

The Rocketize Token (JATO) project is unique, with hilarious memes, narratives, and ideas that set it apart from other meme coins. While most meme coins follow the dog theme, Rocketize Token stands completely different. The unique coin will utilize the deflationary process for its token.

Rocketize Token aims to implement DeFi and NFT features to allow users to benefit more from the platform. Rocketize Token (JATO) intends to provide its community additional services outside the usual meme hype. Users of Rocketize Token will profit passively from the platform’s staking feature. Thanks to the Rocketize Token platform’s unique minting events, a non-fungible token (NFT) feature will be included.

Rocketize Token will also develop a completely decentralized exchange (DEX) that will enable Peer-to-peer transactions on the platform. Many investors are already putting their money in the meme coin in its presale phase to shoot up their finances. The Rocketize Token token (JATO) promises handsome rewards in the future.

Shiba Inu Has a Big Bark

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is currently the second-largest meme coin in the world of cryptocurrency. It was launched into the crypto market following Dogecoin’s (DOGE) explosion of fame. The Shiba Inu (SHIB) project is based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The Shiba Inu (SHIB) project served as an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building.

The token’s launch price allowed enthusiasts to buy vast SHIB units. The token launched at $0.000000000056 and soared in May 2023 to $0.00003791. This made early holders and community members of the coin to became millionaires.

The Ethereum blockchain-based project has also implemented additional features that will enable it to offer more value to its community. Among the recent additions are a metaverse and a crypto exchange. SHIB token holders can use their tokens to transact on the exchange and interact in the metaverse. These new utilities will likely boost SHIB’s price again, spelling more yield for holders.

Axie Infinity – Like Pokemon but Better

Axie Infinity (AXS) is a digital platform where Pokémon-like NFT creatures known as Axies can be purchased. These NFTs are used in the platform’s games to explore, battle, and breed other Axies. The Axie Infinity game provides users with the Axies’ fighting abilities to defeat opponents and gain rewards. Gamers could also profit from their NFTs by selling the already leveled-up Axies to others.

Axie Infinity token, AXS, is used for transactions and governance within the platform’s ecosystem. The AXS token was worth $0.10 during the initial launch but soared to achieve an all-time high of $165, clearly depicting massive rewards for early investors. The current crypto dip is the best time to purchase the coin and wait for a bull run to cash out massively.

Follow these links to get more information on Rocketize Token

Rocketize (JATO)

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