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The Zero FX electric motorcycle is an exciting machine with a top speed of 85 miles per hour and enough acceleration to frighten yourself if you twist aggressively enough on the throttle.

But as a relative beginner to the motorcycle world, I didn’t ride it anywhere near its maximum speed when I had the chance to check it out for about a week in November. I’d never driven an electric motorcycle before, and a sense of curiosity coupled with pandemic-induced boredom urged me to try it out for rides in Manhattan (while another, very present feeling of caution urged me to do so carefully).

I’m not the only one hopping on a two-wheeler these days: Sales of new motorcycles and scooters are up by about 10 percent in the third quarter of this year, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. That bump is a smaller version of a large surge in bicycle sales.

If you’re curious about climbing onto one—whether as an alternative to public transportation during COVID, for fun, or some combination of those reasons and others—here’s what I learned as a beginner on a fancy new electric motorcycle.

The Zero FX

A standard-issue gas-powered motorcycle requires that its rider shift gears by pulling in the clutch with your left hand and changing gears with your left foot.

But an electric motorcycle strips away that requirement. Because you don’t need to shift, operating it is a cognitively easier task for a beginner like me. The Zero FX I rode, like other electric bikes, is operated simply by rolling on the throttle in your right hand. The rear and front brake controls are in their usual spots—engaged using your right foot, and right hand, respectively.

Because you don’t need to shift, accelerating is an easy, linear experience—twist that throttle and zoom forward. That allows you to zip away from any cars that you think might be encroaching into your space, but it also means that you can scare yourself if you twist it too much. Also, it’s very quiet—it makes a whirring sound when you drive it, and when you’re sitting still with it turned on, it’s completely silent. It’s wise to stay ready with the horn to warn others that you’re there. The common motorcyclist phrase “loud pipes save lives” doesn’t apply here.

The bike was taller than I initially felt comfortable with—the seat height is 34.7 inches—and when I was on it, I could only touch the ground with my toes; its height made swinging a leg over it harder than I expected, and backing it into a parking spot was also a little challenging. But I found that my initial intimidation with the machine faded as I rode it around my neighborhood, and the fact that it felt maneuverable and easy to swerve around with helped me become more comfortable on it.

The Zero FX ZF7.2 starts at $11,295. Zero Motorcycles

If you’re thinking of buying an electric motorcycle, here’s what to keep in mind: You’re obviously going to need to charge it. If you have a garage or other easy way to park and plug it in, that’s a simple problem to solve. If you live in a city—and the Zero FX felt great for cruising around one—then you’re going to need to think carefully. I live in an apartment building and parked the bike on the street, so had no way to recharge, meaning that I had to rely on what was already in the battery for the time I borrowed it. While the model I was using has an integrated battery, the same bike comes with a modular configuration. That means you can remove the battery to bring it inside and then charge it—but it weighs 42 pounds. That’s rough if you live in a walk-up.

Bottom line if you’re thinking about an electric motorcycle: It’s a great option for a beginner, because you don’t need to worry about shifting, and it can be a great way to commute or run errands around the city or suburbs, too. The range on the model I had was 91 miles, making short trips easily accomplished for days on end between charges, but of course you’re not going to easily take it on a road trip. Plus, the starting price is steep: $11,295 for the non-modular version. And beyond the Zero offerings, another famous electric motorcycle comes from a classic brand: Harley Davidson’s LiveWire, which begins as $29,799.

Keep in mind, though, that starter internal-combustion motorcycles are so much cheaper—they might cost you somewhere around $4,000 (like for a Honda Monkey) or $4,600 (for a Honda Rebel) or more, depending on what you want.

Getting started

Of course, a dual-sport electric motorcycle is just one option out of a myriad of two-wheelers out there, and they come in different types: The basic categories include standard motorcycles, sport bikes, dirt bikes, and others.

Riders should follow the ATGATT protocol when on the bike: Wear “all the gear, all the time.” Roselle Chen

“Unlike cars, motorcycles are very individualistic,” Yu says. Besides the issues of ergonomics, what you need it for, and the relatively new electric-vs-gasoline question, there’s also a question of style and even the culture of where you live. That individualistic nature is “kinda the joy of it,” she says. That differentiates buying a bike from purchasing a simple car like a Toyota Corolla or Subaru Forester—you’re thinking more about comfort, capability, and image than you do with a four-wheel vehicle.

Last but definitely not least, she recommends taking a safety class, which can pave the way for getting your license. A good place to look for those is through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or the website for your state DMV. I took a basic class twice, so had plenty of time to learn in the relative safety of a small parking lot in Queens, New York. Those experiences helped me feel comfortable with the basics of operating a standard motorcycle like a Suzuki, but also jumping onto that zippy Zero when I had the chance.

Last month I had the chance to check out an electric motorcycle from Zero. Here’s a look at what it’s like to cruise around the block on it. (Note! Both the video and audio have been sped up more than twice as fast.) chúng tôi Rob Verger (@robverger) December 9, 2023

This story was originally published on December 9, 2023.

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What Is The I Got Plans For Me And You Tiktok Trend?

Another trend that has recently started appearing on the platform is ‘I got plans for me and you’ and the following post will help you understand it better so you can join the bandwagon as well.

What is the ‘I got plans for me and you’ trend on TikTok?

With stay-at-home orders at its peak, the younger demographic is yet again dancing to a popular tune on Tiktok. In the videos that have become popular, users start with a slow dance or just lip-syncing to the first few verses and then break away to heavy steps when the sound switches to the bass-heavy side. For added effect, you can start shaking the camera sideways when the bass starts to kick in.

‘I got plans for me and you’ Original song

The sound for the ‘I got plans for me and you’ trend that users are dancing to is from TikTok user j.e.s.s.x. Although the original sound for the trend has been reused for over 365K times, the song is a snippet from the popular 2007 song ‘Take you down‘ from Chris Brown. Published under the album named “Exclusive”, the song was written by Brown himself with the help of Steve Russell, James Fauntleroy, Lamar Edwards, Harvey Mason, Jr., and Damon Thomas.

You can listen to the original Chris Brown song “Take you down” on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Google Play Music.

I got plans for me and you: Popular videos

Ever since the original sound started getting trending, there are been several videos that have been uploaded on TikTok, as part of the ‘I got plans for me and you’ trend.

The most popular iteration of the trend is from TikTok user Piper Lee who appears to be the one dancing to the beats before her brother falls down the stairs in this funny video.

In yet another funny version of the trend, TikTok user Kieran Hanson is seen dancing with her friend before they realize their dates have arrived, catching them in the pure act of making a TikTok video.

This one by user Jorgiacella is an effort that almost paid through.

Celebrity reactions to ‘I got plans for me and you’

Dozens of TikTok celebrities have joined in on the ‘I got plans for me and you’ trend and have uploaded videos of their own dancing to the beats of the original sound. So far, the sound has been reused by Bryce Hall, Addison Rae, Nick Austin, Kio Cyr, Kouvr Annon, and Hannah Kaye Balanay.

How to do it yourself

If you wish to create an ‘I got plans for me and you’ yourself video youself, then you can do so by opening the original sound page for the ‘I got plans for me and you’ trend and tapping the ‘Use this sound’ button at the bottom. After that, you can proceed to record your moves with beats of your own.

‘I got plans for me and you’ hashtag

What are your views on Tiktok ‘I got plans for me and you’ trend? 

This Broken Windows Feature Taunts Me Every Time I Update

Chances are that you’ve never heard of Delivery Optimization, which should do one thing and do it well: if you download a Windows app or an update to any PC on your network, any other PCs on your network can download it from that PC, bypassing the Internet. This eliminates the need to download and re-download updates again and again. And why haven’t you heard of it? Because it stinks.

If you live in a rural area, the mainstream tech press doesn’t care about your problems. If you live in California, the media who live in the Northeast (which is to say, most of them) don’t care about Delivery Optimization, because it doesn’t cost them a dime just to re-download everything. Why? Because after Verizon provided unlimited bandwidth to FiOS users, Comcast was pressured into eliminating its data caps with most of the Northeast states after first suspending them during the pandemic. But that benefit isn’t available to anywhere else Comcast serves, which sucks.

If you’re not willing to pay your Internet provider for unlimited data (and why should you?) all of that extra data costs money. For my family of four, Comcast Xfinity allows me 1.2TB a month, which goes fast with a pair of near-teenage boys and a media-savvy wife. Beyond that, I’m charged $10 for every 50GB I go over. For games and video, that adds up.

Delivery Optimization allows you to still download games, but fetch them from nearby PCs.

Mark Hachman / IDG

Meanwhile, I have a few laptops that I use for testing. I’ll play a game on the Xbox or on the PC. That adds up, too.

For whatever reason, though, only a tiny fraction of my downloaded updates arrives from other PCs on my network, if that. Neither am I uploading anything to those PCs, or even to the Internet, though I’ve had that option toggled on, too. I feel the frustration of this random soul, who bemoaned the fact that all anyone ever searches for is how to turn Delivery Optimization off, rather than on.

If Windows’ Delivery Optimization truly worked, I’d be downloading dozens of gigabytes from other local PCs.

Mark Hachman / IDG

There are two ways to help determine whether or not Delivery Optimization is running: first, open the Run menu (Win + R) and enter chúng tôi . You should see a list of services on your PC, along with their status. The Services window identified the Delivery Optimization service as running, and set to begin automatically. So, no luck there.

I also tried a method suggested by Brien Posey of TechGenix: Open an elevated PowerShell session and enter the following command: Get-DeliveryOptimizationStatus . That should produce an output where you can check the number of client peers from which the download originated. It should hopefully more than 0, which signifies that just the Microsoft server was used.

You can turn on Windows Delivery Optimization from the Windows Update setting.

Mark Hachman / IDG

Neither method seemed to tell me whether or not Delivery Optimization was working. And yet, my Windows Update delivery monitor indicated that it did work, though for just half a gigabyte or two. But why? And on what files? I don’t know. Something happened, though nothing meaningful. So yes, it feels like Delivery Optimization is just taunting me.

The trouble with sharing apps and data among multiple PCs is the fact that the connection can be extremely sensitive to a variety of factors: whether they’re on the same network, whether devices are protected by a firewall, the versions of Windows each device is running, and so on. Those are some of the issues you have to manage with an app like Mouse Without Borders, for example.

Some of this falls upon the user’s shoulders. But Microsoft’s rather skimpy Delivery Optimization support documents focus on managing Delivery Optimization, or at least managing user concerns that their PC will unwittingly spray data all over the Internet. There’s really not all that much about what to do if Delivery Optimization simply fails to work.

You can check to see if Delivery Optimization is working within Windows Services, but that didn’t solve my problem.

Mark Hachman / IDG

The problem, though, is a real one. Not all of us benefit from multi-gigabit Ethernet service. Maybe Microsoft engineers do, working from their campus in Redmond or via high-speed connections from their homes. But many workers still work over slow, remote, Internet connections with limited data caps. If the FCC won’t work to eliminate data caps entirely, than maybe Microsoft can help out those of us who have to put up with them.

Here’s What We Learned From Today’s Congressional Committee Meetings On Social Media

Executives from big social media and internet companies are making a regular habit of testifying in front of Congressional committees. The last time was back in April when representatives from Facebook, Google (by way of YouTube), and Twitter took the hot seat.

For today’s most recent hearing in front of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Twitter and Facebook are on their own, since Google declined to attend.

Wednesday’s proceedings include a pair of hearings. The first is a look into the way the companies deal with foreign and malicious actors and transparency in regards to elections and political influence. The second hearing is specifically for Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey to address issues of bias and free speech.

There are some interesting tidbits of information that showed up during the testimony, but it’s clear that not every Senator is fully up on the issues. Here are some of the more interesting answers, facts, and statistics we heard during the testimony. (The Twitter hearing started at 1:30 PM ET, so we’ll update this page with more information as it progresses).

There are a lot of fake accounts trying to get onto Facebook and Twitter

Interesting statistics tend to pop up during these sessions, the most surprising of which today involve the sheer volume of fake accounts Twitter and Facebook claim to be fighting off.

Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook said anywhere between three and four percent of the accounts on the service at any given time are inauthentic. She also claimed that Facebook is turning away “millions” of attempts to create fake accounts every day.

Sandberg also reminded us of the 32 fake pages and accounts it took down in July, the more than 600 pages it took down in August from Iran and Russia, and revealed that 58 more pages from Myanmar were removed just last week.

Twitter says it’s removing 200 percent more accounts than it was before, and its evaluating 8 to 10 million accounts every week to see if they might be malicious bots. Dorsey also said the service has prevented half a million fraudulent accounts from logging in every day.

Twitter downranked 600,000 accounts due to an “error” in its algorithm

The key piece of the Twitter hearing is the idea that the algorithms treated some political accounts unfairly due to the behaviors of their followers. Dorsey says more than half a million accounts were downranked (what some call “shadowbanned”) because of bad behavior by their followers. Dorsey also claims that this is no longer one of the “hundreds” of data points that the service considers when deciding whether or not to show those accounts in Twitter’s “public spaces” like search results and autocomplete.

The government still very much wants in on regulating social media companies

Most of the Senators were coy when bringing up the subject of government involvement in the regulation of social media, but the underlying theme was undeniable. Both Sandberg and Dorsey repeatedly emphasized how willing their services are to cooperate with federal agencies. Sandberg specifically mentioned more than once how helpful the FBI’s task force on social media has been since its inception earlier this year.

The big social media companies are starting to work together to combat fake accounts

At one point, Dorsey revealed that Twitter had met with other social media companies to compare information about inauthentic activities on their services. He also said that Twitter wants to improve the extent to which it cooperates with other companies battling inauthentic behavior. “This is not something we want to compete on,” he said in one of his answers to Chairman Burr.

Sandberg was more vague with her answer, which suggested there had been a “series of meetings,” but that there’s “room for improvement” in that arena. Both executives suggested they are striving to do this more, presumably to subvert the suggestion that the government should mandate and regulate that conversation.

Some people are worried about bots

Many of the inauthentic accounts on various platforms are operated autonomously by bots that automatically post inflammatory content and interact with accounts. Several senators suggested Twitter start labeling accounts that are run by bots so users know they’re not dealing with a human. Dorsey, however, reminded the Senators that not all bots are malicious—in fact most of them are benign.

Dorsey said that Twitter can detect bots operating through the service’s API, but it can’t necessarily detect those using scripts to operate Twitter’s website or app, which makes them appear human. Adding a badge to bot accounts would give undue credibility to other bot accounts that were more successful in mimicking human behavior.

AI is still the savior in the eyes of Facebook and Twitter

Facebook ran out its typical stat of more than 20,000 people dedicated to evaluating inauthentic behavior, but there was still a heavy representation of the idea that AI will help stem the tide of false information.

Twitter said its machine learning tech is now catching 80 percent of the violent and malicious messages before they’re reported by users with machine learning.

The Senators were really mad at Google for not showing up

An empty seat with a placard that read “Google” in front of it sat next to Sandberg and Dorsey on the Senate floor. Several of the senators specifically called out Google, going so far as to call the company “disrespectful.” Google put out a statement you can read here, but didn’t send a C-level exec to take questions. Senator Cotton suggests that’s because Google is busy working with China and didn’t want to take questions on the topic.

GDPR looms over the entire hearing

We didn’t hear a specific mention of the General Data Protection Regulation that grants EU citizens specific rights not explicitly afforded to American citizens, but several senators danced around the issue, especially when it comes to the idea of transparency and data portability. Clearly there’s desire for these kinds of personal rights, but Senators don’t seem willing to openly call for heavy regulation in this context.

Twitter and Facebook keep suspended or banned accounts around for investigations

There’s valuable information in banned accounts so both Facebook and Twitter keep them around, at least under certain circumstances, for further investigation.

Dorsey said that Twitter analyzes behavior patterns to help identify if accounts are malicious because it doesn’t necessarily have the same kind of personal and location information that Facebook has. After an account is suspended, there’s an investigation and that data may also end up in the hands of law enforcement.

Dorsey also said Twitter is considering transparency reports on suspended accounts that explain exactly why it was banned, what it was doing, and how many people it reached.

Facebook says it sometimes conducts its own investigations and keeps suspended accounts at the request of law enforcement, but exactly how long it holds onto that data isn’t clear.

Senator Warner is really worried about how much money our user data is worth

One point that came up more than once was the idea that Facebook should put a dollar amount on the money it can make off of your personal information. Sandberg repeatedly said that Facebook couldn’t accurately show a number like that, and it’s unclear what, if any, value that would have for people using the service.

Jack Dorsey and Twitter think emphasizing follower count as a metric was a mistake Twitter changes up its algorithms regularly because there are some problems with scale

During Jack’s testimony, he said the company is still “early” in its efforts to train algorithms to recognize malicious activity. He says some features passed testing but failed later when rolled out to the full version of public Twitter.

Twitter is working on evaluating the “health” of a conversation with AI

Dorsey laid out four specific guidelines to help determine whether or not a discussion is healthy, but says those may change as they evaluate the results. The criteria are:

What is the amount of shared attention?

What is the percentage of shared facts?

What percentage is receptive

Is there a variety of conversation or is it an echo chamber effect?

Why Can’t I Find A Printer? Here’s How To Fix It

Depending on your device and the type of printer you’re using, there can be various reasons as to why you can’t find a printer.

If your work frequently requires you to print things, this can be a huge problem that you’d like to solve as quickly as possible.

Causes for Not Finding a Printer

Most of the time, the reason can be as simple as a damaged cable or poor connection, that can be addressed instantly. Whereas other times the issues might be more daunting and require more time to resolve, like:

Outdated Firmware

Connection Problems

Compatibility Issues

Outdated Drivers

Pending Windows Updates

Network Issues

Printer’s Model-specific Issues

Why Can’t I Find a Printer – Fixes

Before moving on to exploring more complex issues with your printer and its solution, make sure to check if the printer is properly turned on. Ensure that the power cable is plugged in properly and the green light is on.

If there is no issue with the electrical connection, you can try rebooting your device and the printer to see if it fixes the issue. At this point a reboot might sound petty but it sure does solve many issues, especially if the problems were not present until the last use.

If the issue can be fixed with a simple reboot or a cable change, it will help save you a lot of trouble. But if that doesn’t solve the problem, here are some fixes that might help.

Check Connection

Depending on the type of the printer, one can establish connection through wired or wireless mediums.

In the case of a wired printer, cable is the only route of connection between the device and the Printer. May it be a USB cable connected directly to the device or an ethernet cable connecting the printer to the network.

A loose or damaged cable can hamper the connection, which might result in your device not finding the Printer. So, make sure that whichever cable you’re using is connected correctly on both ends and check if you can find the Printer.

Similarly, in the case of a wireless printer you can establish a connection through wireless mediums like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect with a printer. A poor and unstable connection might make it difficult to find the printer.

So make sure there’s a strong and stable connection established between your device and the printer before moving on to checking other possibilities.

Set as Default Printer

If you only have to work with a single printer, it might be a good idea to add it as a default printer. Sometimes, this action alone can allow your Printer to be re-discovered by your device.

Follow these steps to add a default printer to your device:

Now check if your device can find the Printer.

Check the Printing Essentials

Lack of printing paper and other essentials can cause a printer to shut down. Check the availability of the paper and other essentials like ink to make sure your Printer has all the required resources.

Sometimes a clogged paper can also cause the printer to shut down. Make sure you rule out that possibility by checking inside the printer.

Try Connecting to Other Devices

Try connecting your Printer with other devices like your phone to see if the same problem occurs in that device. This will help you identify if the problem is with your Printer or your device.

If the Printer is working fine with other devices, the problem lies within your device. Make sure to take appropriate actions to solve those problems.

Stay Connected on the Same Wi-Fi Network

In the case of a wireless printer, make sure you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

If you have more than one Wi-Fi connection available around you, check if your device or the printer is not connected to separate networks.

Sometimes your device will automatically connect to other networks for better connectivity. This will cause your device and printer to be in a different network.

Check your device’s connection before searching for the printer.

Also make sure that the Wi-Fi password has not been changed since the last use. Password change will cause the printer to be disconnected unless updated.

Clear the Printing Queue

Having too much work in the queue can cause a printer to freeze or stop. To solve this issue, you need to clear the line.

Here’s how you can clear the printing queue:

Try Alternative Connection Methods

If your printer supports it, try using other alternative connection methods like Bluetooth, ethernet etc., to check if there’s an issue with the primary connection. If your Printer is working fine with other connections, you might want to fix it or keep using the connection that is working until it gets fixed.

Update Drivers

Outdated drivers can also cause a lot of issues and can hamper the performance of your Printer. The updates may have some fixes and new features added to them to improve the performance.

Here’s how you can update printer driver:

Generic drivers for printers are pre-installed in the OS, but some require additional drivers to operate smoothly. Check the manufacturer’s website to find out if you have the required drivers. And if you don’t have it, then you can install them from the same website.

Update Printer’s Firmware

Firmware is a built-in program in a device’s hardware that allows it to function in the way manufacturers intended. The firmware update is similar to a software update, and likewise, outdated firmware can create a lot of issues in the device.

Make sure to check the manufacturer’s website to see if any updates are available for the firmware.

Run Troubleshooter for Printer

If you cannot identify the issue yourself, you can take the help of the troubleshooter to look for any problems in your Printer. To run a troubleshooter for your Printer, follow these steps:

The troubleshooter will now run a diagnostics and notify you if any issues are found. If found, you can ask the troubleshooter to fix the problem, or you can search for the solution on the internet.

Run Network Troubleshooter

Network issues can hinder the connection between your device and the Printer. Run the troubleshooter for the network to identify if there is an issue with the network. Follow the steps below to do so:

Follow the instructions mentioned in the previous section to solve any identified issues.

These were only a few basic fixes for why you can’t find a printer in a device. There are numerous other reasons and solutions to this problem, making it very difficult to include in a single article. If these fixes did not help solve your problem, consider reading our next article on a similar topic.

Lg’s Mad Styler Shoecare And Shoecase Are The Gadgets I Didn’t Know I Wanted

LG says it is “revolutionising the at-home shoe care experience” with these new Styler models. Now, I don’t normally cover this kind of tech, and while I was aware of the original Styler, I didn’t imagine it would be repurposed for shoes to provide such an ‘experience’.

Despite this, I couldn’t help but want one while LG was demonstrating it on its sizable booth at the show, more so than the other shiny things on display including its bendy LG OLED Flex TV and MoodUP refrigerator (aka the ‘disco fridge’) with its illuminating panels. 

And I don’t even collect sneakers, boots or slippers. Heck, I don’t own many pairs of shoes at all. 

Chris Martin / Foundry

It’s perhaps down to the sheer enjoyment of seeing a totally new gadget, the fact I just bought a new pair of Vans, or that LG was displaying some Nike baby shoes and I’ve got a baby on the way later this year. Regardless, the technology here seems worthwhile. 

To explain, the Styler ShoeCare and ShoeCase are two different products in a modular system that can be used with each other in different combinations depending on what you want.

The ShoeCare is a sort of wardrobe for your shoes with up to four shelves, though fewer if you want to store something taller like wellington boots. LG uses its TrueSteam technology to keep your kicks fresh but in a different way to the Styler for clothes which gently shakes garments to freshen them up. 

Steam rises up from the bottom of the cabinet creating a sort of spa treatment for your shoes. An adjustable Moving Nozzle system dries out the inside ready for them to be worn. 

A small touchscreen on the front allows you to control the ShoeCare (although you can also use the ThinkQ app). This involves telling it what kind of shoes you’re putting in so it can adjust to the material. LG says it can handle leather, suede, sports footwear and more with 10 different ‘courses’. 

Only two different fabric types can be refreshed at the same time. On the standard course, the machine can refresh four pairs in just 37 minutes and do so at a whisper-quiet 37dB. 

Chris Martin / Foundry

The Styler ShoeCare also comes in a gorgeous dark green colour that just so happens to match my home decor, though other colours are available. 

Considering there’s space for up to four pairs of shoes, it’s perhaps a good job I don’t have a large collection, but I love the feel of new shoes and – we can all agree – ones that aren’t smelly or damp. 

If the ShoeCare can keep that feeling of new shoes last longer, I’d certainly consider parting with the cash. And it should mean I wouldn’t have to buy new shoes as often. 

Those who do have collectable sneakers will be more attracted to the ShoeCase. This does exactly what it says and is a display case for showing off one pair of prized kicks.  

Chris Martin / Foundry

LG has fitted it with clear panels on three sides which not only lets you view the shoes like they’re artwork at a gallery but protects them from UV light. Moisture protection is another benefit and there’s a turntable plus lighting so you can see the shoes from all angles at any time of day. 

The ShoeCase comes in a range of colours and also some funky editions (see above) in collaboration with artists. You can stack up to four ShoeCases on top of each other or put a single unit on top of the ShoeCare unit.

The latter would be my preference and perhaps if I did get one, it would be the beginning of a very expensive shoe collection. 

That’s unlikely though, as the Styler ShoeCare and ShoeCase are initially launching in Korea only (I live in the UK) and they may never launch anywhere else. Even then, the price is still to be confirmed and likely to be eye-watering despite an LG representative telling me it would be “reasonable”. 

For now, then, my Vans will have to live on the floor in the hallway with the rest of the collection, such as it is. And I’ll make do by keeping them fresh with a quick spray of Febreeze: I know my bank balance will thank me for it.

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