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Excel Tips and Tricks

Excel functions, formula, charts, formatting creating excel dashboard & others

Considered truly powerful and efficient, Excel is a brand that everyone trusts as it performs a wide range of functions simply and effectively. Additionally, Microsoft Excel is more than just numbers.

It is perfect for anyone who wants to collaborate strategically on any form of data. But the one thing that connects all Excel users is that they need to know the many Excel tips and tricks to help them work smoothly.

Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks – How to Improve Work Performance?

So here are some tips on Excel. Knowing these tips can help users to boost their productivity while at the same time helping them make the use of this program much simpler and easier. And that is all about the Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks.

1. Always work from left to right.

Arranging data once spread over multiple sheets might be time-consuming, so it is important to keep this in mind while creating new data and variables in the future.

Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks Doing this will ensure maximum productivity and, simultaneously, ensure systematic data arrangements.

3. Delete unnecessary data on the workbook

When you are not using any particular data, it is important to delete them. You can avoid confusion later and minimize the document’s used range.

Users can easily find the used range of Excel documents by pressing control and end. Post, this, users can save the workbook for future use.

4. Tips On Excel Shortcut keys are a lifeline for Excel users

Shortcut keys are a life savior for those who use the program regularly as it helps them accomplish their tasks faster, thereby boosting productivity.

Functions like autofill (where data is automatically filled into columns and rows), selecting an entire row quickly (press shift and spacebar), and calculating the sum of a whole column by using alt and = are just some of the few shortcut keys that users can use to make their job simpler.

5. Filters can add as an aid for those handling a lot of data

6. Custom lists can go a long way in helping you to save time

Many people work with redundant data, meaning we enter them repeatedly. Creating a custom list according to your specific requirements is a good idea. Users can choose options from the Tools menu and select the custom lists tab to start a custom list.

7. Use defined names for constants as well as ranges

If you have a lot of data in percentages or other variables, user-defined names make your work smoother and faster. For example, select a cell and choose a character from the Insert menu.

8. Add multiple rows or columns at one time.

It will open a dialog box that allows users to choose the same action conducted on the rows and columns.

9. Tips On Excel Autocorrect:

Sometimes, small and silly spelling mistakes can affect your entire presentation. That is why Excel has an auto-correct feature that can help you prevent such a scenario. To use auto-correct, users must go to file options to prove to autocorrect options.

Here users can see a dialog box that will allow them to replace texts with the correct spellings. Not only will Excel correct your current mistakes when this Word is misspelled the next time, but it will also automatically correct them.

Knowing this can go a long way in helping users manage their time and efforts much better.

11. Sparkline micro charts on Excel can help make comparisons easy

Sparkling micro charts are small graphs you can place in a cell next to data. They were introduced in the 2010 edition of Word and are a great tool to enhance the visibility of numbers by showing the value of the data in a graph.

To use this feature, users can select the data they want to create a sparkling and then go to the line from the inset. After entering your sparkling chart’s destination location, the graph will be automatically added to the concerned column.

12. Hide everything except the working area for distraction-free work

It is possible to hide columns or rows to protect data and Excel or work only on the required columns/rows.

To hide unused rows, users can select the row beneath the last row and press the control, shift, and down arrow to select the rows that need to be hidden.

Which will help prevent important data from being deleted while at the same time helping you work in a distraction-free manner.

13. If you have to print your worksheet, print the name of the file in the header/footer region

In Excel, it is possible to restrict the data through data validation.

Data validation determines the range of numeric data used in the system. For example, if you enter data validation between 500-1000, you will automatically have all data between these numbers.

15. Watch window allows you to keep track of data in a systematic manner

Also, it is impossible to keep moving forth in your data area, so it is a good idea to activate Watch Windows, which displays the values of cells that have been changed due to your recent additions.

It is possible to track multiple cells with Microsoft Excel tips and tricks. Watch windows and track results as you continue to work and thereby prevent any major problems.

16. Customize the Toolbar area for better productivity

The main objective of the toolbar area is to enable you to function faster and more simpler. In this area, you can add those frequently used tools so you do not have to return to the tabs to access them.

17. Decrease your calculation time on Excel

If the data is large in number, Excel will take up a lot of time to calculate the final result. That is why keeping Excel easy and simple to use Microsoft Excel tips and tricks is important. Some simple guidelines that can help you include the following:

Avoid complex Excel: Users must store intermediate values rather than complex calculations using more rows and columns.

Reducing the number of references in each to the minimum as copied can drastically affect the overall estimates and results.

Avoid volatile functions, as they can drastically slow down the entire process of calculations.

In conclusion, Tips On Excel is something that every person needs, whether he is working in an agency or on a class report.

Understanding and utilizing Excel can prove invaluable for creating and interpreting knowledge about various campaigns. These Microsoft Excel tips and tricks can go a long way in helping you, as they are very easy to implement and use regularly.

It can help individuals work systematically while boosting their productivity to achieve more in a limited time frame. In short, these Microsoft Excel tips and tricks will help beginners and experts get acquainted with Microsoft Excel in a much enhanced and easy manner.

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Photoshop Crop Tool Tips And Tricks

Learn the essential tips and tricks you can use with the Crop Tool to speed up your workflow when cropping images in Photoshop!

Written by Steve Patterson.

You’ll learn time-saving keyboard shortcuts, a few ways to customize the Crop Tool, and even how to use the Crop Tool to quickly add a border around your image! If you’re new to Photoshop and not sure how to crop images, be sure to check out my previous tutorial where I cover the basics.

I’ll be using Photoshop CC but everything here is fully compatible with Photoshop CS6.

Here’s the image I’ll be using from Adobe Stock:

The original image. Photo credit: Adobe Stock.

Let’s get started!

The Crop Tool keyboard shortcuts

Let’s start with the Crop Tool’s keyboard shortcuts.

How to select the Crop Tool

To select the Crop Tool, rather than grabbing it from the Toolbar, just tap the letter C on your keyboard.

Press “C” to select the Crop Tool.

How to lock the aspect ratio of the crop border

As you’re resizing the crop border, you can lock the aspect ratio by holding down your Shift key as you drag a corner handle.

Shift + drag a corner handle to lock the aspect ratio.

How to resize the crop border from its center

To resize the border from its center, press and hold the Alt (Win) / Option (Mac) key while dragging a handle.

Alt (Win) / Option (Mac) + drag a handle to resize the border from its center.

How to lock the aspect ratio and resize from center

And to both lock the aspect ratio and resize the border from its center, hold Shift+Alt (Win) / Shift+Option (Mac) and drag one of the corners.

Shift + Alt (Win) / Option (Mac) + drag a corner handle to lock the aspect ratio and resize from center.

How to swap the orientation of the crop border

To swap the orientation of the crop border between portrait and landscape, press the letter X.

Tap “X” to swap the orientation.

Show or hide the cropped area

If you want to hide the area outside the crop border to get a better sense of what the cropped version will look like, press H.

Press “H” to hide the area outside the crop border.

Then press H again to bring the cropped area back.

Press “H” again to show the cropped area.

How to move the crop border, not the image

Press “P” to toggle Classic Mode on and off.

Temporarily select the Straighten Tool

If you need to straighten your image, you can temporarily access the Straighten Tool by pressing and holding your Ctrl (Win) / Command (Mac) key while the Crop Tool is active.

Hold Ctrl (Win) / Command (Mac) to temporarily access the Straighten Tool.

Drag across something that should be straight, either vertically or horizontally, and then release your mouse button to rotate the image.

Dragging across the horizon line with the Straighten Tool.

Once you’ve straightened the image, release the Ctrl (Win) / Command (Mac) key to switch back to the Crop Tool.

Release Ctrl (Win) / Command (Mac) to return to the Crop Tool.

Cancel the crop

To cancel the crop, press the Esc key on your keyboard.

Cancel the crop to return to the original image.

Cycle through the crop overlays

Let’s look at a couple of tips to use with the crop overlay that appears inside the border. By default, Photoshop displays the Rule of Thirds overlay, which can help with our composition.

The Rule of Thirds overlay appears by default.

You’ll see that there are other overlays we can choose from:

Photoshop includes 6 different crop overlays.

To quickly cycle through them from your keyboard, press the letter O.

Tap “O” to cycle through the crop overlays.

Showing and hiding the crop overlay

You’ll find a couple of other options to choose from. If you choose Auto Show Overlay, then Photoshop will only display the overlay while you’re actually resizing the border, which makes it easier to see your image. And choosing Never Show Overlay prevents the overlay from appearing at all. To switch back to the default mode, choose Always Show Overlay from the list:

The overlay display options.

Crop the image

Press Enter (Win) / Return (Mac) to commit the crop.

Undo the crop

And if you need to undo the crop, press Ctrl+Z (Win) / Command+Z (Mac).

Press Ctrl+Z (Win) / Command+Z (Mac) to undo the crop.

How to add more canvas space with the Crop Tool

Finally, the Crop Tool isn’t just for cropping images. It can also be used to add more canvas space around the image, giving us an easy way to add a border.

If we look in the Layers panel, we see my image sitting on the Background layer:

The Layers panel.

Step 1: Duplicate the Background layer

To keep the border separate from the image, it’s a good idea to duplicate the image first. To do that from your keyboard, press Ctrl+J (Win) / Command+J (Mac). A copy of the image appears above the original:

Press Ctrl+J (Win) / Command+J (Mac) to duplicate the image.

Step 2: Set your background color

Photoshop will fill the new canvas space with your current Background color, which by default is white:

The Background color swatch in the Toolbar.

Step 3: Select the Crop Tool

Select the Crop Tool, either from the Toolbar or by pressing the letter C:

Press “C” to select the Crop Tool.

Step 4: Turn on “Delete Cropped Pixels”

And in the Options Bar, make sure that the Delete Cropped Pixels option is turned on:

Make sure “Delete Cropped Pixels” is checked.

Step 5: Drag the crop handles away from the image

Then drag the handles away from the image to add more canvas space. Hold Alt (Win) / Option (Mac) as you drag to resize the canvas from its center. As you do, you’ll see Photoshop filling the extra space with your Background color:

Drag the crop handles to add more canvas space around the image.

Step 6: Crop the image

To accept it, press Enter (Win) / Return (Mac):

The Crop Tool makes it easy to add a border around your image.

And there we have it! That’s some tips and tricks you can use when cropping images with the Crop Tool in Photoshop! In the next lesson, I show you how to use Photoshop’s Perspective Crop Tool to both crop images and fix common perspective problems at the same time!

You can jump to any of the other lessons in this Cropping Images in Photoshop series. Or visit our Photoshop Basics section for more topics!

Credit Card Tips And Tricks: How To Save Money

With so many perks and incentives available, it’s understandable why individuals would be sucked into spending and using their cards for purposes other than what they were meant for. This may be harmful to both your finances and the business as a whole. In a society where people are clamoring for freebies, giving away profits frequently results in worse company practices. The suggestions in the following article will help you save money and keep your credit card balance within acceptable limits.

What is A Credit Card?

Using a credit card is a means to obtain “credit” or a loan from a bank. The revolving line of credit is the official term. It’s a credit card with a predefined borrowing limit that you may access at any time. The credit limit is determined at the time of application. If your credit card is approved, you can use it to make purchases online or in person without having to pay with cash.

Your balance increases each time you use a credit card to make a purchase. The money above your minimum payment, if you don’t pay off your debt in full each month, goes towards interest and fees. This might make it challenging to pay the whole sum each month and difficult to buy products on time.

You might wish to apply for a personal loan instead if you believe that using a credit card is not for you but you want additional dollars for an emergency. You have a variety of online loan options to choose from, some of which have interest rates that are significantly lower than those on credit cards.

How do Credit Cards Work? Interest Rates

The appropriate interest rate will be disclosed to you when you apply for a credit card. You must pay this annual fee on any unpaid balance that is not settled by the due date, regardless of how much it is. You’ll pay a different amount in interest each month. The amount you spend, the amount you repay, and the timing of the repayment all affect it. For instance, if the interest rate is 18% per year and your amount is $100, you will be charged 18% per year of $100, or around $1.50 per month.

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Credit Limit

You can only borrow up to your credit limit. When you apply for a credit card, you have the option of setting your credit limit or allowing the bank to do so based on the details you provided on your financial situation. The minimum card limit that the bank will set will vary depending on the kind of card you apply for.

Interest-Free Periods

The majority of credit cards provide “up-to-44 days” or “up-to-55 days” of interest-free repayment on purchases. This implies that interest on amounts you owe doesn’t start to accumulate until the statement due date.

Rather than on the day you make a transaction, interest-free periods often begin on the first day of your payment cycle. For instance, if your credit card has a 44-day interest-free grace period, you have 44 days from the day of your statement to make full payment of the closing balance. Similarly, if your account shows an interest-free days payment, you must make this complete payment. You will then be assessed interest.


Like any loan, you must repay a credit card bill once you have it. Every month, your bank will give you statements that include the total amount you have loaned, any repayments you have made, the interest rate, any accumulated interest or fees, and the minimum payment due.

Make sure you pay the closing sum in full by the deadline each month to avoid paying interest. You must pay at least the minimum payment amount indicated on your statement if you don’t pay the closing debt in full. You can be charged late fees or missed payment costs if this sum isn’t paid by the deadline.


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Balance Transfer and Cash Advances

Credit Card Tips & Tricks That Could Help Your Credit Health

Pay off your credit card balance every month. Pay off your credit card debt in full at the end of each billing cycle to avoid paying interest on purchases made with it. If you can resist the need to spend more than you can afford to in any given month, you may profit from using a credit card without being charged interest.

Use your credit card for needs, not wants. It’s important to use credit cards responsibly. Spending money carelessly might result in debt. In an emergency, such as when a cell phone bill is due before your next paycheck, credit cards can be utilized. Use the credit card as a short-term loan to yourself, and then pay it off as quickly as you can to reduce or completely prevent interest rates.

Never miss a payment. Even if the minimum payment is all you can afford, pay your bills each month. Missing a credit card payment might hurt your credit report, pay a late charge, and pay penalty interest rates.

Use your credit card as a budgeting tool. Try using a credit card as a budgeting tool if you’re convinced you can use one responsibly and pay the debt in full each month. You can easily calculate your monthly spending by using your credit card for all of your purchases. Naturally, you should only do this if you are certain of your ability to settle the sum each month. Never charge more on your card than you have in your bank account to prevent your credit card spending from getting out of control.

Use a rewards credit card. It makes sense to use a credit card that lets you earn rewards if you use it for the majority or all of your expenditures. You may save money on interest payments as well as gain incentives like money, airline miles, or shopping points.

Reduce your credit card limit. Sometimes, our credit card limitations are far more than we need. Have you ever used up all of your allotment? If not, think about lowering them. Because banks will base your payments on the card’s limit rather than the balance, it will reduce the number of issues you may get yourself into and increase your borrowing ability. Additionally, regularly check your credit to determine how much remaining credit you have.

Don’t carry your card around with you. Use your credit card only for purchases you are positive you will make and avoid keeping it in your wallet or handbag. This removes the temptation to use it each time you wrongly assume you need it but don’t. You should take precautions since your credit cards might be misplaced or stolen.

Use a written budget. You shouldn’t use credit cards to pay for items you want but haven’t budgeted for. Use the credit card as a tool inside that budget to help you stay within it after creating a detailed, written budget that outlines how much you should spend in each category.

The Bottom Line

The decision to use a credit card ultimately comes down to personal preference. Choose the approach that will fit your lifestyle the best and provide you with the greatest assurance that you are still maintaining your financial obligation. The basic rule of thumb is that you should always pay your balance in full by the due date. Credit cards can be a convenient tool for spending and paying, but you’ll save yourself a world of trouble down the road if you avoid using them as the only method of spending and paying. And if you like your credit card perks, don’t worry—you don’t have to give them up. Just tone things down a bit, and you’ll have it made.

Marjorie Hajim

Marjorie Hajim is the SEO Manager for Friendly Finance. Friendly Finance is a leading loan matching service in Australia specialising in consumer finance. She loves growing businesses with a focus on their online presence and is passionate about organic growth and all things digital. She has written articles for FinanceBuzz, Futuramo, FinancedBlog, & many more!

Best Hidden Gmail Tricks And Tips You Should Know

Gmail is among the popular email service used by many. Today, we will see some of the best Gmail tricks & secrets you want to know. These cool tips let you add different stars, get new mails notifications on your Windows desktop, and more using Gmail Settings.

Google provides us many tools that can be integrated and synchronized with Gmail; we can manage many things online easily. To access any of the Google products, just a Gmail ID is required. So, I thought of sharing a few Gmail tricks with you, so that it becomes handy to use Gmail efficiently and increase your productivity.

Gmail Tricks & Tips

Many of us are aware of few Gmail tricks and there are even more which make our life with Gmail even easier. Let us look at those few Gmail hidden tricks.

1] Set the Priority Inbox

We already know that we can view only Starred emails or only unread emails. But, you can even divide your inbox into sections such that Unread emails, Starred emails and the rest of the emails appear in different sections. This would be easy for you, to concentrate on unread emails and starred emails which are important.

After setting the Priority Inbox, your inbox looks like this in different sections.

2] Personal Level Indicators

We receive many emails. Not all mail is addressed only to us. Some messages are sent only to you, and some messages might be sent to the whole mailing list. It can become a waste of time, looking at every mail. So, concentrating and spending time only on emails or messages sent only to us saves us a lot of time.

Now, you will get to know whether the mail was sent only to you or to a group of members.

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3] Desktop Notifications

You can receive desktop notifications whenever you receive a new mail. Head over to Settings and scroll down to find Desktop Notifications. Select the radio button as you want.

From now on, you will receive desktop notifications for new mail or new important mail you received based on the selected option.

4] Access Different Types of Stars

We normally add a star to specific emails. Usually, we add the yellow-colored star, since many do not know that there are many more variety of stars to add to an email. Head over to Settings and scroll down till you find “Stars”. In that section, you can see options like 1 Star, 4 Stars, and All-Stars.

5] Delete Unwanted Mail Automatically

We know that we can filter out emails in Gmail based on the email addresses. Now, we will use the same techniques, to get rid of unwanted emails. When you no longer want to receive emails from a specific organization or website, you can unsubscribe from the mailing list. But, sometimes, you are still not able to stop receiving emails from such sources!

The Filter box opens up. Specify the criteria for the mail you want to automatically delete. In this case, I just need to automatically delete all emails from a particular email address irrespective of other options.

6] Un-send emails on Gmail

This is a real handy Gmail trick that can save you from blushes. Many times we send an email in haste, only to immediately realize that we should not have sent, or there was a modification required in the email content.

Don’t Worry! There is a way that you can avoid this and in Gmail, you can actually stop an email after you hit the “Send” button.

In “Settings” locate the “Undo Send” tab.

Now, whenever you send an email, you will see an “Undo” option (as shown below ) using which you can stop the email. Do note, that Undo will be active only for a few seconds, precisely the time that you set in the cancellation period in “Settings”. Hence, you have to hit “Undo” pretty quickly.

Once you have successfully stopped the message, you will have to get a confirmation pop-up that “Sending has been undone”. Now you can modify or delete the original message as shown below.

I am sure that you will like the above Gmail tricks. Do let us know if you benefited from them or you have more tricks to share here.

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20 Helpful Apex Legends Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Just when you thought that battle royale games had outlived their hype, we were greeted with a new title in the form of Apex Legends. I know, it may not be the most catchy name but this free-to-play game from Respawn, the game studio behind the renowned Titanfall titles, feels like a breath of fresh air and has been drawing a ton of interest since its debut earlier last week.

Best Tips and Tricks for Apex Legends

Note: All the tips and tricks listed below have been tested on the PC version of the game, but should be accessible on PS4 and Xbox consoles as well.

1. Start Out With Any Legend

Before every match kicks off, each member of your three-man squad is required to pick which character, known as legends, they want to play as. Each legend has its own unique abilities and since you’re new to the game, you shouldn’t worry about picking the right one for you. Just pick one and explore what each of them has to offer.

I usually love playing as Bloodhound or Pathfinder because of their ability to track players and climb up to any location using grapples or ziplines respectively.

2. Know the Ability of Legends

As I just told you, each character in Apex Legends has its own unique abilities and if you want to learn what all they are, you can do that simply by hovering over a legend on the selection page and hitting the right mouse button. You’ll then see the passive (activates automatically), tactical (activated by pressing Q), and ultimate (takes time to become available and activated by pressing Z) abilities.

3. Dropping In is No Hassle!

If you have played PUBG, be it on mobile or PC, then you know you can pin locations you want to land at and loot up with your teammates. However, it’s a chore to talk about the same and land together. Well, Apex Legends brings the same functionality in the fold but builds upon it by assigning one of the members the job of dropping off the dropship.

4. High Tier Loot Locations

One of my favorite things about Apex Legends is that it informs you about the tier of loot (where good, average or bad loot spawns) available in each location as you enter it – right below the name of the location. There are a ton of locations with high tier loot, such as the Bunker, Airbase, or the Hydro Dam.

However, if you fancy having the absolute best gear right off the bat, well, then either the floating Supply Ship or the Hot Zone are your best bets in Kings Canyon. You can see the former flying on the map, so mark it and try to stick a landing on it, else the circular blue zone is where everyone will be headed. Be quick to loot and shoot or you’ll be eliminated.

5. Ping Weapons or Enemies

While most battle royale titles need you to communicate over voice with teammates for everything, Apex Legends has vastly simplified the process. You can now simply point at gear or weapons and press on the middle mouse button to ping the location of the same to your team. It’s possible you don’t need that gear, but your friendly squadmates might.

6. Keep Your Inventory in Check

7. Color-coded Gear and Weapons

Unlike in PUBG, you don’t need to remember what all types of ammo are there in Apex Legends and what gun requires which of those – a heavy mag or shotgun one. Well, it’s because everything from weapons, shields, and helmets in Apex Legends is color-coded and it’s the most sound implementation to date.

8. Picking the Right Kind of Ammo

Well, if color is being your enemy and you want a better way of knowing which ammo fits your weapon then I have the perfect suggestion for you. When you’re running over all the ammo scattered about Kings Canyon in Apex Legends, you will see a silhouette of the weapon you have in your inventory next to the pop-up over the ammo rounds.

Just keep an eye on the silhouette when you run across ammo and press E hastily to pick those up because time is of the essence in this game. This tip makes picking up the right kind of ammo such a handy task.

9. Lookout for Supply Bins/ Loot Ticks

Since we are on the subject of loot, I would suggest you to be on the lookout for supply bins and loot ticks. While the former are huge cylindrical bins and easy to spot, the loot ticks are pyramidical bots that light up and are fewer in number.

Both of them are randomly hidden around the map and you have the opportunity to search and loot them to gear up. They will often contain some of the most favored gear including weapons, attachments, ammunition, and even shield or helmets. I love to find scopes and shield batteries in the supply bins and it’s awesome!

10. Damage is Color-coded As Well

Apex Legends is really well-designed, keeping the ease of the players in mind, and thus, it also color-codes the damage you deal other players. This relates to the color codes assigned to your protective gear, i.e the helmet and shield, which are represented using white for Level 1, blue for Level 2, and purple for Level 3.

So, when you take a shot at an enemy and connect, the damage numbers shown over them are colored on the basis of the protective gear they have on. This means if an enemy has a Level 2 shield (100 base + 50 shield HP), then the damage will appear blue, revealing how many more shots you’ll have to take to knock or eliminate them. It’s super useful in times of intense firefights.

10. Holster Weapon to Run Faster

You can use this tip to quickly escape fights, flank or run into safe zones. And if you can combine it with continuous sliding, then it can help you reach the target location (which you can ping to squadmates) a lot faster.

11. Slide Out of Sticky Situations

One of the most essential abilities in Apex Legends is sliding. You can hold down on the “Left Ctrl” key to slide and I bet you, it comes in pretty handy during gameplay all the time. After you’ve holstered the weapon, you can slide downhill to move even faster and sliding is going to make all the difference when you’re fighting an enemy too.

If you’re caught up in a sticky situation, such as if enemies are surrounding your squad or nuke strikes are about to hit you, then you can combine jumping and sliding to get out instantly. Sliding can be helpful when you’re chasing to kill or save your own skin.

12. No Fall Damage/ Friendly Fire

Yes, you read that right PUBG fans. I know there have been times you’ve been stuck at mountain tops, too afraid to take the leap because it might kill you instantly. Well, Apex Legends takes a different turn here and you can jump down from any height, be it a ledge or tower, without fear because you won’t suffer any fall damage.

The same goes for firing at enemies when your squad is around. Don’t be afraid and just fire away. Throw smoke grenades and take down enemies because your bullets won’t be causing any damage to your team – but they might come in the way of your shots, so do keep that in mind.

13. Use Balloon Ropes to Re-deploy

When you find yourself running around Kings Canyon, I’m sure you will notice these red balloons tied to a rope at many different locations. Well, these are super handy and help you quickly travel long distances – moving from one location to another. How, you ask?

You can simply run up to one of the balloons, ride up the rope attached to the same (by pressing E on your PC when you’re next to it) to redeploy yourself– as you do at the beginning of your game. Once you’re at the top of the rope, you will be shot in the direction of your choice and it’s the simplest way to reach the safe zone if you are caught outside.

14. Climb Walls To Reach Places

While you can single jump (hitting the space bar once) to traverse most of the terrain in Apex Legends, it’s not that simple to get on top of buildings, or huge mountains or rocks. However, it’s possible to climb over ledges or building walls that may look impossible at first, by running towards it, jumping and holding the forward (W) key.

#ApexLegends PRO TIP: you can wall-climb to higher areas by jumping and pushing forward. It’s not covered in the tutorial but is essential!

— Carlos Pineda 🇵🇭 (@pinedsman) February 4, 2023

15. Mute Annoying Squad Mates

I know we just discussed how you can easily play the game without having to talk with anyone in-game, however, it does not mean that voice comms haven’t been baked into Apex Legends. It’s possible to converse with squad mates, but if you feel like a random player is talking too much and getting on your nerves, then go ahead and mute them.

The process to mute someone is pretty straightforward. You’d have hit the Tab key to access your inventory multiple times but did you ever notice that it’s multi-tabbed? We’ve missed on the same at first but the second tab on your inventory page shows all your squad mates and it’s here you can tap the ‘speaker’ icon at the bottom of their player card to mute them. You can now enjoy your game in peace!

16. Respawn Team Members

In all the other battle royale games that you might have played to date, you become a spectator the moment you are killed by the enemy. However, Apex Legends takes the fun a step further, increasing player retention, by granting you the ability to bring eliminated squad members back into the game.

Yes, if one of your squad members is killed in a fight, you have a few seconds to locate their loot box and grab the recovery badge. Once you do that, you can take the badge over to one of the many respawn beacons (as seen above) splayed across the map and respawn your squad members.

Note: Remember your respawned teammate won’t have any inventory, so it would be a good gesture to lend them a gun and some ammunition.

17. Craft Skins for Weapons/ Legends

Apex Legends is certainly refreshing but the feature that makes it further exciting is the ability to craft items.

While I like the crafting abilities of this battle royale game, the process of collecting craft points can be tedious and you may have the urge to buy Apex Packs to craft more.

18. Drop Pods Carry Great Loot

While you can scour for high tier loot in the locations we’ve listed above, you should also keep an eye out for incoming drop pods as they carry some of the greatest loot – especially weapons, attachments, and shields of legendary status. And oh my, they’ve some awesome benefits.

While the legendary shield offers you the same protection as the purple one, you don’t need a shield battery or cells to recharge it. Just use a finisher on an enemy and the shield will be topped up automatically. Then there’s the legendary knockdown shield or Phoenix Kit that acts a full-fledged medkit.

19. You Can Revive Yourself Too

However, it can be a little risque in intense firefights or close combat as the enemy can eliminate you before you get the chance to get yourself back in the game. Still, isn’t it awesome that you can come back into the game all by yourself without a helping hand from your teammates?

20. Best Weapons/ Most Damage

Finally, after all the tips and tricks in our arsenal, let us talk about the best weapons and which ones should you try to pick up to deal the most damage to your enemies. Well, the armory in Apex Legends sure is flush with a variety of assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, and sniper rifles and the best ones are as under:





Hemlok Burst ARAssault Rifle183618


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Apex Legends: Don’t Worry, You Can Be a Legend Too

Amongst the plethora of battle royale games that you can choose to play right now, Apex Legends seems to be the most refreshing. It has got the perfect blend of realistic weapon mechanics and characters, and also it’s free-to-play, which is the main reason that a hoard of people are gravitating towards it.

12 Best Snapseed Tips And Tricks You Should Know

Snapseed is one of the best free photo editing apps for Android and iOS devices. In fact, it’s better than most of the paid options out there. Like millions of other users, I use Snapseed for all my mobile photo editing needs. It is my go-to photo editing app and today, I am going to share some tips and tricks which I have learned over the past few years of using this app. So if you are also a Snapseed user or are just thinking of downloading it, here are the 12 best Snapseed tips and tricks that you should know in 2023.

Best Snapseed Tips and Tricks for 2023 1. Master the Basics

2. Use Selective Tool to Edit a Part of the Photo 3. Use the Brush Tool

Another way to selectively edit an image is by using the brush tool which can be accessed using the Tools panel. There are different types of brush tools that are available to use including exposure, temperature, saturation, and more. Tap to select the brush that you want to use and then use your finger to adjust the area that you want to retouch. Once you have selected the area using the brush tool, you can use the up and down arrows at the bottom to adjust the intensity of the tool that you are using.

4. Use Healing to Remove an Object

5. Use Double Exposure

6. Use Filters

7. Improve Portrait Shots 8. Use Drama to Boost Your Photos

If you have a rather flat image where nothing much is going on in terms of color, you can use the “Drama” tool to give it a new life. The Drama tool boosts the overall image with high contrast and saturation so the environmental elements such as clouds and trees pop out more. The tool also comes with different filter presets allowing you to quickly uplift your picture without getting into the nitty-gritty of the things. Of course, you have all the control and you can adjust individual parameters if you want to, but using the Drama tool is a quick and easy way to get edits out the door. This is one of my most favorite Snapseed tips and tricks.

9. Enhance Background Blur

if you are not happy with the amount of blur or bokeh you captured while taking a portrait shot you can increase the blur using the “Lens Blur” tool in Snapseed. The Lens Blur tool allows you to shift the focal point of blur to any part of the image and then blur the sounding area with an intensity of your choice. Note that it cannot decrease the blur which was already captured by the camera so you cannot completely shift the focal point of blur in portrait shots, but it does offer a considerable amount of flexibility to photos, and it can help you draw the viewer’s attention towards the main subject of the photo.

10. Use the Perspective Tool

11. Use Text Blocks and Frames

Snapseed also brings built-in text boxes and frames feature which you can use to add, well, text and frames to your pictures. Both these tools are pretty much self-explanatory. There are multiple text and frame designs that you can choose from and you can even change the color of the text that you use. These are great if you’re trying to add a watermark to your photos, or if you want to add a frame and make the image stand out better.

12. Save Edited Photos in Full Quality

After you are done with the editing, the final thing that you should do is to make sure that all your edited photos are saved in the highest possible quality. By default, Snapseed saves images in JPG format at 95% quality. You should go to Settings and change it to 100%. You can even choose the lossless PNG format but that will make the image size bigger which might be an issue if you don’t have enough storage on your device.

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Edit Images Like a Pro Using Snapseed Tips and Tricks

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