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Intel joins Alliance for Wireless Power: Ultra-convenience for your ultrabook

Intel has thrown in with the Alliance for Wireless Power, joining the Samsung and Qualcomm founded standards group pushing cable-free recharging for phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Taking a place on the A4WP board of directors, the group confirms [pdf link], Intel will be pushing for wireless power in ultrabooks and other mobility devices its chips are found inside, potentially opening the door to a desk that can one day rejuice your phone, slate, and your notebook, simply by placing them on top of it.

“Intel believes the A4WP specification, particularly the use of near-field magnetic resonance technology, can provide a compelling consumer experience and enable new usage models that

make device charging almost automatic” Intel VP Navin Shenoy said of the processor company’s decision to join the group. The firm will look to help develop hardware good for “simultaneously charging a range of devices, from low-power accessoriesto smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks.”

That flexibility in providing different levels of power to different devices at the same time is part of what the A4WP claims makes its standards special. It’s part of what the group describes as “spatial freedom” for recharging: a single surface on which many devices can be placed haphazardly, with no requirement for the user to select the right spot for the right sort of gadget, or change any settings.

Instead, each device would use Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0) to communicate its requirements with the charging surface. That would require no initial pairing, and simply be done automatically. The A4WP also envisages an augmented reality system where users of devices with screens and cameras could hold up their phone, tablet, notebook or something else and see an overlay of potential charging points.

Qualcomm and Samsung founded the Alliance for Wireless Power back in May 2012, and the group now includes Broadcom, LG, TI, and more. The specification the group cooked up is a relatively spartan one, by design; those manufacturers wanting to comply need only ensure the interfaces and model of transmitter resonator meet the standards, with flexibility to choose whatever combination of hardware they wish to do that.

So far, wireless charging has seen some limited success in the market, though generally has been limited to smaller devices like smartphones. Nokia, for instance – not a member of the A4WP – has offered the functionality on many of its Lumia Windows Phones, while Samsung has made halfhearted pushes with adapters for its high-end Galaxy handsets.

Pushing into laptops and ultrabooks, however, could significantly increase its reach, especially as such devices are commonly used in the same place – on a desktop, either at home or in the workplace – for extended periods. No word on when we could see the first wireless charging ultrabooks on store shelves, however, but Intel did say last year that the first examples could show up as early as this year.

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By Your Powers Combined: Is It Too Late For Google’S Wearable Alliance?

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Google’s Android operating system for smartwatches has seen multiple revamps in its less than a decade-long existence. First introduced in 2014, the software appeared as Android Wear on devices like the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. In 2023, Google introduced Android Wear 2.0 with new features like LTE connectivity, Android Pay, and a more modern design. It wanted users to “make the most of every moment.” Soon after, Android Wear was renamed Wear OS and tech companies, as well as fashion brands, started gravitating towards the platform.

Fast forward to 2023, and Wear OS is yet to cut the mustard. It’s not even a blip in the overall smartwatch landscape. But now, with Samsung and Fitbit on board, can Google finally give us wearable software worthy of taking on the almighty Apple Watch? Let’s examine whether Google’s latest tie-ups can pull Wear OS out of its misery or if it’s too late for the company’s wearable alliance.

Neither Google nor Samsung or Fitbit have been able to crack the smartwatch code.

With these numbers, it’s only natural that developers would be more inclined to make apps and services for Apple. But that’s not the only reason. While they do make noteworthy devices, their efforts so far have failed to take down the Apple Watch, and there are many explanations as to why this is the case.

Pitfalls of Google, Samsung, and Fitbit

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

However, all three platforms and brands combined supply far fewer apps compared to the Apple Watch. While Samsung and Wear OS watches are better off than Fitbit, whose app selection is anemic, they are still not on a level playing field with Apple.

What’s also lacking with Samsung, Wear OS, and Fitbit wearables is the uncanny seamlessness of the Apple Watch. Aside from apps, its productivity features outnumber those of all three platforms.

The Apple Watch’s hardware is also far superior. The Series 6 runs on Apple’s new S6 SoC based on the A13 Bionic chip used on iPhone 11. That’s like an Android watch with a chip based on the Snapdragon 888. Of course, the latter doesn’t exist.

There’s no guarantee that Google’s alliance with Samsung or Fitbit could ever result in the much-needed hardware boost for Wear OS smartwatches that are sluggish and slower in comparison.

Wear OS: The update conundrum

Other Wear OS problems also hang in the balance right now. The most annoying thing about the software is the lack of timely updates. Even with Samsung’s collaboration, Google will most likely be the one to issue future Wear OS updates. However, unlike Android proper, it has never followed a regular schedule for Wear OS updates. The situation is reminiscent of LG’s awful update center that promised timely software updates but failed spectacularly in doing so.

The same is the case with hardware updates for Wear OS watches. Qualcomm processors that power Wear OS devices have unacceptably long gaps between new SoCs. As you might recall, the Snapdragon 4100 series for Wear OS smartwatches launched in 2023 after a break of two years, and since then, only one smartwatch has launched with the silicon.

It’s not all bad news

While Wear OS may not become an overnight sensation thanks to Google’s latest efforts, It has a lot going for it now more than ever.

For starters, Google has committed to bringing more and better apps to the ecosystem. Fitbit and Samsung are part of this endeavor, but Google is also revamping its own services like Google Maps and Google Assistant to offer an improved experience on smartwatches.

Best Cases For Apple Watch Ultra In 2023

The Apple Watch Ultra is the most rugged and feature-packed wearable made by Apple yet. And no doubt it can withstand a lot and does not really need a case to protect it, but my mind says otherwise. If you’re among the ones looking to get a case for your newly bought Apple Watch Ultra, I’ve curated a list of the best Apple Watch Ultra cases you can get right now.

1. Spigen Rugged Armor case – Editor’s choice

Spigen is one of the few brands renowned for making rugged and slim cases that provide great protection to your devices. The Spigen Rugged Armor is the perfect choice for those looking to bulk up the Apple Watch Ultra further until it depicts the legendary G-Shock watches. It even has RUGGED ARMOR and SHOCK RESIST engraved on the top and bottom bezel, with an angular design protruding to protect the screen. 

Crafted from durable thermoplastic polyurethane, which is TPU in simple words, the Rugged Armor case sports a unibody design. It also boasts precise cutouts not only for the sensors at the back but also for the Digital Crown, three microphone holes, 10 speaker holes, and a button above the action button that retains the original tactile feedback as the device. 


Rugged build

Made from durable TPU

Tactile buttons


Adds a little bulk

Check out on Amazon

2. Misxi hard PC case – Clear cover

Clear cases allow you to flaunt the design of your device while also ensuring protection. The Misxi hard polycarbonate case is an ultra-thin protective case. It comes with a tempered glass screen protector, which features 9H hardness and helps retain the natural touch and feel of the Apple Watch Ultra’s display. Moreover, it does not degrade the display quality. 

You no longer need to worry about scratching the display. It is a clear case with precise cutouts for the Digital Crown, microphone, and speakers. The process to apply the case is quite simple too. Also, you get 2 transparent protective cases with screen protectors in the box. You can now flaunt your Apple Watch and protect it simultaneously. 


9H hardness tempered glass

Clear case with precise cutouts


Users report the case houses dust within gaps

Check out on Amazon

3. Qoosea bumper case – Shockproof option

The Qoosea shockproof bumper case is a 360-degree protective case that covers all four corners and the sides of your Apple Watch Ultra. The case is made from high-quality, shock-absorbing (thermoplastic polyurethane) TPU, which offers more durability and protection than traditional polycarbonate.

Cutouts for cases are not always accurate, but that is not the case with Qoosea shockproof bumper case. Moreover, it is easy to apply as you don’t need to take the Apple Watch off your hands and can just snap the case in. It does not interfere when changing the Watch Band, either. And you get two cases for the price of one.


Rugged build with 360-degree protection

Can install the case without taking off the Apple Watch



No significant cons

Check out on Amazon

4. VeveXiao rugged case – With strap band 

The VeveXiao rugged case for the Apple Watch is a unique product. It isn’t just a case but rather has straps attached to the case made out of the same materials. While we’re on the topic of materials, the case is made from PC, the band is made from flexible TPU, and a stainless steel buckle to help adjust the band to fit your wrists perfectly.

The bezels are raised to protect the screen from scratches, and the materials with a shockproof design ensure to cushion your watch from accidental bumps and drops. Furthermore, the cutouts are precise and do not hinder with the functioning of any of the sensors. If you have owned the Apple Watch and tend to change bands frequently, the VeveXiao is an excellent choice as it comes in 12 different color options, so you can make a collection out of it as well. 


Shockproof design

A case with straps attached to it

Stainless steel buckle

Wide range of colors to choose from


No significant cons

Check out on Amazon

5. Tocol ultra-thin case – Fine design 

The Tocol ultra-thin case for Apple Watch Ultra comes in a pair and offers excellent protection without bulking the watch. The pack also includes a pair of tempered glass screen protectors. Both of these products combined offer military-grade protection. It was drop-tested more than 3,000 times from a height of 8 FT, and there was no damage to the screen.

You no longer have to worry about scratching the screen or the casing of your Apple Watch Ultra. Moreover, the sleek and minimal design, especially the Golden colorway of the case, blends with the Apple Watch Ultra casing. The cutouts for the speaker and mic grilles are precise. Finally, you can wirelessly charge your watch without removing the case. 


2 cases in different colors 

2 tempered glass screen protectors

Minimal design and excellent protection

Value for money


No significant cons

Check out on Amazon

6. DGYSG Translucent Hard Case – Tactical protection 

The DGYSG translucent hard case is a perfect fit for people who find the Apple Watch Ultra to be small on their wrists or just want to protect it from all fronts. It has four color options and uses a crystal-hard polycarbonate case that offers rugged protection. And, while the case looks bulky, it weighs 14 grams. So no compromises on protection. 

The cutouts are accurate on the case and come with matching watch bands too. These are made out of soft rubber and feature a 316L steel buckle. Your device will be protected from all angles. However, you might need an additional screen protector if you’re particular about safeguarding the solid display. 


Unique design 

360-degree protection 

Multiple color options


Bulky design 

Slightly expensive 

Check out on Amazon

7. Caseology Vault Case – Slim and light 

Caseology is yet another widely popular case manufacturer. They sell quality products, and the Caseology Vault is a testament to the same. It is a slim case carved out of flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU). If you’re tired of smooth finishes on products and love the sandstone-like feel, the Vault case is a perfect fit for you with its rough and grainy texture. 

Additionally, you will not miss out on the satisfactory tactile feel of the Side or Action buttons, as the cutouts are exact. It comes with raised bezels to protect the screen. However, if you want complete protection, good-quality tempered glass will do the job. Lastly, even though it sports a sleek design, it is certified with military-grade protection. 


Sleek design

Sandstone texture finish

Military-grade certification 


No significant cons 

Check out on Amazon

8. ECSEM Case pack – Multiple choices 

The Apple Watch Ultra is only available in one color option. While many might be okay with it, I’m not. If you’re someone like me and want to customize the Apple Watch Ultra to match your outfits, the 10-pack bumper case pack from ECSEM is where your search should end.

You get 10 cases, all different colors, made from flexible TPU material. The icing on the cake is that the case comes with a built-in screen protector too. The cutouts are precise, and you get 12 months of warranty too. 


All round protection 

10 cases to match any watch band or your outfits



The shiny color coating makes the case look cheap

Going by reviews, fit and finish is questionable

Check out on Amazon

9. amBand Protective Bumper – G-Shock lookalike

Want to convert your Apple Watch Ultra into a G-Shock? At least in terms of design, you can do it with the amBand Protective Bumper case. It is a complete package, as you get a bumper case attached to rubber watch straps. It also comes with a pair of auto-alignment screen protectors that are rated for 9H of mineral hardness. 

amBand used a premium TPU band and raised bezels that offer shock protection. The cutouts are not only precise, but there are metal buttons for the Side and Action buttons that improve their tactility. For those craving exclusivities, scanning the QR code in the box will get you a classic watch face from amBand for free. 


Excellent build quality

Auto alignment tempered glass included 

360-degree protection 


Non-removable bands 

Check out on Amazon

10. V-MORO Metal Bumper – Switch to analog 

Do you want your Apple Watch Ultra to blend in with your formal attire? Or do you want it to look a little like an analog watch? If that is what you’re looking for, the Metal Bumper case by V-MORO is the perfect fit. It also comes with a stainless steel strap, so you do not have to purchase one separately. Few might want to do this with a smartwatch, but I’m here to provide you with multiple choices. 

You will have to fit the Apple Watch Ultra in a silicone case. Only after this should you fit the whole module in the stainless steel case. While the installation process might be a little lengthy, the overall results achieved by it are going to be worth it, especially if you want your watch to appear more classy and match your formal outfits. 


Stainless steel build 

Silicone case to prevent the watch from scratching 

Packed in an exquisite box which makes it a great gifting option 

Watch band adjuster


Adds significant weight

Lengthy installation process

Check out on Amazon


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Best Wireless Charging Cases For Iphone Xr In 2023

When you wirelessly charge your iPhone XR, you save yourself from connecting a lightning cable to your device. Just place your smartphone on the supported Qi wireless charger, and you are ready! But what if the cover that you are using isn’t onboard with this new-age charging technology? Then, you have to remove the suit from your device before going for the charge. If you find it inconvenient, go for one of the finest wireless charging compatible cases for the iPhone XR.

1. Casetify

Casetify uses Qì Tech shockproof material to make this case, which can resist impact and absorb shocks. What makes Casetify cases unique is its practice of hand-inspection of each case from corner to corner. The expressive design and protective engineering make this case slim and strong. Casetify has crafted this case from a Durable PC hardshell exterior and TPU Layer to keep the profile unassuming.

2. MoKo

MoKo is a prominent brand in the world of iPhone accessories. This wireless charging case has a perfect design with a lanyard hole on edge to carry your phone comfortably. This case is made of a high-quality material; MoKo has used flexible and soft TPU rubber bumper edges. Check those strengthened corners and elevated edges to protect the phone’s screen. For more protection, MoKo has added a hard PC back cover to make it stronger and simpler.

3. Elago

Lovers of minimalism do not want anything extra – whether it is a piece of art or a protective case. Elago knows this, and hence, it has produced a masterpiece that has a minimal design. The ultra-thin and light design does not add bulk to your iPhone XR. The design is so unassertive that you won’t feel Elago’s protective case covers your phone. Elago has used flexible polypropylene material to craft this case, which is fully functional.

4. Ringke

Ringke is a popular brand, manufacturing cool accessories for iPhones and iPad. Its full-body protection covers your iPhone XR’s four corners and side edges. This wireless charging compatible case is slim and lightweight. Since the case is made of TPU, it is tough and flexible. Ringke keeps precise cutouts to help you access buttons and ports quickly and comfortably.

5. Spigen

Spigen is one of the leading brands of iPhone accessories. In this case, Spigen has used hybrid technology coupled with a TPU bumper and durable PC back. Show off your original phone design with Spigen’s crystal clear transparency. Raised bezels elevate your phone’s screen and camera bump. In this case, you can easily and quickly press the buttons with precise cutouts.

6. Fly Hawk

Many users are under the impression that wireless charging compatible cases are not made of leather. Fly Hawk has shattered this myth and produced a PU leather case compatible with wireless charging. Perfect fit, slim and sleek, this soft case covers the edges of both sides and has elevated lips. This leather case is for all users – men, women, and teens.


VRS DESIGN guarantees a long life for your case, made of high-quality, sturdy acrylic material and a TPU bumper. Tapping buttons and controls is a comfortable experience as this case ensures responsiveness to feedback and precise cutouts. This case has an anti-yellowing everlasting clear back, showcasing your iPhone XR’s real color and design.responsiveness

8. Teryei

Teryei Uses PC material with electroplating, which keeps your phone’s profile thin and light. This case fits precisely on your iPhone XR and gives a sleek design. You can prevent the wear and tear your iPhone has to endure daily. This slim case combines premium protection with excellent design, which allows you to enjoy quick access to essential ports and buttons on your iPhone.

That’s all, folks! This summarises our list of Wireless charging support iPhone XR cases.

Your choice…

Wireless charging is a smart way to power up your iPhone XR. One of the benefits of wireless charging support cases is that you don’t need to remove the case while charging the phone.

A case compatible with wireless charging allows you to watch videos and talk to your contacts. Convenience is the key, as users would love to enjoy FaceTime calls on iPhone XR when the device is being charged wirelessly.

You may like to refer more iPhone XR cases: 

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For Young Kids, The Power Of Play

New research shows play-based learning can be more effective than direct instruction at improving outcomes for early learners—particularly in the development of mathematical and spatial skills.

The mere presence of the word play in the teaching method known as play-based learning can alarm some parents of early childhood learners. Students, even our youngest students, should be “playing” at home. They come to school to learn, they might say.

That distinction—between “learning” and “play”—is a false one, according to early childhood educator and author Erika Christakis. Although kindergarten and elementary classrooms often devalue it in favor of direct instruction or seat time, play is the “defining feature” of all mammalian development, and its “signature” is apparent in the bodies and lives of little kids who experience it: “Their life expectancies are longer and their social-emotional capabilities are more robust when they have a chance to learn through play and deep relationships, and when their developing brains are given the chance to grow in a nurturing, language-rich, and relatively unhurried environment,” Christakis told Edutopia in a 2023 interview.

Children aren’t miniature adults. Nonetheless, a bias toward adult perspectives of childhood, with its attendant schedules and routines, has gradually exerted a stranglehold on our educational system, Christakis continues, trapping young kids in educational spaces that too often feel dreary, joyless, and alienating. “The notion that there is something of value in being a little kid—with little kid desires and, above all, needs—seems to have fallen out of favor.”

Breaking the Cycle

Despite the clear benefits of play, setting aside the time for even the youngest students can seem out of step with the academic demands of the school day. Early childhood teachers are pressured to meet strict seat-time guidelines in their classrooms, and they often feel that direct instruction is the best method to achieve the many curricular objectives that parents, principals, and other leaders expect.

According to a new study, there’s a middle path. A group of researchers from the University of Cambridge analyzed decades of research on “guided play”—more commonly called play-based learning—and concluded that it can have a “greater positive effect” on the acquisition of skills like math, shape knowledge, and task switching than more traditional approaches that prioritize seat time and explicit instruction.

“In redefining play as a spectrum with varying degrees of child autonomy and adult guidance, guided play has been situated as a ‘middle-ground’ between free play and direct instruction,” the researchers concluded. The learning is inherently rich and meaningful because “play naturally cultivates their enjoyment, motivation, and agency; while the inclusion of guidance by a supportive adult extends the scope for learning beyond what the child might achieve on their own.”

Incorporating key elements of play—like wonder, exploration, and student agency—into loosely structured lessons that are gently supported by teachers provides an “optimal” approach for students, according to the researchers. For Christakis, this means that play-based learning experiences should provide students with a “steady diet of free, unstructured time and access to open-ended materials” that allow them to engage in “rambling” storytelling and provide plenty of time to just “mess around and make their own rules.”

Play, With an Objective in Mind

In a successful play-based learning class, teachers often have a clear “learning goal” behind the play they let students engage in ahead of time, according to the Cambridge study. A teacher should keep this goal in mind during the play and subtly guide the child toward the goal.

Don’t pull the strings too tight: According to primary teacher Maggie Sabin, teachers shouldn’t necessarily expect students to produce specific outputs. For example, to teach students how colors can be mixed to form new colors, you might avoid giving students instructions to mix specific colors and instead model one example and then allow them to make their own combinations. “Be well prepared and intentional in planning, but allow for flexibility and inspiration,” writes Sabin.

One way to make sure that students are playing with purpose is to structure your classroom with deliberate spaces or centers containing materials, games, or objects intentionally chosen for students to engage with and make sense of.

An area in Sabin’s classroom, for example, contains a “tinker tray” of items that might seem random but are related to lessons or units she is using direct instruction to guide students through. During a unit on nature and natural materials, for example, the tray is stocked with items like pebbles, leaves, or sticks that students can both practice naming and manipulating. The materials can also be used to practice early math skills through the course of play by simply asking students how many pebbles they have or how many pebbles they have left after giving some to a friend.

Providing Choice and Agency

Effective play-based learning should be child-led when possible and give students “freedom and choice over their actions and play behavior,” the researchers assert. However, their findings suggest that the level of autonomy being given to students in play-based learning scenarios is often less than the amount needed to “cultivate children’s agency, motivation, and curiosity.”

To foster that agency, New Hampshire kindergarten teacher Jessica Arrow often starts the day by allowing students 30 to 45 minutes of “choice time” to explore various spaces in the classroom—a block center, math center, science center, art center, book nook, or dramatic play corner.

The items they encounter are related to previous lessons and the interests her students have expressed. For example, after reading the children’s book Miss Maple’s Seeds, Arrow said, her students became fascinated by the author’s process of creating the book from her imagination. As a result, Arrow’s art center included materials for students to create stories of their own and to practice speaking, listening, and writing standards in the process.

Arrow writes that their bookmaking interests eventually carried over into other areas of learning. For example, one student created a number book. After Arrow shared it with the class, number books became popular, and her students were referencing number grids and creating their own number books that helped them count and identify large numbers in the process.

“Once my students had experienced play-based learning, they were more focused, motivated, and purposeful,” writes Arrow. “Most important, they were happier. Bringing play-based learning to my classroom created balance, deepened our learning, and defined our classroom community as a place where we could learn and grow together.”

When to Step In

As children play, teachers should be observing closely to gather insights about the way students are learning and use open-ended questions, hints, and prompts to gently nudge students and encourage deeper thinking. You might step in “when a child appears to find an activity too difficult or too easy” so that you “can help them learn beyond what might be possible in independent play,” the researchers say.

For example, when children are playing with blocks, open-ended questions can be posed to encourage problem-solving, prediction, and hypothesizing, according to veteran teacher and curriculum manager for Edmentum Winnie O’Leary. A teacher can bring awareness to math standards by asking students low-stakes questions such as “I wonder how tall this tower can get?” or “I wonder how many blocks you need to make that tower as tall as your friend’s?”

Simple questions can also encourage practice recalling information and identifying shapes, objects, or colors, according to O’Leary. During a game of Go Fish, for example, you can ask, “Hey, who had the number 4 in the last round?” Or during a game of Uno you might ask, “Hmm, what color card do you need to add to the center deck?” Games involving strategy—like checkers or tic-tac-toe—are great to get students thinking critically about their objectives and how to adjust them based on what is happening during the game. Try questions like “I wonder what move you could have made to win?”

Use these strategies wisely, though, the researchers caution. In the end, hints and questions should not feel like directives.

Christakis agrees, telling Edutopia that she often coaches teachers to stay away from “checking questions” such as “What color is the apple?” or “What are you drawing?” Instead, she says, teachers should ask questions like “Tell me about your drawing.”

“The open-ended response really opens up a huge space for spontaneous and deep learning,” Christakis says. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Vs Galaxy S21 Ultra: Should You Upgrade?

Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S21 Ultra: At a glance

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is a couple of years old, but flagships tend to age well, and newer doesn’t always mean better. Here’s a quick look at the key differences between the two Samsung powerhouses.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with a more powerful and efficient processor.

Samsung won’t release any Exynos variants with the S23 series. An Exynos processor powers the S21 Ultra in select markets.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra gets the first significant camera upgrade in three years with a new primary shooter.

Samsung has doubled the storage available with the base model of the S23 Ultra (256GB) compared to the S21 Ultra (128GB).

The base model and highest-end variant of the S21 Ultra have more RAM than the S23 Ultra.

Samsung has managed to keep the S23 Ultra’s starting price the same as the S21 Ultra’s launch price. However, the former comes with less RAM and more storage.

Keep reading to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S21 Ultra and whether it’s time to upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S21 Ultra: Specs

Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S21 Ultra: Camera

The one exciting upgrade we’re looking forward to is the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s new 200MP camera. It’s the first change in three years, with previous generations, including the S21 Ultra, featuring a 108MP primary shooter. It’s not just the megapixel count that changes. Improved hardware capabilities and updated software features make for a compelling smartphone camera setup.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra can record video at 8K/30fps, 4K/60fps, and 1080p/120fps. Samsung also says there are significant improvements to low-light photography and better stabilization to make the 30x and 100x zoom photos look great. In our S23 Ultra review, we found that the new sensor offered more detail, thanks to the increased resolution, and excellent low-light performance.

The S23 Ultra brings the first major camera upgrade in years.

The other three cameras remain the same, though. Both phones have a 12MP ultra-wide shooter, a 10MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom, and another 10MP telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom. The S23 Ultra’s hardware and software refinements make for better photos when using these modes. That said, you can also approach this from a “why fix what isn’t broken” because the Galaxy S21 Ultra still takes excellent photos with all cameras.

However, what appears to be a surprising downgrade on the newer flagship, at least on paper, is the selfie camera. The S23 Ultra’s 12MP front-facing shooter loses the specs battle to the S21 Ultra’s 40MP front camera. But once again, the megapixel count isn’t everything. And the 12MP camera, backed by yearly software enhancements and improved computational photography, comfortably matches and even exceeds the one you’ll find on the older S21 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S21 Ultra: Price

Galaxy S23 Ultra price:

8GB RAM/256GB storage: $1,199

12GB RAM/512GB storage: $1,299

12GB RAM/1TB storage: $1,399

Galaxy S21 Ultra price:

12GB RAM/128GB storage: $1,199

12GB RAM/256GB storage: $1,249

16GB RAM/512GB storage: $1,399

Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S21 Ultra: Should you upgrade?

Are you thinking of upgrading from the Galaxy S21 Ultra to the S23 Ultra?

2332 votes

All of this is to say that if you have the Galaxy S21 Ultra, you don’t necessarily need to upgrade right now. Especially with Samsung’s excellent software commitment, you can easily hold on to the older phone for even a couple of years, barring any battery issues. And by then, we might get the major overhaul that won’t make every update feel so iterative. That said, if you’re an owner of the Exynos Galaxy S21 Ultra, you’ll find that moving up to the new Samsung flagship offers a decent step-up in terms of performance. Moreover, the battery life is a tangible upgrade that you will notice in day-to-day usage.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra doesn’t represent a big upgrade over the S21 Ultra, unless you want a built-in stylus or better battery life.

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