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The first iPhone XR reviews are in. Not surprisingly, these early reviews focus almost exclusively on the differences between the iPhone XR and the more expensive 2023 handsets, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and whether paying $250 extra for the latter is worth it. The near-universal answer: not so much.

On Friday, Oct. 26, the iPhone XR finally arrives in stores. Priced at $749 and higher, the 6.1-inch handset includes most of the same internals as the iPhone XS models (which begin at $999), including an all-new A12 Bionic chip with a Neural engine.

On the outside, you’ll find some cost-cutting, however. Instead of the stainless steel located on the sides of the more expensive models, the iPhone XR uses aluminum. The less expensive handset also includes a Liquid Retina Display rather than OLED. These differences play a prominent role in each of the early reviews as you can see here.

Early iPhone XR reviews

Engadget says the iPhone XR is “the best iPhone for most people,” noting the handset doesn’t feel compromised and “delivers everywhere it counts.” Still, it does admit the Liquid Retina display, and single camera could be a turnoff for some users.

That said, everything Apple offers here is much, much better than just “good enough.” The XR is the iPhone we’d recommend to most people.

Over at CNBC, the focus is on the phone’s look and feel.

The iPhone XR looks and feels like a phone that costs more than $750. It has a premium glass and aluminum design, and I love how rich the colors look. My personal favorite is yellow, but the blue test unit I had was pretty cool, too. It felt just as fast and quick as my iPhone XS Max, which costs $1,249. Again, that’s because everything inside is the exact same.

Meanwhile, The New York Times explains how the iPhone XR is “slightly less durable than its more expensive cousins.” Nonetheless, the “differences are negligible,” especially once you cover the phone with a case.

All of these minor negatives add up to a win for price-conscious consumers, especially as smartphone prices keep climbing.

CNN suggests most people won’t care about the differences between the iPhone XR and Apple’s more expensive handsets. It concludes:

If you don’t watch a ton of HD videos and don’t need a telephoto lens on your camera, you’re really not missing out on much with the iPhone XR.

And did we mention it costs less?

Finally, there’s The Verge, which offers perhaps the best review headline of them all.

Under “Apple iPhone XR review: Better than good enough,” the site zeros in on the concerns of many that the iPhone XR is somehow inferior to the more expensive iPhone XS.

It boils down the differences this way: “The simplest way to think about the iPhone XR is that it offers virtually the same experience as the iPhone XS for $250 less, but you’ll be looking at a slightly worse display.”

The bottom line

If you’re in the market for a new iPhone and have been wondering whether the iPhone XR would look and feel cheap, these reviews suggest the opposite is true. Your only choice now is deciding on a color.

Did you pre-order an iPhone XR? If so, what color did you buy?

You're reading Iphone Xr Reviews: Don’t Call It A Cheap Iphone!

Best Iphone Xr Slim Cases In 2023

Want a cool case to protect your iPhone XR without adding bulk? Thin cases are the way to go. They remove the bulkiness, but on the other side, they fail to offer much drop protection. After all, there’s always a trade-off between protection and weight, isn’t there? 

1. Spigen thin fit case – Editor’s choice

Sporting just 0.3mm thickness, “Spigen Thin Fit,” is one of the slimmest cases in the market. Despite being so sleek, this svelte cover can resist scratches, and the open buttons offer hassle-free accessibility.

Thanks to the embedded magnetic plate, “Thin Fit” also supports a magnetic car mount for comfortable hands-free usage while driving. It comes in a couple of nice-looking colors like black and red.



Supports magnetic car mounts



May disrupt wireless charging

Check out on Amazon

2. Spigen iPhone XR case slim armor CS – pocket-friendly

Can’t step out without your essential credit cards? Then grab this slim card holder case. It easily fits a couple of cards in the back pocket without adding much bulk to your phone.

Further, with dual layers and air-cushion technology, it provides sturdy protection against minor drops and scratches. Choose from red, blue, red, and rose gold colors.


Cardholder design

Dual-layered protection

Color options


Sliding mechanism for the cardholder is difficult to open

Check out on Spigen

3. TORRAS protective slim cover – Lightweight

Here’s another ultra-slim case that fits snugly like a glove, accentuating the curves of your XR without adding bulk. The precise buttons ensure sensitivity to feedback, and the raised edges protect the camera and screen against scratches and minor drops.

Further, the matte finish feels great in your hand, and you’ll forget that your phone is wearing a case. It’s available in five color options and comes with a 180-day warranty for customer satisfaction.


Excellent fit

Color options

Friendly customer service


Not much drop protection

Check out on Amazon

4. Speck presidio grip iPhone XR case – Raised bezel

To ensure that Speck Presidio Grip offers the ultimate protection for your iPhone, it has been dropped from a height of 10 feet multiple times as part of the testing process. Further, it is lined with IMPACTIUM, an innovative, dynamic shock-absorbing material.

The raised bezel guards the screen against direct impact and prevents damage when lying flat. All this while ensuring thinness and minimal bulk to your device. Choose from seven unique color options.


Great grip

Special IMPACTUM material

Raised bezels


Grippy design attracts dust

Check out on Amazon

5. Casemate barely there leather case – Wireless charger friendly

As the name suggests, you do not even feel that this case, as it does not add any bulky. Plus, you can charge your device with the contact charger without removing the case.

It’s made of premium genuine leather with a microfiber lining that protects against scratches. It’s available in five color options to match your personality.


Compatible with wireless charging

Premium leather



Not much drop protection

Check out on Amazon

Summing Up 

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11 Ways To Hang Up A Call On Iphone

Note that these work for both standard carrier calls and FaceTime calls. Some of them will also work to hang up a call made via VoIP apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Zoom, Google Duo, etc.

1. Tap the usual red button

We know you know this one!

You can hang up a call by tapping the big red button on the call screen. If you aren’t on the call screen, first get there by tapping the green pill from the top left corner of your iPhone screen. On iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, tap the green phone icon in the Dynamic Island.

2. Tap and hold the Dynamic Island to hang up a call

When you’re on a call on iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max, tap and hold the Dynamic Island — doing so will pop out a miniature call screen. From here, tap the red button to hang up the call.

3. Press the Side button

When you’re on a call, press the Side button once, and it will disconnect the call.

Note: You can’t disconnect calls by pressing the iPhone Side button if you’re talking via AirPods, Bluetooth headphones, or the iPhone speaker. Pressing the Side button to end an ongoing call only works when you’re using the top iPhone earpiece.

When you’re on a call with AirPods, on-device speaker, or any Bluetooth buds, pressing the Side button rightly locks the screen, helping you save battery.

Stop the Side button from ending a phone call

You can prevent your iPhone Side button from ending an ongoing call by following these steps:

Open the Settings app and tap Accessibility.

Tap Touch.

Turn on the toggle for Prevent Lock to End Call.

After this, even when you’re talking on your iPhone via the earpiece, pressing the Side button once or several times won’t disconnect the call. In case the screen is awake during the call, pressing the Side button will now turn off the screen.

4. Double-tap or press the AirPod

When you’re talking on your iPhone via AirPods 1st generation and 2nd generation, double-tap either the left or right AirPod to hang up the call.

If you’re using AirPods Pro 1st or 2nd generation, or AirPods 3rd generation, press either the left or right AirPod stem, and it will end the call. Finally, with AirPods Max, press the Digital Crown to hang up the ongoing call.

5. Press EarPods remote or wired/wireless earphones button

When you’re on a phone or FaceTime call, press the center button on the wired EarPods remote to end the call. This also works with most third-party wired and wireless earphones with such a button. In some situations, you may have to press the button twice to hang up the call.

6. Ask Siri or Voice Control to hang up the call

With iOS 16, you can have Siri hang up a call simply by saying, “Hey Siri, hang up.” However, to use this hands-free method, you will have to enable this function first. Also, note that when you say, “Hey Siri, hang up,” the participant on the other end will hear these words.

Follow these steps to enable Siri to end a phone call on iPhone running iOS 16:

Open the Settings app and tap Siri & Search.

Tap Call Hang Up.

Enable the switch for Call Hang Up.

From now on, when you’re on a phone or FaceTime call, say, “Hey Siri, hang up,” and your iPhone will end the call!

If you use Voice Control on your iPhone running iOS 16, simply say “Hang up,” and it will end the call. The person you’re talking to will hear the “hang up” voice command.

7. End a call using your Apple Watch

When you’re on a call on your iPhone, your Apple Watch may show the small green phone icon at the top of your watch face. Tap that phone icon followed by the red button to end the call.

8. Use your HomePod to end the iPhone call

You can quickly transfer your ongoing phone call from your iPhone to your HomePod. After that, your call continues via the HomePod microphone and speaker. Once you’re done, tap the top of the HomePod to hang up the call.

Besides tapping, you can also say, “Hey Siri, hang up,” and your HomePod will terminate the phone call.

9. End a call on your Mac or iPad

Just like HomePod, you can transfer your ongoing iPhone call to your Mac or iPad using the same Apple ID. Once you’re talking on your Mac or iPad, you can use the button there to end the call. For example, on my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, I can use the End button from the top right of the screen or tap Leave on the Touch Bar.

10. Enable Airplane Mode

When you’re on a call, open the iPhone Control Center and tap the airplane icon to enable Airplane mode. Doing so disconnects cellular services (and other wireless protocols like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), which ends the ongoing call.

11. Turn off Wi-Fi Calling to end call

Finally, while working on this post, I discovered a trick to hang up phone calls if you use Wi-Fi Calling on your iPhone. I don’t recommend you follow this unnecessary method. But it’s good to know some weird facts. So, here we go:

These were all the methods to hang up a phone or FaceTime call on your iPhone. Did you know all these ways to end a call, or were a few of these methods new to you?

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Best Wireless Charging Cases For Iphone Xr In 2023

When you wirelessly charge your iPhone XR, you save yourself from connecting a lightning cable to your device. Just place your smartphone on the supported Qi wireless charger, and you are ready! But what if the cover that you are using isn’t onboard with this new-age charging technology? Then, you have to remove the suit from your device before going for the charge. If you find it inconvenient, go for one of the finest wireless charging compatible cases for the iPhone XR.

1. Casetify

Casetify uses Qì Tech shockproof material to make this case, which can resist impact and absorb shocks. What makes Casetify cases unique is its practice of hand-inspection of each case from corner to corner. The expressive design and protective engineering make this case slim and strong. Casetify has crafted this case from a Durable PC hardshell exterior and TPU Layer to keep the profile unassuming.

2. MoKo

MoKo is a prominent brand in the world of iPhone accessories. This wireless charging case has a perfect design with a lanyard hole on edge to carry your phone comfortably. This case is made of a high-quality material; MoKo has used flexible and soft TPU rubber bumper edges. Check those strengthened corners and elevated edges to protect the phone’s screen. For more protection, MoKo has added a hard PC back cover to make it stronger and simpler.

3. Elago

Lovers of minimalism do not want anything extra – whether it is a piece of art or a protective case. Elago knows this, and hence, it has produced a masterpiece that has a minimal design. The ultra-thin and light design does not add bulk to your iPhone XR. The design is so unassertive that you won’t feel Elago’s protective case covers your phone. Elago has used flexible polypropylene material to craft this case, which is fully functional.

4. Ringke

Ringke is a popular brand, manufacturing cool accessories for iPhones and iPad. Its full-body protection covers your iPhone XR’s four corners and side edges. This wireless charging compatible case is slim and lightweight. Since the case is made of TPU, it is tough and flexible. Ringke keeps precise cutouts to help you access buttons and ports quickly and comfortably.

5. Spigen

Spigen is one of the leading brands of iPhone accessories. In this case, Spigen has used hybrid technology coupled with a TPU bumper and durable PC back. Show off your original phone design with Spigen’s crystal clear transparency. Raised bezels elevate your phone’s screen and camera bump. In this case, you can easily and quickly press the buttons with precise cutouts.

6. Fly Hawk

Many users are under the impression that wireless charging compatible cases are not made of leather. Fly Hawk has shattered this myth and produced a PU leather case compatible with wireless charging. Perfect fit, slim and sleek, this soft case covers the edges of both sides and has elevated lips. This leather case is for all users – men, women, and teens.


VRS DESIGN guarantees a long life for your case, made of high-quality, sturdy acrylic material and a TPU bumper. Tapping buttons and controls is a comfortable experience as this case ensures responsiveness to feedback and precise cutouts. This case has an anti-yellowing everlasting clear back, showcasing your iPhone XR’s real color and design.responsiveness

8. Teryei

Teryei Uses PC material with electroplating, which keeps your phone’s profile thin and light. This case fits precisely on your iPhone XR and gives a sleek design. You can prevent the wear and tear your iPhone has to endure daily. This slim case combines premium protection with excellent design, which allows you to enjoy quick access to essential ports and buttons on your iPhone.

That’s all, folks! This summarises our list of Wireless charging support iPhone XR cases.

Your choice…

Wireless charging is a smart way to power up your iPhone XR. One of the benefits of wireless charging support cases is that you don’t need to remove the case while charging the phone.

A case compatible with wireless charging allows you to watch videos and talk to your contacts. Convenience is the key, as users would love to enjoy FaceTime calls on iPhone XR when the device is being charged wirelessly.

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Whatsapp Video Call Not Working On Iphone? 9 Solutions

WhatsApp is the most popular chat app that brings friends and family closer using text, voice, and video calls. It lets you communicate for free across the globe. However, sometimes the calls randomly fail to connect. As a result, you might not see the person on the other side or hear their audio.

To fix this, we’ve listed possible solutions to fix a WhatsApp video call not working on iPhone.

You can update WhatsApp just like any other app. One quick way to do so is to long-press on the App Store icon. Next, select Updates. Finally, tap UPDATE next to WhatsApp.

If you don’t see an update, pull down from the middle of the screen to refresh it. After this, there may be an update for WhatsApp.

2. Use a strong internet connection

WhatsApp text messages work fine even in poor connections. However, for audio and video calls, you must have a stable and robust internet connection. We have an extensive guide that helps you to increase cellular data speed on your iPhone.

Another way to check your internet speed is by using apps like Fast, Speedtest, etc. If your download and upload rate is above 1 Mbps, you are good to go for better quality on video & audio calls.

Finally, if you have trouble with Wi-Fi or mobile data, follow our exclusive guides.

3. Allow necessary permissions to WhatsApp

Video calls require microphone and camera access. Let us quickly make sure that you have granted these permissions.

Open Settings and scroll to the bottom. Now, tap WhatsApp.

Ensure that the toggles for Contacts, Microphone, and Camera are enabled.

If you miss incoming call notifications, tap Notifications, and check if it’s allowed or not.

4. Check Content & Privacy Restrictions in Screen Time

Screen Time lets you put restrictions on apps and services. You may have set these and forgot about them. So, it’s vital to ensure that WhatsApp isn’t restricted.

Open Settings and tap Screen Time.

Tap App Limits. Make sure WhatsApp isn’t added here.

You can also turn off Screen Time entirely to put an end to all such restrictions and limits.

5. Allow WhatsApp to use Mobile Data

Sometimes during a call, Wi-Fi might get disconnected, and your iPhone falls back to cellular data. It’s essential to allow WhatsApp to make use of mobile data. You can quickly check this by the following steps.

Open Settings and tap Cellular.

Scroll down and under CELLULAR DATA, check that the toggle for WhatsApp is enabled or not. If not, tap it to turn it on.

6. Turn off WhatsApp’s Low Data Usage

Inside the WhatsApp settings, there’s an additional option, which, if enabled, makes the chat app utilize low data during calls. If you’re on a tight plan, this is great.

However, it might contribute to a choppy video call experience. So, here’s how to turn it off.

Open WhatsApp and tap Settings at the bottom right.

Tap Data and Storage Usage.

Turn off the toggle for Low Data Usage.

7. Disable Data Saver/Low Data Mode

iOS gives you the option to enable Low Data Mode for Cellular Data and Wi-Fi to reduce overall data consumption. In most scenarios, it shouldn’t cause trouble with WhatsApp video calls. However, if none of the other solutions helped, disabling Low Data Mode might.

Open Settings and tap Wi-Fi.

Tap on “i” next to the connected network.

Turn off Low Data Mode.

From the upper left, Tap on <Wi-Fi → <Settings to go back.

Next, tap on Cellular → Cellular Data Options.

Switch off Low Data Mode.

8. Turn off Low Power Mode

Open Settings and tap Battery.

Turn off Low Power Mode.

9. Restart your device and reinstall WhatsApp

Finally, to improve the WhatsApp call quality, restart your iPhone. If you do that and still don’t see any improvement, the ultimate solution is to delete the app and reinstall it. Before going with this, make sure you’ve created a backup of your WhatsApp chat.

From the Home Screen, long press on the WhatsApp icon. Next, tap Delete App. Tap Delete to confirm.

Now, long press on the App Store icon and choose Search. Next type WhatsApp. Finally, tap on the download icon to get the app.

Once the download completes, set up WhatsApp again.

Signing off…

I hope you got the perfect solution for your WhatsApp video call woes. If you repeatedly face problems, try using FaceTime. I have noted that FaceTime offers excellent video quality; better than WhatsApp on the same network and same internet speed. I would encourage you to try both of these services and reach your conclusion.


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Fbi Says It May Have Found A Way To Unlock Shooter’s Iphone

The FBI says it may have discovered a way to break into the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino mass shooters, and the agency has asked a judge to postpone a court hearing in the matter that was scheduled for Tuesday.

“On Sunday, March 20, 2023, an outside party demonstrated to the FBI a possible method for unlocking Farook’s iPhone,” lawyers for the government said in a court filing Monday afternoon, referring to the shooter Syed Farook.

“Testing is required to determine whether it is a viable method that will not compromise data on Farook’s iPhone. If the method is viable, it should eliminate the need for the assistance from Apple set forth in the All Writs Act Order in this case,” the government lawyers wrote.

The court filing doesn’t describe the proposed method, but the government says it received suggestions for how it could break into the phone from various outside parties.

It’s an unexpected development in a high-profile case that has pitted Apple against the U.S. Department of Justice. The conflict highlights the tension between the need for strong encryption and the requirements of law enforcement to investigate crimes.

The FBI has said it needs help getting around Apple’s encryption so it can access Farook’s device, an iPhone 5C. It says the phone may hold clues about whether Farook and his wife acted alone when they went on a killing spree in San Bernardino last December. The government has said the couple were suspected terrorist sympathizers.

Apple has fought back, saying providing access to the device would require it to create a new version of its iOS software for that purpose, and that doing so would weaken security for all its users.

Apple is also worried that the case could set a legal precedent that would require Apple and other companies to give the government access to encrypted personal data in the future.

If the government has indeed found its own way in, it may get the data it needs without a court battle, meaning no precedent will be set.

In February, Apple said it would fight a U.S. magistrate judge’s order requiring it to assist the FBI. A hearing was set to take place in Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon, where lawyers for Apple and the government were expected to square off. It’s unclear now if the hearing will go ahead.

In its court filing Monday, the FBI says it has continued to look for a way to access the data on the phone, even as it pursues its case against Apple.

It doesn’t describe the method it plans to try, but some researchers have theorized that the device could be accessed through cloning.

A key protection that the government is up against is a mechanism that will permanently lock the phone if an incorrect pass code is tried 10 times.

With cloning, multiple copies are made of the phone’s memory and pass codes are tried against each copy. It doesn’t matter if one copy becomes locked, because investigators can move on to another copy.

In essence, it gives the FBI multiple tries at guessing the pass code without having to worry about the phone destroying its data.

The method was brought up at a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee earlier this month, when Representative Darrell Issa, a California Republican, suggested it could be used. But to date, no one has publicly demonstrated that it would work.

It’s unknown if that’s the method the government now plans to use, and other techniques may have been suggested as well.

Whatever method it is, the government now wants to postpone Tuesday’s hearing until it can try it out. It suggests it will file a status report by April 5, when presumably it will reveal the outcome of its efforts. 

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