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Microsoft’s Bing AI Chat has consistently been one of the best ChatGPT alternatives people have been using. Armed with OpenAI’s new GPT-4 language model, the AI search engine-cum-chatbot can do a lot in little time. However, in an attempt to make things even better, Microsoft has announced a slew of changes that bolster the bot with even more functionality. Keep on reading as we discuss all the major changes.

Bing AI Chat Goes into Open Preview

While already packed with major power, one of the downsides of Bing Chat was that it was locked behind a waitlist. However, that has now changed as Microsoft Bing AI has been moved from Limited to Open Preview. This means that everyone can now access Bing AI Chat without any boundaries. However, do note that you will still need the Microsoft Edge browser to access Bing’s Chat mode. But we have already shared a workaround to use Bing AI Chat in any browser.

So those without access to the waitlist can now start using Bing AI without issues. All you need to do is create a Microsoft account and get started.

Bing Actions; ChatGPT Plugins Come to Bing

If you read about ChatGPT getting plugins, then you already know about the power they can bring. These plugins can add more power to the bot by bringing in information from other sources. Well, Microsoft has caught on to the former’s success and is now announcing future support for third-party plugins (called Bing Actions) in the chat experience. This opens up a lot of possibilities as developers will now be able to build feature-centric plugins that will intelligently power Bing.

Bing AI Gets Major Chat Features

Besides the announcements above, chats themselves are also getting a bunch of new features poised to make the user experience easier.

For starters, Bing AI chats will soon deliver more visual and richer answers with the help of images and infographics like charts. The answers are also getting updated formatting to help users find information even quicker. Furthermore, Microsoft is soon bringing GPT-4’s multimodal capabilities to Bing AI. Users will soon be able to upload images and search the web for related content easily.

Microsoft has also listened to users by bringing some much-requested chat features. Starting soon, Bing AI will get a chat history, where users can return to previous conversations easily. As with ChatGPT, these chats will be marked by dates and easily sortable. Users will also soon be able to access chats even on different tabs using Persistent Chats through Edge.

For those looking to share their conversations like ChatGPT, Microsoft is soon adding the ability to export and share Bing chats. Users can easily export these conversations in proper formatting so they can easily transfer to companion software like Microsoft Word.

It is clear that Microsoft is arming Bing AI Chat with some serious virtual weapons to go up against any competitors. With Bing AI in tow with the best AI image generators, users can consider themselves a one person army. However, it will be fun to see what new developments come next.

You're reading Microsoft Bing Ai Chat Open To All; Announces Many New Features

How To Use New Bing Ai With Chatgpt

Bing has recently introduced a new AI-powered feature that can help content creators and writers to generate high-quality content ideas. This feature is powered by Microsoft’s cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing technologies. It is integrated with ChatGPT to provide an enhanced content creation experience. This article will discuss how to use the new Bing AI with ChatGPT to generate compelling content ideas.

Bing AI and ChatGPT are two powerful tools that can help you improve your productivity and make your work easier. ChatGPT is a large language model that can generate human-like responses to text input. While Bing AI is a collection of artificial intelligence services that can be used to analyze and interpret data.

Bing AI provides several services, including text and image analysis, speech recognition, and machine learning. These services can be used to extract valuable insights from data, automate business processes, and develop new applications.

To use Bing AI, you need to sign up for an account and then create an API key. Once you have your API key, you can use it to access the various services provided by Bing AI.

ChatGPT is a language model that can be used to generate human-like responses to text input. It is trained on a large dataset of human language, which allows it to understand and generate natural language responses.

To use ChatGPT, you need to input text into the model and then wait for it to generate a response. The model can be customized to generate responses in a specific style or tone, depending on your needs.

To use Bing AI with ChatGPT, you need to first input text into the model. This text can be a question, a statement, or any other type of text input. Once you have your text input, you can use Bing AI to analyze the text and extract valuable insights.

For example, you can use Bing AI to extract keywords from the text input, identify entities mentioned in the text, or analyze the sentiment of the text. These insights can then be used to generate a more accurate and relevant response using ChatGPT.

To access Bing AI’s features, begin by opening the Bing page on your browser. Look for the search box, which can accommodate up to 1000 characters. Type your question as you would to a person. Avoid using keywords as you may not get an AI answer.

Unlike traditional search, the ChatGPT version of Bing AI is content-aware and remembers your previous searches. This allows you to ask follow-up questions without starting anew. You can use up to 2000 characters when asking questions.

Here are some examples of how you can use Bing AI with ChatGPT:

Customer service: You can use ChatGPT to generate responses to customer inquiries, while using Bing AI to analyze the customer’s message and extract relevant information.

Content creation: You can use ChatGPT to generate content for your website or social media channels, while using Bing AI to analyze the text and suggest relevant keywords or topics.

Language translation: You can use ChatGPT to translate text from one language to another, while using Bing AI to improve the accuracy and quality of the translation.

Using Bing AI with ChatGPT can provide several benefits, including:

Improved productivity: By automating certain tasks, such as customer service or content creation, you can save time and focus on other important tasks.

More accurate insights: By using Bing AI to analyze data, you can extract more accurate and relevant insights, which can improve decision-making.

Better customer experience: By using ChatGPT to generate human-like responses to customer inquiries, you can improve the customer experience and build stronger relationships with your customers.

The integration of Bing AI with ChatGPT provides content creators and writers with a powerful tool for generating high-quality content ideas, refining their content, and enhancing their writing skills. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can leverage the power of Bing AI and ChatGPT to create compelling and engaging content that meets your specific requirements.

The Bing AI feature is available for a range of content categories, including blog posts, articles, essays, and social media posts, among others.

The Bing AI feature currently supports several languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish, among others.

The Bing AI-generated content is based on state-of-the-art machine learning and natural language processing technologies, which ensures a high level of accuracy and relevance.

Yes, the use of Bing AI and ChatGPT is ethical, as they do not involve any form of plagiarism or copyright infringement.

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Google Announces Advancements In Ai

Google recently published two new algorithms related to natural language processing. One of them claims a new state of the art for understanding how to answer questions. Google has a longstanding goal to transform search into a computer that can understand questions and answer them like a human. Google itself says these algorithms are just the beginning.

Just Because Google Publishes Research…

It’s important to note that Google’s boilerplate stance on research papers and patents can be paraphrased thusly, “Just because Google publishes a research paper or patent does not mean that Google is actually using it.”

Understanding Questions by the Answers

The first algorithm is titled, Learning Semantic Textual Similarity from Conversations. The algorithm learns how to understand questions by studying responses as a way to understand what the questions really mean. Here’s how Google explains it:

“The intuition is that sentences are semantically similar if they have a similar distribution of responses. For example, “How old are you?” and “What is your age?” are both questions about age, which can be answered by similar responses such as “I am 20 years old”. In contrast, while “How are you?” and “How old are you?” contain almost identical words, they have very different meanings and lead to different responses.”

This algorithm is trained in conversational nuances using Reddit and other sources in order to be able to understand from actual conversations what questions mean.

It’s easier to understand similarities between long questions. But it becomes harder for short questions. The research claims to be able to train a machine to understand differences between short questions.

Here is what the researchers concluded:

How Could This Algorithm Be Used?

Nuance: An earlier research paper, Measuring the Sentence Level Similarity (not published by Google) on a related topic provides a description of how a similar algorithm could be applied in the real world:

“Sentence similarity measures are becoming increasingly more important in text-related research and application areas such as text mining, information extraction, automatic question-answering…”

Google’s research paper is silent as to how this algorithm could be used. However Google’s AI Blog post about these two algorithms, Advances in Semantic Textual Similarity noted that these algorithms allow them to use as few as 100 labeled examples to build useful text classifiers. That means that they can understand more with just a minimum of data instead of the millions and billions they’ve previously worked with.

Bill Slawski Comments

Nuance: I asked Google patent expert, Bill Slawski of GoFishDigital, about this algorithm and here is what he said:

I wrote about a Continuation patent from Google in the post, Google’s Related Questions Patent or ‘People Also Ask’ Questions. What was interesting about this updated patent was that it introduced the idea of a “question graph” for questions that Google might collect answers to.

Google told us that they would be creating datastores of natural language questions and answer in at least one patent: Natural Language Search Results for Intent Queries. By approaching identification of questions differently (with potentially some redundancy), it adds the ability to create a larger and potentially better question graph.

Why These Algorithms are Important

Google has a stated goal of creating an AI that is similar to the Star Trek computer. The Star Trek computer is the ideal that Google is reaching for. This has been a goal since at least 2013, probably earlier. Slate published an article in 2013, subtitled, Google has a single towering obsession: It wants to build the Star Trek computer. Here’s a key quote from that article:

“A few weeks ago, I was chatting with Tamar Yehoshua, director of product management on Google’s search. “Is there a roadmap for how search will look a few years from now?” I asked her. “Our vision is the Star Trek computer,” she shot back with a smile. “You can talk to it—it understands you, and it can have a conversation with you.””

The connection between the Star Trek computer and Google voice assistant are so close, that the Google voice project was initially named after the actress who played the voice of the Star Trek computer.

In the Star Trek make believe world the actors speak the trigger word, “Computer” and the computer listens and provides answers. In the real world we speak the trigger words “Ok Google” and Google’s voice assistant answers.

These algorithms can be seen as a contribution to Google’s goal of becoming like the computer in Star Trek. But there are also many other uses for these technologies beyond the question answering capabilities.

How the Star Trek Paradigm Resembles Google Voice Assistant

In the Star Trek world, interfacing with a computer is strictly a matter of speaking out a trigger word then asking a question. A typical scenario plays out like this:

In the Star Trek World:

This is Admiral James T. Kirk requesting security access.

Computer. Destruct Sequence One, code one, one-A.

COMPUTER VOICE: Destruct Sequence is activated.

In the Real World:

What is a good restaurant to eat in Madrid at an affordable price?

Google Voice Asssistant: The best cheap eats in Madrid are…

Is Google Alone in the AI First Paradigm?

No. It’s an open secret among technology companies that there is a race to becoming AI first. Qi Li, the COO of Baidu referenced the race towards becoming AI first in his statement announcing that he’s stepping down:

“”I’m honored to have participated in Baidu’s transition into an AI-first company,” Lu said. Microsoft and Google, among others, have also sought to reshape themselves around AI.”

Reshaping search in an Assistant Paradigm has been a longstanding goal at Google and it’s not alone. Even Zillow has been reported to be transitioning from Search to the AI Assistant Paradigm. A recent article in Mashable quoted Zilllow on AI:

“Currently, the site is undergoing what Wacksman describes as “the evolution from a search box to an assistant.” The ideas is to transform Zillow from a simple real-estate search engine to a tool that understands you.”

Takeaway: How Site Publishers Fit into the AI Assistant Paradigm

These technologies are reported to be in the beginning stages.

According to Google:

“We believe that what we’re showing here is just the beginning, and that there remain important research problems to be addressed, such as extending the techniques to more languages…”

Google also noted that these technologies fall short of understanding text at the paragraph and document level. Those are the next challenges on their way to transitioning to an AI Assistant.

It’s important to keep up on these developments because at some point there will be more indications of where publishers and merchants fit into this new world. This means paying attention to new developments in chúng tôi Structured Data requirements as outlined by Google in their developers pages.

Read Google’s announcement on their AI Blog, Advances in Semantic Textual Similarity

Read more about the voice search here.

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This Character Is Not Available To Chat In Character Ai

Character AI is a well-known Chatbot allowing users to create and chat with their AI Characters.

However, users may face an error where their Character or other Character is unavailable to chat with the message “This Character is not available to chat.”

You can fix the “This Character is not available to chat” error message by restarting the Character AI, clearing the browser’s cache, setting the AI Character as public, checking server status and contacting customer support.

This article will examine the possible causes and fixes of the “This Character is not available to chat” error message.

Causes Of “This Character Is Not Available To Chat”

“This Character is not available to chat” is the common error that some users of Character AI experience when they try to chat with their or other people’s AI Characters.

There might be several possible reasons why this error occurs.

Violation of terms of services and guidelines of Character AI

Bugs, Glitches, errors or malicious attacks on the websites

The server is down or under maintenance

Setting the Character as private

Fixes Of “This Character Is Not Available To Chat”

Here are some potential fixes you can try to resolve the ‘This Character is not available to chat’ error in Character AI.

1. Restart Character AI

If the cause of such an error message is due to temporary glitches, then restarting Character AI may work.

Restarting Character AI might resolve various errors, including the “This Character is not available to chat” error.

You can try logging out and then re-login the Character AI account. Then, check if it makes any difference.

Here is how you can restart Character AI.

Note: Character AI is in the Beta stage as of April 2023 and is not fully functional yet. Hence, it might experience such errors.

2. Clear Old Browser Caches

Cache files help the browser load sites faster and improve performance.

However, when these files get corrupted, they degrade the performance and result in an error.

The corrupted cache on the browser might trigger this error on Character AI. Hence, you can try clearing the browser’s cache.

Follow these steps to clear your browser’s cache memory and cookies.

Then, select the All Time in the Time range option and check the option Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files.

After clearing the browser’s cache and cookies, refresh your browser and attempt logging in again.

If the problem persists, you can try logging in with different browsers.

3. Make Your AI Character Public

Sometimes creator needs to change the privacy settings of the Character to public or unlisted.

Unlisted means anyone with the link can chat with the Character, while public means anyone can find and chat with the Character on the website.

Here is how you can make your AI Character public.

First, open Character AI and select your AI Character.

Alternatively, you can make duplicate Characters and use another one when one is not working or shows an error message.

Having duplicate Characters means you can switch between any if one is not functional.

4. Check If Your Account Is Banned

The possible reason for getting the error “This Character is not available to chat” might be due to the account being banned by Character AI.

Character AI does not support pornographic and other inappropriate content and it may ban users who violate their terms of service.

If you think your account has been restricted, you can try signing up with a different account and check if your account is banned.

Alternatively, you can contact the Character AI customer support team.

5. Check Server Status

AI Characters might temporarily be unavailable if the website is under maintenance due to technical issues.

This usually happens when there is high traffic, and the server needs time to handle the traffic.

All you need to do is wait until the maintenance and try again later.

Additionally, you can check the Character AI official Twitter account or their blog.

Sometimes, Characters might get deleted or corrupted due to bugs, glitches, or malicious website attacks. This may cause the Character not available errors in Character AI.

You must always follow the guidelines and terms of services of Character AI to avoid any errors or issues.

Furthermore, you may contact Character AI via their websites if you have any questions or feedback.

Continue reading on to learn how to sign the Character AI filter petition and if Character AI Plus allows NSFW.

The Bottom Line

Explore Character AI’s benefits and enhance your communication and creativity skills.

Hopefully, above mentioned fixes work for you to resolve the “This Character is not available to chat” error.

Enjoy chatting with your AI Character again.

Read on to learn if you can bypass Character AI filters.

Frequently Asked Questions What Kind Of Character Can I Create?

You can create various Characters on Character AI using your imagination and creativity.

Additionally, you can create your own original Character with a unique personality.

Share your Character with the community and chat with other users’ Characters.

Is Character AI Free To Use?

Character AI is currently free to use and is in the Beta stage. But a mobile app is coming soon and might have some paid features.

Google Gmail Mobile And New Features

Google GMail Mobile and New Features

One day there may be an official phobia related to fear of email in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. An obvious moniker would be “emailopobia.” Or maybe it will be swept broadly into a more general fear of the Internet and the exponential growth of information online—a kind of digital equivalent of agoraphobia. Maybe that fear will be called “informationoverloadophobia” or it will be diagnosed as “accute digititis.”

Why do I say all this? Because, these days, when I open my email in the early a.m. I do so with a mixture of fear and anticipation of yet another Google product announcement. And, indeed, today was no exception. The company has launched Gmail access via mobile phones.

Here are the details about the service from Google:

Because every mobile device is different, Gmail Mobile automatically optimizes the interface based on the phone. Users can also view attached photos and documents from their phone, and reply-by-call to people whose phone number is stored in their Gmail account. Gmail messages are automatically synchronized, regardless of whether Gmail is accessed from Gmail Mobile or the web. Gmail Mobile is currently available for free for mobile phone users in the U.S. The service works with most web-enabled mobile phones.

Of course, users have long been able to access Gmail from a Web browser (only those with “smartphones” or larger screens are having a reasonable experience, however). This is mobile email “for the rest of us,” who have normal/tiny screens.

Just in time for the holidays, Google has also released a bunch of new Gmail features more generally:

* Gmail Web Clips, which appear at the top of the Gmail inbox and enable users to read Google News, a friend’s blog, or any RSS or Atom feed from their Gmail account.

* Anti-virus protection that automatically scans messages with attachments.

* The ability to view attachments in HTML instead of downloading to the desktop or mobile phone.

* A vacation auto-responder, which enables users to automatically notify people when they’re away from email or unable to respond.

Gmail Mobile is of course about serving user demand for mobile email access. But it’s also about increasing wireless usage (the next frontier in Local) and growing the email user base for Google more generally (by offering a more comprehensive and useful service).

2 Major Questions About Bittorrent’s New Chat Service Answered

1: What Does BitTorrent’s Chat Do That Others Don’t?

Remember when I explained how DHT works? If you don’t, you might want to read up on it, because BitTorrent’s chat service uses the same principle. This means that all chat messages will be transmitted through peer-to-peer (P2P) communication. You’ll discover who’s available by downloading an address list from one of the first people you connect to. This is a very effective way to maintain anonymity, but I doubt that BitTorrent is stopping there. As I understand it, your client will send and receive messages using some form of encryption.

Exactly what type of encryption you’re going to get is beyond me, but I have reason to suspect that BitTorrent will use some type of symmetrical cipher like MSE. This is a safe assumption, considering the type of encryption BitTorrent uses for peer-to-peer file sharing.

2: How Safe Is It?

All things considered, bootstrapping into the DHT seems to be the only viable method of achieving as pure a P2P experience as possible. What makes P2P safe is the fact that your chat messages don’t have to be relayed into a central server. All transactions happen strictly between you and the person you’re talking to. It’s when you send public messages that you run into problems. A person who wants to snoop around a chat room only needs to connect to it to gain access to everything people are saying, since the messages will also be relayed to him.

Regarding the encryption, let me once again make it clear that I don’t know exactly what type of encryption this new chat service will be using. But if it’s anything similar to the encryption that BitTorrent uses in its file sharing clients, you really stand little chance of being sheltered from someone who really wants to read your messages. ISPs can, if they wish, block encrypted traffic very easily. A report by Sweden’s Internet Infrastructure Foundation demonstrates that an ISP can easily detect traffic from transmissions using protocol obfuscation very accurately by looking into the first 100 packets’ sizes and directions.

Also, Brian Cohen, BitTorrent’s original inventor, wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about the encryption (when implemented in the file sharing program), saying,

The so-called ‘encryption’ of BitTorrent traffic isn’t really encryption, it’s obfuscation. It provides no anonymity whatsoever, and only temporarily evades traffic shaping.

If BitTorrent’s chat service goes in the same direction, you’re very far from safe.

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