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Microsoft Movie Maker for Windows 10 being developed




Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker is a user-friendly and easy to use video editing application whose first version as released back in 2000 as a part of Microsoft’s Windows Essential Software suite. Whereas the latest version was released in 2012, Microsoft is now planning to end support for all its Essential applications on January 17, 2023.

While the Windows 10 developing team is showing tremendous effort in integrating and building various features in native services such as Photos, Mail & Calendar, Movies & TV, Groove Music and other, there still remains a few bits and pieces missing to make the Windows 10 user experience comprehensive.

Windows Movie Maker in the older version of Windows garnered huge numbers.  n this competitive market of modern operating systems, though, Microsoft’s decision of leaving out their elemental video editing feature might prove detrimental. While other operating systems are continuously bundling new features in their core platform to give a more complete user experience, the unavailability of video editing software is a glaring hole for  Windows users.

But there is now a beam of hope: Windows Central’s notes uncovered a partial update Microsoft made to a support page that reveals the company is considering launching a “Movie Maker” application in the Windows Store for Windows 10 users, with the application having the same or improved features compared to the previous version of Movie Maker. Also, it would be compatible with all PC and mobile devices running Windows 10.

While we do agree what Windows Movie Maker is not the most robust video editing software compared to iMovie or PowerDirector Video editor, it was very least a hassle free, easily discoverable application for novice users. As a result, the users are now left with limited choices because there are no such apps designed solely for this purpose.

Unlike its fellow Windows Essential applications that were modernized and updated according to latest platforms, Movie Maker was sidelined. Nonetheless, after the official dropping of support for Windows Essential Applications, we might expect a comeback early next year — and users can’t help but get their hopes up.

Looking at the facts, it certainly makes sense for the company to launch a “bigger and better” version of each native app including the Movie Maker for Windows 10, as it helps the company maintain its image as a provider of universal applications. The official page of Windows Movie Maker lists the editions of Windows it is compatible with, including Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 7, and Windows RT — but not our beloved Windows 10.

However, the company remains tight-lipped when it comes to giving a rigid release date for the latest Movie Maker version, but speculations peg a release date around spring of next year along with Redstone 2. The company is still not sure whether the movie maker will be released as a simple UWP app or converted from its current desktop version via Microsoft’s Project Centennial tool.

We are curious to see what direction Microsoft will go with its new and improved Movie Maker edition as we haven’t seen any kind of changes in the software for years, but hopefully users will get a re-imagined UWP app similar to Photos or Mail.

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Best Free Iso Maker Tools For Windows 11/10

Windows 11/10 OS doesn’t come with any native option or built-in tool to create ISO files. It only lets you mount and unmount ISO files with the built-in feature. So, for converting your files and folders to an ISO image file, you will need third-party ISO creator software. Free ISO Creator, AnyBurn, etc., are some good examples to use for this purpose. This post includes a list of such tools.

Best free ISO Maker tools for Windows 11/10

Here is a list of the best free ISO maker tools for Windows 11/10 computers:


Free ISO Creator


BurnAware Free


Let’s check all these ISO maker software one by one.

1] AnyBurn

AnyBurn (free version) is a multipurpose software. It is available with portable and installer versions and you can use it to burn image files (IMG, BIN, WIM, FCD, NRG, CUE, DMG, UIF, ISO, etc.) to CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs. In addition to that, it lets you erase a rewritable disc, convert an image file to another image format, RIP audio CD to APE/MP3/FLAC, etc., edit an image file, and more.

The feature to create an image file is also there that lets you add multiple files and folders at once to create a single ISO image file. Let’s check the steps:

Open the software interface

Press Create image file from files/folders button

Use the Add button to select files and folders of your choice. You can also remove added files/folders if you have put them accidentally

Select the output type as CD (700 MB), DVD, etc., using the drop-down menu, or select a custom disk capacity

Press the Next button

Use the folder/browse icon to set the output folder and image name

Select the image file type to Standard ISO Images (.ISO) from the available drop-down menu if the output is not set to ISO already

Press the Create Now button.

Let the process complete and then you can use the ISO file saved to the destination location.

2] Free ISO Creator

Free ISO Creator is a very simple software on this list. Its basic interface helps you create an ISO image from a folder or CD/DVD drive. It doesn’t with complicated settings and other options therefore a handy option for beginners as well.

You can get this tool from chúng tôi After installation, open its interface and use the Browse button to add the source folder for which you want to create an ISO file. After that, provide the Volume Name that will visible when you mount the ISO file.

Use the Save as button to select the destination folder and file name for the output ISO. Finally, hit the Create button to begin the ISO creation process. It will start writing data to file which will take some time and then you can access and use your ISO file.

3] WinBurner

WinBurner is another simple tool and it lets you write ISO to CD/DVD, write files to CD/DVD, and create ISO from files and folders or CD/DVD. You can get its portable version or installer version from chúng tôi and then open its main interface.

On its main interface, select the Create ISO from files option and it will open a separate box. In that box, use the Select files to write button. Another box will open using which you can add files and folders for the output ISO file. Only one file or folder can be added at a time which might be time-consuming if you have to add a lot of items.

Press the OK button to come back to the previous box. Now press the Create the iso file button to select the output folder and file name for your ISO file. Once done, provide a volume name in the given field, and hit the Create button. Wait for the process to be completed and then you can access the output ISO.

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4] BurnAware Free

BurnAware Free (for non-commercial use) is one of the best ISO creator tools on this list. It lets you make bootable ISO from local files or generate a standard ISO image from multiple files and folders stored on your system.

This tool also comes with many other features such as burning ISO, Audio CDs, and MP3 discs, burning data across multiple discs (available in paid plan), copying Blu-ray discs to disc images, etc. Now let’s check the steps to create a standard ISO file from local files and folders in Windows 11/10:

Open its interface after installing the tool

Select the ISO Images category from the left section

Use Add files button to add files and folders from a location

Press the Close button to come back to the Make ISO window. You can also select and remove any added entries

Select the output type to CD, DVD DL, Blu-ray, etc., using the drop-down option

Press the Make button.

A Save as window will open to set the file name and output folder for the ISO file. Now the tool will start checking the total number of files for processing and then image progress will take place.

5] IsoCreator

IsoCreator is a tiny tool and the simplest ISO maker software in this list. Its user-friendly interface lets you create an ISO file quickly, but only one folder is supported for making a standard ISO file. If that works, then you should use this tool.

Grab the MSI file of this tool from chúng tôi and install it. This tool also requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to work so you should install it if you haven’t already.

Open its interface and then provide the output ISO file path and name using the Browse button. Enter a volume name in the available text field, provide the input folder using the Browse button, and press the Start button. Finally, you will get the output ISO after completing the process.

Does Windows 11/10 have an ISO burner?

Hope this is helpful.

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Where To Download Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint For Windows 11/10

If you are wondering how you can download Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint for Windows, here is the guide you need to follow. There are mainly two ways to download Microsoft Office on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer, and this guide explains both of them.

Before getting started with the guide, you need to know that there are mainly two variations of Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office 2023, Office 2023, etc., and Microsoft 365. Depending upon the choice, the process is different. For example, if you want to install Microsoft Office 2023 or some other version, you can purchase the installer. However, in most cases, Microsoft is promoting Microsoft 365, which is more feature-rich, has a better user interface, etc.

Even if you choose Microsoft 365, there are two ways to install it on your computer. In case you have confusion, if you download and install Microsoft 365, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will be installed on your Windows computer automatically.

Where to download Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint for Windows

You can download Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint for Windows from chúng tôi if you have a valid subscription. Assuming that you have already purchased the subscription, you can follow this guide to download Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint for Windows:

Visit chúng tôi on your browser.

Choose a language.

Select Office – Default versionor Offline installer.

Before getting started, you must connect your computer to the internet in order to download all those apps. Whether you choose the online or offline method, you must have good bandwidth.

After that, you need to choose the language and the version of Office. For your information, you have two options – Office – Default version and Offline installer.

If you want to opt for online installation, you can choose the former option. The latter option is for installing Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., in offline mode.

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How do I download Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint for free?

Although you can use the same method to download Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint for free on Windows 11/10 PC, you won’t be able to use it for a long time. You must have an active subscription in order to use those apps on your computer. Otherwise, the access will be limited after a certain period of time.

Where can I download Microsoft Office for free?

You can download Microsoft Office for free from chúng tôi However, you must have an active subscription to use the apps on your computer. Similarly, you need to have a valid product key if you want to use Office 2023, Office 2023, or any other version.

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Can I download Microsoft Excel for free?

No, you can download Microsoft Excel from the official website for free. In fact, you cannot download any individual Office app on your Windows computer. You must download Microsoft 365, which is a combined package of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend money on them, you can use the Web version, which is available for free.

That’s all! Hope this guide helped.

Microsoft Writing Apps For Windows 10 & 11: Top 5 Of 2023

Microsoft Writing Apps for Windows 10 & 11: Top 5 of 2023




If you wish to take notes on Windows 10, you need a specialized writing app.

Thankfully, there are many such products on the Microsoft Store.

Additionally, all of the software we selected lets you edit and view your work.

We also included a writing tool that has its own website and special deals.

Writing on your Windows 10 tablet or touchscreen laptop is easier when you are using the tools that you find most useful or that meet your needs to help you have a relaxed typing experience.

Fewer people are looking for the perfect keyboard feeling and more are looking at how responsive and user-friendly the software they are using is. And with Windows 10 this is just as valid.

It is harder and harder to find the all-in-one software wonder we are all looking for, however, there are some apps available at the Microsoft Store.

If you are trying to find the best writing apps to fit your writing needs, you deffinitely have to check out some of these apps.

No introduction needed, if you are in need of something simple, this is the best app for you. Everyone remembers Notepad, the easy-to-use writing software that was integrated on all Windows-operated computers.

This Windows 10writing app is somewhat different compared to what Notepad used to be, but as we all know, not all change is bad.

The app looks great with its new and shiny appearance and it is certainly easier to use. The pro version includes different themes as well.

The UI was completely remade to fit the current generation of devices and everything is more accessible and feels natural even when you are using it from your Windows 10 tablet or smartphone.

The keyboard is very touchscreen-friendly and responsive which makes it ideal when in need to write something while on the road, or you only have access to your smartphone.

Here are the software’s main features:

Dark and light theme

Can be set as default text editor

Jump list for recently accessed documents

Edit multiple documents concurrently

Drag & drop support


The classic writing software that gets the job done in a simple, comprehensive, and easy way.

Check price Visit website

If you are someone that finds himself editing a lot of the previously created text documents, this is the app you are looking for your Windows 10 tablet.

At a first glance, the UI looks like it needs some time to get used to, but after a couple of minutes everything seems really intuitive.

There are some important features that are needed by some but not available on most Windows 10 writing apps.

The software has a really easy to follow interface with comprehensive tools that don’t require background knowledge to use.

You will find basic text editing stuff, like Bold, Italic, Underline, highligts, and different text colors to evidentiate important parts from one another.

If you are looking for simple text formatting, search, or spell-checking, you will be happy to hear that ModernNote is tailored specifically for you.

Here are the software’s main features:

Create and edit text files

Cut/copy and paste text

Spell checking

Multi-document support


This awesome app lets you create, view, and edit rich text documents!

Free Download

Accessibility is one of the signature traits of today’s world and is one of the best characteristics of Cloud Notes+.

The ability to store, share and access your work from all your Windows 10 devices is one of the main things that make our life easier.

You can modify text written on your PC from your smartphone on your way to work or just complete it with new ideas effortlessly.

All of the changes will be synchronized on the stop with all the different connected devices you have. All you have to do is make sure you’re logged into the same account.

The software works in snapping mode as well, so you can place it on the left or right side of your screen while keeping other apps opened on the other side.

Expert tip:

Simple text notes

Synchronize notes between devices

Share text links into Cloud Notes


This is a simple and intuitive cloud-based text software that is compatible with all of your devices.

Check price Visit website

WritePlus is a very useful writing app that you can use to quickly write texts on a distraction-free platform. WritePlus has a minimalist interface that features only basic formatting options.

However, these options are more than enough to allow you to write and edit your texts in an efficient manner.

WritePlus also features a built-in dictionary/thesaurus that you can use in case you’re running out of words or ideas.

The minimalist interface will not desitract you from focusing on the matter at hand, and that is, obviously, writing stuff!

Most of the similar apps in our list are compatible with multiple devices, but unfortunately, WritePlus only works for Windows PCs.

Additionally, this app was previously knowsn as WritePlus++, but has been changed and rebranded as WritePlus, so some of you might know about it.

Check out the app’s best features:

Minimalist interface

Basic formatting settings



Word count

Text to speech


WritePlus is a simple text editing app that includes essential formatting tools to take notes on the fly.

Free Download

This is one of the most simple Windows 10 apps you can find out there to do your writing, and that is probably what makes it one of the better ones.

The UI contains the bare minimum number of elements and it is built to help you accomplish one thing: chúng tôi you get easily distracted by features while trying to get something done, you will love writing on this app.

Write operates on the principle point and shoot and that is exactly what you have to do. The pages will keep rolling and you will never lose focus, getting lost in the interface or the settings menu.

The app is no longer available in the Microsoft Store, however, it has its own website created especially for the app, which is great.

This way, the software doesn’t have to rely on the Microsoft Store or doesn’t have to give them a portion of the profit earned through it.

⇒ Get Write

Text formatting

In case you were wondering, we’re going to give you a brief explanation of what text formatting means, and what is consists of precisely.

Text formatting is the name of the process of changing either the size, color, or the content of a written text, and is usually associated with editing.

Most of the software that deals with texts has different fonts, dimensions, and other things that will make different parts of the text different from others.

As the title suggests, having a notepad to quickly write important information can be a life saver in many situations.

Taking notes of important details you out about will make sure you don’t lose the information later. You never know when you need someone’s number or name.

Additionally, people usually take notes during conferences, presentations, and other work-related things. Keeping track of metrics and numbers is the best way to increase productivity.

Digital versus paper

We all know that nothing beats paper, both when it comes to writing and reading. However, there are some benefits when using a digitalized notepad.

For instance, you’re never going to run out of it. You can create endless pages of text, delete and change them freely. The same cannot be said for paper, obviously.

More so, there’s another benefit. Accessibility and space! Your phone is much smaller than a notebook and occupies less space.

The above four mentioned are what we consider to be the best, but maybe we are mistaken and there are others equal or even better.

If you love narrating instead of writing, here’s a thorough list of the best speech-to-text software for increased productivity.

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Microsoft Edge Won’t Close In Windows 11/10

Microsoft Edge is a step above its predecessor in a lot of departments. However, as of late, some users have been complaining that Microsoft Edge won’t close on their computers. In this post, we are going to resolve this issue with some simple solutions.

Fix Microsoft Edge won’t close in Windows 11/10

If Microsoft Edge is stuck and does not close completely on your Windows computer, here are troubleshooting steps to help you resolve the issue.

Try closing Edge from the Task Manager

Try disabling Edge Extensions one by one

Clear Browsing Data and Cache

Repair Microsoft Edge

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Try closing Edge from the Task Manager

2] Try disabling Edge Extensions one by one

If any of the extensions in your browser is corrupted, chances are there will be unexpected issues that you will face. Since we don’t know which extension is a troublemaker, go ahead and disable them one by one.

Once you know who the culprit is, remove that extension, and the next time, you won’t face this issue again.

3] Clear Browsing Data and Cache

Sometimes, your cache and browsing data get corrupted and start causing such issues. This is a very common issue and that is why every browser has an option to clear the browsing data and cache to resolve the issue.

To clear browsing data and cache in Microsoft Edge, follow the prescribed steps.

Go to the Privacy, search and services tab.

Once all the items are deleted, your issue should be resolved.

4] Repair Microsoft Edge

You may also find yourself facing issues like the one in question if Edge is corrupted. If the whole app is corrupted, Edge might not even launch on your system, but sometimes, a certain file can go missing or gets corrupted. Whatever the case is, we can deploy the built-in tool to repair Microsoft Edge and see it makes any difference. Follow the given steps to repair Microsoft Edge.

Open Settings.

Look for Microsoft Edge.

Your Edge will be repaired. Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

5] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

Sometimes, the issue is not just related to the app that’s causing trouble, there are a lot of third-party apps that can interfere with your browser and stop it from closing. To confirm that, you need to run Microsoft Edge in Clean Boot. If the browser is performing well there, just start enabling processes manually, one by one and you will stumble upon the troublemaker. All you have to do is remove that app and your issue will be resolved.

Hopefully, you are able to resolve the issue using these solutions.

How do I fix Microsoft Edge not closing? Why does Edge keep crashing Windows 11?

Edge is a built-in Windows browser, so, it is pretty obvious that the browser is perfectly optimized to work on your computer. But, if the browser is crashing, then there must be some issue with the app or your OS. We would recommend you check our guide on what to do if Microsoft Edge won’t open on your computer also check our guide on what to do if Microsoft Edge crashes after launching.

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10 Tips For Mastering Microsoft Outlook 2013

These 10 tips will help you zip through your messages and agenda, and work more effectively overall.

1. View your inbox your way

Once your organize the screen the way you want it to look, save the View settings so you can return to them anytime.

Also on the View tab, you can select Message Previews and choose Off to turn the preview off. Or, choose either 1, 2 or 3 to view that number of lines of the message text beneath its header. You can configure any of these options either for the current folder or for all mailboxes.

2. Redefine what marks an email as already “read”

Automatically mark messages as read-only if they appear in the Reading Pane for longer than a preset amount of time.

Outlook colors unread emails differently from messages you’ve already read. However, it’s all too easy for an email to be marked as read when you’ve barely given it a passing glance, which can make you overlook something important.

After that, while you preview messages in the Reading Pane, only the emails that appear there longer than 30 seconds will be marked automatically as read.

3. Write your own rules for how messages appear

Unread messages are marked blue by default, but you can change this.

Outlook 2013 has a new way of indicating unread messages. There’s a blue bar to the left of the message in your inbox, and the message header also appears blue.

This blue is applied using conditional formatting. However, you can change both the color and font. Better still, you can write your own rules and format your emails using colors of your choice.

4. Reinstate the to-do bar

You can display the To-Do bar in Outlook 2013, but it doesn’t function as effectively as in the past.

However, the To-Do bar no longer functions as it did in earlier versions of Outlook. Regardless of how wide the bar is, you only see a one calendar month. In addition, if you don’t have appointments scheduled for today, then no appointments show even if you have some scheduled tomorrow.

5. Connect to your social media accounts

Use the Social Network Accounts dialog to link Outlook with LinkedIn and Facebook so your contact’s details will be accessible from within Outlook.

When you connect Outlook to your social media accounts, the People module can display data about your contacts and their activities.

Use the Link Contacts feature to link multiple contact entries for a person together so that the information is more easily accessible.

New features in Outlook’s People module  let you access information about contacts from places including Facebook and chúng tôi some cases you will have multiple contact entries in the contact list for a single person, with different details in each place.

7. Control where Outlook searches by default

You can configure Outlook 2013 so it defaults to searching in the folders of your choice.

When you search for emails in Outlook, the default location is your Current Mailbox. However, this is often too limited. If you want a search to return all matching entries in all mailboxes, for instance, you’ll need to select this option from the list in the Search box for every search you make.

8. Decide whether to use Quick Steps or Rules

Quick Steps and Rules perform similar tasks but there is a clear choice to be made in which to use for what purpose.

Quick Steps were introduced in Outlook 2010 to give you a method of quickly performing tasks in Outlook. However, you might wonder why you would use a Quick Step rather than a Rule? Quick Steps are flexible so you can choose to apply them when you want to use them – Rules are less flexible and once they are set up they are applied automatically.

The answer to which of these you should use depends on your task. Use Rules, for example, when you can identify a message that should always be handled in a specific way every time. So you would use a rule if you want to move all incoming messages from your boss to a particular folder. A rule will work well here because your boss’ emails will be easy to identify by the unique email address.

9. Make use of the Favorites

Make any folder a favorite so it appears at the top of the Folder Pane and is easy to find and use.

If you have a few email accounts your folder pane can become crowded with folders making it time consuming to navigate to find those folders that you use most of the time. You can simplify finding these folders if you add them as Favorites. Favorites appear at the top of the Folder list when you are in the Mail module.

10. Understand the consequences of using IMAP

If your email service uses the IMAP protocol some features of Outlook won’t be available, including detailed message flagging.

If your email account uses the IMAP protocol, certain common functions won’t work in Outlook 2013. This will be an issue for an increasing number of users, since IMAP enables you to access email from any device. Services like Hotmail and Gmail for example, use IMAP for email.

When you are using IMAP email, in Outlook you can no longer download only the message headers and decide from there which messages to download. Instead, now all emails download automatically. In addition, with IMAP you can’t add detailed flags to messages. Flags are either on or off, and can’t be set to mean different things. You won’t be able to allocate messages to Categories either, except for Hotmail account messages.

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