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As soon as I ordered my iPhone 5s, I began hunting around the internet for new cases. Yes, iPhone 5 cases are completely compatible with iPhone 5s, but I started looking anyway. New iPhone, new case, is my standard. Something fresh was needed. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for at the time, but something that related to the new 5s in some way.

Moshi came to mind, as they always utilize clean and simple designs. A clip on case is always the most simplistic and I opted for that version. Browsing through the selection, I came across the iGlaze Armour and it is marketed as a slim fit case. The two tone design caught my eye, as it matches the 5s backing. In particular, the gold/silver version caught my attention, because “gold is best.”…

iGlaze Armour

Access to the proper ports and buttons is allowed. A hole is cut precisely for the camera, much preferable to the oversized ports on many competing cases. Additionally, a hole is cut to show the Apple logo, just in case someone mistook your precious for an Android device. The port hole is cut with a mirrored finish edge, just for the extra flash. The only detractor is the brand name “moshi,” which rests at the bottom of the gold plate, but is not really distracting.

The iGlaze armour is offered in sliver, black, and gold, for those with preferences, and comes with a back skin to prevent dust damage, caused by little particles that inevitably work their way into any case. The added skin is a nice touch by Moshi to help keep your investment protected. Pick up a gold version starting at $32.90. Also available in black and silver.

iGlaze Kameleon

The Kameleon, like Armour, is a slim fit polycarbonate shell, offering five-sided protection. Side rails protect the four edges, but do not come past the front screen, eliminating the option to place the iPhone face down. A vegan leather backplate covers the shell, giving a soft brushed feeling to the backside.

All ports and buttons are easily accessible, with the same structure as all iGlaze cases. A simple round cutout provides a port so the Apple logo shows thru and the meticulously designed camera port provides just enough cutaway for the flash and lens.

Kameleons start at $49.95 in black and are also available in white.


Overture combines synthetic fabric with Moshi’s Terahe-dron microfiber lining. Benefits of this combination provide a splash resistant outer surface, which can be cleaned with third party leather cleaners. Interior, microfiber is simply treatable with a damp cloth. Although these specifics are listed on a small insert with the case, I do not plan on needing to scrub away any grime.

All ports and buttons are accessible and the phone can be charged without removal. Unfortunately, the mute switch and volume buttons are only activated by opening the wallet. This prevents the user from simply reaching inside a pocket and flipping to mute. However, the camera port is cut quite precisely. Unlike some competing cases, the iPhone does not need to be removed for photos or videos.

You can pick up a Moshi Overture starting at $45. It is available in back, gray and orange. Check it out in the video below, but notice the folded view is not an option on the iPhone case.

These are some solid options from Moshi. Thanks to my friend at their office for sending them over. What do you guys think about their items?

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Best Iphone 5S Belt Clip And Holster Cases In 2023

While Amazon lists a plethora of belt clip cases for the iPhone 5s/5, some of them are designed to protect the iPhone and make it easy to carry them around. Some of these belt clip/holster cases are dual-layer: meaning you can separate the case from the holster clip part. That makes usability a breeze. Check out these high-quality belt clip iPhone 5s cases.

1. OtterBox

OtterBox is known for producing robust cases. This belt clip case from Defender series of OtterBox is your take to protect your iPhone 5s. You can easily access your iPhone as this case rotates 360 degrees.

OtterBox has used polycarbonate material that protects your iPhone from damage. Moreover, the material is break-resistant, so that you can use the case any time. Once you install the case into its holster, stay worry-free as your phone will not drop.

Check out on Amazon

2. Yuzihan

Yuzihan has manufactured a belt pouch holster, which protects your iPhone from all sides and corners. But this pouch is not for the security of your device; it provides more comfort and convenience while you are travelling or driving vehicles. Yuzihan has used premium leather to produce this holster, which can store your phone even as it is covered with slim case from OtterBox Commuter or Spigen.

One of the major benefits of this case is hands-free usage of your phone; simply connect your device with a Bluetooth headphones and enjoy your conversation and music listening. This belt clip case is highly appreciated by those who commute every day via public transport.

Check out on Amazon

3. Aduro

This is another dual layer belt clip/holster case for the iPhone 5s. The Aduro case has a unique design – something that’s different and looks “nice.” Also, we learn that the iPhone 5s can be removed from the holster without having to remove it from the case. There is also a kickstand on the rear cover. The belt clip /holster itself is made out of a really stolid material.

Check out on Amazon

4. Reiko

Reiko’s belt clip case is made of high-quality outer shell and inner silicone. The outer shell protects your phone from impacts and inner silicone prevents scratches. The best thing about this spacious case is you can store your iPhone with a protective case wrapped.

Even as your phone is in the pouch, you can access headphone jack to listen to songs and communicate with your contacts. Form-fitting case precisely fits your iPhone. This case is compatible with Defender/LIFEPROOF/Mophie Juice Pack Air/Plus Case.

Check out on Amazon

5. De-Bin

De-Bin has carved a niche in belt clip cases for iPhones. This horizontal phone holster is made of premium leather to impart awesomeness. Look at those belt loops, which allow you to pass your belt easily. Keep your device close to you while travelling or driving vehicles.

You can keep your phone protected with OtterBox and LifeProof cases when your phone is inside this De-Bin pouch. Durable belt clip helps you tuck the case in your trousers.

Check out on Amazon

You may like to check iPhone 5 belt clip cases.

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Best Iphone 6 Executive Cases

Executives are always on the go. Meetings, conferences, traveling, parties, and more. During his pursuit of professional excellence, one companion is always by his side – his smartphone. If you are working for a giant corporation and the owner of iPhone 6, here we have got something useful for you. The list of iPhone 6 Executive Cases boasts protective covers that not only safeguard your phone but also help you create a perfect executive demeanor wherever you go. Explore this list and get one for yourself.


It’s the pro looking design that makes TUCCH a pretty good option for the folks who prefer simplicity. It’s carved out of high-grade PU leather. With the built-in stand, you can position your iPhone in landscape mode to watch media more comfortably.

There are multiple slots to let you keep your cards securely. It also features a large pocket wherein you can stash some cash. Additionally, TUCCH wallet case comes in six color options and is powered by the lifetime warranty.


IZENGATE gives you more. This iPhone 6 case offers you more facility as it has four slots to store different cards. The pitch-black case flaunts a 100% executive character that leaves a greater impact even while you leave the office for a day.

Operate all buttons, ports, cameras, speakers and connectors smoothly as this case has accurately cut out openings. Its built-in back stand allows you to flip and fold the case; moreover, you can comfortably watch videos, send voice messages, read ebooks and view picture gallery.

3. Dockem

Dockem’s elegant dark brown synthetic leather case easily slides in and out on your iPhone 6; neither too tight nor too loose, the case is lined with soft microfiber felt that protects your phone from dust and scratches. Since the case is quite ultra-thin, it never adds any thickness to your phone.

The minimalistic design doesn’t boast any bulging clasps, buckles, bands or flaps, therefore, you can easily put your mobile in your pocket or laptop bag.

4. Labato

I’m sure you will like to get Labato wallet case for your iPhone 6. What makes it a pretty nice option is the practical design. It’s beautifully crafted with genuine leather.

You have multiple slots and a big compartment to keep your cards and cash securely. You can also double up the front cover to watch media more conveniently in landscape mode.

Lastly, there are five good-looking color variants to choose a befitting cover for the smartphone.


OtterBox is known to produce top-notch cases for iPhone. And its STRADA SERIES cases are no exception.

They are neatly crafted and feature a refined design. With the dual-layered casing, the covers offer the essential protection to your iPhone.

The slim and compact profile ensures you feel comfortable holding the iPhone in your hands. Besides, the cases have a vertical slot to let you store a card.

6. Debin

If you are willing to have a vintage belt clip pouch, give a close look to Debin. It’s made of high-quality leather and fully capable of providing the needed protection to your smartphone.

With the soft interior lining, the pouch doesn’t allow scratch to damage your iPhone. Additional belt loops offer more security, while magnetic closure lets you firmly close the case. It fits your smartphone with a

7. Belemay

Just a look at “Belemay” leather case and you know that it’s timed to meet your executive demand. The high-grade cowhide leather endows it the much-needed longevity. With the soft pigskin interior, it keeps your smartphone protected from scratch.

You can also rely on this wallet case to absorb shock. There are interior pockets to let store cards and some cash. Stand functionality comes in handy when you wish to enjoy videos hands-free. Additionally, Belemay comes in some classy color variants like black, blue, coffee brown and more.

8. TurtleBack

Manufactured in USA, this stylish case from TurtleBack is made for every day need of an iPhone user. The stylish flush design and belt clip holster protects your phone from every side; at the same time, its ergonomic design lets you access headphone jack even if your iPhone 6 is in the case.

The premium bonded leather protects the front and back of your phone against scratches & dirt. The magnetic closure keeps phone intact in the case.

9. Encased

Simple is the new stylish. This black & white slider hard shell case for iPhone 6 is simple and still can beat every fashionable case in store. This high-quality case from Encased is elegant and functional as well as the novel, cute and popular among executives.

To enhance your presence, Encased has added absolute classic smooth contemporary style with top quality microfiber. Besides style, this microfiber material has anti-slip grip. Gain full access to all buttons including power and volume controls.

Its soft but non-slippery coating reduces stains and scratches. This high-quality case is flexible and tear-proof, and that’s why it stays in one form. Enjoy four-sided complete protection for your iPhone 6!

10. Fenix

More than a case, this one is your real companion. Though Fenix iPhone 6 case doesn’t boast any extra facility like card slots or string, the case is going to impress you with its subtle design and sober colors. Plus, executives do like such combinations.

Its dual-layer provides an extra defense to your smartphone; the hard shell and gel flexible (TPU) layer guard your phone against bumps, shocks, and scratches. All the openings on-point, hence you can efficiently use all buttons, ports, and connectors.

That’s all!

Your pick?

I’m sure you have found a more elegant executive case for your iPhone. Would you like to tell us something about it and the qualities that you appreciate?

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Best Iphone 14 Cases [Mid

It is now time for our mid-year update on the best iPhone 14 cases. You’ll still find all of the best iPhone 14 cases out there in our list below, including our favorite options like the SANDMARC leather models and Spigen’s budget-friendly collection as well and options from Nomad, Twelve South, and more, but we have seen a number of new releases over the last few months as well. Apple’s official silicone, leather, and clear MagSafe iPhone 14 cases remain a pricey but solid option, but there are also plenty of others worth taking a look at for your spring/summer 2023 refresh. Not everyone buys a new Apple handset every year and updating your case can be a great way to add new life to your device as well as to match up with your seasonal outfit/vibe. Head below for a closer look at our mid-year update on the best iPhone 14 cases for your most important piece of EDC. 

Update 4/22/2023: Our roundup of the best iPhone 14 cases is getting a nice mid-year update today. While you’ll still find the original collection of options below, we will be highlighting some new releases that have launched in 2023 up top here alongside creating a list of the cases that remain in our regular rotation as some of the best options for your money. 

Down below you’ll find a series of new reviews on the latest collections from CASETiFY, including crossover campaigns with the world-famous paper company from Scranton with the new Dunder Mifflin models, the Push-in line with interchangeable charms, and the adorable Mandalorian cases – the brand also unveiled the market’s “clearest and most protective Clear Case” for iPhone 14. All of these are detailed below in the CASETiFY section. 

We also called Twelve South’s new SurfacePad for iPhone 14 “the best leather wallet folio around” in our hands-on review and OtterBox is lighting up your MagSafe connection with new neon-style Aneu iPhone 14 cases. 

After over 6 months of testing, we thought it might also be helpful for some folks to be able take a quick look at some of the best iPhone 14 cases we still love after actually using them for several weeks and months at a time. It’s one thing to test them out for a few days or a week to get hands-on reviews up in order to help potential purchasers spend their money wisely, but it’s another thing entirely to actually put them through their paces for months in the streets, out in the woods, and elsewhere – some really hold up, some look even better over time, and some quickly fall to the wayside. Here’s our favorite of the best iPhone 14 cases this year at a glance:

Best leather iPhone 14 case Best bang for your buck Best folio-style wallet case Best wooden iPhone 14 case Best custom iPhone 14 case Apple iPhone 14 cases

For some folks, the first-party covers were and are always going to be the best iPhone 14 cases out there. This year’s Apple lineup, as you’ll know from our launch coverage, includes the usual clear cases as well as a host of fresh new colorways including Sunglow, Succulent, Lilac, Elderberry, Chalk Pink, Storm Blue, Midnight, and Red as well as options like Umber, Forest Green, Ink, Dark Cherry, Midnight, Golden Brown, Sequoia Green, Wisteria, and Orange on the leather side of things.

As of right now they are all available directly from Apple, but you will also find them in an official capacity over at Amazon if you don’t score one while you’re pre-ordering your new handset later this week.  

***Apple Silicone and Leather cases for iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and Pro Max are starting to go live on Amazon.  

iPhone 14 Clear Case with MagSafe $49

iPhone 14 Plus Clear Case with MagSafe $49

iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case with MagSafe $49

iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case with MagSafe $49

Also directly from Apple

iPhone 14 Plus Silicone Case with MagSafe $49

iPhone 14 Silicone Case with MagSafe $49

iPhone 14 Pro Silicone Case with MagSafe $49

iPhone 14 Pro Max Silicone Case with MagSafe $49

Also directly from Apple

iPhone 14 Plus Leather Case with MagSafe $59

iPhone 14 Leather Case with MagSafe $59

iPhone 14 Pro Leather Case with MagSafe $59

iPhone 14 Pro Max Leather Case with MagSafe $59

Also directly from Apple

Featured: Totallee

Totallee’s new lineup of iPhone 14 cases is among the best barely-there, minimalist options you’ll find. This year’s collection is available in two clear versions and five colors.

Totallee Clear iPhone 14 cases $39

Totallee Clear iPhone 14 Plus cases $39

Totallee Clear iPhone 14 Pro cases $39

Totallee Clear iPhone 14 Pro Max cases $39

Totallee Color iPhone 14 cases $39

Totallee Color iPhone 14 Plus cases $39

Totallee Color iPhone 14 Pro cases $39

Totallee Color iPhone 14 Pro Max cases $39

Review: Are Totallee’s barely-there, branding-free iPhone 14 cases worth the price tag?

More from 9to5Toys: Totallee unveils new stealthy all-black and frosted MagSafe iPhone 14 cases, plus more

Featured: Dbrand iPhone 14 cases

Dbrand Grip iPhone 14 case from $45

Dbrand Grip iPhone 14 Plus case from $45

Dbrand Grip iPhone 14 Pro case from $45

Dbrand Grip iPhone 14 Pro Max case from $45

Review: Hands-on with dbrand’s extra grippy iPhone 14 case and customizable 3M skins

Featured: SUPCASE and i-Blason

SUPCASE is now ready with its ultra-protective UB Pro cases for iPhone 14, delivering built-in kickstands that double as ring holders, alongside integrated screen protection, and a belt-clip holster that rotates 360 degrees. The UB Pro – “winner of CNET’s annual drop test with highest total feet” – is joined by the new UB Pro Mag that delvers the same rugged design but with MagSafe compatibility (here’s our hands-on review of the iPhone 13 model). These listings are going in and out of stock but will presumably remain available shortly.

The i-Blason models landing in our best iPhone 14 cases roundup are the Armorbox and the Ares, another pair of protective covers. Described as “unbeatable protection for $25,” the Armorbox features a portrait- and landscape-ready kickstand that doubles as a ring holder alongside built-in screen protection and 360-degree belt-clip holster. The Ares, on the other hand, delivers 20 feet of drop protection constructed of shock absorbing TPU and unbending polycarbonate. It has a clear backing to show off your new iPhone 14’s design alongside a built-in screen protector and raised edges to protect your display. 


More details on 9to5Toys: Spigen’s iPhone 14 case collection arrives from $14 with new models at up to 10% off

Review: Spigen’s iPhone 14 cases remain as some of the best bang for your buck out there


The new Ringke models are now on sale from $9.50 and you can get more details on the price drops right here.

Ringke iPhone 14 collection from $13

Fusion, Fusion-X military, Air, Onyx, Fusion Bumper

Ringke iPhone 14 Plus collection from $13

Fusion, Fusion Card, Air, Onyx, Fusion Bumper

Ringke iPhone 14 Pro collection from $13

Fusion, Fusion Card, Air, Onyx, Fusion Bumper

Ringke iPhone 14 Pro Max collection from $14

Fusion, Fusion-X military, Air, Onyx, Fusion Bumper

More details on 9to5Toys: Ringke’s already affordable iPhone 14 cases just dropped 35% off with deals from $8.50


Incipio’s collection last year was among the more popular options in the price range, and it is once again returning with sustainable materials and antimicrobial protection that “prevents 99.9% of surface bacteria” on select models. MagSafe compatibility, up to 16-foot drop protection, and more are also joined by this year’s 100% compostable Organicore models (hands-on review of the 2023 model) in our list of the best iPhone 14 cases.

Incipio iPhone 14 case collection from $35

Organicore, Organicore Clear, Duo and Duo for MagSafe, Grip and Grip for MagSafe, Idol and Idol for MagSafe, AeroGrip for MagSafe, Forme and Forme for MagSafe

More details on 9to5Toys: Incipio iPhone 14 cases: 3 new MagSafe models, 100% plant-based options, and more

Review: Incipio’s 100% biodegradable iPhone 14 case plants a tree on your behalf

Alto custom laser-engraved wood iPhone 14 cases

We’ve had a chance to get an early run of this cased delivered to the office with the black laser engraving and burl wood patterns being standouts thus far. Full review inbound. 

Alto wood grain, custom laser-engraved, more iPhone 14 cases from $36

***Use code 9TO5MAC to get 10% off your entire order.

Review: Alto wraps your iPhone 14 in unique wood grains/colors with custom laser engraving

More details on 9to5Toys: Alto’s custom laser-carved burl wood case designs for iPhone 14 with exclusive launch deal


MUJJO is launching its most eco-friendly collection to date this year alongside a slew of new customer-requested features. Lined with Japanese microfibre, the new MUJJO covers land in our roundup of the best iPhone 14 cases with low environmental impact Ecco Leather that is vegetable-tanned in the Netherlands. Ready for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max, and iPhone 14 Pro Max in brown, blue, or black, they also ship with or without the three-card wallet-style pocket. 

MUJJO Ecco Leather iPhone 14 cases from $54

Review: MUJJO’s leather and microfiber iPhone 14 cases with machined metal buttons

More details on 9to5Toys: MUJJO unveils new Ecco Leather iPhone 14 cases with optional wallet pockets

Native Union

Native Union Clic Pop MagSafe $40

Native Union (Re) Classic MagSafe $60

Native Union Sling $20

And even more…

Pad & Quill best iPhone 14 cases now live

Traveler LeatherSafe iPhone 14 Pro Wallet Case $72 (Reg. $100)

Use code PQ10 at checkout

The Pocket Book Case $72 (Reg. $100)

Use code PQ10 at checkout

LeatherSafe Wallet Case $90 (Reg. $100)

Use code PQ10 at checkout

More details on 9to5Toys: Wrap your Dynamic Island in Pad & Quill’s Pro leather iPhone 14 wallet cases at 28% off

Twelve South

The Twelve South iPhone 14 BookBook case with the pull-away inner magnetic case is now up for pre-order. “BookBook for iPhone streamlines your everyday carry by combining a wallet and iPhone case into a little luxurious leather book. There’s room for your ID, bank cards and cash. Your iPhone is securely and safely held in a magnetic leather shell so you can easily separate your wallet and phone for charging or times when you only need your iPhone.”

Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 14 $70

Review: Twelve South’s new SurfacePad for iPhone 14 is the best leather wallet folio around

More details on 9to5Toys: Twelve South’s signature leather iPhone 14 MagSafe folios go up for pre-order on launch day


CYRILL, a Spigen sister brand, is now dishing up deals on its latest covers including the the floral Cecile models, Kajuk, clear MagSafe, strap-equipped Charm, UltraColor Mag, and more from $20. 

Review: Cyrill’s affordable vegan leather/suede MagSafe wallet is worth a closer look

More details on 9to5Toys: Spigen sister brand CYRILL offers Amazon launch deals on new iPhone 14 cases from $20


SANDMARC’s new “industrial grade polymer” the full-grain leather iPhone 14 cases with gorgeous gunmetal aluminum machined threading around the camera array are now live from $36. Use code 9TO5TOYS to knock 10% off your order. 

More details on 9to5Toys: SANDMARC’s leather iPhone 14 Pro cases with machined metal threading now 10% off

SANDMARC has now also unveiled its brand new navy blue and teal editions of its full-grain leather iPhone 14 cases marking the very first time you have been able to score one of its fantastic machined aluminum and leather cases in any other color than black or brown. Use code 9TO5TOYS at checkout to score 10% off both of them.

DODOcase custom iPhone 14 cases

The new DODOcase options are beginning to go live including its online editor where customers can design a bespoke cover including the exterior/interior case color and pattern, spine, elastic closure color, and more. 

Custom iPhone 14 cases from $65

More details on 9to5Toys: Design your very own bespoke leather iPhone 14 book-style DODOcase, plus more from $35


More details on 9to5Toys: Nomad refreshes popular leather case collection for Apple’s new iPhone 14 series


Moment is a mainstay in our annual best iPhone 14 cases roundup, and its new iPhoneography lineup is now live:

Moment iPhone 14 series cases are marked down to $39.99 for a limited time.

More details on 9to5Toys: Moment updates popular MagSafe photography case for iPhone 14 series handsets


CASETIFY’s new cases have arrived! The well-known and beloved Impact and Ultra Impact are getting enhanced for iPhone 14 but it is also introducing what it calls the most protective case out there with the new Bounce model. 

You can get a full rundown of all the brand’s latest tech and designs right here.

Review: CASETiFY’s new Bounce iPhone 14 cases pack extra protection in a slim design

Review: Hands-on with CASETiFY’s new Mandalorian cases: As premium and cute as it gets

Review: CASETiFY’s new iPhone 14 cases from ‘The Office’ deliver Dunder Mifflin stylings

More details on 9to5Toys:


The new elago models are now live starting from just $10 Prime shipped (watch out for the on-page coupons via Amazon) including the Glide Armor, clear, magnetic options, and more. 

More details on 9to5Toys: elago’s new liquid silicone iPhone 14 collection is now live at up to 10% off with deals from $11.50

ESR’s best iPhone 14 cases now at least 10% off

You can browse through all of the new ESR affordable iPhone 14 cases on its official site, but as we mentioned above, you’ll want to scope out the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and Pro Max listings via its official Amazon storefront where they are much less expensive. 

More details on 9to5Toys: ESR debuts new affordable MagSafe HaloLock iPhone 14 cases from just $12.50 (10% off)


The new OtterBox lineup is now live including the Symmetry Series, protective Defender Series, and more with pricing starting from $40. 

More details on 9to5Toys:

Urban Armor Gear

Urban Armor Gear’s new iPhone 14 collection is now live directly on the official site and via its official Amazon storefront with Prime shipping. Delivering a range of ultra-protective models featuring “industry-leading drop protection. an ultralight impact frame, airsoft corners, and featherlight composite construction.” You’ll also find “DuPont Kevlar materials and forward-thinking biodegradable case options” joining MagSafe integration and more. Pricing starts from $40 on the cases and $25 for its Glass Protector Shields. 

UAG iPhone 14 cases from $40

UAG iPhone 14 Plus cases from $50

UAG iPhone 14 Pro cases from $50

UAG iPhone 14 Pro Max cases from $50


The new PopSockets PlantCore iPhone 14 PopCase starts at $40 is now available for pre-order in a range of styles via the official site. You’ll also, much like year’s past, find a host of matching MagSafe grips, wallets, and battery packs are available ranging from $30 to $75. 

More details on 9to5Toys: PopSockets launches adorable, must-see Pokémon iPhone 14 grips, cases, and wallets

More details on 9to5Toys: New PlantCore MagSafe iPhone 14 PopCase from PopSockets with slide grip


Casely’s wild designs, patterns, and colorways are now live with MagSafe action and, best of all, a 30% discount when you use our exclusive 9to5mac30 code at checkout. 

Casely MagSafe case collection from $24.50

Review: Casely wraps your iPhone 14 in painterly MagSafe designs and bold patterns

Velvet Caviar’s best iPhone 14 cases now 20% off

Use code 9to5Mac at checkout to score 20% off all Velvet Caviar models

Velvet Caviar iPhone 14 20% off

Velvet Caviar iPhone 14 Plus 20% off

Velvet Caviar iPhone 14 Pro 20% off

Velvet Caviar iPhone 14 Pro Max 20% off

Peak Design iPhone 14 cases

The Peak Design cases are now live online with the same fabric-wrapped shell in charcoal or sage green we were fans of after going hands on with last year’s lineup. You can get a closer look at those right here and expect a full review of the 2023 models coming shortly. 

Peak Design EveryDay fabric iPhone 14 case from $40

More details on 9to5Toys: Peak Design’s new fabric-wrapped charcoal and sage iPhone 14 MagSafe cases are now live


Coach is once again expanding on its 81 years of rich heritage to deliver “iconic, fashion-forward, and eco-conscious products to the mobile space” and Apple’s latest handset. On top of recycled plastics and MagSafe-compatibility, you’ll find new models featuring the brand’s Signature Ombre, Punk Rose/Floral, and Ivory Rexy designs along with its historical Coach prints such as Black Emboss and Signature Tan.

Coach Folio, Wrap, and Protective cases from $55

Review: Coach’s designer magnetic iPhone 14 leather folio wallet with removable inner case

More details on 9to5Toys: Coach’s fashion-forward Italian leather and canvas iPhone 14 cases have arrived


Caseology’s Skyfall, Parallax Mag, NanoPop, Capella, and more designs are now live starting from $19 Prime shipped.

NanoPop features integrated magnets will keep your device secure and aligned and are compatible with MagSafe chargers…Bold, contrasting two-tone colors and protective raised camera ring design creates a sporty and playful look

More details on 9to5Toys: Caseology intros new iPhone 14 MagSafe wallet in 5 colors, now available at $20 (Reg. $25)

Journey iPhone 14 leather case

The Journey iPhone 14, 14 Plus, Pro, and Pro Max cases are now live at $39 with a bonus 20% off during the pre-order phase using code TAKE20 at checkout.

Journey Leather iPhone 14 Cases $39

Caudabe’s best iPhone 14 cases

More details on 9to5Toys: Caudabe intros redesigned dot matrix Synthesis MagSafe iPhone 14 cases, plus more from $27


Case-Mate annual lineup of sparkling and shimmering cases are now live alongside the unique BLOX design, Brilliance Chandelier, and much more starting from $20. 

Case-Mate iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, Pro Max from $20

Withstands falls of up to 6ft (1.5m)

Machined buttons for the original iPhone experience

Full grain leather from the Netherlands.

MagSafe compatible

Raised edge around the camera cut-out

New Speck iPhone 14 cases

More details on 9to5Toys: Speck iPhone 14 cases with antimicrobial covers, MagSafe action, and glitter crystals are here

Kate Spade

Defensive Hardshell for MagSafe $64.99

Kate Spade New York Folio Case $64.99

NEW High-Gloss Protective Hardshell for MagSafe $59.99

NEW Chunky Glitter Protective $49.99

Kate Spade New York Wrap Case $54.99

Protective Hardshell and Protective Hardshell for MagSafe $44.99 to $54.99

More details on 9to5Toys: Kate Spade iPhone 14 case collection: Chunky Glitter, floral MagSafe, pebbled leather, more


The Mous Limitless, Clarity and Evolution cases have arrived for iPhone 14 alongside “two brand new, never-before-seen cases” known as Limitless 5.0 and the MagSafe compatible Clarity 2.0. Pricing starts from $55. 


9to5Mac readers can now land an exclusive 20% off the new CLCKR Stand & Grip iPhone 14 case using code 9TO5MAC. Pricing starts from $32.

More details on 9to5Toys: CLCKR offers exclusive 20% off its new full-hand grip and stand iPhone 14 cases for 9to5 readers


Catalyst Crux Case $49.99

Catalyst Influence $39.99

Catalyst Influence with MagSafe Case $59.99

Catalyst Tempered Glass Screen Protector $39.99


Review: Smartish Saffiano-textured Wallet Slayer iPhone 14 case with novel card kickstand

Bellroy iPhone 14 cases

More from 9to5Toys: Bellroy iPhone 14 cases arrive with modular mix and match wallets, compostable bamboo, more

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New ROKFORM iPhone 14 cases

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What is the best iPhone 14 case?

Everyone has different needs here, whether it’s an ultra-protective option, something more affordable, a folio-style leather wallet solution, or super minimalist clear iPhone 14 case. Needless to say, you’ll find the best iPhone 14 cases for all of the latest models listed above with even deeper dives available over at 9to5Toys (links to complete breakdowns for most of the new case collections are found in each section above). Most of our favorite brands have now launched new covers for Apple’s latest handsets and any of the stragglers will get added to our roundup of the best iPhone 14 cases as they go live.

Do iPhone 13 cases fit iPhone 14?

As you can see in our detailed breakdown, due to some small changes in the overall form-factor and the slight shift on the size and location of the power button for iPhone 14, the short answer is no. On the Pro side of things, the camera bump is even larger than previous-generation models alongside increased thickness and height, among other things. That means the iPhone 13 Pro cases almost certainly won’t fit the iPhone 14 Pro, at least not properly anyway.

Where do I get the best iPhone 14 case deals?

Well, 9to5Toys of course! The editors at 9to5Toys are scouring the internet everyday of the year for the best prices drop on Apple gear, smart home tech, and much more, including iPhone 14 case deals. Many of the best brands, including Spigen and others are already offering solid discounts and you’ll also find some exclusive discount codes for 9to5 readers scattered throughout this post with more inbound everyday.

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Do Iphone 13 Cases Fit The Iphone 14?

If you just picked up your new iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro, you might be wondering if your existing iPhone 13 case will fit the iPhone 14. Unfortunately, Apple has made enough changes to this year’s iPhone 14 models that you’ll need to buy new cases alongside your new iPhone this year. Here are the details.

Will iPhone 13 cases fit the iPhone 14?

As you can see in the table below, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 are very, very close in terms of their overall dimensions. The biggest difference is that the iPhone 14 is 0.01-inches thicker than the iPhone 13. Realistically, this is not a big enough difference to impact case compatibility most of the time.

There’s another very minor change, though: Apple has ever-so-slightly shifted the location and size of the power button and volume buttons this year. More so than the changes in dimensions, this will be what breaks the compatibility between iPhone 13 cases and the iPhone.

For these reasons, the safest bet is to go ahead and splurge on a new case that’s designed exactly for the iPhone 14. Here are some of the most popular iPhone 14 cases we’re seeing so far:

Will iPhone 13 Pro cases fit the iPhone 14 Pro?

Unfortunately, the situation only gets worse if you’re upgrading from an iPhone 13 Pro to an iPhone 14 Pro. There aren’t huge changes to the dimensions, but they are bigger changes than the non-Pro models.

As you can see, Apple has increased the height, decreased the width, and increased the thickness of the iPhone 14 Pro in comparison to the iPhone 13 Pro. All of these differences add up to mean that your iPhone 13 Pro cases definitely won’t fit your iPhone 14 Pro. Additionally, the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera bump is even larger and wider than before.

Apple has also shifted the iPhone 14 Pro’s power button ad volume buttons, for yet another reason your cases won’t work.

Will iPhone 13 Pro Max cases fit the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

The iPhone 14 Pro Max situation is pretty similar to the iPhone 14 Pro. While the height of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max are the same, the new model is both narrower and thicker than its predecessor. The camera bump is also larger and the volume buttons and power button have been slightly relocated.

For all of these reasons, you’ll need a new case for your iPhone 14 Pro Max if you plan on upgrading this year.

iPhone 14 Plus cases

Last but not least, there’s the iPhone 14 Plus. Given that this is an all-new model in Apple’s lineup, you’ll definitely need a new case for this one. While you could technically use an iPhone 13 Pro Max case, the fit would be far from precise due to significant differences in thickness as well as the size of the camera bump.

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Best Battery Cases For Iphone 6S

In addition to regularly providing you with accessory spotlight posts, we’ve also been rounding up the accessories we showcase, so you can easily run through the list without having to search our database.

Anker’s Ultra Slim battery case is one of the thinnest on the market, at 13mm thick (though not as thin as Spider’s PowerShadow). It is also fairly lightweight as battery cases go, adding less than three ounces to the weight of your device. The 2,850 mAh battery can increase your usage as much as 120 percent. It is a two-piece case with a matte exterior for added grip. It is MFi certified and has a 3.5mm jack adapter so you don’t have to worry about whether your headphone jack will fit. It is available on Amazon for $43.

Mophie is probably the most popular battery case maker, and earlier this year, the company launched its first every waterproof case. The 2,750 mAh rechargeable battery provides double the juice of the iPhone 6s. It also features a pass-through charge and sync system (though the company does not claim it is MFi certified), so you can sync data with your computer while the case recharges. Its waterproof rating is IP-68 and it also has a Military Standards grade of 810G. It comes in black, white, and blue and is available on Amazon for between $97 and $130, depending on your color choice.

We would be remiss if we didn’t include Apple’s very own battery case. This year, the company launched the accessory, much to our surprise (and to some of our chagrin). The unusual design of the Smart Battery Case may have been a turn-off for some of us, but as Jeff Benjamin noted in his one-month later review, the benefit of that back hump is that it has ergonomic value. The battery capacity may seem small at only 1,877 mAh (as discovered by iFixit), but it can provide as much as 11 hours of extra talk and eight hours of extra web browsing to your iPhone 6s. The case itself is made from soft elastomer for ease of use, but it has an added benefit of providing extra grip. It comes in charcoal gray or white and is available at Apple retail stores for $99.

This two-piece case by i-Blason is made from polycarbonate with a rubberized anti-slip coating. It houses a 3,200 mAh rechargeable battery with a charging on/ off button. If you are done charging your iPhone, but want to reserve what is left of the battery pack for a later time, switch it off so it won’t continue charging as your battery drains. It is MFi certified to properly charge and can be connected to your computer (with the case on) to sync your data over iTunes. It is available on Amazon in a variety of colors for between $60 and $70. There is also a version for the iPhone 6s Plus for between $70 and $80.

Trainium Atomic S

Tranium’s battery charger case is made from polycarbonate as well. Its 3,100 mAh battery can add as much as 14 hours of talk or 10 hours of Internet browsing. It has shock resistant bumpers around the entire perimeter for additional drop protection. The front-facing speakers add a nice audio touch. The LED indicator lights on the back let you know how much juice the pack has left. The button on the backside lets you turn the charging feature on and off. It is available on Amazon for between $50 and $60, depending on your color preference. There is also a version for the iPhone 6s Plus for $60.

This two-piece polycarbonate case has a thin design, but is made with protection in mind. The case covers all ports and buttons and features a raised lip on the front to protect from screen damage when your iPhone 6s lays flat. The 3,000 mAh rechargeable battery can juice up your device from zero to 100 across four or five hours, but you can use it the entire time. It is MFi certified and has a one-year warranty. You can sync your device to your computer while the case is still on. It comes in a variety of colors and is available on Amazon for between $50 and $70. There is a version for the iPhone 6s Plus for $70.

Spyder’s version of the battery charger case is made from the same sturdy polycarbonate that the rest of them. This version is coated with an antimicrobial “Silver Seal” coating. It is unique because of its relative thinness. It measures only 12.5mm thick. The rechargeable battery is weaker than the others at only 2,750 mAh, which might be the reason. However, if thinness trumps extended usage in your life, this case may be what you need. It still manages to provide as much as eight additional hours of talk. It comes in a variety of colors and is available on Amazon for $100.

This powerful charging case doubles as a rugged case thanks to the four removable bumpers, which provide drop protection on the corners. The 3,100 mAh battery quickly juices up your iPhone 6s and automatically shuts off once it is fully charged. It is MFi certified, so you can sync data on your computer via iTunes while the case is still on. It also comes with a special 3.5mm pass-through adapter that makes it possible for you to fit any sized headphone into the jack. It is available in a variety of colors for as low as $35 on Amazon. There is also a version for the iPhone 6s Plus for only $45.

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