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Mute vs Do Not Disturb on Snapchat [Difference Explanation]






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Social media platforms can be a bit noisy – you open the Snapchat app, for example, and are greeted with thousands of posts. You leave the app closed, and your smartphone is flooded by notifications.

To keep it all sane, Snapchat (and almost every other social platform) have the block, mute, and Do Not Disturb features.

Blocking is straightforward, as it outrightly bans the user from your account. However, Snapchat’s Mute vs Do Not Disturb features are confusing as they seem to be one and the same.

How can I tell the difference between Snapchat’s Mute vs Do Not Disturb? How does the Mute option work in Snapchat?

When the muted user posts a story, it’s not queued with other recent stories. Instead, the story will be relegated to the end of your story list.

On your story slideshow, the stories from contacts that you muted will be nowhere to be found. This feature is similar to the muting feature of Instagram.

Muting a Snapchat group or user is like taking a break from them. In this sense, nothing changes on the side of the muted contacts.

People that you mute will have no clue that you did that because Snapchat will continue to show your recent stories to them in the story slideshow.

How does Do Not Disturb work in Snapchat?

When you use the Do Not Disturb feature on a Snapchat contact or group, your application stops delivering notifications from the person or group.

Unlike the Mute feature, Snapchat doesn’t stop showing you their stories; this one is all about your notifications.

Nothing happens inside the app itself. As the name says, you simply don’t want that contact or group to disturb you anymore.

Whenever you’re ready to open the Snapchat app, you’ll see all of their recent stories and messages as they should be, just like everyone else’s.

On Snapchat, if you no longer want to have anything to do with a user, you can block them.

However, if it’s not that deep, and you only want to take a break from them, you have the Snapchat Mute and Do Not Disturb features to play with.

Muting a contact or group hides their stories from you, while the Do Not Disturb feature stops their notifications from coming through.

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Whatsapp Vs Instagram Vs Facebook Messenger Vs Snapchat

We compare the best of the current crop. It’s WhatsApp v Instagram v Facebook Messenger v Snapchat.

What devices can I use them on and how much do they cost?

It will probably come as no surprise that these apps are available on nearly all mobile platforms. WhatsApp has versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and even some Nokia phones! You can also use its clever desktop app for Mac and PC which connects to your phone to display chats and messages. To see exactly how this works you can read our How to use WhatsApp on any Windows PC guide.

Facebook Messenger covers a lot of the same ground, with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps available, but as its web version is baked into the main Facebook site, it offers a bit more of a streamlined experience in this regard. There’s also a new ‘ Messenger Lite‘ which is good for older Android phones or those with limited monthly data.

Instagram is available for iOS or Android, and there’s a very basic web version for PCs. Snapchat is the most selective of the bunch, limiting itself to just iOS and Android.

How easy it to navigate around the apps?

They’ve had time to mature, so each of them is fairly straightforward, albeit with some quirks. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger default to your Chat list when they launch, giving you instant access to previous conversations, all of which are shown chronologically.

Both have simple navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen (well, the top if you’re using WhatsApp on Android) which allow you to move between Chat, Calls, the Camera, and either Settings or Games depending on which app you’re in.

This similarity of design could well be down to the fact that Facebook acquired WhatsApp a while back, and has quietly set about standardising the layout. Whatever the reasons, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp feel primarily about messaging, rather than the visual emphasis used by the other two apps.

Instagram, which coincidentally is also owned by Facebook, opens to the photostream of your friends and contacts. Unlike the former pair, Instagram doesn’t have an actual chat option that you can see, but swiping left opens up the Instagram Direct page where you can send private videos, photos, or messages to individuals or groups of friends.

Of all the apps in this roundup, Instagram is the one that acts essentially as its own social media platform, with the messaging capabilities something of an add-on.

Compared to the other apps here Snapchat is the one that has the least intuitive interface. That’s not to say that it’s complicated, but it just takes a little more getting used to.

When you launch the app the camera opens automatically, giving you a clue of how Snapchat wants to be used. Swiping right will open up the chat window, while swiping left will bring you to Stories, which are collections of short videos and images.

Snapchat recently added that ability for groups to add content to a Story, making it a great way to celebrate a trip or event.

Swiping left a second time unveils the Discover section, where there’s various content available from news outlets and online creators. This is usually in the form of video articles, celebrity news, or new product releases, all of which can be loud and colourful.

Content that you or your friends create is designed to be automatically deleted within 24 hours unless you specifically choose to save it, so Snapchat does have a more temporary feel than its rivals.

What features do they have? Chat

As we’ve alluded to above, all of the apps have some kind of chat feature. You can either exchange messages with individuals or groups, using mobile data or Wi-Fi. All also allow images, video, and emoji to be included in the conversations.


If you want to make free phone calls over Wi-Fi then Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp offer this very handy ability. So, when the call minutes allowance on your tariff is running low, or you can’t get a signal, this is an excellent way to stay in touch. Video calls are also available on both apps.

Image sharing and editing

Instagram is often cited as the app that started the whole filters craze, and it still remains a firm favourite for those who want to add a bit of style to their snaps. After capturing an image you’re free to apply one of the many filters that can transform a simple picture into a noire masterpiece or lend a fuzzy 70s feel.

There are options to crop the shot, alter the colour or temperature balance, and even add multiple images into a collage via the free Layout app.   

You won’t find many crazy animations, such as you will on Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, but it does boast Boomerang, which allows short videos to run forward then backwards, creating amusing, moving pictures.  

Snapchat takes a more youthful approach, offering facial animations that can add hats, animal features, or even turn you into a hot dog. Filters are based more on artistic styles which dramatically alter the colour and texture of an image, sometimes in quite spectacular fashion.

You can also add messages, draw on the images, or include geo-tagged titles letting people know where the photo was taken. Overall, it’s a lot more fun than Instagram, but might be a bit much for some.

Facebook Messenger takes its lead most definitely from Snapchat, offering plenty of amusing overlays, special effects, and ways to annotate an image. From floating disco balls, to Game of Thrones-style dragon fire, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. You can also employ some artsy filters, and various titles on your snaps.

WhatsApp is probably the most conservative of the bunch when it comes to image editing. You can apply a few different filters, add emojis, text, or draw on the image, but animations and wild styling are left to the other apps.

Stories So, which is the best app for you?

As with any software, this all comes down to what you intend to do. If keeping in touch with friends and family, while possibly arranging a holiday or event, then the simplicity and focus on group messaging that WhatsApp provides is a solid choice.

Instagram is the one for sharing photos and seeing what other people are creating, while Snapchat is perfect for quick videos and images that you can personalise and have fun with.

Facebook Messenger does a good job of mixing these various elements into one easy to use portal, and as such if you were only going to have one messaging app on your phone this would be the one we recommend. 

Of course, they’re all free, so there’s nothing stopping you from having them all!

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How To Resolve Snapchat Not Working On Android And Ios

How To Resolve Snapchat Not Working On Android and iOS

Snapchat is the most loved social media platform amongst youth to share their pictures and stories across friends. Owing to such a huge database, we have tried to key down the most common tips and tricks which you should know whenever you encounter Snapchat not loading error.

How to Fix Snapchat Down Or Not Working Error:

The below listed are the most common and easiest ways to get your Snapchat working fine

1. Have A Working Internet Connection:

In case, you experience interruptions and slow connection, try to rectify Snapchat won’t load problems by restarting the Internet Connection. In case, you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can also try to restart the router.

2. Keep A Check Of The App Permissions:

Navigate to Snapchat and its Settings.

Here, enable all those permissions which are currently disabled.

Granting enough permissions to Snapchat normally resolves the problem, however, if you still encounter the same, try out the next steps.

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3. Delete Snapchat App Cache:

Cache is one thing that gets piled up with time and may hamper the normal functioning of any app. The same is with Snapchat, a bigger cache means larger storage space is occupied by the app and hence can affect the normal functioning and may result in errors like Snapchat not loading or Snapchat down error.

Open Snapchat app and navigate to its Settings.

Scroll down on the Settings page, and look for Clear Cache.

If deleting cache does not solve the problem, try to restart Snapchat application, and check if it resolves My Snapchat won’t load problem.

4. Restart Snapchat:

There are instances when apps may encounter server issues or face bug problems due to which it may become unresponsive and not working. Under such circumstances, the best solution is to restart the application, and see if it resumes normal functioning.

5. Update the App:

If there are updates available on App Store or Play Store, and you have an older version of the app installed on your smartphone, you may frequently face Snapchat not working error.

A simple solution is to update the app through the App Store or Play Store.

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5. Try to Logout and Login:

Simple logging out and log-in also resumes the normal functioning of the app as all the processes get restarted, and hence any abnormal functioning is resolved.

6. Reboot your Smartphone:

Every app functions abnormally at times leading to high usage of storage space and can also happen due to OS issues. In such cases, restarting your smartphone resolve      OS issues as well as restart the application installed, and hence can easily resolve Snapchat not working error.

7. Reinstall the App:

If by following all the above methods, your Snapchat still won’t load the last resolution is to uninstall the app, and reinstall from Google Play Store or App Store.

Once you have installed the latest version of Snapchat, login with the same credentials and see if the apps are working smoothly.


Getting an error like Snapchat down while sending a picture to your best friend frustrates us. Knowing simple tips and tricks to get away from errors like Snapchat won’t load or Snapchat Not Loading Snaps will give us a sigh of relief and help us resolve the errors withing second and have a seamless experience.

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Pragya Dani

What Are Snapchat Streaks And Why Do They Matter?

Snapchat streaks, or Snapstreaks, represent the number of days that you’ve managed to send a photo or video snap to your Snapchat friend. 

For high school children, Snapstreaks represent their friendship. Essentially, it signifies that two friends keep in touch every day by sending snaps daily. You may have heard your children talk about quickly sending snaps so they don’t lose the streak, but you didn’t know what they were talking about. 

Table of Contents

It’s always important to stay on top of what the children are up to, so here, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Snapstreaks, how Snapstreaks work, and whether or not they are a cause for concern.

How to Start Snapchat Streaks?

You must send your friend snaps, and they must send snaps back for three consecutive days to start a Snapstreak. When you have a streak with your friend, you’ll see a fire emoji next to your Snapchat friend’s name.

There are several other Snapchat emojis associated with Snapstreaks. For instance, as you grow your streak with your friends, you’ll also see a number next to the fire emoji. 

When you have a long streak of 100 or more days, Snapchat will add a red 100 emoji. When you have an even longer streak, perhaps with your best friend, you’ll see a mountain emoji next to the person’s name.

If your Snapstreak is about to break, i.e., you and your friend haven’t sent snaps in a 24-hour window, you’ll see the hourglass emoji next to your friend’s name. This means you can’t just keep sending snaps on your own and keep your Snapstreak going; your friend must also send a snap back every single day.

However, if you believe you and your friend exchanged snaps, but still lost the streak, you can contact Snapchat support.

How to Keep the Snapstreak Going?

You can only keep your Snapstreak going by sending photo or video snaps to your friend and receiving one in return every 24 hours.

A lot of other things you do when you use Snapchat don’t count towards your Snapchat streak. Following is a list of things that won’t help you keep your Snapstreak going:

Why Do Snapstreaks Matter?

For young people, a long streak is a token of strong friendship. Think of a streak as a numeric value that defines how close two friends are. It’s almost like a competition among young people.

If someone has a longer streak with their best friend, their bond is seen as stronger. And everybody wants the longest streak, just to prove the strength of their friendship. It’s easy to see how this could be a problem. 

There’s a pressure to maintain longer streaks, which means responding to snaps regardless of other factors. 

Snapstreaks can also cause self-esteem issues for children who feel that other people have stronger bonds than they have with their friends.

Should Parents Worry About Snapstreaks?

Not always. Making your child delete their Snapchat account and villainizing Snapstreaks at the get-go isn’t appropriate. On the contrary, Snapchat can be a valuable asset that will feed data into parental control apps about who children interact with. 

However, if you see something you don’t like, perhaps your child interacting with someone you’re not particularly feeling confident about, you may need to reconsider. 

It’s easy for children to get carried away when they’re focused on something that’s emotionally rewarding — for instance, breaking the record for the longest Snapstreak in their peer group. When this happens, obsession is a potential concern.

Should You Keep Your Child From Maintaining Snapstreaks?

Snapstreaks, in most cases, are a manifestation of your child’s bond with a close friend. They are not inherently harmful. However, you can have a family discussion about how maintaining Snapstreaks isn’t rewarding, and how going the extra mile doesn’t really offer a benefit.

It’s also important to realize that a Snapstreak will likely break at some point. Your child will have a family visit, a birthday party, or a vacation to distract them. 

If you feel it’s warranted, you may consider making small changes to the child’s schedule to allow them less time to spend with certain social media platforms. In worse cases, you can use parental controls to keep the child from using the Snapchat app obsessively.

Snapchat Web: How To Use Snapchat On Pc And Laptop

Ever since its inception back in 2011, Snapchat has been available only on mobile devices. You could download the Snapchat app on your iPhone and Android device to send ephemeral messages, photos, and share Stories with friends. The company never launched a desktop app to enable users to connect with friends from their PCs. We had to rely on workarounds, like emulators, to use the Snapchat Android app on our laptop. However, you no longer need to do that, and it has become a thing of the past with the launch of Snapchat+. Yeah, the company launched its paid Snapchat Plus subscription recently, and its most useful perk will have to be Snapchat for Web. You can now start using Snapchat in your browser on a laptop with ease, which is exciting for its close to 350 million strong userbase. That said, if you are someone who has been looking for a reliable way to use Snapchat on a laptop, keep on reading.

Get Snapchat App on PC and Laptop (2023)

In this article, we will first discuss the Snapchat Plus subscription and how it unlocks the ability to use the app on a laptop. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Pre-Requisite for Using Snapchat Web

As you might have already guessed, you will need a Snapchat+ subscription to get access to Snapchat Web and use the ephemeral messaging app in a browser on your laptop. The Snapchat+ subscription service is available in limited countries at the moment, and you can check out the list of supported 25 countries via the linked article.

How to Get Snapchat+ Subscription

Now, before we talk about how to use the Snapchat web app and all its features, let’s learn how to get the Snapchat+ subscription on your iPhone and Android device. We will show the process on an iPhone, but the steps look the same on Android as well.

2. On the profile screen, you will see a “Snapchat+” banner under your Bitmoji avatar. Tap on this banner. If you don’t see the banner, then tap on the “Settings” icon to find the Snapchat+ option under your email.

3. Select the subscription tenure on the next screen and tap on the “Start 7-Day Free Trial” button at the bottom. Now, you just need to complete the payment, and you will have successfully bought the Snapchat Plus subscription.

The paid subscription will get you access to a host of cool features like amn exlcusive badge, multiple app icons, ghost trails, story rewatch count, and more. The highlight, however, will have to be the Snapchat for Web experience as it enables you to use the messaging app using a browser on your laptop or desktop.

How to Use Snapchat on Your PC or Laptop

It’s time to learn how to log in and use Snapchat on a Mac or Windows computer with ease. Just follow the steps below:

2. Next, you will need to complete two-step verification and authenticate the web login request using your mobile phone. You will receive a notification on your phone saying, “Are you trying to access Snapchat from a browser?” Tap on this notification and select “Yes” to log into Snapchat on your laptop.

Note: We set up Snapchat for Web on both an iPhone and Android device. Most of the testing, however, was done on the Android device. So, you will see screenshots from Android devices ahead.

3. Here’s what the Snapchat Web experience looks like. You have your chat list on the left and the camera and Bitmoji avatar on the right.

How Do I Install Snapchat on My PC or Laptop?

Now, if you are wondering whether you can install the Snapchat app on your PC or not, well, the answer is yes. The company allows you to make a shortcut for the Snapchat Web PWA (Progressive Web App), so you use it whenever you want with ease. Here’s how you can install the Snapchat app on your laptop:

2. Then, select the “Create Desktop Shortcut” option in the drop-down menu that opens.

3. Now, you will see a pop-up in the right corner of the address bar at the top. Tap “Install” on this pop-up to get the Snapchat app on your laptop.

4. Once Snapchat is installed on your PC, you can choose to make a desktop shortcut and pin the app on the Taskbar or Start Menu. That’s all. You can now use the Snapchat app on your laptop at any time.

Snapchat Web: Features & First Impressions

After learning how to set up and use Snapchat Web on your laptop, it’s time to look at all the features you can and cannot access with this app. So let’s take it one step at a time:

In the conversation view, you can send messages to your friends or make audio and video calls to them from your laptop. I tested out this feature with my colleague Akshay, and it works flawlessly. So you can join group calls on Snapchat from your browser as well. Also, if you wish to keep track of your snap streaks on Snapchat or see Snapchat emojis that describe your friendship, birthday, and more, you can do that on the web app as well.

And here we meet the first shortcoming of Snapchat Web, which is the inability to post stories to your profile. You can only do that from your mobile. That’s not all. The biggest shortcoming of the Snapchat app you install on your laptop is that you cannot open Snaps or reply to them. I mean, sharing Snaps is one of the core features of the Snapchat experience, but sadly, that’s missing here. However, if you wish to send Snaps or post Stories from your laptop, you can install Android apps on Windows 11 using the WSA subsystem.

So, if I were to sum up the feature set and my experience with the Snapchat app on laptop, it was a long-awaited release, and Snapchat is doing a decent job at offering the same ephemeral messaging features as its mobile app. However, the lack of essential features such as the ability to view snaps and post stories is disappointing. What other feature would you like to see in Snapchat Web on your laptop?

Use Snapchat Online in Browser on Mac and Windows PC

How To Get Instagram Or Snapchat On Windows Pc

In this age where everyone is on Social Media, Instagram and Snapchat are the top services along with WhatsApp and Facebook that people are using to share with the world whatever they are doing – their vacations and what not! People are using Snapchat to send disappearing messages, photos and videos along with Stories. Whereas, people use Instagram to upload photos and videos, post their Stories and send disappearing photo messages. Today, we will show how you can use Instagram or Snapchat on Windows 11/10/8/7 PC.

Snapchat was first released in September 2011 with the initial concept of people sharing what they have been doing lately and communicating with each other by sending photos and videos. Since then it has been six years, and the service has evolved a lot since then. Now, the V10 of Snapchat has a better UI with features like AR Objects being placed in users’ surroundings people using AR-based face masks. And AR being a major area of focus by major tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and more, it keeps more opportunities for developers, content creators and companies themselves to do more in both development and financial terms. Snapchat is available for Android and iOS, and no official Windows 10 app is rumored to come.

Instagram was released earlier in October 2010 for iOS and in October 2012 for Android phones. After a long time of not updating the Windows Phone app, they released a new Windows 10 app for Mobile and PC in 2023. These new apps were brought to Windows from iOS as a result of Facebook’s OSMeta technology to port apps across platforms. Since then, the Windows 10 apps are being regularly updated to be kept feature-rich as compared with the Android and iOS apps. Instagram was acquired by Facebook for $1 Billion in 2012. Facebook later offered to acquire Snapchat for $3 Billion cash but the offer was turned down by Snapchat, and as a result, Facebook introduced Instagram Stories cloning the old Snapchat Stories and other similar features competing directly with Snapchat! And believe it or not, Instagram Stories are used more than Snapchat Stories.

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Can you use Snapchat or Instagram on a Windows computer?

Can you use Snapchat on a Windows PC? Yes, it is possible to use Snapchat on a Windows 11/10 computer. Yes, this app works best on Android and iOS for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun on Windows 11/10 as well. Just know that the experience might not be as good as you want it to be.

There are multiple ways to use Snapchat or Instagram on a Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer. The information below should improve your knowledge of such things. We have taken the example of Snapchat but a similar procedure needs to be followed for Instagram.

Use Snapchat on the web without having to log in

One of the first things you can do here is to use Snapchat via the web. You won’t get the full experience, so this is something you need to keep in mind.

Use Snapchat on the web while logged in

The downside here is no option to upload content. No option to take selfies, etc.

Why is it better to use emulated apps?

We recommend using the emulation of Android apps on Windows PCs rather than using Windows 11/10 apps like Instagram due to certain real distinguishing factors. First of all, many Windows PC apps don’t support every feature that the mobile variants of the apps do. This includes the photo and video upload from the Windows PC app for Instagram. And as many top Android and iOS apps like Snapchat are not available for Windows 11/10 like Snapchat, it is obvious for the person to use emulators like Bluestacks or Noxplayer and Andy Android Emulator.

How to use Instagram or Snapchat on Windows PC using emulators

There are times when a user does not want to switch devices just to use an app. Or maybe, they might be using an older, unsupported, or feature phone then they have a PC as an alternative to be used to run these apps via emulation.

There are plenty of freeware available for Android apps on Windows PCs like Bluestacks, Noxplayer and Andy Android Emulator. So, we are going to talk about how to use them to emulate Instagram and Snapchat apps on Windows PC.

1] Using Instagram or Snapchat via Bluestacks

In order to use Snapchat on your Windows 11/10 computer more effectively, we suggest downloading & installing Bluestacks. For your information, BlueStacks X is their online app that lets you play Android games in the cloud without having to install anything on your PC.

Here are the steps in a nutshell:

First of all, download Bluestacks and install the 254 MB executable file.

Set up all the account information like linking to Google Account and set up payments if you want to, else skip.

Now, use the search bar to look up Snapchat or Instagram according to what app you want to emulate.

Now when the app is installed, open it and log in with your credentials.

You are now good to use it!

Here are some of the screenshots from my hands-on time with Bluestacks:

2] Using Instagram or Snapchat via Andy Android Emulator

Once you have downloaded and installed Andy Android Emulator, set it up.

Now, go to Google Play Store and search for your desired app.

Download the app and install it which in this case would be Instagram or Snapchat.

You are all set!

Here are some on the screenshots of Andy from my hands-on time:

3] Using Instagram or Snapchat via Noxplayer

If you’re not interested in using Bluestacks, then we would like to recommend Noxplayer. Follow the instructions there and you will have no problems using Snapchat.

NoxPlayer is one such Android emulator which had been making breakthroughs, and to their latest announcement, Nox Player is offering an integrated Android 9 Emulator which will allow games like Genshin Impact and The Rising of the Shield Hero: Rerise to work. It is going to be an industry first, pushing it ahead of the competition.

Comparing Bluestacks & Andy emulators

Both the emulators are excellent to be used. Bluestacks is better for gaming while Andy supports every kind of app with a good performance. We found the usual Android launcher as a user interface that didn’t slow down our process of installing and using apps on Andy. While on Bluestacks, the custom UI kind of slowed us down but with a very little difference. Both the emulators can use your external PC hardware like Mics and Cameras to be used with the app which was a plus point for both of them. And both of them supported the working of Snapchat and Instagram flawlessly. We were able to use the stories features and other features that need geotagging capabilities with decent accuracy.

With these emulators, you can use any Android app on your PC even when their Windows 11/10 versions are not much updated.

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How can I get Snapchat on my laptop without BlueStaks?

Previously, Snapchat was not available in Microsoft Store. At that time, the only way to run Snapchat on Windows computers was via an Android Emulator like BlueStacks. Now, Snapchat is available in Microsoft Store. You can install it from there. You need not require to install BlueStacks for this.

Can I login Snapchat on Chrome?

Yes, you can log in to Snapchat in Chome. You need to visit the chúng tôi web address in Chrome. After that, enter your username and verify the Captcha. Now, enter your password. You will get a notification on your smartphone. Confirm that you are signing in to Snapchat on the web by tapping Yes on your smartphone. Currently, Snapchat supports only two web browsers, Chrome and Edge.

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