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Update: After being out of stock for seven months due to the company being unable to keep up with demand, Nomad says the bands are now available once more.

The Nomad Titanium Band got a refresh, with a much neater magnet-assisted snap closure mechanism, a more streamlined design, and a coating designed to improve durability …

Let’s begin by acknowledging that this is an expensive Apple Watch band – until you compare it with Apple’s stainless steel Link Bracelet.

Apple’s Link Bracelet costs $349 in silver, or $449 in black. For that, you’re getting a high-quality stainless steel band, an internal butterfly closure mechanism, and a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating for added wear resistance.

Nomad’s version of this in stainless steel comes in at $149, but spending an extra hundred bucks lets you upgrade to titanium (with the same DLC coating) for $249. Unlike Apple, there’s no premium for black, either.

Look and feel

Titanium gets you the same look as stainless steel, but with a worthwhile weight savings.

Visually, there is little to distinguish the Nomad band from the Apple one. Both have the same classic link design, which has an, uh, timeless look in silver, and a more contemporary one in black.

It feels as good as it looks, the finish and build quality matching that of the Apple bracelet. If you’re buying it for a stainless steel Apple Watch, then either color looks great; with the aluminum version, I’d say the black one is a better pairing.

The big surprise comes when you pick it up. It looks chunky, and you expect it to feel weighty, but it really doesn’t. The exact weight will depend on how many links you remove when sizing to fit, but mine weighs 57g, or a fraction over two ounces.

In use, this makes it even more comfortable to wear than a stainless steel link band.


As with any link bracelet, fitting is a bit of a pain, as you have to figure out how many links you need, and then remove the excess by using the supplied tool to remove pins, set aside the excess links, and then reinsert pins.

Figuring out how many links you need typically involves a bit of trial-and-error, so expect this process to take about 15-20 minutes if it’s your first time adjusting this type of band – or perhaps 10 minutes if you’ve done it all before. The simple tool you need comes in the box.

The good news, of course, is that you only have to do it once, though it’s worth keeping the excess links and tool safe in case you ever want to give away or sell the band.

Clasp mechanism

The original version of the Nomad Titanium Band band had the hinged clasp mechanism familiar to anyone who has ever worn a watch with a link bracelet. It’s easy to open, and easy to close: putting on the watch and taking it off again is very quick.

Nomad aimed to improve on this with the latest version. Instead of the hinged clasp, there’s a much neater magnetic one. You still have the same press-in tabs at the side, to ensure it can’t accidentally come undone, but the mechanism itself is simpler and cleaner.

Putting the watch on, this works brilliantly. It’s even easier and faster than the traditional hinged mechanism. Just press the two ends together, the magnets snap it into place and the spring-loaded lock closes automatically. There’s also less risk of trapping wrist hairs in the mechanism!

Taking the watch off, it doesn’t work quite as well. As with a conventional mechanism, you use your thumb and middle finger to press in the tabs and then pull. However, with this one, I found I also needed to use my middle finger to press on the receiving side of the band, and it didn’t always release first try.

Overall, I applaud Nomad’s innovation in rethinking this, but on balance I prefer the original. That said, I wouldn’t see this as a reason to put you off the new design, it just doesn’t quite yet live up to the promise.


Look, feel, and build quality are on a par with the Apple bracelet – with the same DLC coating – but you get titanium instead of stainless steel. That’s a good deal even before you factor in the cost savings.

If you want the silver version, you’re paying $100 less for a more expensive metal; the savings on the black one is even greater at $200. For my money, this is a no-brainer.

The Nomad Titanium Band is available from the company’s website for $249.

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All of today’s best deals are headlined by Apple’s latest M1 Mac mini at $99 off. That’s alongside a rare discount on Nike’s official Apple Watch Sport Pride Band at $39 and Anker’s PowerExpand Thunderbolt 3 hub for $50 off. Hit the jump for all that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

Bring Apple Silicon to the desktop at $99 off the latest Mac mini

Amazon is currently offering the Apple M1 Mac mini 512GB for $800. Down from its $899 going rate, today’s offer is $99 in savings and matching our previous mention for the best we’ve seen to date at Amazon.

If the unveil of Apple’s new iMac has you wanting to bring its M1 chip to the desktop in a more compact form factor, its latest Mac mini is just the solution. Bringing all the power and efficiency upgrades of Apple Silicon to the desktop, the latest Mac mini arrives with the same compact design that you’ll expect, with 512GB of storage, 8GB of RAM, Wi-Fi 6, and two Thunderbolt ports to round out the package. Learn more in our launch coverage. 

Nike’s official Apple Watch Sport Pride Band sees rare discount to $39 

Nike is currently offering its official Apple Watch Sport Pride Band for $39. Normally fetching $49, today’s offer amounts to 20% in savings, marks one of the first notable discounts we’ve seen, and beats our previous mention by $6. This is also setting a new all-time low. 

Nike’s official sport band brings a more fitness-focused design to your Apple Watch. Alongside just being a rare chance to score this first-party offering, it delivers a premium build comprised of “high-performance fluoroelastomer with compression-molded holes,” ensuring it can stay breathable through workouts and the like. And unique to this band is a colorful LGBTQA Pride month-inspired design which you can learn more about in our launch coverage. 

Anker’s PowerExpand Thunderbolt 3 hub now $50 off

AnkerDirect via Amazon currently offers its PowerExpand Elite 13-in-1 Thunderbolt 3 Dock for $200. Down from its usual $250 going rate, you’re saving 20% with today’s offer marking the second-best price we’ve seen to date.

This 13-in-1 Thunderbolt 3 dock expands the I/O of your Mac with a single cable. On top of sending 85W of power passthrough to your machine, it’ll also yield a 4K HDMI output, Gigabit Ethernet, two USB-C slots, four USB-A ports, and SD card readers. There’s a matching aluminum finish that’ll blend right in with the rest of your Apple setup, too.

ESR MagSafe charger now 40% off at $12

ESR’s official Amazon storefront is currently offering its HaloLock MagSafe-compatible Kickstand Wireless Charger for $12. Normally fetching $20, today’s offer beats our previous mention by $0.50, saves you 40%, and marks a new all-time low. Differing from your average third-party MagSafe-compatible charger, ESR’s option delivers a unique kickstand design that lets you prop up an iPhone 12 while it charges. There’s also a detachable USB-C cable and support for 7.5W charging speeds to complete the package.

Roku’s AirPlay 2 Streambar 4K transforms any TV into an instant home theater at $99

Amazon is offering the Roku Streambar 4K Streaming Media Player for $99. Down from the usual $130, today’s discount is one of the largest we’ve tracked, bringing the price within $2 of the all-time low. The Roku Streambar is a sort of instant home theater, bringing four Dolby Audio speakers and built-in 4K Roku streaming in one space-saving package. Just plug it into your TV’s HDMI port, bring it online, and you’re set to stream from tons of popular channels. The remote also takes voice-commands, and works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and AirPlay 2 – plus the Streambar works as a Bluetooth speaker.

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Why Apple Is Borrowing Money To Pay For $60B Stock Buyback

To bolster its stock in the eyes of investors, Apple recently announced it would buy back $60 billion worth of shares. Such a move makes sense – after all, the iPhone maker does have this cash hoard of nearly $150 billion. However, it turns out Apple won’t touch that money, opting instead to borrow the funds.

By borrowing the money, Apple keeps its billions out of the reach of U.S. taxes, saving the corporate giant money while also retiring expensive stock dividends.

You didn’t think there was any altruism involved, did you? The move, however, isn’t without its pitfalls. Moreover, Apple isn’t alone in a corporate game of chess where it’s all about manipulating the tax code, according to a report Friday…

The Washington Post’s Allan Sloan explains Apple would have to pay U.S. taxes if it used cash in overseas bank accounts to pay for the buyback.

At $410 per share, the buy back would shrink Apple’s dividend load by $12.20 per share.

Since dividend payments are not tax-deductible, the company instead will pay interest (which is deductible) of $12.30 per share to borrow the money.

But, wait, there’s more.

Along with saving money on the buyback, Apple boosts it’s earnings per share, a factor always noticed by Wall Street. If U.S. taxes were only less for corporations, they’d drop the tax shelters and come on home, right?

Maybe not, Sloan writes.

With tax rates at 35 percent, it’s considerably cheaper for Apple to borrow money in the United States than it would be for it to repatriate cash held in foreign subsidiaries. But even if the tax rate were only 25 percent, it would be cheaper for it to borrow than to repatriate.

But Apple borrowing a massive amount of money comes with the risk of awashing the company with debt, and that’s exactly what nearly killed Apple in the 1990s.

Analyst Rob Enderle has his doubts, explaining how Cook’s plan could backfire:

He suspects the move could be part of Cook’s exit strategy and a way for the CEO to give himself a “lucrative golden parachute.”

Here’s the quote:

In the near term, though, the buyback will reduce the number of shares in the market.

In addition, offering a huge dividend will entice more people to buy Apple stock. By the law of supply and demand, which a logistics guy like Cook knows backwards and forwards, the end result, regardless of Apple’s performance, should be a massive stock price increase.

And Tim Cook holds a lot of stock.

At any rate, the use of foreign subsidiaries to lower the taxes of U.S. based corporations is mind-boggling.

Start internationally. You create a subsidiary in a low-tax country, such as Luxembourg.

That subsidiary owns intellectual property it licenses to other subsidiaries located in high-tax countries. The royalty fees are tax-deductible, allowing a multinational corporation to move cash from a high-tax pocket to a low-tax pocket.

It’s a similar story in the United States. Although Apple’s headquarters are in California with a tax rate of 8.84 percent, it has an office in tax-free Nevada.

“Setting up an office in Reno is just one of many legal methods Apple uses to reduce its worldwide tax bill by billions of dollars each year,” the NewYork Times reported in 2012.

As it has in Nevada, Apple has created subsidiaries in low-tax places like Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the British Virgin Islands — some little more than a letterbox or an anonymous office – that help cut the taxes it pays around the world.

Although Apple is lauded for its creative use of design and technology to develop devices consumers fall over themselves to buy, perhaps the most important employees are tax attorneys, according to the Post.

So, what’s your position on the subject?

And did Cook make a grave mistake by borrowing the money instead of spending some of Apple’s cash pile to pay for the stock buyback?

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Global Release Date, Price & Specs

Highlights include a larger display than its predecessors, improved blood oxygen tracking and up to 15-day battery life, but there’s more to this lightweight tracker worth exploring. For the first time ever it’s also been joined by a bigger Band 7 Pro sibling, which has now been launched outside China.

Here we round up all the details on the Mi Band 7, from price to availability, features and more.

When does the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 launch worldwide?

The Mi Band 7 was introduced on 24 May, alongside the Redmi Buds 4 and Redmi Buds 4 Pro, and went on sale in China on 31 May.

The Band 7 was given a European launch on 21 June, with sales launching a day later. We’re still waiting for details on the band’s launch in India though.

Just a few days later, the Band 7 Pro launched in China alongside the Xiaomi 12S phones. It’s the first time we’ve seen a Pro version of Xiaomi’s budget fitness tracker, so there was plenty of speculation as to whether it’d ever be released outside China.

News of a global release eventually arrived, but not until 4 October at an event to launch Xiaomi 12T handsets – a full three months later. It’s not yet clear when the device will go on sale, though.

It’s also worth noting that the global launch of the regular Band 7 doesn’t include the separate NFC version of the tracker. That’s no big surprise, as in the case of Mi Band 6 last year Xiaomi waited a few extra months to launch the NFC version, which came in September 2023 in partnership with Mastercard. We should probably expect similar this time around.

How much does the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 cost?

Pricing has always been aggressive on the Mi Smart Band/Mi Band range, with Xiaomi keeping costs low for customers, but costs are slowly creeping up.

The Mi Band 7 officially costs £54.99/€59.99 (around $65) from the Mi Store. We’re still waiting to find out what it will cost in India. It does cost more than previous models though, with the Band 6 costing just £40/€45/₹3,499 last year.

To reflect the changed design and extra features on offer, the Band 7 Pro is more expensive – £84.99. But an early bird offer from 4-6 October means it’s available for £74.99 instead.

The only other pricing we have is China, where ¥399 translates to around $60/€60. That’s almost double the regular Band 7, which is ¥239 in the country.

What features does the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 offer?

Let’s discuss the two bands separately, starting with the regular model.

Xiaomi Band 7

The most obvious change in the move to the Mi Band 7 is unquestionably the tracker’s new larger display.

While it maintains the signature pill shape of its predecessor, it’s now approximately 25% larger (according to Xiaomi), measuring in at 1.62in; with a higher resolution (490×192) to ensure it’s just as sharp as before (326ppi).

The added screen real estate afforded to Xiaomi by this larger full-colour always-on AMOLED panel has allowed for a reworked UI that can serve up more information at a glance, while some of the 100+ watch faces include animated elements that – thanks to a new chipset – should look smoother.

The Mi Band 7 offers continuous heart rate and (improved) blood oxygen tracking, as well as support for breathing exercises, stress evaluation and female cycle tracking.

Expanding on the 120 supported sport modes, the 7 can also offer insights on VO2 Max, training load, recovery time, training effect. There are four ‘professional’ sport modes (as part of that 120), with automatic workout detection for some activities.

Outside of the Band 7’s activity tracking chops, the wearable also has inbuilt tools like a flashlight, remote camera and music controls (on compatible phones), timers (including the Pomodoro timer), weather, alarms and more.

The NFC model, which for now remains a Chinese exclusive, supports Alipay and WeChat Pay, however, the added functionality sucks a day from that promised 15-day battery life. The Xiao AI assistant also features, granting smart home control with compatible IoT devices.

Here’s the Xiaomi Mi Band 7’s full spec sheet:

Xiaomi Band 7 Pro

The Band 7 Pro sits halfway between a fitness tracker and a proper smartwatch, with a 1.64in display that’s much wider than the regular Band 7’s.


The AMOLED display has 326ppi “retina level” pixel density, and the extra surface area offers more room to display health data and notifications. The resolution is 280 x 456, compared to 192 x 490 on the regular Band 7. The display also includes an ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment.

There’s also an Always On Display option, as with the regular model, and support for 180+ new watch faces, plus a range of colourful wrist bands.

As for tracking, there’s all-day heart rate and SpO2 monitoring, plus sleep tracking. GPS is included by default too.

Exercise tracking includes 117 exercise modes, and with 5ATM water-resistance it’ll work in the pool too.


The bigger design also allows for a larger 235mAh battery, with 12 days of regular usage and six days for heavy users. Charging is faster too, with a full top-up taking just one hour.

1.64in 456×280 AMOLED display


Always-on support

Interchangeable antibacterial TPU straps

Vibration motor

Optical heart rate sensor

Blood oxygen saturation monitoring

Six-axis motion sensor

5ATM water resistance

180+ watch faces

117 sport modes

Contactless Alipay & WeChat Pay support

Smart home control via Xiao AI


235mAh battery

12-day battery life

Full charge = One hour

2 POGO pin magnetic charging

Supports Android 6.0/iOS 10 and up

In the meantime, you can find our recommendations for the best fitness trackers, to see what the competition has to offer competition. Alternatively, take a look at the best smartwatches to buy right now.

Apple Watch Comparison: Which One Is Right For You?

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The Apple Watch is still far and away the most popular line of wearable devices in the world. According to analyst Counterpoint Research, it accounted for more than 30 percent of all smartwatches sold in 2023. The wider range of Apple Watches also contains the best overall smartwatches you can get right now if you’re looking for a “lifestyle” watch that blends fitness tracking, health features, and a secondary interface for notifications, texts, and calls from your phone. In 2023, however, Apple completely overhauled the Apple Watch line with a wave of three new models: the standard Apple Watch Series 8, the budget-friendly second-generation Apple Watch SE, and a new high-end sports watch, the Apple Watch Ultra. Between those three and all of the past models, which you can still find at Amazon and other retailers, you have many options if you’re considering your first Apple Watch or upgrading from an older design. Before you commit to putting a new computer on your wrist, we’ve put together this Apple Watch comparison to help you figure out how to pick the right one for you.

Apple Watch SE 2 vs. Series 8 vs. Ultra

For the most part, we think it’s prudent to focus on Apple’s current set of Watches. They have the latest and greatest tech inside—perfect to pair with that new iPhone 14 Pro Max. All three 2023 watches—even the relatively affordable SE—feature the same processor and motion sensors that enable car crash detection. The 2023 models will also get more watchOS software updates down the road, which means you can hold onto one (or more) longer before your Watch needs replacing. From cheapest to most expensive, here are the three current options and why you may or may not want them:

Apple Watch SE 2

At the same time, the second-generation SE comes closer to parity with the standard Apple Watch than the last generation. It features the same chipset inside and offers the same battery life. It offers the power and features to work effectively as a fitness tracker, sleep tracker, and iPhone companion device for most people. And it costs substantially less. If you just want an Apple Watch that works, and you don’t necessarily care about getting every kind of data, the SE 2 is probably the move.

Apple Watch Series 8 Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra is the most powerful Apple Watch and, frankly, will be overkill for most people. The $799 Apple Watch Ultra is an outdoor-focused “sport” watch, similar to many of Garmin’s high-end wearables. Unlike the other Apple Watches, it’s only in one size—a huge 49mm case—with cellular support and dual-frequency GPS built in. It features a thicker, more durable build with a redesigned digital crown and an extra “Action” button to quickly start workouts and toggle other functions. 

The Ultra gets double the battery life of the other 2023 Apple Watches—36 hours versus 18 hours on the Series 8 and SE—which is great for everyone, but many of its features are designed for athletes and outdoorsy folk dealing with harsh conditions. Its powerful built-in speakers enable a loud SOS siren if you get lost in the woods. Improved waterproofing, certifications, and a dedicated app qualify it as a diving computer. The three-microphone array is burlier than normal to improve call clarity in situations with power interference from blizzards and powerful winds. It even has specialty bands for specific activities like diving and endurance training.

Given the difference in price and specificity of its feature set, you should only consider getting the Apple Watch Ultra if you are either a serious athlete or a fan of outdoor activities that require specialized equipment like climbing, off-trail hiking, and diving. If that sounds like your speed, you’re better off comparing the Apple Watch Ultra to the best Garmin smartwatches, as well as top picks from other brands like Suunto.

What about the older Apple Watches?

Though Apple’s lineup is limited to those three watches, there are still plenty of ways to get your hands on an older-model Apple Watch. If you aren’t concerned with getting a handful of new features in the Series 8, such as low-power mode, Car Crash Detection, and temperature sensors for ovulation tracking, the Apple Watch Series 7 is still a very appealing, very viable option. Likewise, the Apple Watch Series 6 gives you most of the same functionality as the Series 7 and Series 8, though you’ll be stuck with a smaller display, which makes a bigger difference than you think.

I would not recommend going further back than the Series 6 at this point. Independent of the features you’ll lose access to model by model, the older Apple Watches inevitably offer shorter lifespans. With every new version of watchOS, the Apple Watch’s operating system, the company will inevitably shut off support for each older watch, leaving you without access to new software-enabled features and security updates. It may be cheaper, but we can’t recommend you buy an Apple Watch Series 4, knowing that it will likely become obsolete in less than 12 months. And suppose you’re using an Apple Watch Series 3, which Apple sold until earlier this year but stopped supporting with watchOS 9. In that case, you should consider upgrading soon to ensure your watch remains secure, especially if you use it for Apple Pay.

What size watch face should you get?

The new Apple Watch SE offers two case sizes, 40mm and 44mm. Series 8 features a larger size range at 41mm and 45mm. The Apple Watch Ultra comes in a single, extra-large 49mm size. Though it sounds small, even a 1mm difference can feel quite striking on your wrist and looks substantially larger.

If you’re unsure what size would feel right, we recommend going to an Apple store or other retailer and trying all sizes on to see what feels right. If one Watch feels noticeably better than the others, go with it. A bigger screen is an upgrade, but it won’t matter if the Watch feels bulky or uncomfortable on your wrist. 

Which Apple smartwatch is the best fitness tracker?

The new Heart zones feature in watchOS 9 enhances runs on any Apple Watch. Mike Epstein

The Apple Watch Ultra has special features that make it the best fitness tracker for certain kinds of athletes and workouts. The action button on the side of the watch makes it easier to switch between legs of a race or training if you’re in the middle of a multi-phase workout, for example. It also offers superior GPS for more accurate tracking while using the Apple Watch’s “Race Route” feature to create and follow a work routine.

That said, in terms of heart tracking and data collection, the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra feature the same sensors for tracking your heart rate and movement. If you’re looking for a watch to bring to the gym or track your outdoor runs, the Series 8 is probably the right call.

Is the stainless steel Apple Watch upgrade worth it?

In addition to the standard recycled aluminum body, you can pay extra for an Apple Watch Series 8 made from stainless steel. The Apple Watch Ultra features a highly durable titanium body. Both metals are tougher than aluminum and won’t scratch or dent as easily. Perhaps more importantly, the stainless steel Series 8 and the Ultra come with an extra-hard sapphire crystal over the display. Having worn both models extensively, I can say that the sapphire crystal upgrade clearly resists scratches and damage better than the Ion-X glass used in the standard Series 8 and SE 2 displays. We haven’t had any problems with scratches or breakage with the Ion-X glass, though, so it isn’t a huge concern if you’re not putting it in harm’s way regularly. 

Of course, that extra durability—and the additional colorways—will cost you. The stainless steel case models start at $699, and the Apple Watch Ultra costs $799. If you plan to keep one watch for a long time, the additional durability may be worth it. That said, you shouldn’t worry about your watch being highly fragile if you don’t.

Do you need cellular data on the Apple Watch?

When making your own Apple Watch comparison, whether or not you need cellular data is a major feature difference between models. The Watch itself costs more with cellular built-in: it’s a $50 premium for the SE and an extra $100 on the Series 8. Then you’ll have to factor in the cost of the data itself. Most carriers will charge you about $10 per month extra to add basic data to your Watch. Check with your carrier for compatibility before making a purchase. 

That extra expense may be worth it for some people because it allows them to use many Apple Watch features without lugging around an iPhone. So, if you run without a phone, you can still make calls and listen to music from streaming services. 

So, which Apple Watch should you buy?

Without any information about you, dear reader, we think the Apple Watch Series 8 offers the best balance between price and functionality. If that doesn’t ring true, if there are things you really want (or don’t want) that steer you to another watch, we totally get it. That’s why we made this Apple Watch comparison. The important thing is finding the Apple Watch that fits your life.

Best Cases For Apple Watch Ultra In 2023

The Apple Watch Ultra is the most rugged and feature-packed wearable made by Apple yet. And no doubt it can withstand a lot and does not really need a case to protect it, but my mind says otherwise. If you’re among the ones looking to get a case for your newly bought Apple Watch Ultra, I’ve curated a list of the best Apple Watch Ultra cases you can get right now.

1. Spigen Rugged Armor case – Editor’s choice

Spigen is one of the few brands renowned for making rugged and slim cases that provide great protection to your devices. The Spigen Rugged Armor is the perfect choice for those looking to bulk up the Apple Watch Ultra further until it depicts the legendary G-Shock watches. It even has RUGGED ARMOR and SHOCK RESIST engraved on the top and bottom bezel, with an angular design protruding to protect the screen. 

Crafted from durable thermoplastic polyurethane, which is TPU in simple words, the Rugged Armor case sports a unibody design. It also boasts precise cutouts not only for the sensors at the back but also for the Digital Crown, three microphone holes, 10 speaker holes, and a button above the action button that retains the original tactile feedback as the device. 


Rugged build

Made from durable TPU

Tactile buttons


Adds a little bulk

Check out on Amazon

2. Misxi hard PC case – Clear cover

Clear cases allow you to flaunt the design of your device while also ensuring protection. The Misxi hard polycarbonate case is an ultra-thin protective case. It comes with a tempered glass screen protector, which features 9H hardness and helps retain the natural touch and feel of the Apple Watch Ultra’s display. Moreover, it does not degrade the display quality. 

You no longer need to worry about scratching the display. It is a clear case with precise cutouts for the Digital Crown, microphone, and speakers. The process to apply the case is quite simple too. Also, you get 2 transparent protective cases with screen protectors in the box. You can now flaunt your Apple Watch and protect it simultaneously. 


9H hardness tempered glass

Clear case with precise cutouts


Users report the case houses dust within gaps

Check out on Amazon

3. Qoosea bumper case – Shockproof option

The Qoosea shockproof bumper case is a 360-degree protective case that covers all four corners and the sides of your Apple Watch Ultra. The case is made from high-quality, shock-absorbing (thermoplastic polyurethane) TPU, which offers more durability and protection than traditional polycarbonate.

Cutouts for cases are not always accurate, but that is not the case with Qoosea shockproof bumper case. Moreover, it is easy to apply as you don’t need to take the Apple Watch off your hands and can just snap the case in. It does not interfere when changing the Watch Band, either. And you get two cases for the price of one.


Rugged build with 360-degree protection

Can install the case without taking off the Apple Watch



No significant cons

Check out on Amazon

4. VeveXiao rugged case – With strap band 

The VeveXiao rugged case for the Apple Watch is a unique product. It isn’t just a case but rather has straps attached to the case made out of the same materials. While we’re on the topic of materials, the case is made from PC, the band is made from flexible TPU, and a stainless steel buckle to help adjust the band to fit your wrists perfectly.

The bezels are raised to protect the screen from scratches, and the materials with a shockproof design ensure to cushion your watch from accidental bumps and drops. Furthermore, the cutouts are precise and do not hinder with the functioning of any of the sensors. If you have owned the Apple Watch and tend to change bands frequently, the VeveXiao is an excellent choice as it comes in 12 different color options, so you can make a collection out of it as well. 


Shockproof design

A case with straps attached to it

Stainless steel buckle

Wide range of colors to choose from


No significant cons

Check out on Amazon

5. Tocol ultra-thin case – Fine design 

The Tocol ultra-thin case for Apple Watch Ultra comes in a pair and offers excellent protection without bulking the watch. The pack also includes a pair of tempered glass screen protectors. Both of these products combined offer military-grade protection. It was drop-tested more than 3,000 times from a height of 8 FT, and there was no damage to the screen.

You no longer have to worry about scratching the screen or the casing of your Apple Watch Ultra. Moreover, the sleek and minimal design, especially the Golden colorway of the case, blends with the Apple Watch Ultra casing. The cutouts for the speaker and mic grilles are precise. Finally, you can wirelessly charge your watch without removing the case. 


2 cases in different colors 

2 tempered glass screen protectors

Minimal design and excellent protection

Value for money


No significant cons

Check out on Amazon

6. DGYSG Translucent Hard Case – Tactical protection 

The DGYSG translucent hard case is a perfect fit for people who find the Apple Watch Ultra to be small on their wrists or just want to protect it from all fronts. It has four color options and uses a crystal-hard polycarbonate case that offers rugged protection. And, while the case looks bulky, it weighs 14 grams. So no compromises on protection. 

The cutouts are accurate on the case and come with matching watch bands too. These are made out of soft rubber and feature a 316L steel buckle. Your device will be protected from all angles. However, you might need an additional screen protector if you’re particular about safeguarding the solid display. 


Unique design 

360-degree protection 

Multiple color options


Bulky design 

Slightly expensive 

Check out on Amazon

7. Caseology Vault Case – Slim and light 

Caseology is yet another widely popular case manufacturer. They sell quality products, and the Caseology Vault is a testament to the same. It is a slim case carved out of flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU). If you’re tired of smooth finishes on products and love the sandstone-like feel, the Vault case is a perfect fit for you with its rough and grainy texture. 

Additionally, you will not miss out on the satisfactory tactile feel of the Side or Action buttons, as the cutouts are exact. It comes with raised bezels to protect the screen. However, if you want complete protection, good-quality tempered glass will do the job. Lastly, even though it sports a sleek design, it is certified with military-grade protection. 


Sleek design

Sandstone texture finish

Military-grade certification 


No significant cons 

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8. ECSEM Case pack – Multiple choices 

The Apple Watch Ultra is only available in one color option. While many might be okay with it, I’m not. If you’re someone like me and want to customize the Apple Watch Ultra to match your outfits, the 10-pack bumper case pack from ECSEM is where your search should end.

You get 10 cases, all different colors, made from flexible TPU material. The icing on the cake is that the case comes with a built-in screen protector too. The cutouts are precise, and you get 12 months of warranty too. 


All round protection 

10 cases to match any watch band or your outfits



The shiny color coating makes the case look cheap

Going by reviews, fit and finish is questionable

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9. amBand Protective Bumper – G-Shock lookalike

Want to convert your Apple Watch Ultra into a G-Shock? At least in terms of design, you can do it with the amBand Protective Bumper case. It is a complete package, as you get a bumper case attached to rubber watch straps. It also comes with a pair of auto-alignment screen protectors that are rated for 9H of mineral hardness. 

amBand used a premium TPU band and raised bezels that offer shock protection. The cutouts are not only precise, but there are metal buttons for the Side and Action buttons that improve their tactility. For those craving exclusivities, scanning the QR code in the box will get you a classic watch face from amBand for free. 


Excellent build quality

Auto alignment tempered glass included 

360-degree protection 


Non-removable bands 

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10. V-MORO Metal Bumper – Switch to analog 

Do you want your Apple Watch Ultra to blend in with your formal attire? Or do you want it to look a little like an analog watch? If that is what you’re looking for, the Metal Bumper case by V-MORO is the perfect fit. It also comes with a stainless steel strap, so you do not have to purchase one separately. Few might want to do this with a smartwatch, but I’m here to provide you with multiple choices. 

You will have to fit the Apple Watch Ultra in a silicone case. Only after this should you fit the whole module in the stainless steel case. While the installation process might be a little lengthy, the overall results achieved by it are going to be worth it, especially if you want your watch to appear more classy and match your formal outfits. 


Stainless steel build 

Silicone case to prevent the watch from scratching 

Packed in an exquisite box which makes it a great gifting option 

Watch band adjuster


Adds significant weight

Lengthy installation process

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