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There are a lot of ways that you can customize Android. One of them is to use a custom launcher, or more commonly known as homescreen replacement app. One of the more popular ones is probably Nova Launcher.


Nova Launcher Prime is definitely an app specifically designed for die hard Android fans – the kind of fan that isn’t totally happy with the level of customization that the free version of Nova gives up and wants to get just a little bit more out of it.

When you purchase it, you unlock the door to some honestly awesome features. I have to be honest, the upgrade has some serious utility behind it. Prime has a feature that I cannot live without on Android: the custom app drawer group feature. With this, you can move and separate your apps into little groups (like pictured above). It’s awesome and is actually the single reason I no longer use folders to organize apps on my home screen.

Another thing I really love is the unread badge feature. With this, you’ll be able to tell if you have a new email or SMS with a glance at your home screen. It’s super handy, and I’m not sure I could use my Nexus 5 without it at this point.

When it comes to features, app drawer groups and the unread badge feature are really the only things that jump out at me. That is just me though. I’m a bit of a minimalist, so I don’t really care about all the bells and whistles. You might find that some of the features I outline in this review are uninteresting, while things that I didn’t like are great.

While I didn’t find any issues when it comes to Prime’s features or anything like that, there is something about the Nova Launcher Prime upgrade that doesn’t totally sit right with me. The app, well, it’s a little pricey. I understand, everyone has to make a living. I get that. I just secretly hope that it will come down in price. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that 4 dollars is a lot for an app.

I use Nova Launcher Prime just about every day on all of my devices. I have no desire to change that. I’ve never had a crashing issue, a memory usage issue or anything along those lines. It’s the fastest launcher out there as far as I can tell. If you love Nova Launcher, you’ll probably like the upgrade.

Pros/Cons Pros


Incredibly stable

Customization options beat all other launchers out there

Great storage and ram usage


Tad pricey


Overall, Nova Launcher Prime is a fairly decent upgrade. I might disagree with the developers choice in pricing, but it’s not a total deal breaker and I am sure many others will find the price affordable. For a Nova Launcher fan, upgrading to Prime is just the icing on an already awesome cake. If you’re already a huge fan of the free launcher, the upgrade is a no brainier.

Derrik Diener

Derrik Diener is a freelance technology blogger.

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How To Use Nova Launcher Like A Pro

Bored of seeing your native Home screen every time you unlock your phone? If you answered that question with a disappointing sigh, then you’re ought to give Nova Launcher a shot. This fascinating launcher comes with a bunch of personalization features, allowing you the freedom of customizing your Android device endlessly.

A phone with a completely new interface seems captivating and will surely make you popular among your peers. This is the reason why it has been a willful choice for a majority of Android users across the globe. However, it’s important that you become familiar with its prominent features to use it like a pro. So let’s get started!

Of course, to get started, you’ll need to download Nova Launcher from Play Store. Now here comes a tough decision i.e. choosing between Nova Launcher (the free version) and Nova Launcher Prime (the paid one). Though we recommend using Nova Launcher Prime for one simple reason — versatility. So, go ahead and make your choice. Once you download the launcher, set it as your default launcher on your smartphone and follow the steps given below:

Best Nova Launcher Tips

Here are some great tips to help you become a pro at using Nova Launcher.

Nova dark mode

Android 10 has brought a plethora of handy features for us to enjoy, but none of them has been as wildly celebrated as the introduction of the system-wide dark mode.

It’s been only two weeks since the official unveiling of Android 10, and Nova Launcher has already revealed a dark mode capable of following Android 10’s dark mode settings. Upon enabling it, Nova Launcher will adhere to Android 10’s dark mode settings, making sure there’s no disparity between the two.

You’ll need to enroll yourself to the Nova Launcher beta program and download software version 6.2.2 BETA (Sept 16, 2023) to access the feature.

Step 1: Go to Nova Settings and tap on Night mode.

Step 2: Tap on the dropdown menu at the top-right corner.

Step 3: Select System.


Go to Nova Settings, tap on home screen from the settings menu.

Tap on Search bar place, from the newly appeared list, tap on Dock ( above icons) or Dock (below icons) as per your preference.

Close the app.

Long press on Google Search bar on the Home Screen.

From the newly appeared list, tap on replace option.

Under Row widgets section, select the app widget you want to replace with the search bar.

Tap on create to add a widget to your home screen.

Enable weather display on Google Search Bar

Another cool feature that you can enable with Nova Launcher is to display weather report on the Google Search bar. However, as this is an experimental feature, it’s hidden under the Labs Menu of Nova Settings.

Go to Nova Settings. Long Press on the Volume down button to enable Labs Menu.

Now scroll down and open Labs from the settings menu.

Tap Allow in the newly appeared popup to allow access to the device’s location.

Close Nova settings.

Weather will be displayed on the Google Search Bar on Home Screen as shown below.

This feature allows you to access the default weather app directly from the search bar, which is lovely.

Double Tap to Lock Screen

Most of the Android devices allow you the option to lock the home screen with a swift double-tap, but for those who cannot use this feature, the Nova Launcher can be a great alternative. It allows you to set the Double Tap gesture to lock your phone screen with ease.

Open the Nova Settings and navigate to Gestures & Inputs.

Choose Double Tap from the list of gestures.

Select Screen Lock option on the double tap menu.

Close the app.

Double tap anywhere on your Home screen.

Choose your desired screen lock option in the screen lock method.

On the next popup, tap on Activate this device in admin app option and you are done.

Here is a quick video for your convenience.

Write down a quick Note using Google Keep from Home Screen

Adding a quick Google Keep note requires the use of Gestures in Nova Launcher (which is why you need Nova Launcher Prime). You need to set a gesture that opens a floating window for Google Keep.

Open the Nova Launcher Settings

Navigate to Gestures & Inputs.

Select a Gesture to be used for launching the floating window (Eg: double tap)

On the next step, go to the Apps section.

Locate and tap Keep.

Close the app.

Return to Home Screen, Use the set Gesture to take notes instantly.

Use Notification badge that reminds you of unread notifications

Been missing important notifications? Try the notification badges in Nova Launcher Prime to remedy the situation. You can set a dot or other indicators on the app icons to remind you that you have some unread notifications.

You can choose between three types of badges: Dynamic, Dots, and Numeric badges. You can customize their position, size, and colors too. However, the unread count feature is limited to the Prime version, and this option requires the notification access on your smartphone which needs to be granted manually. Follow these steps to set up this feature.

Open Nova Settings.

Select any notification badge style.

Grant permissions to Nova Launcher Prime to access notifications.

Choose the position & size of your notification badges.

Turn on show notification content on long-press of badge option.

NOTE: Install Tesla Unread App from Google Play Store, Give the notification access to Tesla unread app in the settings, Set the Notification Badge to Tesla Unread to get the number of unread notifications from the app on any Android device or you can enroll in the Nova Launcher Beta program and update the Nova Launcher to the latest beta and use its Numeric dots style to set the numeric notification badge on the app icons.

Swipe up on Apps

As we say, gestures are Nova prime’s forte, and they start right on the Home screen. The best part is that you can assign swipe up on an app icon to open a specific activity in the app.

For example, you could enable Swipe up action on the dialer to open your favorite notes app, simplifying the process of noting down important contact information. Follow the steps below to enable one of the best features in Nova Launcher.

Long press on any app icon on the desktop.

You could also apply them to app icons on your home screen, which would then allow you to open a different app with a simple swipe up on another app icon. This is a very handy feature for doubling up the function of an icon.

For example, you could have two of your favorite apps and decide to launch one with a tap and another with a swipe, both using the same icon. The below video clip illustrates how we can launch the QR Code Scanner just by using swipe up on the camera.

Enable Google Now Search Feed

Nova Launcher has full integration with Google Now Search Feed. Simply swipe left on your Home screen and you’ll be greeted with your Google Now Feed with personalized news, updates, schedules, and more.

This feature works on the free version as well and any Android smartphone running Marshmallow or above should be able to make use of the feature.

For this to work, you need to install Google Companion APK. Since this Google Companion app is not available through Play Store, you’ll need to ensure that your device is capable of installing APK files downloaded off the internet.

As per our experience, the integration of the Google Now Page in Nova Launcher works flawlessly. Follow the steps to enable Google Now:

Go to Nova Settings, Navigate to Integrations.

Download Google Nova Companion APK from here.

Install the APK on your phone, swipe left from Home Screen to get to Google Now feed.

Go to Home screen, swipe left from anywhere to access Google Now feed.

NOTE: Earlier Nova’s Google Now feed didn’t support the dark mode like the Pixel Launcher. In the latest Nova Launcher beta 6.1, the Google Now (now known as Discover) panel theme can be customized to light, dark, or follow night mode option. To enable this, follow these steps.

Use the drop-down to set the theme of Google Discover to Dark.

Swipe left from the home screen and check the Google Now feed in full dark glory.

Customize the Google Search Bar

Nova Launcher allows users to resize, re-style, re-position, re-color, and even tweak the logo of Google Search Bar. We can add weather information on the Google Search Bar which is given as tip no. 2 of this article. Follow the steps to customize the Google Search bar.

Long Press the Google Search Bar on Home screen.

Set the Bar style, color, logo style.

Check the Voice Search and select Assistant.

You could also add the weather icon to the search bar as mentioned in the second tip.

Hide Apps and Folders

Every smartphone user has at least one private app on their device that they don’t want anyone to open.

Nova Launcher Prime also allows you to hide the app from the app drawer, shielding it from the prying eyes. You can hide as many Android apps as you want on Nova Launcher. Follow these steps to hide apps.

Open Nova Settings.

Select the option to hide apps.

Select any app you want to hide.

Your apps will no longer be visible in the App Drawer.

Nova Launcher also allows users to Hide folders behind an App icon. You can swipe up on the app icon to reveal the folder hidden behind it. This is a great way to access all your frequently used apps quickly without cluttering your home screen with icons and folders.

Create a folder of apps on the home screen.

Turn on Swipe to open folder option.

Set Tap action to the First item in the folder.

Go to Nova settings, Navigate to folders.

Select Folder icon appearance, set transparency to 100%.

Go to home screen, Swipe up on the App icon to reveal all apps in the folder.

Another superb feature of Nova Launcher Prime is the ability to set different tabs in the app drawer. It offers a wider range of app drawer-customization options with a number of helpful features to keep your app drawer organized.

Nova Launcher’s Drawer Groups provides options for app drawer tabs and folders, making it easier to find the app you’re after. It allows you to differentiate between your entertainment apps, productivity apps, social apps, etc.

Open Nova Settings.

Set the Top Bar style from Search Bar to Tap Bar.

Name the tab. Tab gets created in the app drawer.

App Icons and Shortcuts

Long pressing on apps opens a list of shortcuts you can instantly access, like navigating to home using Google Maps, Opening your favorite channel on YouTube, Going to battery options inside settings. Long Press on the app icon in drawer, edit, access app shortcuts, uninstall, access widgets, etc.

Nova dark mode

Android 10 has brought a plethora of handy features for us to enjoy, but none of them has been as wildly celebrated as the introduction of the system-wide dark mode.

It’s been only two weeks since the official unveiling of Android 10, and Nova Launcher has already revealed a dark mode capable of following Android 10’s dark mode settings. Upon enabling it, Nova Launcher will adhere to Android 10’s dark mode settings, making sure there’s no disparity between the two.

You’ll need to enroll yourself to the Nova Launcher beta program and download software version 6.2.2 BETA (Sept 16, 2023) to access the feature.

Step 1: Go to Nova Settings and tap on Night mode.

Step 2: Tap on the dropdown menu at the top-right corner.

Step 3: Select System.


Miscellaneous Tips

If you’re prone to deleting things accidentally or moving icons and widgets all over your home screen, then you can even lock your Home screen layout. You can do it simply with a double-tap.

Use the Nova Backup option to back up the settings. This will allow you to set up a new phone with Nova Launcher. So that you can simply import the settings and allow Nova to take care of the rest.

Nova Launcher also allows users to set two different styles in folders like the Immersive mode – Which occupies the screen and shows up all apps in the folder or the Window mode – which opens as a small floating window to show the apps in the folder.

Download Nova Launcher

There are features like Aggressive desktop that helps in caching and preloading to reduce apps and launcher opening/closing times.

→ Download Nova Launcher from the Play Store


Best Vpns For Amazon Prime Video

Best VPNs for Amazon Prime Video What to look for in a VPN for Amazon Prime?

In order to be able to provide unrestricted access to content online, a VPN has to have the servers in the desired locations. Also, the IP Address Masking should be top notch to make it unidentifiable by the Firewalls used by these streaming Websites to stop the make geo-restrictions Effective.

A VPN for Amazon Prime should also feature Unlimited Bandwidth in order to provide unhindered viewing experience to the viewers.

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Best VPNs for Amazon Prime Video: 1.  Systweak VPN:

Systweak VPN ensures robust IP Address Masking to make it unidentifiable by the Content Streaming Site Firewalls to provide unrestricted Amazon Prime Video experience.

Also, Systweak VPN offers unlimited bandwidth in order to provide you an unhindered viewing experience. With all these given features, Systweak VPN absolutely deserves to be on the top of the list of Best VPNs for Prime Video.

4500+ servers

200+ locations

53+ Countries

IP Address Masking

Unlimited Bandwidth

Only available for Windows Operating System


Monthly: $9.95

Yearly: $71.40

Download Now Systweak VPN

For More Information about Systweak VPN

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2. NordVPN:

second on our list of Amazon Prime Video VPN is NordVPN one of the most popular VPNs in the world. NordVPN has 5400 servers in 59 different countries. Another reason why VPNs boast a huge number of servers is that it implies lesser load on a single server and faster transfer speeds which is highly needed in an Amazon Prime Video VPN.

NordVPN even has a handful of Amazon Prime Video dedicated servers to provide you unhindered viewing experience. NordVPN works on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android Platforms. IP Address Masking is also top notch in NordVPN. Hence, NordVPN is one of the top contenders for the list of Best VPNs for Amazon Prime Video.

5400 Servers around the world

59 Countries

Supports all the Platforms

Great IP Address Masking


Monthly: $11.95

Yearly: $59.00

2-Year: $89.00

Download Now

3. Surfshark:

Another popular VPN for Prime Video is Surfshark VPN. Surfshark, in addition to unblocking the Amazon Prime Video, also works with Netflix, Hulu, and other such streaming platforms.

It is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS. Surfshark is highly popular in China. However, Surfshark offers a very small pool of server networks. Like the other two options, IP address Masking is on point with Surfshark.

Works in China

Available for All different Operating Systems

On point IP Address Masking Feature

Smaller Pool of Servers


Monthly: $12.95

Half Yearly: $38.94

Yearly: $59.76

Download Now

4.  CyberGhost:

Another versatile Amazon Prime Video VPN on our list of Best VPNs for Prime Video is CyberGhost. CyberGhost VPN boasts a Vast pool of 6800 servers in more than 90 countries around the globe.

CyberGhost VPN is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS. The Android and Windows Version of CyberGhost VPN even gives the option to choose the servers based upon what streaming services you want to unlock. With all these features, CyberGhost VPN is a viable option when considering Amazon Prime Video VPNs.

Large Pool of Servers

90+ Countries

Offers Great Speed

Doesn’t work in China

Download Now

5. ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for almost everything. The only downside with using ExpressVPN for Amazon Prime Video is there are only a handful of servers suitable for the purpose in the US. Although you have 24 Hour live chat support to help you out with those servers, it would have been better if there were more servers.

ExpressVPN works on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS platforms. Also, the ExpressVPN app is marvelously designed to help the customers. Also, other factors like encryption and tunneling protocols work amazing.

Awesome App

Works on all platforms

Great Customer Support

Only a handful of servers support the Amazon Prime Video.

Costs a little more than its rivals


Monthly: $12.95

6 Months: $59.95

Yearly: $99.95

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5 Top Prime Brokerage Firms For Crypto Assets

Prime brokerage is a suite of services provided by large investment banks, such as Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley, whereby they help to facilitate the trading activities of financial institutions such as hedge funds. Services include the lending of securities or cash, leveraged trade executions, asset custody, or preparation of account statements. However, the core service is single access to global liquidity – meaning an institution can conduct all its trading activities in a one-stop-shop, without having to go to multiple trading outlets.

Until recently, these kinds of services weren’t available in the cryptocurrency markets, and so far, none of the large investment banks has ventured into providing these services to crypto investors. Therefore, several firms are now seeking to fill this gap in the market. Because this is a relatively new niche, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to the range of services on offer.

TroyTrade is a global prime broker providing a full-stack integrated trading platform alongside a suite of services for institutional clients and professional traders. The Troy trading platform offers single and direct access to global cryptocurrency liquidity across different instruments, including tokens, futures, and other derivatives. The platform is integrated with all the major exchanges including Binance, BitMEX, Coinbase, Kraken and more, offering unparalleled liquidity across all the spot trading pairs and derivatives traded at these venues.

Alongside the trading platform, TroyTrade also offers sophisticated data analytics features, including blockchain data, trading data, market data, and media data. These are optimized with AI and quantitative models to provide meaningful and accurate sentiment analysis of the cryptocurrency markets. Furthermore, clients get access to a brokerage service with real-time fund transfer and settlement, including margin and OTC services.

TroyTrade is powered by the Troy Network, a decentralized protocol for global trading and settlement. In a similar way to exchange tokens like Binance Coin, holders of the TROY token can access benefits such as discounts on trading and margin lending fees.

TroyTrade was founded in 2023 and is backed by investment firms including Block VC and NGC Ventures. The company is led by Kira Sun, who brings extensive experience in designing crypto asset management products, including BVC16 index fund and Pure Alpha fund.

BCB Group

BCB Group is a regulated financial services provider with a focus on digital assets. Like TroyTrade, BCB Group also provides a trading platform as a gateway to the global cryptocurrency markets, offering execution, settlement, and reporting services to institutional clients. The platform supports trading in ten cryptocurrencies, with native onshore settlement in GBP, USD, EUR, CHF, and ZAR or wholesale FX rates for other currencies.

BCB’s trading channels include a web UI, encrypted voice and messaging channels, and a low latency API covering live pricing, trading, and reporting. Compliance is covered through a multitude of real-time transaction and position reporting options.

Founded in 2023, the company is based in London and is regulated in the UK and Switzerland. Alongside the trading platform, the company also offers custody services for digital assets and business accounts to blockchain-based companies.


Quantreq is a cryptocurrency and digital assets capital markets firm. The company provides a variety of services to institutions, including portfolio margin trading, crypto fund administration, and prime brokerage through its QTrade Prime platform.

Using QTrade Prime means crypto funds only need to open one account with Quantreq for trading across 20 exchanges covering spot markets, crypto derivatives and options, and Quantreq’s institutional cryptocurrency lending desk.

The company also gives users access to its multi-signature treasury hot wallet, which enables fast funding of custodial counterparties for quicker trading. The wallet is fully insured. Quantreq also makes its institutional research from market analysts available to users.

Quantreq was founded in 2023 and serves clients in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Tagomi is a cryptocurrency brokerage firm offering a range of services to institutions and individual investors and traders. The trading platform provides access to 14 exchanges via a single account. The company also provides margin, shorting, and lending, along with secure multiparty custody services. Tagomi also commits to providing the details underlying the price of every trade on its platform, as a way of ensuring transparency.

Tagomi’s platform went live at the end of 2023, and the company launched its lending feature in Q3 2023. It has backing from partners including Paradigm and Pantera Capital and was the 18th company to receive the New York Bitlicense.


Caspian provides a complete asset management solution. Like the other companies listed here, it provides a single gateway to multiple trading venues. However, the Caspian software also offers other benefits, including a portfolio management system, compliance, and risk management, along with a reporting feature.

Caspian is a joint venture between two companies – Tora Trading Services and Kenetic Trading Systems. Tora is a leading order execution management trading platform for equities and derivatives, while Kenetic is a proprietary trading and investment firm focusing on digital assets and blockchain-related companies. The management team behind Caspian is made up of senior executives from both companies, combining expertise in software, investment, economics, and blockchain development.

Final Thoughts

The emergence of prime trading services is yet more evidence that the cryptocurrency markets are growing up. Over time, it’s likely that more firms, and perhaps even the existing prime brokerage providers from the traditional markets, will enter the digital asset space. If this happens, the incumbents will have to up their game to ensure they’re providing a broad range of world-class services, making them invaluable to their clients.

Huawei Nova 10 Pro Review: Selfie


Fantastic main selfie camera

Strong rear cameras

Slim and light


No 5G

No official Google support

No IP rating

Weird secondary selfie zoom lens

Our Verdict

Huawei’s hardware holds its own against the competition for the most part, especially thanks to the excellent main selfie camera and slender design, but the Nova 10 Pro is held back by the lack of 5G and official Google software support.

Huawei’s phone business may not be what it once was, but the company hasn’t stopped releasing phones despite market challenges that have seen it forced to offer its own OS and stick to 4G. 

For the most part it’s the company’s flagships that have grabbed attention over the last few years, such as the new Mate 50 Pro or foldables including the Mate Xs 2. But it’s releasing a few more affordable phones too, including this: the Nova 10 Pro. 

Launched at the IFA tradeshow in September 2023, the Nova 10 Pro is a blingy phone that pairs a… distinct aesthetic with a focus on powerful front-facing cameras – a clear play for the social media savvy selfie crowd. But are those cameras powerful enough to overcome shortcomings elsewhere? 

Design & build 

Glitzy black and silver designs with gold accents 

Slim and fairly lightweight 

No IP rating or Gorilla Glass 

You couldn’t accuse Huawei of phoning in the Nova 10 Pro’s design, and its designers clearly picked an aesthetic early on and ran with it.

Dominic Preston / Foundry

Available in either black or silver, the phone is adorned with a sparkly finish and gold accents around the logo and camera. I can’t say I’m a fan of the style, but there’s no accounting for taste – this may well be right up your street. 

The upside either way is that the Nova 10 Pro is slim, at just 7.9mm thick, and feels pretty lightweight too. The curved screen and frame complete the effect, making this a slender, premium device that both looks and feels expensive, which is clearly what Huawei is going for. 

It may look a bit like a flagship, but be warned that some of those similarities are surface-level. Unlike more expensive phones this has no IP rating – a guarantee of protection against dust and water – and doesn’t use Gorilla Glass or any equivalent toughened coating.

That means this is a phone you’ll definitely want to put in a case, and probably a tougher one than the bog standard transparent plastic one included as a freebie. 

Screen & speakers 

Large 6.78in display 

Curved OLED with 120Hz refresh rate 

Typical quality stereo speakers 

It’s a good thing that the Nova 10 Pro is slim, because the 6.78in display is bigger than average even by modern Android standards. That will of course be a good thing for many, but bear it in mind if you prefer phones you can comfortably use with one hand. 

Dominic Preston / Foundry

It’s a great screen at least: a bright, OLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate. Colours are punchy, and the peak brightness is sufficient to keep the phone usable in direct sunlight. There’s basically not much to complain about here. 

The curved edges aren’t so aggressive as to be annoying, and palm detection prevents most accidental touches. 

As for audio, you’ll find stereo speakers, but they’re not much to write home about. Sound quality is fine, but still a little tinny. Standard fare for a smartphone really – it’ll do in a pinch, or deliver the goods while you’re gaming, but it won’t ever blow you away. 

Specs & performance 

Mid-range Snapdragon chipset 

Under-powered for the price 

No 5G support 

The Nova 10 Pro is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G. That’s a mid-range chip, and a slightly old one at that. It’s absolutely fast enough for most day-to-day tasks, and the phone certainly isn’t slow to use, but you will find more power for less in other phones – especially when it comes to graphical performance and gaming.

That means power users and gamers should probably look elsewhere. But if your phone use is mostly made up of social media, messaging, and taking photos, then don’t be put off: this will do all of that perfectly well. 

The chipset is paired with 8GB of RAM, and a choice of either 128GB or 256GB storage – though there’s no card slot to add to that, so make sure it’s enough when you buy the phone. 

The other big caveat here, as with any Huawei phone, is that it’s limited to 4G connections. This is one of the quirks of Huawei’s current US trade restrictions, and how much of a bother it is will depend on your use case.  

Most people still won’t see a huge jump in performance from moving to 5G, but if you expect to be streaming a lot of high-res video, taking video calls on the go, or playing online games when you’re not on Wi-Fi, then being limited to 4G may become a frustration. Of course, that all depends on the availability of 5G connections and plans where you live, so it may be a moot point anyway. 

Camera & video 

Dual selfie camera with unusual zoom lens 

Capable 50Mp rear camera 

Disappointing rear ultrawide 

Cameras have always been one of Huawei’s strong suits. The same as true here, albeit with a twist: the Nova 10 Pro’s focus is on its front-facing cameras, not its rear ones. 

And yes, that is cameras. There are two lenses on the phone’s front: a 60Mp main lens paired with an 8Mp telephoto. That’s an unusual pairing to say the least, especially since that main camera is technically an ultrawide, giving you a zoom range from 0.7x through to 2x optical, and up to a further 5x with digital zoom. 

Dominic Preston / Foundry

There’s good and bad here. It gives you a huge range of selfie shooting options, from group selfies and expansive landscapes through to tight zooms on specific elements.  It defaults to a wide angle, with a second option to crop in slightly, before you crop in further to the 2x telephoto lens.

The wide-angle makes sense – and isn’t so unusual – but how often do you really need to zoom in on a selfie? The default 2x setting here means that I need to hold the camera at full arm’s length just to fit my whole face in frame, and anything further is only good for taking close-ups of my nose – or, I suppose, using the selfie mode to in face surreptitiously take a zoomed-in shot of something behind you. 

Strange as the setup may be, I can’t deny the results. This is one of the best selfie cameras on the market, with the main 60Mp camera delivering remarkably crisp, detailed photos with bright, rich colours and excellent dynamic range.

The 8Mp telephoto impresses a little less, but mostly just because the autofocus here sometimes struggles find its subject, meaning a few of my selfies came out strangely soft. The excellent main selfie camera is still impressive enough to make up for this slightly pointless add-on. 

As for the rear lenses, you get three: a 50Mp main camera, 8Mp ultrawide, and bonus 2Mp depth sensor. 

The main camera is mostly great, as you’d expect from Huawei, though the HDR clearly needs some tinkering – I had a couple shots where it misfired, resulting in aggressive sharpening in some cases and even ugly green and pink artifacting in the sky in one particularly bad case. This seemed particularly bad in dimmer or fading daylight – so much for golden hour producing the best photos.

The ultrawide is a real disappointment. Shots are washed out and often blurry, especially in lower lighting. Even in optimal lighting, the algorithm’s over-aggressive sharpening renders some shots downright awful as soon as you zoom in even a little. Photos will just about pass the glance test on social media, but not any closer inspection. 

One perk of the phone is that you can record 4K video with both the front and back cameras, which isn’t always the case even in more expensive phones. The camera app’s vlogging section also gives you an array of possible layouts to record video with multiple lenses at once, whether that’s one on each side or using different lenses in the same direction. 

Battery & charging 

More than a day’s battery life 

Fast 100W charging 

The Nova 10 Pro is equipped with a 4500mAh battery, which is pretty typical of phones this size. Actual battery life impresses though – I’ve found the phone to comfortably last a full day of use, with battery left into the next. 

I don’t think it’s quite likely to deliver two full days of use except for very light users, but there should be no need for battery anxiety if you can fit in a daily charge. 

Dominic Preston / Foundry

That charging is fast, with a 100W USB-C charger included with the phone. In my testing that was enough to restore 60% of the battery in just 15 minutes – probably about enough for a day’s use – with a full charge taking less than half an hour. 

The only real downside is that there’s no wireless charging support. That’s not too unusual for a mid-range phone, but this is just about expensive enough that I would probably expect to see wireless charging included. 

No support for Google apps or services 

Able to use most – but not all – normal apps 

No firm commitment to ongoing software support 

Huawei’s Google problems are well-documented, but to reiterate in brief: thanks to US trade sanctions, the company is unable to officially license Google Mobile Services for Android.  

That means that while the Nova 10 Pro still runs EMUI, Huawei’s operating system originally based on Android, it doesn’t support the Google Play Store – the de facto Android app store. 

Instead, apps are accessible through two means. AppGallery is Huawei’s Play Store rival, an official portal that includes a small but growing proportion of the overall Android app library. You’ll find officially supported apps including TikTok, Snapchat, and Telegram here, but not every app has been officially ported over. 

Dominic Preston / Foundry

For those, you’ll have to use Huawei’s Petal Search tool to manually install .apk files for other apps – essentially a way to access them unofficially. With this you really can get almost everything you’d have on any other Android phone, but there remain limitations. 

For one, the official Google apps still won’t work this way. There are now some fiddly workarounds to access Google services through shell apps, but I’ve never managed to make them work without terrible lag and stuttering. The best approach is saving web shortcuts to the browser versions of Gmail or Google Calendar, but these are still deeply compromised experiences. 

You’ll also find a handful of third-party apps that simply don’t work, because they rely on Google services to provide sign-in or simply run the app. It’s rare, but you have to accept that every now and then an app just won’t work. 

Dominic Preston / Foundry

Finally, even for those apps that do work, updates are a bit fiddly. They’re not fully automated, and while Petal Search does its best to flag when updates are available, what actually happens when you update is it uninstalls the app and re-installs a more recent .apk. That gets you the newer version, but it takes longer and often forces you to sign into apps all over again after each update. 

As for the OS itself, the phone runs EMUI 12. This still looks and feels an awful lot like other Android phones, albeit with Huawei’s distinct aesthetic and pre-installed apps (of which there are a lot). 

Dominic Preston / Foundry

There are some clever technical integrations with other Huawei tech such as laptops and tablets, which might be enough to tempt you into a Huawei phone if you’re already embedded in the ecosystem, but otherwise there’s little that EMUI does better than Android proper. 

One thing Huawei hasn’t done is publicly commit to a certain number of years of software support for the Nova 10 Pro, so we don’t know how long it will be kept up to date with new features or security patches. 

Price & availability 

The Nova 10 Pro was officially launched in early September, but at the time all Huawei said was that the phone would go on sale “in the coming months.” 

So far that hasn’t happened yet, and it’s still not clear exactly when or where you’ll be able to buy a Nova 10 Pro. A UK launch is likely though, as Huawei did announce pricing in both UK and European currency: £629/€699. 

That’s just above what we consider a mid-range phone, at the low end of the flagship space, where it’s up against the likes of the Google Pixel 7, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Xiaomi 12. 

Dominic Preston / Foundry

Perhaps more appealing than the Pro is the £429/€549 regular Nova 10. It’s fractionally smaller, and has slower (but still impressive) charging at 66W. The biggest difference though is that it drops the 2x zoom selfie lens, but that’s a bit rubbish anyway – you wouldn’t miss it. Check out our ranking of the best Huawei phones for more options from the company.


On a pure hardware level the Nova 10 Pro holds its own against the competition for the most part, especially thanks to the excellent main selfie camera and slender design, though the lack of wireless charging or an IP rating does sting a little, and the rear camera definitely lags behind the competition.

The software constraints and missing 5G hurt more though, and ultimately make this hard to recommend – there’s simply not enough this phone does that others can’t to justify the drawbacks. 

If it cost a little less, the Nova 10 Pro could have been an affordable flagship alternative, but at this price you’re better off sticking with a mainstream Android brand. 


EMUI 12 

6.78in, 120Hz, FHD+ OLED display 

Snapdragon 778G 4G 


128/256GB storage 

4500mAh battery 

100W wired charging 


50Mp, f/1.8 main camera 

8Mp, f/2.2 ultrawide camera 

2Mp, f/2.4 depth sensor 

60Mp, f/2.4 selfie camera 

8Mp, f/2.2 2x zoom selfie camera 


Wi-Fi 6 

Bluetooth 5.2 



Starry Silver, Starry Black 

Minecraft Launcher Won’t Open On Windows 11

Minecraft Launcher Won’t Open on Windows 11 [7 Fixes] Easy steps to restart the game launcher




Corrupted profile files, conflicting software, and outdated device drivers are potential causes for Minecraft Launcher not working in Windows 11.

When the Minecraft Launcher doesn’t open in Windows 11, you might need to delete a profile file.

Some users might be able to fix Minecraft Launcher not opening in 2023/22 by updating device drivers.

Uninstalling or disabling conflicting programs can also fix the Minecraft Launcher not working in Windows 11.



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Launch the tool and Start scanning to find broken files that are causing the problems

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readers this month.

You have found this article because your Minecraft launcher won’t open in Windows 11; here is everything you need to know.

Windows 11 has been out for a while now, and more and more users are playing Minecraft on this platform.

However, some players have had a few Minecraft issues on the latest desktop platform. For example, some have said they can’t open the Minecraft Launcher in Windows 11.

As you might expect, the launcher is essential for starting Minecraft, and having it malfunction will stop you from accessing the game entirely. Some fanatics might be tempted to roll back to Windows 10 for this reason, but this is not always a good option.

Try applying all the potential resolutions below to fix the Minecraft launcher not working in Windows 11 before contemplating other solutions.

Why doesn’t the Minecraft Launcher work in Windows 11?

Conflicting programs are one of the more probable reasons why Minecraft Launcher won’t open. Numerous third-party programs, antivirus utilities, and background services are confirmed to conflict with Minecraft.

Or there might be a corrupted launcher profile file. The Minecraft Launcher won’t start if your profile file for it is corrupted. In such a scenario, erasing the corrupted profile data file can resolve the issue.

The problem might also pertain to specific device drivers. For example, if your PC’s graphics card driver is obsolete or corrupted.

Aside from that, the Minecraft Launcher might not work because of game privilege issues and certain mods. This is because the launcher needs admin permission to utilize system resources fully.

Running the game with admin rights and ditching all mods can resolve such issues.

Where is Minecraft Launcher located on Windows 11?

The new launcher is in the user folder because it is a Microsoft Store. appx file. Remember that your launcher and game versions are relevant because different game editions use other runtimes.

On Windows 10 or 11, saved Minecraft games reside in the AppData folder. Typically, it is in the following path:

Expert tip:

Let us now discuss some solutions. Note that these will help fix cases of Minecraft launcher won’t install, a Minecraft launcher crash on Windows 11, and Minecraft Bedrock Launcher issues on Windows 11.

How can I fix the Minecraft Launcher not working in Windows 11?

1. Run Minecraft as an administrator

If you want to avoid all the steps mentioned above while also ensuring that drivers will constantly be updated automatically, using a good third-party driver updater software such as Outbyte Driver Updater is an excellent option.

This software helps you scan your device drivers thoroughly and find them the most suitable update from its constantly reviewed database.

An excellent tool dedicated to maintaining your drivers updated and substantially increasing your device’s performance.

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3. Disable firewalls and antivirus software


It’s recommended that users restore firewalls when they aren’t playing Minecraft.

4. Clean-boot Windows 11 5. Delete the Minecraft Launcher profile file 6. Delete Minecraft Mods 7. Reinstall Minecraft What software is incompatible with Minecraft?

Minecraft has an extensive list of known incompatible software. Antivirus, firewall, parental control, and game enhancement software are the most likely programs to conflict with the Minecraft game.

Have you installed any of those programs? If so, you should at least disable them from your system startup. However, it’s best to uninstall them, preferably with a third-party uninstaller.

Does Windows 11 support Minecraft Java Edition?

The simple answer is yes! Windows 11 supports Minecraft Java Edition. You should know that Windows 10 and 11 are very similar, and most programs on one will work on the other.

There are a few exceptions, but with the release of the latest OS, devs have been working to keep their applications updated and compatible with it.

Give the potential fixes above a try when the Minecraft Launcher won’t open in Windows 11. We can’t promise every solution is guaranteed to fix the launcher for everybody, but you should try the fix that seems most applicable to you.

It’s worth noting that there are alternative Minecraft Launchers. For example, TLauncher, SKLauncher, and CurseForge Launcher are three notable alternatives. So, if the resolutions above aren’t enough to fix the Minecraft Launcher, you can try starting the game with one of those alternative launchers.

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