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Hotspots are convenient because they allow you to share your iPhone’s cellular data connection with other devices, such as your Mac or your friend’s phone. Sadly, it’s common to encounter hotspot issues that prevent it from working, cause it to disconnect frequently, or even cause it not to appear.

Below are common causes and ways to fix your iPhone’s hotspot that isn’t working.

Note: Before we delve into the troubleshooting tips, ensure you have a valid cellular data plan. Also, you need an iPhone running iOS 7 or later.

1. Ensure Personal Hotspot and Cellular Data are on

Personal Hotspot uses your iPhone’s cellular data connection to work. That being said, the Personal Hotspot option is greyed out if your cellular data is disabled. Turn both on and try it again.

To turn on Cellular Data: Launch Control Center → Tap Cellular Data icon. It should turn green.

To turn on Personal Hotspot: Go to Control Center → Press and hold the top left cluster → tap Personal Hotspot to turn it on. The icon should turn green.

2. Disable and enable Personal Hotspot

Based on my experience, Personal Hotspots tend to be clunky, especially if you’re using them to connect your Mac and alternate between the two devices. What works for me is resetting the Personal Hotspot to get it to work again.

    Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

    Tap Cellular Data → Personal Hotspot.

    Similarly, you may turn your cellular data off and on to reset your iPhone’s connection to cellular data networks. 

    3. Don’t lock your device

    Don’t immediately lock your iPhone or put it to sleep once you’ve made its Hotspot discoverable. Keep your iPhone’s display on and connect the other device to your hotspot before putting your iPhone to sleep.

    This is because there’s a tendency for the iPhone’s Personal Hotspot to get automatically disabled once you put your device to sleep.

    Similarly, keep your Mac’s (or any other device you’re connecting to your iPhone’s hotspot) screen awake by preventing it from sleeping or changing its auto-sleep schedule.

    4. Disconnect extra devices

    If you’re using your iPhone to tether multiple devices, it may not accept new requests for connection or offer extremely slow to almost nonexistent browsing speeds. So, you must reduce the number of devices connected.

    You can see how many people are connected to your hotspot by opening your Control Center and long-pressing the first box. You should see how many devices are connected to your hotspot.

    You can also monitor the data consumption of your Personal Hotspot on your iPhone to see how much data you’re spending from the connected devices.

    5. Maximize Personal Hotspot Compatibility

    If you’re using an iPhone 12 or newer model, you can turn on Maximize Compatibility.

    This feature switches your connection to 2.4 GHz, offering broader coverage, which makes your connection more discoverable. The downside to this feature is that it may slow down your internet speed.

    6. Disable Low Power Mode

    Because Low Power Mode aims to conserve your iPhone’s battery at all costs, it may disconnect your hotspot to save your battery. It’s recommended to disable this feature when not necessary.

    7. Turn Airplane mode on/off

    Enabling Airplane mode turns off all the wireless features of your device, which can help restart your cellular connection once it becomes faulty.

    Go to the Control Center → Tap the Airplane Mode on.

    8. Restart your iPhone

    A simple restart does wonders in flushing out glitches and bugs, thus solving many issues. Here’s our guide on how to restart your iPhone, covering all models of iPhones.

    Aside from your iPhone, you may also want to restart the device that needs to connect to your Personal Hotspot.

    If the issue behind your iPhone Personal Hotspot that isn’t working is a bug, an iOS update might include bug fixes. Install the latest version of iOS available for your device and see if it fixes the issue.

    Go to Settings → General → Software Update.

    10. Remove and reinsert your SIM

    Your phone’s SIM card is crucial for using mobile data. Any SIM card issues, such as an unrecognized SIM or improperly placed SIM, can affect your mobile connection and, consequently, your Personal Hotspot.

    11. Try connecting via Bluetooth or USB

    While the most convenient way of connecting to a hotspot connection is via Wi-Fi, you also have the option to connect via Bluetooth or a USB connection. 

    To connect via Bluetooth:

    Enable Personal Hotspot on your iPhone as usual and pair your iPhone with the mobile device or computer you want to share your hotspot to.

    Then open Settings → Tap Bluetooth and select the device.

    To connect via USB:

    The USB connection method only works when using an iPhone to tether to a computer.

    Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable and tap Trust on your iPhone when you see a Trust this Computer prompt.

    Go to the Network Settings on your computer, then look for your iPhone’s hotspot from the list of available networks.

    If mobility isn’t an issue for you, then this connection mode is an excellent option, especially if the internet speed is important to you.

    12. Reset Network Settings

    If you think your hotspot doesn’t work because you accidentally tinkered with your iPhone’s settings, then resetting your network settings may help.

    Don’t worry; it won’t delete any of your files. It’s a built-in way to restore your iPhone’s network settings to factory default without altering your other settings. Resetting Network Settings will only reset your Wi-Fi networks and passwords, including the APN and VPN settings you previously used.

      Open Settings → General.

      Select Transfer or Reset iPhone → Reset.

      Enter your passcode to confirm.

      13. Sign out of iCloud

      Some users have noted that logging out of your iCloud helps fix the iPhone tethering issue.

      Just go to Settings → Tap your name (Apple ID).

      Scroll down and choose Sign out.

      Then log back in and re-enable iCloud.

      Occasionally, your carrier may issue updates that help your iPhone work seamlessly with the provider. Having outdated carrier settings may be the culprit behind your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot issue.

      Read our tutorial to learn how to update your iPhone’s Carrier Settings.

      15. Restore your iPhone with DFU mode

      If you suspect an iOS problem, restoring your iPhone to DFU mode might solve the issue. Ensure that you back up your iPhone first so you won’t lose any crucial data and files when you restore your device.

      16. Reset your iPhone

      If nothing seems to work, you may need to take more drastic steps to fix the issue. Since resetting all network settings didn’t work, you may need to restore your iPhone to factory settings.

      Just go to Settings → General.

      Then Transfer or Reset iPhone.

      If none of the above methods worked, then it’s time to contact the experts at Apple.

      Further, you may schedule an appointment on your iPhone using the Apple Support app or talk to an Apple Specialist via chat in the app.

      Wrapping up…

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      8 Best Ways To Fix Mobile Hotspot Not Working On Android

      Android devices come with a built-in feature called Mobile Hotspot or Portable Hotspot that allows you to share your mobile internet data as Wifi with other devices like phones, tablets, laptops, and PC. Your phone will utilize mobile data act as a Wifi Modem without the use of external connectivity devices. This function is useful in outdoor scenarios when you do not have Wifi available but want to use it on your Laptop or Tablet.

      1. Turn On Mobile Data.

      2. Go to Settings, then Network & Internet.

      If you are unable to locate Mobile Hotspot, just type it in your settings search bar.

      4. Tap on the Wi-Fi hotspot menu.

      5. Turn on the toggle next to Use Wi-Fi Hotspot.

      6. On the receiving device, Open WiFi settings and find your Mobile Hotspot.

      Before we dive in deep, make sure to try these simple troubleshooting tips first to fix your mobile hotspot:

      Turn Hotspot/Wifi on and off again

      Make sure Mobile internet is enabled and working properly

      Your data limit is not depleted

      Turn off battery saver or data saver mode

      Check if you have entered the correct password

      If you have tried the above-mentioned methods and your mobile hotspot is still not working then the issue could be something else. No need to worry, we have got you covered. Try out these 8 methods to solve the mobile hotspot not working on your Android device.

      When you set up a mobile hotspot, it will use WPA2 encryption and a password. This protects you from hackers and others from exploiting your hotspot but might also cause connectivity issues. So you can try creating an Open hotspot without a password to see if that works. Here is how you can set up an Open mobile hotspot:

      2. Go to Hotspot & tethering option.

      3. Go to the Wi-Fi hotspot menu.

      4. Under Security, Select None instead of WPA-2.

      Your device should now be available as an open network and you can connect to it without password requirement. If this works then make sure to switch it back to WPA-2 to save your data from others.

      VPNs or Virtual Private Networks can cause issues when used in conjunction with mobile hotspots. They reroute your data through private channels which do not work properly on mobile data. So we recommend turning it off especially if you are facing issues while using your data for hotspot. This is how you can disable VPN:

      1. Open Settings and Go to Network & Internet.

      4. Choose Forget VPN at the bottom of the menu.

      5. A prompt will appear, tap on Forget. This will remove any active VPN.

      Old Phones, Tablets, and Laptops do not have support for the 5Ghz Wifi band so if you have set up a  hotspot with a 5Ghz connection then your hotspot will not show up on receiving devices. Follow the steps mentioned below top switch to set up a 2.4Ghz hotspot which is supported by older devices.

      1. Go to Network & internet in Settings.

      2. Navigate to Hotspot & tethering.

      3. Now Open the Wi-Fi hotspot option.

      5. Here, Under AP Band select 2.4 GHz.

      This switches your hotspot to 2.4Ghz and now it should appear on your devices. In Android 12, this setting has been shifted to Extend capability toggle under Wi-Fi hotspot.

      Lately, a new option has been added in Android which turns off Hotspot after a few minutes of not using it. This helps save battery and data but can also be annoying. In situations where you are setting up or turning on your receiving device, your mobile hotspot might turn off. But thankfully you can disable this setting.

      1. Head to Network and Internet within Settings.

      3. From here, visit the Wi-Fi hotspot option.

      4. Scroll down and Toggle Off “Turn off hotspot automatically“.

      Once turned off, your Hotspot will not switch off even when it is sitting idle for a while but it will impact your battery and data usage.

      Android devices come with a useful feature that sets a daily/monthly Data limit. Once enabled, it will restrict you from connecting to the internet once you have surpassed the preset internet data limit. It can be helpful if you are on a strict data plan but also cause issues and turn off the internet in the middle of an important task. You can turn off this feature by following the steps below:

      2. Tap on the Mobile Network or SIMs option.

      3. From here, go to Data warning and limit.

      4. Toggle Off the option Set Data Limit.

      This will prevent your phone from automatically turning off your mobile data when you have surpassed your limit. But keep in mind that you may get charged from your carrier for access data usage.

      1. Go to your Android Settings and scroll down to System.

      2. Within System, go to Reset options menu.

      3. Here, Select Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth option.

      4. Press the Reset settings button.

      Other than using Mobile Hotspot or WiFi tethering, you can also use Bluetooth or USB Tethering option to connect the receiving device to the internet. Bluetooth tethering is slower than mobile hotspot in comparison but will get the job done if you need the internet at the moment. Here is how to enable Bluetooth tethering:

      1. First, open Settings and then Network and Internet.

      2. Go to Hotspot and Tethering.

      3. Now, locate Bluetooth tethering and enable it using the toggle next to it.

      Now you should be able to use the internet with the help of Bluetooth tethering.

      You can also connect your phone with the receiving device using a USB cable and turn on USB Tethering with the same menu. This provides faster connection speeds compared to Bluetooth Tethering.

      If you have tried all the methods above and none of them works then we recommend you restart your device and then try using mobile hotspot again. To Restart your device:

      1. Press and hold the Power button till the Power menu is displayed.

      This will restart your phone. Now try using mobile hotspot again.

      If it still does not work then chances are that a certain application might be causing the issue so you will need to reboot into safe mode. This disables all downloaded apps excluding the core system apps. To boot into safe mode, follow these steps:

      1. Press and hold the Power Button till the Power menu is displayed.

      2. Here, tap and hold on to the Power Off button till you see a pop-up that says Reboot to Safe Mode.

      4. Once your phone is booted into safe mode, try using a mobile hotspot and see if it works now.

      If a mobile hotspot does work fine then it confirms that a certain app might be the cause of the issue and you need to uninstall it. To boot back to normal mode, simply press and hold the Power button and choose restart from the Power menu.

      And if this also does not work then you should look into the receiving device or take your phone to an Authorized Service Center.

      A lot of people these days use mobile hotspots,s especially for outdoor situations and even for work from home so it is crucial to have them working properly. There can be several reasons why it is not working and we tried to provide solutions for some of them. We hope you liked the list and any one of the solutions helped you fix the problem.

      Visual Look Up Not Working On Iphone? 7 Ways To Fix It

      One of the newest features to arrive on iOS is Visual Look Up, which is Apple’s way to take on Google Lens, helping users recognize the kind of object that’s been captured in a photo. Unlike Google Lens, the Visual Look Up function doesn’t need a standalone app as it is accessible directly from the Photos app on your iPhone. 

      If you’re unable to see or use this new Visual Look Up option inside the Photos app, then the following post should help you figure out a way to get it to work. 

      What is Visual Look Up on iOS 15?

      With iOS 15, Apple released a new Visual Look Up feature inside the Photos app on iPhones. What Visual Look Up does is use machine learning to identify objects from pictures you’ve saved and provide you with more information about them. The feature can be used not only to recognize the object but you can only find the exact type or category it falls into. 

      For instance, when you summon Visual Look Up on a picture with a dog, it won’t just show you that it’s a dog but will also try to identify the breed of dog and more info on it. For now, the feature can be used to pin down pets, landmarks, plants, and artworks but we can expect support for more objects in future updates to the Photos app. 

      Visual Look Up resides in the same location inside the Photos app as your other picture info, meaning you can access it using the ‘i’ button when viewing a picture. This ‘i’ button will look different for pictures that support Visual Look Up as its icon will be surrounded by stars.

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      How to fix Visual Look Up not working issue in 7 Ways

      If you’re unable to see or access the Visual Look Up function on your iPhone, you can check the following fixes to get the feature to work. 

      Fix #1: Know how Visual Look Up works

      Visual Look Up is a new feature that’s available inside the Photos app on iOS 15. So, before you go ahead and check if it works, make sure you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 15. To use Visual Look Up on iOS, open the Photos app on your iPhone and select a photo that supports Visual Look Up.

      You can check if a picture supports Visual Look Up by looking for the Visual Look Up button which is indicated by an ‘i’ icon with stars. If the picture doesn’t support it, you will only see the regular ‘i’ icon with no stars. For searching objects within an image on your Photos library, tap on this Visual Look Up button.

      This will load up additional info on your screen. For pictures that support Visual Look Up, you’ll see a Look up section under the caption section and you’ll also see the type of object that has been detected by iOS. In this instance, you can see that the image we have on the iPhone is marked as “Dog”. To get more details and similar results based on the image, you can tap on this Look Up section.

      A new popup screen should appear showing you Siri Knowledge (more info about the detected element), similar web images, and suggested websites based on the object found in your picture. In this instance, Visual Look Up shows the possible breed of the dog and pictures of similar-looking doggos found across the web. 

      Here’s another example of Visual LookUp detecting the kind of plant that’s been captured on a photo. 

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      Fix #2: If you don’t reside in the US

      Visual Look Up is natively available for all iPhone users who reside in the US. However, there’s a workaround to using this feature from outside the US by simply changing your region to “US” inside your iPhone’s settings. For this, open the Settings app on your device and go to General.

      Inside General, select Language & Region.

      On the next screen, tap on Region. 

      From the list of regions that appear next, select United States. 

      You can now open the Photos app and check if the Visual Look Up button is available for supported pictures. 

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      Fix #3: Check if your iPhone supports it

      Visual Look Up isn’t just available for the latest iPhones but you can also access it on older iPhones but it all depends on whether the hardware inside your device is powerful enough to run it. Apple says all iPhones powered by its A12 Bionic chip or newer chips will be able to use Visual Look Up inside the Photos app. 

      iPhone XR, XS, XS Max

      iPhone 11 series

      iPhone SE (2023)

      iPhone 12 series

      iPhone 13 series

      iPad 8th generation or newer

      iPad mini 5th generation or newer

      iPad Air 3rd generation or newer

      iPad Pro 11-inch or newer

      iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3rd generation or newer

      Fix #4: Turn on “Show in Look Up” for Siri

      Since Visual Look Up is a machine learning tool, it relies on Siri to get suggestions based on content on your phone. It’s thus important that Siri has access to on-device learning for you to be able to use Visual Look Up inside the Photos app. Although this option is enabled when Siri is activated, you should make sure it is turned on to get better suggestions for your pictures. 

      To enable on-device learning for Siri, open the Settings app and go to Siri & Search.

      On the next screen, enable the Show in Look Up toggle under the ‘Content from Apple’ section. 

      Now, check if Visual Look Up is active inside the Photos app. 

      Fix #5: Check your internet connection

      In that case, simply connect your device to the nearest Wi-Fi network or enable cellular data so that Visual Look Up can be used straight away. 

      Fix #6: Check if the picture is clear and centered

      Although Visual Look has been touted by Apple as powerful enough to scan for objects at any different condition, it may still run into some issues if the object in question isn’t clear for the machine learning to read. 

      So, to make sure the Photos app detects an object present in a picture, the object needs to be visible clearly and easily distinguishable from other parts of the picture. For this, you need to ensure that the picture captures the whole of an object without any kind of motion blur or improper lighting.

      It’s also important that the object is centered or positioned close to the center and the camera’s focus is set on the object and nothing else. If there are multiple objects in the frame, the object you want to be recognized should have a clear focus. 

      Fix #7: Understand that Visual Look Up has its limitations

      Visual Look Up is a new feature on iOS and like any new tool that relies on machine learning, it has its flaws. For firsts, it doesn’t work with everything – there are several objects you may not be able to use Visual Look Up with. Currently, you cannot use Visual Look Up to scan inanimate objects. This means you cannot scan for items you wish to buy from your camera roll or dishes you’ve captured on your iPhone. For now, you can only look for different breeds of dogs, plant types, landmarks, and art. 

      Even with the limited support for scannable objects, the results are hit and miss. In our testing, the Photos app was able to categorize objects appropriately but was unable to point to the right type/kind within a category.

      For instance, scanning a picture with a Buddha status yielded an inaccurate result about the location of the landmark, and pictures that were suggested weren’t similar-looking but similarly themed. 

      The same statue went undetected by Visual Look Up in the next shot as shown in this screenshot where you can see that there’s no ‘i’ icon with stars. 

      Besides this, the feature becomes inaccessible when there are multiple objects that can be scanned in a picture. If the picture you captured has a bunch of detectable objects, then Visual Look Up may be able to pinpoint the objects but you won’t be able to see detailed results based on them. 

      As is the case with machine learning, we can expect these limitations to go away as the feature gains more functionality over time. 

      Still cannot use Visual Look Up? Try Google Lens instead

      If none of the above fixes help you use Visual Look Up on your iPhone, it’s time to consider an alternative to the feature, and what better than Google Lens? Google’s visual recognition has been in existence since 2023 and is powerful enough to recognize any worldly object you throw at it. Unlike Visual Look Up, you can use Google Lens to detect objects from pictures you have already captured or recognize items as you scan them in real-time. 

      Although Google Lens is available as a standalone app on Android, it’s embedded right into the Google app on iOS. So if you already have the Google app installed for searching and looking at news/weather, you don’t need to install another app to get Google Lens on your iPhone. To start using Google Lens, open the Google app and tap on the Camera icon on the search bar at the top.

      First-time users will be prompted with a welcome screen. Here, tap on Open camera to go ahead. 

      When Google asks you access to your iPhone’s camera, tap on Ok. 

      You will now see the viewfinder screen for Google Lens appear. If you don’t have an existing picture of the object you want to scan, then you can point your iPhone’s camera to this object and then tap on the Search button. 

      If you have a photo whose elements you want to scan using Google Lens, tap on the Picture icon. 

      From your photos library, select the photo you want to search. 

      Google Lens will now upload your photo and search for relevant results across the web. When the search is complete, you should see details about the object like its name and kind inside the Search tab. 

      You can swipe up the Search tab to view more info of the object along with other “Visual matches”, that show similar images as yours.

      In addition to this tab, you can also search for more results inside other sections. For instance, tapping on the Shopping tab will yield you products that you may buy based on the detected object. Similarly, the Places and Dining tabs will show you a list of locations or restaurants you can go to see or get the item you’re looking for respectively. 

      That’s all you need to know about fixing Visual Look Up not working on iOS 15.


      New Ink Cartridge Not Working? 5 Ways To Fix It

      Printers are a lifesaver but we need to admit that sometimes, it is a hassle to work with them. Printers always have something wrong with them and sometimes, they don’t even recognize the ink cartridge when we set a new one.

      New ink cartridge problems are something we all printer users have faced. It is mostly caused due to improper installation of the ink cartridge. The cause and solution can vary according to the printer but once you navigate the cause, you’ll be able to fix it instantly.

      Why Is My New Ink Cartridge Not Working?

      When the ink cartridges do not work, you face issues like blank papers getting printed, lines in papers, faded and blurry words etc. Here we have mentioned some of the most common reasons for new ink cartridges not working in printers. Look at these causes and also check whether one of these is the problem.

      Protective Tape Is Still Attached: The new ink cartridges have a protective tape that covers the ink nozzle so that the ink does not spill. You need to take this out before using it for the ink to print out. Check for the tape and remove it if you have not.

      Ink Cartridge Not Installed Properly: Just installing the ink cartridge is not enough for the printer to work. You need to install the ink cartridge in a proper way for it to start working. If you install ink cartridges improperly, there is also a high chance of damage in your printer.

      Bending of Golden Pins: When you replace the new ink cartridge, be careful and install it slowly. Watch out for the golden pins and make sure they are not bent in any way.

      Dust Particles: If you are refilling the ink cartridge then there must be some build up dirt on the printer and the cartridge. Cleaning out the dirt and dust particles is better for your printer and your stress levels if you don’t want incoming issues in the future.

      Incompatible/Damaged Ink Cartridge: When you buy ink cartridges, make sure to check them well before buying. Because if you buy a wrong one or a malfunctioned one, your printer will not recognize it at all. For example if you have bought a 304 ink cartridge for HP 3831 printer then it will not work because they are not compatible.

      How Can I Fix the New Ink Cartridge Not Working?

      When the ink cartridge is not working after you have replaced it with a new one, resetting the ink cartridge works most of the time. So try to reset the ink cartridge first and then move on to other solutions that we have mentioned below.

      Reset Ink Cartridge 

      When you renew the ink cartridge, your printer may sometimes not acknowledge it. Due to this, you get an ink cartridge not recognized error. But most of the printers recognize the new ink cartridge after you use the reset feature. Here’s how you can reset the ink cartridge of any printer:

      Clean the Golden Pins of Your Printer

      When you look inside your printer, you can find the golden pins. It helps in connecting the cartridge and your printer. Sometimes the dust particles are also present in the golden pin which does not let you connect your cartridge properly.

      To clean the golden pins, you must be extra careful. There might be high chances of bending and even breaking of golden pins. Be careful to not break those golden pins. Take a soft and thin cloth with you if you need to clean the golden pins. The clothes you use should be dry and make sure the golden pins are still present without any bent.

      Check if the Paper Is Stuck

      Some of the paper might be folded when you are printing. Folded papers will get stuck in the printer which may cause different errors. Your new ink cartridge might not function due to this reason. For this, you should follow the following steps

      Update the Printer Driver

      Sometimes the problem may not be in the printer but in the printer driver itself. Printer drivers need to be updated once in a while so that no issues arise later on. If you use an outdated printer driver then update you need to update it and check if it works for you. Here’s how you can do it:

      Run the installer to complete. 

      Check for Windows Update

      Sometimes, there may be the pending printer drivers update that is causing the issue. So, make sure you keep your windows updated to avoid such issues.

      Here’re the steps to check for Windows update:

      If there are any printer driver updates, Windows will automatically install and update them.

      Use Printer Troubleshooter

      Use the windows troubleshooter to see what is wrong with the printer and fix them. Follow these steps to perform troubleshooting on Microsoft print to pdf:

      On Windows 10

      On Windows 11

      How to Reinstall the Ink Cartridge?

      Reinstalling the ink cartridge can be done by reading the manual you get while buying the printer. If you have lost the manual you can reinstall a new ink cartridge in the printer by following these steps:

      Open the front of the printer.

      Open the ink cartridge housing.

      Replace the cartridge in its previous spot.

      Auto Gpt Not Working? 5 Ways To Quickly Fix It

      Auto GPT Not Working? 5 Ways to Quickly Fix it High traffic on the site is usually the reason behind this issue




      If a site is not working, it’s probably an overloaded server or under maintenance.

      Waiting it out is what you can do but in the meantime, you can try with other browsers or reset your current one.

      Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

      You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

      Here’s what Opera One can do:

      Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

      AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

      Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

      ⇒ Get Opera One

      Is AutoGPT not working? It could be your browser that is not up-to-date. AutoGPT is a ChatGPT alternative which means it also experiences glitches from time to time.

      We’ve curated this article to help you address some common issues when it is not working.

      What is the problem with AutoGPT?

      Just like any other app, AutoGPT cannot be exempted from the usual glitches that plague man-made programs.

      When AutoGPT is not working, it  may be due to one of the following reasons:

      Server overload – Sometimes, when there’s an influx of people on a site simultaneously, it may not be able to handle the traffic and can stop working.

      Connection issue – If your internet connection keeps dropping or you have enforced bandwidth limits, it is possible for some sites to stop working normally.

      Browser cache/cookies – Browser cookies help you load pages faster, but if not cleaned regularly, they may cause issues with loading some sites.

      ISP restrictions – If your ISP provider has blocked some sites, you may not be able to access them.

      Browser settings – If you’ve recently made changes to your default browser settings, such as installing new extensions, they may interfere with how the AutoGPT site works.

      Virus attack – If your system does not have a comprehensive antivirus solution, it may have been compromised by a virus. You’ll have trouble accessing some or all sites.

      Firewall/antivirus settings – Some firewalls and antiviruses block certain sites if they term them as malicious.

      Additionally, you can start with a reliable solution to fix the AutoGPT tool. Namely, using an alternative AI browser with integrated tools.

      Opera One is a brand-new browser with AI in mind, including ChatGPT sidebar integration and a built-in Opera AI engine called Aria.

      Opera One

      Try out the new talk in town from Opera with new AI enhancements and fluid navigation.

      Free Download

      What can I do if AutoGPT is not working?

      A few workarounds that may help you get to the root of this problem include:

      Verify that you’re connected to the internet with no network issues.

      Check whether your firewall is blocking the AutoGPT site.

      Try using a private or incognito tab and see if it helps.

      Refresh or restart your browser.

      Confirm with your ISP provider whether there are any restrictions to accessing some sites.

      Check the AutoGPT server status for any maintenance schedules or downtimes mentioned.

      Try another browser and see if the problem persists.

      Restart your router to reset the connection.

      1. Clear the browser cache 2. Disable the browser extensions

      Launch your Chrome browser, and in a new tab, enter the following address:chrome://extensions/

      Peruse through your extensions and toggle the Disable button for any suspicious-looking ones.

      Repeat this step until you find the culprit.

      3. Reset your browser  4. Disable your antivirus temporarily  5. Scan for viruses 6. Disable VPN 

      Depending on whether you were using a VPN or not, try setting your location to different places and keep trying. Sometimes, the problem is usually with a server in a specific location or geo-restrictions that prevent you from accessing AutoGPT in your current location.

      You can also contact AutoGPT customer care support and give them feedback on the issue of AutoGPT not working. It may be an isolated issue or a problem they are not aware of yet.

      That’s it from us, but we have a lot of content on AI software if you’re new to this. Check out our exclusive survey on what users think about the future of AI. We also have an interesting comparison feature of Bard AI vs Bing AI, so be sure to check that out too.

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      Spectrum App On Roku Not Working? Here Are 7 Ways To Fix It

      The Spectrum TV app doesn’t always work smoothly on your Roku TV. Sometimes, you might see an “App Unavailable on Roku” error. When this happens, it means the Spectrum app is under maintenance. So, wait a few minutes and check the Spectrum server status to know whether the issue is within the server.

      Sometimes, factors like slow internet or outdated software cause this issue. There can also be other causes that you can easily fix in a few simple steps. We have listed them below in this article.

      The following reasons are the main culprits for Spectrum TV App not working on your Roku. 

      Malfunctioning Roku device

      Spectrum server down

      Issue with the Spectrum account

      Outdated Roku software

      Expired subscription

      Troubleshooting the issue causing your Spectrum app to not work on your Roku device is quite easy. We have listed some simple fixes you can try to make the app run again. 

      But before we proceed, restart your Roku device as a primary fix. Turn off the device and unplug all the cables. Let the device sit idle for a few minutes, then plug back the wires to turn it on. 

      Some apps might take time to load if your internet speed is slow. You can easily check your internet connection on your Roku device in the following steps.

      If you have an unstable network connection, restart your router and reconnect your Roku device to the internet. A poor Wi-Fi signal can also cause this issue. Try moving your Roku device nearer to the router in that case. 

      Here’s how to perform a network connection reset on Roku and reconnect to the Wi-Fi. 

      You might have trouble loading the Spectrum TV app if too many devices are logged in with your account. Log out from the devices that you aren’t using. Signing out and signing back in also fixes other problems causing the channels not to open. Here’s how to re-log into your Spectrum account. 

      Change the password of your Spectrum TV App Account if possible, as someone might have maliciously accessed your account. When you do so, they won’t be able to log back in. 

      Sometimes, clearing the cache also helps channels to work. When your Spectrum app cache data gets corrupt, bugs can stop it from working. You can easily remove it in a few steps.

      We have written an article on “How to Clear Cache on Roku.” You can go through it and clear the corrupt files as instructed.

      When old applications have bugs, the app developers come up with a newer version with much better features and fix the bugs and glitches. All you need to do is update your application to get access to this new version. If any update is available for Spectrum, following the steps below will install it on Roku.

      If updating the Spectrum App didn’t fix the problem, uninstall it to get rid of all its app data. Uninstalling an app removes all its files from the device. And when you install it again, new fresh data gets installed with much better features and minimal bugs. Here’s how you can delete and add the Spectrum App back to your Roku device. 

      Outdated Roku software can also cause the Spectrum app to not work at times. Some older versions of Roku may not support this streaming service, so install the latest software version. Here’s how you can do it. 

      Update the detailed information about Personal Hotspot Not Working On Iphone? 17 Ways To Fix It! on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!