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I’m excited to introduce John Rampton as the new Managing Editor of Search Engine Journal. John is a great guy with a lot of love for this community. We know he will bring a level of expertise that SEJ needs and he brings an understanding of the blogging community that is required to be good at this job.

As a writer himself he understands the sacrifices our writers make to continually contribute to SEJ. This quality is one I personally appreciate, from both a writer’s and editor’s perspective.

As many of you know the success and future of SEJ is important to me. I think John is a great choice. I know that the SEJ community is in good hands with John and I urge you to reach out to him and get to know him better.

John’s Background:

John is the founder of as well as the PPC guru behind Maple North. He graduated from the University of Utah in Economics. He has been in the online marketing industry for the past 10 years consulting companies and growing businesses online. He has been written about on Forbes as being a leading Blogging expert.  He has spoken at Blog World, Affiliate summit, SES and several other conferences around the world.  We’re excited about his expertise and love of Internet marketing and how much he brings to the SEJ community.

Future Plans for SEJ:

We are excited to keep up great content from loved authors around the globe. We want to work closely with all the amazing people out there that make up the SEJ community. John stated to me yesterday:

 “I will rely on the SEJ community for feedback, suggestions, ideas and proposals on how we can make things better.  It’s you who we rely on to make us better.  We’re here for the community and want to make SEJ even better!”

John’s Contact Info A Personal Thank You

it is time for me to step away, but I want to clarify some things and thank some people before I go. I know some of you are aware that I stepped back in at SEJ temporarily in December. Neither I or the company that owns SEJ, Alpha Brand Media, planned on me staying on long-term. We have worked together to find the best new editor we could for SEJ and we are thankful we found John.

I have always enjoyed the SEJ community and working one-on-one with the writers that contribute to SEJ. I want to thank all the people that have supported me as editor when I came to SEJ in October 2011. You made my work even more fun than it already was.

I want to thank all the writers that have supported SEJ, and also me, by contributing. I also want to thank the SEJ community for being just fantastic people that continually support SEJ as a whole; your dedication is what keeps us going.

I want to thank Loren Baker for offering me this job and giving me the opportunity way back when :). It has been a blast and I really enjoyed it.

I truly hope that everyone welcome’s John with open arms. He will be a great and supportive editor. 

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Welcome Home: The Health Hub Of The Future

One of the most prominent trends I’ve seen in healthcare today is its movement from the hospital to the home. For that reason, we need to rethink our definition of the “smart” home, which goes far beyond automating lamps and maintaining room temperature. It involves the transformation of our physical space into a connected, responsive health hub where health and wellness are optimized in every aspect of our lives. If designed properly, health hubs featuring one or more Internet-connected devices have the ability to drive proactive care and wellness and promote longer, healthier lives.

As part of the IEEE Tech for Humanity Series at SXSW Interactive 2024, I joined a panel of experts from Karten Design, GBBN Architects, and the Motion Picture and Television Fund to discuss what the home of the future will look like.

Transform Care From Reactive to Proactive

We tend to normalize and ignore our health issues, making it difficult to detect the onset of detrimental health events. The good news is that we now have technology that can help us proactively manage care at home — we just need to put the systems and infrastructures in place.

We have already seen success for seniors with a gesture-controlled wearable solution. In a five-month pilot study, 60 residents at the Ohio Masonic Home in Springfield, Ohio were given the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, running a software solution from Reemo. Reemo integrates with SmartThings technologies to enable seniors to operate lights, locks, thermostats, and appliances with hand gestures. Findings from the pilot have demonstrated that smartwatch and connected home technologies can be readily adopted by seniors and promote a greater sense of control over their environment. Also, the ability to send an emergency text message with global positioning system (GPS) coordinates by simply pressing a button on the smartwatch is another major benefit. This adds to the sense of security and connectedness that can be gained from the technology.

Digital health technology, smart objects and the Internet of Things (IoT) enable us to not only respond faster in emergency situations, but also monitor other characteristics of wellness — from nutrition to exercise, sleep, medications and even mental and social well-being. With the use of health apps doubling in the past two years from 16 percent in 2014 to 33 percent in 2024, according to Accenture, patients are using technology to actively maintain wellness. Tractica even forecasts that “standalone home health hub shipments will increase to nearly 1.6 million annually by 2023.” The data analytics obtained from these technologies holds great promise for identifying patterns and trends that will shift care from reactive to proactive.

Users Want Seamless Technology

When considering user experience for any digital healthcare product, ease of use can’t be overlooked.

A recent pilot study, conducted by the National Council on Aging (NCOA), provided 225 low-income seniors — many of whom had never used mobile technology before — with training on a Breezie tablet designed to simplify the user experience and enhance care. The study found that seniors using the tablet with the NCOA Digital Mastery Program displayed higher levels of activity and improved social and emotional scores, contributing to an increased quality of life.

The Pew Research Center has found that the majority of seniors — approximately 58 percent — have access to the Internet, 18 percent own or use smartphones, and 27 percent use e-readers or tablets. What we also see is that some seniors readily adopt new digital and mobile tools, while others do not. A key factor for adoption is how easy the technology is to use. There are multiple modalities that need to be interconnected to create a seamless experience, and easy integration is a must-have for individuals who have never used technology, or aren’t knowledgeable about the latest gadgets and tools. We realize that technology plays an everyday role in people’s lives, which is why the interoperability of data and devices is a critical factor in enabling the widespread adoption of the smart home. Health hub technology should be seamless, fun and valuable. If you achieve this, then you have created a value proposition that will generate future business models.

Focus on the Home

Bringing automated solutions together can create environments where solutions transcend single devices to create a meaningful impact in people’s lives. Today, there are numerous technologies that solve a single problem. Each technology has its own platform, analytics engine and device integration requirements. What we need is a secure but open broad-based technology platform that connects home-based and mobile technologies and simplifies the user experience. When this happens, our homes will provide better experiences, not just for enhanced convenience but for improved health outcomes. If crafted properly, the health hubs of the future will actively work to help us live happier, healthier and longer lives.

Learn more about how to engage seniors with digital health to enhance their quality of care.

3 Reasons Why The New John Lewis Christmas Ad Is A Flop

Unlike their American cousins, who generally wait until Black Friday to launch their Christmas ad campaigns, the Brits start right after Halloween.


This enables savvy marketers in the States to see what resonates on the other side of the pond – and to make a few last-minute adjustments to their own campaigns.

Or, it could be a sign of the challenging retail landscape on High Street in the U.K., which is being battered by wave upon wave of online competition from Amazon.

Or, it may simply signal regret by some agency executives that the “vanity TV project” of yesteryear has been replaced at Marks & Spencer by an “unashamedly commercial” digital-first approach.

Well, industry observers are entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts.

John Lewis Decided to ‘Turn Left’ This Year

Everyone seems to have gotten their knickers in a twist when John Lewis, a chain of high-end department stores operating throughout the United Kingdom, decided to “turn left” this year when creating its annual Christmas ad campaign.

This pivot was triggered after the retailer’s 2023 Christmas ad, “#MozTheMonster,” underperformed previous campaigns, including:

Craig Inglis, John Lewis’ customer director, recently told Ellen Hammett of Marketing Week:

“It’s true to say in terms of some of the resonance and brand sentiment (#MozTheMonster) wasn’t quite at the same level we had seen before… It just felt like a point to slightly turn left and have a fresh take on Christmas and at the same time stay true to the brand.”

That’s why the retailer gave its long-standing agency adam&eveDDB the brief to come up with a fresh and different take on “thoughtful gifting” and going the extra mile.

The result was launched on November 14 – a 2-minute and 20-second long video ad with the title, “John Lewis & Partners Christmas Ad 2023 – #EltonJohnLewis.”

The video’s description calls it, “The Boy and The Piano.”

‘The Boy and the Piano’ Is 5th Most Engaging of John Lewis’ Christmas Ads

So, how did John Lewis’ 2023 Christmas ad do?

Well, it depends on how you measure success.

For example, John Lewis’ 2023 Christmas ad, “The Boy and The Piano”, which features Elton John, is more engaging than three previous campaigns from the retailer, but is less engaging than four others – if you measure success in terms of how much attention, emotional engagement, and positive sentiment a Christmas ad generates from viewers.

Plus, the first two-thirds of the Christmas ad, which reflect on Elton John’s illustrious career, covers well-traveled ground.

It’s the childhood scenes towards the last third of the ad that really resonate with audience emotions.

Realeyes, which uses its AI technology to help brands like Coca-Cola and Mars maximize the impact of their video marketing, also found that “The Boy And The Piano” was a huge hit among women, but it failed to generate sufficient emotional engagement overall to take the Christmas crown, which is still held by John Lewis’ 2011 campaign, “The Long Wait.”

“The Long Wait”, which features a young boy counting down the days until Christmas morning, was the star on the top of the Christmas tree after scoring 8.8 out of 10 for overall effectiveness.

In second place was John Lewis’ 2012 campaign, “The Journey,” which has a score of 8.2.

The 2024 Christmas ad, “#BusterTheBoxer,” which features a trampolining dog, bounced its way into third with a score of 8.1.

And the retail store’s 2014 campaign, “#MontyThePenguin,” was fourth with an overall score of 8.0.

The 2013 campaign, “The Bear & The Hare,” with an overall score of 7.7.

The 2024 campaign, “#ManOnTheMoon,” with an overall score of 7.6.

The 2023 campaign, “#MozTheMonster,” with an overall score of 7.5.

Heathrow’s Teddy Bear Campaign Crowned Winner of 2023 Christmas Ads Battle

But, it’s like getting a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking to discover that you’ve also been eaten by the majority of your competitors this holiday season.

The airport’s one-minute and 35-second long video, which is the latest installment in the incredibly successful “#HeathrowBears” campaign that started in 2024, attracted an overall score of 8.99 out of 10.

This put it ahead of Debenhams’ “Do A Bit Of Debenhams (Dinosaur)”, which was in second place with an overall score of 8.55.

Visa’s “#KeepItLocalThisChristmas” was third with an overall score of 8.46, while Cadbury’s “Secret Santa” (8.40) was fourth, and KFC’s “Chicken stays” ad (8.35) made it into fifth place.

It’s worth noting that John Lewis’ “#EltonJohnLewis” did not make the top 10 – ranking 13th with an overall score of 7.80.


Ad rankings are based on the following four scores:

EmotionAll score: A 1-10 performance score which compares videos’ emotional engagement across Realeyes’ database of previously-tested videos.

Attention quality: The proportion of the video which respondents, on average, managed to keep continuously attentive for.

Attention volume: The average volume of attention respondents paid to the content.

Sentiment: Currently in beta, this feature reveals the % breakdown of written responses by sentiment (positive, negative and neutral).

These scores were then fed into an algorithm to determine an overall score out of 10.

The higher the score, the better the ad was at grabbing attention, eliciting strong emotional responses, and stimulating positive sentiment in its audiences.

Waitrose’s Christmas Ad Mocks ‘The Boy and the Piano’: ‘I Prefer the One with the Penguin’

Finally, you know you’ve turned in the wrong direction when your sister pokes fun at your Christmas ad.

We see a girl showing her parents “The Boy and The Piano,” but rather than taking their time to appreciate it, they seem to want to get through it as quickly as possible so they can get out of the living room and into the dining room to eat a piece of their Waitrose 1 Dark Chocolate Orange Stollen Wreath.

The mother says, “I love their art.” The father says, “It’s so emotional.”

The mother adds, “Get me every time.” And the father adds, “I prefer the one with the penguin.”

What Lessons Can Yanks & Brits Learn from John Lewis’ 2023 Christmas Ad

So, what are the lessons that Yanks – and Brits – can learn from John Lewis’ left turn?

Just watch the one from Heathrow Airport to see one that excels in grabbing attention, eliciting strong emotional responses, and stimulating positive sentiment in its audiences.

Now, the retail landscape on high street in the U.K. is probably more challenging than it once was. But, Amazon’s “Can You Feel It” campaign ranked below John’s Lewis’ “EltonJohnLewis” in Realeyes’ AI Creative Performance Chart for Christmas 2023.

Ranked 12th, John Lewis had a score of 7.80. Ranked 13th, Amazon had a score of 7.74.

And, I have no doubt that some agency executives regret that the “vanity TV project” of yesteryear has been replaced by what Marks & Spencer called its “unashamedly commercial” digital-first approach.

So, I think there are three different lessons to learn:

1. Christmas Ads Should Be About Christmas

And waiting until the last third of “#EltonJohnLewis” to feature the childhood scenes that really resonate with audience emotions probably explains why this Christmas ad got okay, but not great ratings.

2. Christmas Ads Should Trigger Intense Emotions

Like happiness and warmth. And an occasional hint of inspiration and nostalgia.

If you need examples, then go back and watch “The Long Wait” and “The Heathrow Bears Return.” If you stray from this formula with a celebrity biopic or an “unashamedly commercial” approach, then you will pay the price.

3. It’s Perfectly OK if Your Sister Division Pokes Fun at Your Christmas Ad

But, two can play this game.

For example, create a response video that features a sibling telling a rival, “He wouldn’t hesitate under the mistletoe with one of The Meringue Girls.”

More Resources:

Image Credits

All screenshots taken by author, November 2023

How To Solve The Site Links Adwords Editor Bug

What happened in the Editor? What am I doing wrong? Let’s take a step back in the set up of my site links and simplify the scenario:

1. Let’s Suppose I Have 2 campaigns: 2. I want to create four site links per campaign.

However, for internal tracking purposes I have to add an identifier in the URL of the site links of each adgroup. The identifiers is:





3. The final excel file should look like the following:

4.Now. Let’s Have a Look at the Editor:

Let’s copy and paste our table and set up the proper columns:

Here is the bug!

5. Google just applied the four site links of one AdGroup to all AdGroups…

…because it considered them duplicates even though the URLs had different identifiers and in case of the United States a different domain.

How can we solve such an issue? 1. Let’s sort the excel table by Link Text

(Smaller screenshot to facilitate the reading)

2. Let’s add a modifier to all site links such as the ones below

( I strongly suggest using numbers since they are easily generated in excel. I am now using letters to not confuse readers with the site links text.)

3. Resubmit the site links to the Google Adwords Editor. It works! 4. Once you have taken care of what described above, just remove the modifiers you have used to create unique site links and you will be all set! In Conclusion:

The issue we just described can be quite important because Google considers the performance of your extensions as an integral part of your quality score calculation. If you have big campaigns and need to leverage on the AdWords Editor to optimize your time, you might be in trouble finding out that a massive upload cannot be taken care of via the Editor. The issue is most likely due to a bug in the editor and we hope Google will update it soon!

Screenshots taken of AdWords and Excel and created by Author in Feb 2014

Microsoft, Please Release Windows Server As A Workstation

As I write this column, I’m using the Milestone 3 release of Windows 7. While it’s still probably too early to make any sweeping judgments about a product that is probably close to a year from release, if current results are even a fleeting indication of what is in store, I’m not impressed. With the exception of a few tweaks, Windows 7 looks to be just another Vista.

Sure, there are a few things about Windows 7 that I like. I didn’t have to immediately turn off User Account Control because of constant nagging in Vista – it only asked me about something once when I was installing a bunch of applications.

Homegroup sounds interesting, but I’m not sure if it’s any better than standard workgroup networking or what value it brings to the enterprise, since it’s primarily targeted towards consumers. The Libraries function may be a good option for file organization but I don’t see it as a “must-have” feature.

Same with the new Taskbar and Start Menu – about which I will add that, as of Milestone 3, there’s no longer a way to configure it to make it look like an old-school Windows XP or Windows 2000 Start Menu. Microsoft has ripped that functionality out, and is forcing users to stay with the Windows 7/Vista-style Start Menu interface with Jump Lists, at least with the default policy and registry settings that ship with the software.

For those of us who have been using the old Start Menu paradigm since Windows 95, it’s a difficult adjustment. In fact I’d say it’s downright confusing and actually results in reduced user productivity. While home users might readily accept the change, from a corporate user standpoint, it might be a deal breaker.

The dark horse in all of this Windows 7 mania is the desktop’s counterpart – Windows Server 2008 R2, which currently boots up as “Windows Server 7” in the latest Milestone 3 version released at the last Microsoft PDC. Now, here is an OS that I can really sink my teeth into. A clean, simplified interface, all the tools and menus are exactly right where you want them, and none of that Aero and special effects garbage to eat up your memory and clutter up your work desktop.

Call me an ascetic, but when I’m doing work, I want to get work done. All the bells and whistles in Vista are simply an obstruction to doing that. Yes, I know you can turn them off with policies and componentized installs and such, but why go through all that aggravation just to strip something down when you can just ship a CD that already does this in the first place?

Back in February of this year I made a similar plea for Microsoft to do a quick turnaround on the current version of Server 2008 and provide a desktop license scheme for it. In other words, if you bought Vista licenses, you could run Server 2008 instead on your desktop PCs. While I think that there would have to be restrictions imposed, I really don’t think we’re talking about a major development effort here. The changes would include removing the ability to run the software as a Domain Controller and cutting the number of incoming connections. Also, the keycode to activate the product would need to set registry entries to make 3rd-party products aware it was running on a “Workstation” licensed build, and not the “Server” (like various virus scanners and such that charge much more for server-based versions).

We’re talking about a few weeks of development to tweak the registration and Windows Genuine authentication stack.

The idea of making Server 2008 into a workstation is not unique. Vijayshinva Karnure of Microsoft India blogged about transforming Server into a Workstation OS) for software developers and sysadmins that would want to run the OS on their laptops and desktops – particularly for its Hyper-V virtualization stack.

My brother Brandon, who lives in Los Angeles and works in the computer animation and entertainment industry as a subcontractor for various Hollywood film studios, recently built a quad-processor Xeon workstation with 16GB of RAM for running his high-end MAYA 3D rendering software.

While his workstation was certainly powerful enough to run Vista, he just didn’t want all the extra bells and whistles eating up his CPU or cluttering his workspace, all of which comes at a premium in his profession — chewed up CPU cycles and memory result in slower renderings, and with MAYA 3D, renderings are done in real-time. Instead of Vista, he built the system with Server 2008 – and all his software and drivers for his high-end hardware run perfectly fine. As it should, because it’s built around the same core OS as Vista.

Microsoft ignored me the last time when I asked for a Windows 2008 Workstation. With their latest efforts to “disappear” Vista from the consumer and enterprise consciousness by trying to get Windows 7 out the door at a breakneck pace, they might very well ignore me again. But this time, they may want to give it a second thought – with the move toward greener computing and netbooks in the consumer space, and the desire to move toward thin clients and virtualized desktops in the enterprise, a leaner, meaner OS such as Workstation 2008 may fit the bill.

How To Fix “Welcome To Instagram”

Are you getting a “Welcome to Instagram” message?

If you are, you won’t be able to see new posts on Instagram (only old posts).

Here’s the second part of the message, “When you follow people, you’ll see the photos and videos they post here”

The message either happens when you’re new to Instagram or if you don’t follow anyone.

However, it can happen as a bug/glitch if you’re not new to Instagram.

As of May 2023, a ton of users are experiencing the welcome screen even though they’ve used Instagram for multiple years.

As a result, many are confused as to why this happens.

In this article, you’ll learn why you’re getting the “Welcome to Instagram” message and how to fix it.

Why my Instagram is showing welcome to Instagram?

Instagram is showing you “Welcome to Instagram” either because you’re new to Instagram or you’re not following anyone.

However, the message can happen due to a bug/glitch.

In March 2023, many Instagram users got the message on their homepage.

However, most of them have already used Instagram for multiple years.

Although they follow a lot of people, they are unable to see new posts.

Other users are able to see posts on their homepage, but only old posts are showing—even if they refresh it.

This is because Instagram was down on that day, and it can also happen today.

Hence, if Instagram is down, you can only wait until the issue is resolved.

How to fix “Welcome to Instagram”

To fix the “Welcome to Instagram” message, you first need to check if Instagram is down.

If Instagram is down, you need to wait for a few hours until it’s back up.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do to fix it if Instagram is down.

This is because the problem is on Instagram’s end and not yours.

However, if Instagram is not down, it means that you’re either a new user, or you’re not following anyone.

If that’s the case, you need to start following some people to see posts on your feed.

If that still doesn’t fix the “Welcome to Instagram” message, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram.

1. Check if Instagram is down

my insta only shows peoples stories and my feed just says “welcome to instagram” wtf is happening

— meg ²⁸ ✨is 🏠 (@cmbyn_hl28) May 26, 2023

The first step is to check if Instagram is down.

There are a couple of ways to check if Instagram is down.

Firstly, you can visit chúng tôi and search for Instagram.

When you’re visiting the website, make sure you’ve selected the US version of it as it’s more accurate.

Once you’re on the page, you’ll see a graph called “Instagram outages reported in the last 24 hours”.

If there’s a huge spike in the graph, it means that Instagram is most likely down.

Another way to check if Instagram is down is to search for “Instagram down” on Twitter.

Alternatively, you can search for the error message that you’re experiencing and see if anyone tweeted about it.

Make sure to filter the tweets to “Top” and “Latest” respectively.

2. Wait for a few hours

If Instagram is down, you need to wait for a few hours until the Instagram team resolves the issue on their end.

Similarly, if Instagram is not down, you can wait it out as the message might be caused by a temporary bug/glitch.

In May 2023, the “Welcome to Instagram” message was a global issue as Instagram was down.

After a few hours, the message was gone and everyone was able to see their feed again.

Several media outlets also reported that Instagram was down at that time.

Hence, you can do a Google search for “Instagram down” and check the latest news.

If you’ve encountered an error on Instagram, you’re most likely not the only one experiencing it.

3. Follow people on Instagram

If you’re new to Instagram, you may get the “Welcome to Instagram” message.

This is if you skipped following people on Instagram.

If you’re not following anyone on Instagram, you won’t see any posts on your feed.

Instead, you’ll see a “Welcome to Instagram” message that prompts you to follow people.

Hence, you need to follow people to get rid of the message.

After you’ve followed some people, slide down your feed to refresh it.

When your feed is refreshed, you will start seeing posts from people that you follow.


Instagram has a ton of issues considering how long they’ve been on the App Store and Google Play Store.

In some cases, you can only see old posts on your feed and new posts won’t show even if you’ve refreshed the page.

Whenever you experience an error on the app, you should refrain from panicking.

In most cases, your account is not hacked and the error is caused by a bug/glitch.

Most errors can be fixed by simply waiting for a few hours.

You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram as it can fix certain issues within the app.

This is because the app’s cache will be cleared and it will be updated to the latest version.

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