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Without a doubt, my favorite feature on any iPhone has always been the camera. It serves as more than good enough as a daily shooter, and new apps and accessories are being released everyday that help take that experience further. The first iPhone accessories I really got into, back when I had my iPhone 4, were wide-angle lenses and I still love them to this day. Recently I’ve been on the lookout for a lens for the iPhone 7 Plus to recommend for those just starting out with iPhone camera enhancements. I think I found the right product with the Aukey 120° wide-angle Ora Lens. Let’s take a look at what the lens can do for you and your iPhone photography…

When news broke that the iPhone 7 Plus was going to include a dual-camera system, I assumed correctly that some external lens systems available were probably not going to work or need updates. At the recommendation of a friend, I decided to look at Aukey’s Ora Lens because of it’s simplified “installation” process.

Immediately upon taking the Ora Lens out of its packaging, I realized just how big the lens actually was. Fitting nicely in the palm of my hand, the lens has some heft to it, making the entire kit feel pretty well-constructed. Even though I specifically bought the Ora Lens because of its clip-style mounting system, I had doubts as to how well it would hold on.

Mounting the lens

The Ora Lens is insanely easy to install, thanks to the clip design. There is no case to add, or mount to adhere to your phone. Just clip it on and you’re good to go. The clip’s grip is tight and secure on the phone, but I found it could fall off if you moved your phone faster than you would in normal usage. One of the nicest benefits the clip system provides is the ability for the lens to be installed on a multitude of devices. I found myself installing it often onto my phone and Mac’s iSight camera for a FaceTime video call. Though, at one point while on the call I spun around and saw the lens swivel in place a bit more than I was comfortable with. Luckily, no damage was done.

The movement of the lens illuminated the first problem. Yes, it’s easy to install, but lining up the phone’s camera lens perfectly with the Aukey lens is a bit of a challenge at first. If the lens is installed and off by even a millimeter, images taken by the camera begin looking blurry and may show the lens’ edges at the corners of the photo. (See above photos as examples, taking note of bottom left and bottom right areas.) The blurriness isn’t even always evident on the phone’s ‘tiny’ display, but becomes obvious when you realize the phone is having trouble autofocusing. After I noticed this, I started looking through the Aukey Ora Lens to visually see if the iPhone lens was centered for correct placement.

Wide-angle lens

To test the wide-angle lens, I decided to take it with me for a day of shooting at an outdoor museum in Brazil. I had been there a few times before and figured the landscape and buildings would provide good visual points to see just far the lens could expand the camera view. After installing the lens onto the phone, just open your favorite camera app and start snapping away.

I quickly fell in love with how easy it was to clip the lens onto my phone and then move it to my outside pocket while I walked around. While taking photos I was continuously shocked at how much more of the landscape and images I was able to get into the shots.

After mounting and un-mounting the lens over and over again, I began noticing one of the biggest problems nearly all wide-angle lenses have: chromatic aberration at the images’ edges. It was hard to see in some shots, but when compared side-by-side with images that didn’t have the lens installed, it became night and day.

It’s important to note that when using the Aukey lens on a 7 Plus, the phone’s tele lens is blocked. This means you won’t be able to hit the 2x button in the Camera app to zoom in, nor take Portrait Mode pictures until the external lens is removed.

Overall, the Aukey Ora Lens isn’t perfect, but it’s hard to pass up as a starter lens for interested hobby photographers. It’s solid construction and low price point make it extremely attractive. If you’re looking for some more versatile options, be sure to take a look at Olloclip’s offerings as well.

The Aukey Ora iPhone Camera Lens is on sale on Amazon for $24.99. It comes with a small cleaning cloth, but I’d also recommend picking up a camera cleaning kit to add to your mobile photography arsenal.

Note: All images in this test have been down-sampled for a more lightweight viewing experience. Full quality image comparisons can be downloaded here. Images were taken once without the lens, and then once again in same the spot with the lens added on-top using the ProCam 4 iOS app on an iPhone 7 Plus. The Aukey Ora does include a built-in 15x macro lens for close up photography as well, but was not extensively tested.

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7 Ways To Grow Your Business With Your Marketing Automation Tools

Research showing how Marketing Automation can support the lead-sales pipeline

Marketing automation has received a lot of attention over the past year. But you may still be sceptical, asking how can it actually grow my business’?

In this post, I want to dig into some of these benefits to explain precisely how marketing automation can help you grow your business.

In March 2014, Regalix conducted a study to identify the most common benefits of marketing automation, as told by marketers who had implemented the software.

1. Improve your lead nurturing

2. Improve your lead response times

A study from Harvard found that you’re seven times more likely to qualify a lead if you respond to an enquiry within an hour, compared to responding even an hour later and more than 60 times likelier than if you waited 24 hours or longer.

Yet, the same study found that, on average, the majority of companies take at least 12 hours to respond to an enquiry.

With marketing automation software, you can create automated email responses to ensure that every lead is responded to within the hour.

3. Improve your lead qualification process

This is partly as a result of better targeting and personalisation of marketing, but also largely due to the fact that marketing automation software provides a framework to improve your lead qualification process.

4. Reduce your sales and marketing overhead

This has two important consequences.

First of all, it reduces your sales and marketing overhead by reducing the need for additional staff. In fact, a study by Nucleus Research found that companies that implemented marketing automation software had a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.

5. Increase your sales productivity

In their New York Times best-selling book ‘Switch’, authors Dan and Chip Heath explain that, when it comes to changing a person’s behaviour it’s often best to change the environment and use ‘nudges’ rather trying to change behaviour directly.

6. Align your sales and marketing team

An interesting side effect noted by many companies implementing marketing automation software is that it tends to align the sales and marketing teams around the same goals.

By using one platform that shows both CRM and marketing data, marketers get instant access to the insights gathered by the sales team, and visa versa.

7. Enhanced targeting and personalisation

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of combining CRM and marketing data into a single platform, is the ability to precisely target your audience with personalised communication.

You could, for example, send a series of emails triggered by certain actions, such as repeatedly viewing a pricing page on your website, or by criteria such as whether or not they’re a CEO / director.

Ultimately, the more personalised your communication is, the more relevant it will be to the recipient. Relevancy increases the likelihood of purchase, which is just one more tangible benefit of marketing automation software.

Effectiveness of Marketing Automation

There’s no doubting the power and impact that marketing automation software can have on a business when used properly, but it’s important to end on the caveat that it’s not a silver bullet.

The effectiveness of automation software, or any tool or tactic for that matter, is largely dependent on your business and how you use it.

I hope the seven examples above provide inspiration for you to explore this software in more depth, and consider different ways that you may be able to use it to grow your business.

Best Clear Cases For Iphone 7 In 2023

Even though I’m very fond of wallet and kickstand cases, clear cases have always been the winner for me. A smartphone as hot as iPhone 7 deserves to be the darling of the crowd. And, it’s only clear cases that can let it weave magic with élan. Are you interested in going on a hunting spree for splendid clear case for your iPhone 7?

(Thinking about iPhone 7 Plus clear cases? Jump over to this post.) If sleek and slender profile appeals to you the most, you will find these cases absolutely magnificent. Let’s grab one for your smartphone!

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Ultra Hybrid has an eye-catching design. The extremely slim profile looks really nice on your iPhone.

The crystal transparent back panel has been made of hard polycarbonate material. The TPU bumper provides it the power to resist any drops. Ultra Hybrid transparent comes in four pretty colors.

Buy it from Amazon

2. Trainium Clarium Series

Clarium Series has a fashionable design fully augmented by the top-notch quality material. The crystal transparent look allows your iPhone to remain in the limelight.

The sturdy polycarbonate back strengthens its durability; enabling it to keep off the impact of accidental fall. The smooth TPU bumper adds another layer of protection to its profile. The raised lip works as the loyal safeguard for the screen. Clarium Series clear case is available in four colors.

Buy it from Amazon

3. SaharaCase

SaharaCase boasts of the qualities to be an excellent suit for your iPhone 7. The see-through design lets your smartphone reveal its class without any hindrance.

It features the built-in camera hood shield it from any scratch. Top quality rubberized, and plastic materials make it very long-lasting. It comes with tempered glass screen protector. What’s more, this clear case is available in 13 gorgeous colors to bowl you over.

Buy it from Amazon

4. Silk PureView

Silk PureView has an ultra-transparent look primed to let your iPhone continue to attract on-lookers. The form-fitting construction reinforced by the top-grade material, it can defend your smartphone from drops.

The shock absorbent edge doesn’t let your device get harmed by scratch. The minimalist look doesn’t make the iPhone look bulky. There are four colors to let you pick the right choice.

Buy it from Amazon

5. Ringke FUSION

With the military-grade drop protection, it offers the essential safeguard to your iPhone to fight out of the blow of accidental fall. TPU corner cushions are good enough resist scratch. FUSION comes three attractive colors.

Buy it from Amazon

6. Matone

Matone clear case is yet another worthy contender in this list. What makes it hog the attention is the flexible and smooth structure.

The TPU bumper cushion has been specially made to resist the impact of fall and prevent scratch. The raised bezel keeps camera and screen off a flat surface. For all being very sleek in terms of appearance and weight, it is amazingly strong.

Buy it from Amazon

7. Pelican Voyager

Voyager is yet another transparent case from Pelican on this list. Thanks to the excellent quality and fantastic design, we just couldn’t keep our eyes off it.

Blessed with the four-layer of protection, it has all the qualities of the best clear case. To top it all, it comes with belt clip and kickstand. Voyager comes in three nice colors.

Buy it from Amazon


OtterBox symmetry clear series clear case is bang on target both in terms of attractively sleek design and durability. The dual-material construction makes it strong enough to shield your device from minor drops and ward off scratch.

The high-quality polycarbonate exterior and synthetic rubber interior make it very solid. Raised beveled edge protects the touchscreen from scratch. Lastly, there are 12 vibrant colors to let you pick out a stunning suit for your iPhone.

Buy it from Amazon

9. Pelican Adventurer

Are you willing to go some extra yards to pick one of the finest clear cases? Pelican Adventurer can be an excellent option.

The exceptionally sleek appearance along with the precise cutouts helps it make an elegant match with your iPhone. Having been military-grade tested, it is good enough to offer the necessary protection from drops. The impact absorbing lining reinforces its life. Pelican Adventurer transparent case comes in four colors.

Buy it from Amazon

Wrap Up!

Author Profile


Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

Weight, Size, And Battery Life: Iphone X Vs Iphone 8 Vs Iphone 7

Rather than announcing just one new iPhone this year with two different screen sizes, Apple shook things up by announcing an entirely new iPhone X with a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED display alongside their typical 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone models.

There’s bound to be some confusion about some of the most important specs between the devices, so in this piece, we’ll talk about the differences in weight, dimensions, and battery life as we do every year.

Battery Life

Battery life is perhaps one of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing the right iPhone for you. Typically, the Plus-sized models get improved battery life because of the larger surface area that makes packing a bigger battery possible, but it’s still good to know the details.

First, we’ll compare the smaller handsets to the iPhone X:

From here, we can see that the iPhone 8 lasts about as long as an iPhone 7 would, but an iPhone X can last up to 2 hours longer on a single charge than an iPhone 7 or 8 would. There are differences across the board, from talk time, to internet use, to audio/video playback.

On the other hand, only the iPhone 8 and iPhone X support fast-charge, allowing your battery to charge up to 50% from dead within half an hour. These are also the only two handsets that support wireless charging with a Qi-compatible wireless cradle.

Next up, we’ll compare the Plus-sized devices to the iPhone X:

In this data, we can see that the iPhone 8 Plus lasts about the same as the predecessor, but this is where the iPhone X starts to lag behind a little bit. It’s on par with the Plus-sized handsets concerning talk time and audio playback, but the Plus-sized handsets marginally beat the iPhone X on battery life in both the internet usage and video playback sectors.

Just like with the smaller 4.7-inch handsets, the 5.5-inch handsets follow the same fast-charge rules. Only the 8 Plus and the X support fast-charging capabilities, allowing you to juice-up quickly from 0-50% in 30 minutes. Moreover, only the 8 Plus and the X support wireless charging with Qi-compatible cradles.

Size & Weight

One of the other most popular questions is how the device will feel in your hand on a daily basis, and for that reason, we’ve got a comprehensive comparison of size and weight between the three handsets to show you.

Once again, we’ll compare the smaller handsets to the iPhone X first:

What we see here is that there’s a marginal increase in depth, height, and width between the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 that you probably won’t even notice on a day-to-day basis. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even see it if the devices were right beside one another. Regarding their weight, the iPhone 8 is about 7.2% heavier than the iPhone 7.

Most you are probably interested in the iPhone X, and it’s fairly larger than both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. In fact, it’s 3.9% taller, 5.7% wider, and 7.1% thicker than the iPhone 7. Regarding weight, iPhone X is 26.1% heavier than the iPhone 7 and 17.6% heavier than the iPhone 8.

In conclusion, iPhone X is beefier than either the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, so that might take some getting used to if you’re making the switch.

Next up, we’ll compare the Plus-sized devices to the iPhone X:

In this case, the Plus-sized devices are still the king of the roost. The iPhone X is both smaller and lighter than both Plus-sized models. The dimensions are nearly the same between the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus, but the iPhone 8 Plus weighs about 7.5% more than the iPhone 7 Plus does.

Comparing the Plus-sized handsets to the iPhone X, this is where the numbers start to get interesting. The iPhone X is much smaller than both Plus-sized handsets; it’s 9.3% shorter and 9.1% narrower, than the iPhone 7 Plus, but 3.4% thicker. Regarding weight, the iPhone X is 7.4% lighter than the iPhone 7 Plus and 13.9% lighter than the iPhone 8 Plus.

That said if you’re using a Plus-sized device right now and you’re considering the iPhone X, it will feel a lot like you’ve just bought an iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 until you glance at the mesmerizingly-large display, which dwarfs even the Plus-sized handsets.


Keep in mind that the iPhone 7/7 Plus and iPhone 8/8 Plus are nearly the same size as one another, so cases for each handset should be backward-compatible. With that in mind, if you have an iPhone 7/7Plus and you’re upgrading to the iPhone 8/8 Plus, you shouldn’t really need to buy a new case.

If you’re getting the iPhone X, on the other hand, Apple has never made an iPhone quite like it before. You’ll almost certainly need to buy yourself a whole new case to fit the new handset, regardless of whether you owned a 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch handset previously.

In terms of battery life, the iPhone 8 Plus is probably the way to go, but most people will want the latest and greatest features of the iPhone X, so a slight trade-off in battery life probably won’t make or break the demand for it.

If you’re also considering an Apple Watch Series 3 to go along with your new handset this year, then you might want to read up on how the Series 3 compares to the previous-generation Series 2.

Top 7 Tips For Growing Your Etsy Business

In light of the measure of benefit you’re reliably acquiring, you have a small bunch of alternatives identified with how you can extend or develop your activity.

These include:

Extending your product offering and presenting new items or new item varia­tions (like tones, sizes or styles) that will permit you to acquire clients

Expanding your promoting and publicizing endeavors so you can draw in more custom­ers and create more deals for your current items

Conceptualizing novel thoughts for items that are random to your present contributions and opening a second or even a third Etsy shop that you’ll work all the while with your unique one.

Recruiting at least one low maintenance workers in case you’re pushed to the limit on your own assets and don’t have the opportunity to make new items, deal with your shop and satisfy orders all alone

Stopping your “genuine world” task to devote all your time and exertion to the activity of your Etsy shop

To help keep a consistent progression of guests to your shop and increment your shots at procuring rehash business, you ought to invigorate your shop at regular intervals.

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Each three to four months (fundamentally every season), cautiously assess your deals from the past quarter or prepare and figure out which were your top of the line items and which things were the most un-well known. Genuinely consider eliminating the most un-well known things from your shop inside and out and putting more spotlight on things that are reliably famous or present new items.

You ought to likewise consider presenting occasional things or things that are just accessible around explicit occasions, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Related to famous occasions, think about refreshing the general appearance of your shop, including themed illustrations, photographs, and text that spotlights on the forthcoming occasion.

Pushing ahead, never make changes to your shop erratically. Foster a coordinated methodology or plan for your shop and product offering updates, and afterward stick to it.

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7 different ways to extend your business

Here are some more demonstrated ways you can develop your business when you’re prepared:

Increment the quantity of things you offer by adding more item postings to your shop. However, make certain to keep your item contributions to some degree related. For instance, in the event that you as of now sell arm bands, neckbands and hoops, consider adding a line of rings. Or then again present a better quality or premium determination of related items that are sold at a greater cost point.

For instance, in the event that you as of now sell silver gems, think about offering similar plans in 24k gold. Try not to offer arbitrary, disconnected items that will not engage your main fans.

Improve the nature of your item photography. As well as making the photographs look better, consider changing your utilization of customary item shots and way of life shots to better grandstand every one of your things.

Consider gronce that you haven’t effectively done as such, open your shop to worldwide clients and boat globally (accepting what you’re selling will have global allure).

Increment the measure of cash you’re putting resources into online paid publicizing, and think about attempting extra promoting openings. Simultaneously, help your web-based media presence.

Consider deals openings past Etsy. Whenever you’ve fostered a demonstrated and solid market, consider taking part in make fairs, for instance, or expand­ing to sell your items through standard retail locations, stores, niche stores, transfer shops or potentially other online administrations.

You may likewise consider growing your online presence by beginning a comparable customer facing facade on at least one of the administrations that contends with Etsy, like Amazon Handmade, to possibly contact a more extensive crowd. Or on the other hand you could make your own, independent web based business site, which enables you to completely redo all that having to do with your online store.

As the need emerges for you to make your product(s) in bigger amounts, foster quicker or more effective approaches to save time in the creation or assembling measure. This may mean making an interest in better apparatuses, for instance. Simultaneously, attempt to bring down your expense for gaining your crude materials/supplies.

For instance, purchase your materials/supplies from a distributer or straightforwardly from the maker in bigger amounts to get a greater markdown. wing your intended interest group. While you keep on showcasing to your main fans, pinpoint an auxiliary objective crowd and start separate mar­keting and publicizing endeavors to arrive at this new or more extensive gathering of individuals.

7 Ways To Spice Up Your Email Marketing

My friend Andreas over on the product team at WordStream is fond of saying, “Make it spicy,” as in, “Here’s some dry, descriptive copy of what this tool does. I’ll leave it up to Marketing to make it spicy.”

Depending on your industry, the right level of “spiciness” can be difficult to achieve. For example, it’s a little harder to write exciting copy about B2B search engine marketing software (which is how I spend a lot of my time) than it is to write about hot, new summer sandals or consumer gadgets. Still, you can almost always add a little bit of spice to bring your content to life.

Here are seven ideas for livening up your email copy and design.

1. Use Analogies

An analogy is a way of comparing one thing to another, usually with the purpose of making that concept easier to understand or illuminating some aspect of it, such as telling a search engine newbie that Google is the new Yellow Pages. Recently, Perry Marshall sent a webinar invitation that opened with this analogy:

Facebook is a sexy, blue motor scooter with a top speed of 35mph.

Twitter is a radio-controlled model airplane.

Direct mail is an olive green military jeep.

TV is an Oldsmobile sedan; radio is a Dodge Charger.

But AdWords is a Ferrari. Absolutely far and away the most sophisticated direct marketing machine, ever.

He goes on to say that the problem with driving a Ferrari is if you don’t know what you’re doing, you end up with “a very expensive wreck.” Fun analogy, right? I immediately think of Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off sending the Ferrari into a gulch or the scene in Risky Business where Tom Cruise tries to stop his dad’s Porsche from sinking into the lake.

2. Make a Reference 3. Personalize the Subject Line

I really love the new weekly email Twitter has started sending out. I recently got one with the subject line “AJ Kohn, The Rumpus, and 57 others have Tweets for you.” Compare that to the subject line on a recent email from Pinterest with the subject line “Your Pinterest Recommendations.” Twitter’s subject line is much more specific and personalized.

4. Include a Tip

If you want people to open and read your emails, be sure you answer the question, “What’s in it for them?” Your clients will love your emails if you teach them something instead of just pushing your products. Check out this “Staff Picks” email from Sephora, for example:

5. Use Video

Brendan Cournoyer at Brainshark recently shared some pretty compelling numbers around using video in email marketing:

One way to leverage video in email is to create a “trailer” for a webinar or other event.

6. Use Animation

I just got emails from both chúng tôi and Anthropologie that included animated GIFs of fireworks. Fancy!

7. Use Illustration

This email from Uncommon Goods, recently featured in a post on HubSpot, uses illustration along with images to tell a story with a cute, DIY feel:

It almost feels closer to a hand-drawn card than a corporate email.

As always, test these techniques to see if they work with your audience. You may find that a change does your email metrics good.

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