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#RIPTwitter, #TwitterDown, and #GoodByeTwitter are among the trending hashtags on the social media platform, as the world watches the latest developments in the slow-motion car crash.

Two developments in particular are leading to an acceleration in fears that Twitter’s troubles may be about to get even worse …

After laying off around half the workforce, Musk told the rest that they would need to pledge to work hard for long hours if they wanted to keep their jobs. Only “exceptional” performance would be considered good enough to retain their roles. He gave them less than 48 hours to agree to new and unspecified conditions of employment, otherwise he would consider them to have resigned.

Musk seemingly hoped that the tactic would persuade most remaining staff to sign up for a grueling work schedule, but reports suggest that this is very much not what happened. When the deadline expired, Fortune reports that only around 25% of surviving employees had agreed, suggesting that as few as a thousand employees might remain in post if Musk follows through with his threat.

Some employees who were departing speculated that so many were leaving, along with their knowledge of how the product works, that the social network may have trouble fixing problems or updating systems during its normal operations, according to people familiar with the matter.

The picture was becoming clear to the billionaire owner as the deadline approached, and he began fire-fighting attempts. He first softened his tone on remote working, stating that it would now be allowed if line managers permitted it, but those managers would have to take responsibility for their remote workers delivering “excellent” performance. The clear implication was that the managers would be risking their own jobs.

Musk followed this by inviting to a meeting those he considered essential to the company, and who hadn’t signed the pledge, attempting to persuade them to stay.

A panicked Musk then deactivated all employee badges, fearing that those leaving the company might sabotage things.

NEW: Twitter just alerted employees that effective immediately, all office buildings are temporarily closed and badge access is suspended. No details given as to why.

— Zoë Schiffer (@ZoeSchiffer) November 17, 2023

It’s unclear at this point whether Musk will do a U-turn on his “no pledge, no job” stance. Employees who did not sign the agreement report that they still had full access to Twitter internal systems after the deadline expired.

Many Twitter users are pondering their plans if the platform does die. The main contender as a potential replacement appears to be Mastodon, which has seen subscriber numbers triple to over 1.6M in the past two weeks.

While this is of course trivial compared to Twitter, self-described data junkie James Eagle put together a fun animation to show that market dominance at any one point in time doesn’t necessarily mean much.

I was born before the world wide web. We can’t imagine living without it. Although I can because I did live before it. I create this data visualisation to tell this stor#Innovation #Technology #internet #datavisualisation chúng tôi James Eagle (@JamesEagle17) June 3, 2023

Others are looking to Instagram or Tumblr, while some are joking that it might be time for MySpace to make its comeback.

9to5Mac’s Take

Right now, the demise of Twitter looks like an unlikely prospect. That said, if I wanted to kill the company, I can’t think of a more effective way to do it than Musk’s assorted actions since taking ownership.

We don’t know at this stage whether the reported number of effective resignations is correct, nor whether the king of the U-turn will carry out his threat to let them go. If both are indeed the case, then we can certainly expect various service failures in the short-term. Anyone making predictions beyond that is braver than me.

Photo: Jason Paris/CC2.0

Oh shit lol. Twitter HQ in San Francisco tonight chúng tôi Read Jackson Rising by @CooperationJXN (@JoshuaPHilll) November 18, 2023

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Trending Ideas And Use Cases For Gpt

What Are Open AI and GPT-3?

Before we will find out how to use Open AI, let’s draw a clear line between OpenAI and GPT-3 since these two terms are often mixed up.

OpenAI is a research company that is engaged in studying the capabilities of artificial intelligence and looking for ways to use it for the benefit of humanity. The project was created by Elon Musk and other innovative entrepreneurs. The core mission of the organization is to develop such practices and approaches to artificial intelligence that will help coping with modern challenges (like data hacking, for example), and at the same time, prevent other companies and research institutes from using AI for malicious purposes.

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), in turn, is a quite powerful machine learning algorithm that is shared via API, and enables developers to use it in their smart models programming. To date, GPT-3 is one of the smartest ML algorithms. It is capable of solving such tasks that just a few years ago, could be solved exclusively by a human. In some cases, the skills of the model go beyond the ones of the human, making it quite a demanded tool in AI powered project development.

GPT-3 Possible Use Cases

What can you do with GPT-3? Below are some use cases that you may take for your project inspiration and user experience boost.

Text writing and storytelling. The times when artificial intelligence learns to create engaging interesting texts and stories is not that far off – it is already here. For example, The Guardian has already published a text generated by GPT-3. And here is a Better Writer project  – a Grammarly like tool that is able to suggest content generation ideas as well.

Translation. This is one of the most powerful features of the GPT-3 model. While machine translation isn’t an innovation, most of the translations apps and websites still require human check to edit generated texts. But this is not the case with GPT-3 since this tool learns from the previous experience, catches the context, and generates the most accurate translation an ML algorithm is capable of.

What Kind of Apps This Technology Is Suitable For?

Considering such an impressive list of use cases, GPT-3 startups will be able to develop quite a lot of creative and useful ideas to use GPT-3 in their projects. To date, this technology seems to be the most promising for the solutions from the following industries:

Related: Top 7 services in demand for internet users.

GPT-3 Possible Pitfalls

Despite innovative potential and the product ideas compilation for OpenAI’s GPT-3 that can be continued, there are still some concerns about its effective and seamless usage.

GPT-3 can make mistakes. GPT-3 can sometimes have logic problems and make mistakes. And this is either the result of a programming loophole, or artificial intelligence has already learned one clearly human quality – the system does not want to admit that it does not know something or is mistaken. For example, GPT-3 repeatedly gave wrong answers to the trick questions from American history, claiming that certain individuals were presidents during a certain period.

GPT-3 can generate offensive content. In addition to some of its logic flaws, the algorithm can also generate offensive content, especially on controversial topics like politics or religion. Therefore, if you plan to use it in these or related directions, it is better to control the AI work with the help of the human mind.

GPT-3 is hardly predictable. The main concern regarding the capabilities of artificial intelligence also did not bypass GPT-3. Already, the system has gained enough power to make the consequences of its use difficult to predict.

How to Use GPT-3 in Your Product?

However, in the hands of a responsible entrepreneur, the technology can deliver ultimate benefit and value. Here is how to use Open AI models for your startup development.

Develop your startup idea and validate it – If you aren’t going to use GPT-3 for your idea generation, then you should come up with it on your own and validate it with the help of market overview, target audience and competitors research, the proof of concepts, user acceptance testing, and focus group surveys.

Decide on the task GPT-3 will solve for your project – The next step is to decide what task will GPT-3 perform in your project, and most importantly, how it will bring some novelty to the user experience. Try to employ your creativity, have one more look at the technology’s features and opportunities, and being guided by your research, come up with something new and valuable.

GPT-3 Projects

Request Open AI API – Since the technology is quite demanded, you will join a waitlist after leaving your request. So, use this time for some more research, validation, and creativity boost. Also, find out Open AI pricing models to choose the one that suits your project needs.

Integrate it into your MVP and test it – This is quite a standard step in LEAN-supported software development. Before investing in a full-fledged solution, test your MVP with your future users, use their positive response as proof for fundraising and keep the gained insights in mind at the next stage.

Extend your features – At this stage, you will be able to turn your MVP into a full-fledged AI-powered software. However, keep in mind the possible pitfalls we’ve mentioned and don’t let them spoil your users’ experience.


Using an Open AI solution for your tech project can be quite a promising development strategy. However, make sure to use it wisely, staying compliant with the core company’s mission – create AI solutions that benefit humanity and streamline its progress.

The Many Dangers Of Cloud Computing

As an emerging technology that promises great cost savings, cloud computing is gaining fans among a broad array of businesses. But do these firms really know what’s inside the opaque, puffy concept of clouding computing?

Cloud computing allows companies to outsource part (and sometimes almost all) of their computer processing. Instead of spending on in-house servers and (in the view of CIOs) the surly IT pros needed to service them, businesses simply pay an external provider. They then access their computing infrastructure over the Internet – “though the cloud,” in IT-speak.

Better still, cloud vendors tell us, cloud computing is massively scalable. The big box retailer handles a holiday rush with a quick online request for more computing capacity. The growing small business without a big data center can leverage the heavy-processing muscle of a cloud provider.

Amazon’s EC2 and Google App Engine. In the excitement, the acronyms are multiplying. Cloud computing’s near cousin is Software as a Service (SaaS) – software delivered over the Net – and chúng tôi touts a version of cloud computing called Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

IT pundit Nick Carr hails cloud computing, in his book The Big Switch, as the inevitable next step in business computing. Just as we now access electricity from huge external plants, he explains, we will access computing power from sprawling external processing facilities. Messy in-house data centers are passé. The future is bright, well ordered and reasonably priced.

But Carr’s analogy falters when you look at the difference between electricity and data. There’s nothing confidential or sensitive about the wattage that flows into your business. But there’s something profoundly sensitive about the data that flows in and out of your business.

Merely whispering the phrase “Sarbanes Oxley,” with its labyrinthine compliance requirements, is enough to make some CIOs shudder at giving a cloud-based provider even partial responsibility for their document management.

Making those CIOs even more anxious is this uneasy truth: as it evolves, cloud-based service is increasingly provided by a chain of providers. So you’ve contracted with an outsourcer, who in turn contracts with a series of outsourcers, and on and on – and this global crowd of unknowns is handling your most precious corporate secrets.

Cloud Computing or Bust

The many red flags of cloud computing are catalogued in Assessing the Security Risks of Cloud Computing, co-written by Gartner analysts Jay Heiser and Mark Nicolett.

Their thesis isn’t that companies shouldn’t use cloud computing. Rather, companies must go into the process with their eyes wide open, fully aware of the risks, taking essential precautions to stay safe. Or, as safe as possible, given the “black box” nature of cloud computing.

“Probably [cloud computing] would be more popular already if people didn’t have concerns about the risks,” Heiser tells me. Still “I don’t think most of the potential users are truly cognizant of the risks. But they have a usefully intuitive sense that this is something new and it shouldn’t be undertaken lightly.”

(Indeed, a recent Goldman Sachs survey of CIOs’ plans for 2009, which indicates that the recession is giving them an upset stomach, doesn’t bode well for cloud services. Less than 2 percent of respondents made cloud a priority.)

Cloud computing’s myriad security concerns are enough to make one ask: can’t we just stay with that golden oldie known as client-server? After all, servers keep getting cheaper and cheaper (and cheaper), and the IT worker who maintain them are, sadly, surely not paid outlandish wages. Why go out of house?

Despite these doubts, cloud computing will indeed realize its potential as the industry-shifting trend it appears to be, Heiser opines. The train has left the station, recession-scared CIOs notwithstanding. Simply put, the cost savings are too great and the business potential too efficient and flexible for the cloud to be ignored.

“It’s basically economic, but there are convenience issues,” Heiser says.

“There’s a control issued. I lump [cloud computing] in with consumerization with being yet another example of how the end user is taking over the initiative from IT. If they don’t like the answer that IT gives them, they’ll just go out and buy the thing.”

For instance, “How much of chúng tôi was motivated by sales mangers who just wanted to get away from IT and put in their own CRM?”

Moreover, spending on cloud computing is seen as more desirable than writing checks for servers that start aging the moment they’re unwrapped. “When you buy something in the cloud, it’s an expense. When you buy something like a computer, it’s an investment,” Heiser says.

“So it’s a different color of money and people like that.”

Nine Security Concerns – and How to Address Them

The most practical way to evaluate a cloud provider is to get a third party to do so, Heiser says. There are so many questions and concerns that doing all the work in-house may be prohibitive. Making the process still more difficult is that fact that many cloud-based service companies are far from transparent.

“Call up Google and ask them how transparent they are,” he says, indicating that the answer will be, ‘not very.’ “So why should you trust them?”

“I contrast them with chúng tôi in terms of their transparency,” Heiser says. “We emphasize Salesforce as having some early attempts at transparency; we didn’t really flag Google as being the evil twin to Salesforce, but they’re awfully opaque.”

If you or a third party are kicking the tires of a cloud provider, here are issues to be aware of, and recommendations from Gartner for handling them:

1) Privileged User Access

With cloud computing, your confidential data will be processed by personnel outside the enterprise, so non-employees could conceivably have full access to it.

Advice: “Ask providers to supply specific information on the hiring and oversight of privileged administrators, and the controls over their access.”

How To Sign Out Of All Devices On Hbo Max?

HBO recently came out with a new streaming service titled HBO Max. It offers premium HBO content to all of its users at a minimal charge. If you are new to HBO Max and are looking for a way to sign out of all devices associated with your HBO Max account, then check out our guide below.

How to sign out of all devices on HBO Max?

On computer

Now select ‘Manage Devices‘.

All devices associated with your HBO Max account will now be logged out. Even the device that you are currently using to sign out of all devices will also be removed.

On app

Download and log in to the HBO Max app on your smartphone. If you have not downloaded it already, use this link to download it on your smartphone. iOS users can use this link.

Once you are logged in, tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Now tap on the ‘Settings‘  icon in the top left corner of your screen.

Next, and tap on ‘Manage devices‘ on the next screen.

You will now be shown a list of all the current devices associated with your HBO Max account. Tap on ‘Sign all devices out‘ at the bottom of your screen to finish the process.

All the devices associated with your HBO Max account will now be removed including the mobile device you are using to perform this task.

How to sign out of HBO Max on a single device?

If you wish to only sign out only yourself from your HBO Max account, then simply follow the guides listed below.

On computer

You will now be signed out of your HBO Max account.

On app

Open the HBO Max app on your device and tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Now access the settings menu by tapping on the ‘Gear‘ icon in the top right corner of your screen. Select ‘Sign out‘ at the bottom of the menu list.

Now confirm your selection in the next dialog box by tapping on ‘Sign out‘ again.

You should now be signed out of HBO Max on your current device.

How to sign out of HBO Max on any other device?

If you have lost or sold a recent device that was logged in to your HBO Max account and are looking for a way to remove it from the associated devices list, then simply follow the guides listed below.

On computer

You will now be signed out of your select device and it will no longer be able to access your HBO Max account.

On app

Open the HBO Max app on your device and tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap the ‘Gear‘ icon in the top right corner of your screen to access your account settings. Now select ‘Manage devices‘.

You will now be shown a list of all the devices associated with your HBO Max account. Find the one that you want to remove from your account and tap on the ‘X‘ beside its name.

Confirm your selection by tapping on ‘Sign out‘ in the next dialog box that appears.

You will now be signed out of your selected device and it will no longer be able to access your HBO Max account.

Why HBO Max hasn’t signed out of all devices? How much time does it take?

Signing out of a device on HBO Max can take up to 4 hours.

Moreover, if a device associated with your account is currently streaming content, then it will not be signed out until the streaming is discontinued.

While HBO Max offers varied compatibility across devices, it is still fairly new to the market. Hence it does not support all the currently available platforms out there.

Thankfully, there are available workarounds like this one for your Android TV and this one for your Amazon Fire Stick. If you are using a Roku device then you can refer to this guide for some additional tips on HBO Max.

Musk’s Truthgpt; Chatgpt’s Impact On, Dogecoin And Shiba Inu

The classic sci-fi trope of robots gone rogue, bent on world domination, has been the message of our favorite films. While they make for thrilling movie plots, the truth is far from the silver screen sensationalism. Robots ruling over humanity are as likely as finding a unicorn riding a flying saucer.

However, let’s indulge in the topic of AI-enhanced human innovations, specifically how they benefit the emerging altcoin chúng tôi and well-established meme coins Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. But first, let’s talk about business mogul Elon Musk’s ‘TruthGPT’.

Musk’s ‘TruthGPT’ To Rival ChatGPT

Renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk has revealed his intention to introduce “TruthGPT,” a cutting-edge AI platform that will rival Microsoft and Google. Elon Musk, a well-known businessman, has declared his aim to launch “TruthGPT,” a cutting-edge AI platform that will compete with Microsoft and Google. Musk expressed his disapproval of Microsoft-supported OpenAI, the company behind the well-known chatbot ChatGPT. He claimed that after teaching the AI to lie, they turned it into a closed-source, profit-driven system.

The CEO of SpaceX, Twitter, and Tesla recently spoke with Fox News on his desire to create an AI that seeks truth and comprehends the cosmos thoroughly, placing a heavy emphasis on safety. He thinks that an AI with this level of understanding would be less likely to endanger humanity.

As per Reuters, Elon Musk has been reportedly recruiting top-notch AI researchers from Google to establish his new startup, chúng tôi Corp, based in Nevada where he serves as the sole director. Despite his recent call to pause the development of powerful AI systems, Musk has decided to take on OpenAI and launch his own AI platform, TruthGPT.

Emerging Crypto chúng tôi Unlocks The Power Of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems can be helpful in the world of virtual currencies since they offer individualized responses to user questions, providing useful insights and explanations about the market for virtual currencies. Appropriately, utilizing AIs like OpenAi, by ChatGPT, on chúng tôi is powerful in that it can provide detailed information about the crypto. However, like anything else today, due diligence is crucial.

Also, the audits conducted by chúng tôi showcase their commitment to transparency and trust. Acquiring Solidity Finance’s audit and listing the crypto on CoinSniper before it is actually launched on the blockchain can provide additional layers of assurance to users, ensuring that chúng tôi follows best practices and maintains the integrity of its operations.

Leveraging ChatGPT With Meme Coins Dogecoin And Shiba Inu

The answers from ChatGPT can save time and effort in researching and analyzing data, making it a convenient tool for obtaining information. This accessibility empowers users to stay informed, make informed decisions, and participate in the meme coin market with greater confidence. Nevertheless, the inaccurate answers provided by AIs are precisely why they should be used with caution.

There has been growing concern about the potential risks and dangers associated with AI platforms, reminiscent of the portrayals in sci-fi movies. However, it is important to understand that when used as a tool to assist and augment capabilities, rather than letting it dominate our lives, AI can bring numerous benefits, especially in the crypto arena.

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Playerunknown’s Battleground: Host Closed The Connection

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND: Host closed the connection [FIX]






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readers this month.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND is an online multiplayer battle royale game for Windows and Xbox One. Recently, the game has been facing issues that prevent players from immersing themselves in the game. Multiple players have reported being abruptly kicked out of matches with a cryptic “host closed the connection” error. Here, we’ll take a broader look at the error, what causes it, and how to avoid it.

Host closed the connection — Why does this error occur?

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND is the hottest game on Steam right now. At the time of this writing, it is #1 on Steam’s Top Sellers list; it has more than 500,000 players online and in-game at any given moment. As you may have guessed, those huge number of players really puts a strain on the companies online servers.

Many gamers have started to complain about the “host closed the connection” error that logs the player out unexpectedly. Here’s what one player wrote on Steam:

im not sure if they are being DDOS’d or if the servers just cant handle it. please player unknown or bluehole [the company behind the game] do something about this cos its getting really annoying playing up till the last 10/20 people alive after killing a few people, getting the adrenaline rush you play this game for and end up getting booted for server issues, im gonna lose a keyboard and mouse to this

While there is nothing you can do to make their servers more stable and reliable, there are a few steps you can take from your side to make sure your connection is more reliable. This will hopefully help you have a better experience with the game and a longer play session without any interruptions.

PUB: Host closed the connection [FIX] Improve your connection stability

Improving connection is the best way to not … lose connection when playing a game. Here are some methods you can apply to do just that.

Opt for a wired connection

If you are using Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet and play video games, you might want to change that and start using an Ethernet connection. Aside from being more reliable, Ethernet will also help you achieve a lower latency, which is vital for gaming. Latency, for those who don’t know, is how fast your network sends requests to the server and the server replies.

A gamer had this to say when asked if he preferred WIFI or Ethernet, “Nothing beats ethernet, Wifi is unstable even the best ones. After I played using my ethernet I never went back to wifi, the difference is huge“.

Close background applications

Expert tip:

This will, in turn, translate into a better and more reliable gaming experience. Of course, you can manually close all background applications using Task Manager, but an easier way would be using an application named Razer Cortex. It automatically closes all the background and useless processes for you when gaming and restarts them when you are finished, and the best part, it is free. You can download it here.

Give priority to the game’s connection

We all know that a lot of programs are racing for bandwidth on our computers, from the notorious Windows Update to Good ol’ games. Typically, your internet connection gives equal priority to all of those programs. Your background and often less vital Windows Update will be an equal citizen when it comes to Internet bandwidth to your fast-paced game where every second and every byte of data count.

Thankfully, most new routers have a feature named Quality of Service (QoS). This feature will let you prioritize certain demands for bandwidth over others, for example,  you think gaming should take priority over updates? Simple, just configure your router and whenever games make requests to the internet, the router gives them a priority. We’d love to provide detailed step by step guide on how to enable QoS on your router, but every router is different. You should look up if your router supports this feature and how to activate it.

For those of us who are not so lucky to have a router with QoS, not all is lost. We’ve compiled a list of all the programs that will help you prioritize certain connections over others for you. You can access it here. Of course, prioritizing on the router level is better, but this is a close second. They are all easy to setup and configure.



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