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Sagem’s PUMA phone has finally gone on sale in Europe, a few months later than expected.  Packing a 2.8-inch QVGA capacitive touchscreen, custom Puma-themed UI and an integrated solar panel in the back cover, the PUMA phone is priced at €399 ($487) SIM-free and will be offered on subsidized agreements in Germany, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Romania, Macedonia and Slovenia.

Much of the handset’s functionality is pretty much on a par with a regular featurephone: there’s a 3.2-megapixel camera with LED flash, Bluetooth, VGA front-facing camera for video calls, GPS, a microSD card slot and 3G/UMTS connectivity.  However Sagem and Puma have worked together to heavily customize the phone to suit their target audience, including adding in a pedometer and other sports-related functionality, and building a cloud-based store and multimedia center for downloading content and buying Puma-brand goods.

Whether that will be enough to lure in users remains to be seen, though Sagem say they’re expecting it to be a relatively niche handset.  For more on the PUMA phone, check out our hands-on report.

Press Release:

PUMA Phone Kicks Off With Operators And Retailers Across Europe

New device from PUMA and Sagem Wireless being unleashed by first operators

Paris, 01 July 2010 – PUMA AG and Sagem Wireless today announced operator and retail partners in eleven European markets as part of the first wave of PUMA Phone launches. The first mobile operators and retailers including the PUMA Phone in their portfolio today will see the device on sale in Germany, UK, Italy, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Romania, Macedonia and Slovenia.

In addition, a first distribution agreement has been inked in the UAE. Reflecting PUMA’s long standing commitment to sport in Africa, the PUMA Phone will also be carried by operators in Uganda, Madagascar, Kenya, Mauritius, Cameroon, Botswana, Tunisia and Senegal in a first wave of launches.

First unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2010 and now launching this month into key EMEA markets, the PUMA Phone combines on-board sportslifestyle features and technology with a unique user interface and connected services to create a complete PUMA experience. Targeting 18-30 year old subscribers who lead an active lifestyle, the PUMA Phone is custom designed to reflect the DNA of the PUMA brand.

“Whether it is the Unity Kit at FIFA World Cup 2010 or the groundbreaking yacht design for the Volvo Ocean Race, PUMA is unlike any other sportlifestyle company. The PUMA Phone is consistent with everything PUMA stands for – joy, environmental responsibility and individuality,” said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman and CEO of PUMA. “Using the device to directly connect with the PUMA community through services such as live sports feeds and m-commerce, the PUMA Phone delivers not only a rich PUMA experience, but uses sustainable technology such as integrated solar that is completely consistent with our mission to become the most desirable and sustainable sportlifestyle company.”

The PUMA Phone is an active smartphone combining Internet, messaging, and GPS localisation capabilities with solar charging, video calling and Bluetooth photo sharing to create a wearable fashion accessory for the active lifestyle. The PUMA WORLD portal aggregates rich media content services from PUMA into a single intuitive and entertaining mobile user experience where users can interact with multimedia content from chúng tôi download PUMA applications, and access PUMA products through m-commerce services.

Thierry Buffenoir, CEO, Sagem Wireless, said: “This step into connected lifestyle devices and services is a strategic move for both PUMA and Sagem Wireless, which is reflected in the quality of our operator partners who are joining with us to deliver the PUMA Phone. The connected services and m-commerce opportunities will enable mobile operators to create and access new channels for reaching niche communities with highly customised products and services that drive data usage.”

The PUMA Phone will be available through mobile network operators, select mobile phone retailers and on PUMA online store from June 2010, with additional European and international markets following. The PUMA Phone is available SIM-free for Estimated Retail Price (ERP) of €399, or subsidised by local operators as part of a contract bundle.

Key features of the PUMA Phone include:

Integrated solar cell, with charge indicator (one hour of sunshine provides power for one hour and 30 minutes of MP3 play or enough energy to send about 30 text messages)

Touchscreen: 2.8 inch thumbable screen with 240 x 320 QVGA resolution and TFT wide viewing angle

Camera: 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash and x6 zoom; Bluetooth photo sharing

Video: VGA video call camera; full screen video playback, with video recording and streaming and progressive video download

Music: wide range of music formats with playlist support and FM radio

Memory: microSD 2GB memory card supplied with the phone

Localisation: GPS, compass, geotagging, routing and mapping

Sports: pedometer, GPS tracker and stopwatch

Internet: Open internet browsing, with WAP Push

Messaging: Mobile email client and mobile web mail notification; instant messaging; MMS and SMS

HSPA and W-CDMA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM connectivity; Bluetooth; USB 2.0

Talk time up to 5 hours with 350 hours stand-by time; video call time 140 minutes; music player time 24 hours; video player time 5 hours

Tablet form factor; 115g weight and dimensions of 102mm x 56mm x 13mm

About PUMA

About Sagem Wireless

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Sonos Zoneplayer S5 Goes On Sale Today

Sonos’ latest ZonePlayer, the all-in-one S5, has gone on sale in the US today.  Packing a wireless receiver and an amplified 5-driver speaker array into a single, bedroom and kitchen friendly unit, the S5 automatically integrates into an existing Sonos setup, or alternatively could be used by those not wanting the extraneous mess and hassle of separate speakers demanded by the company’s previous ZonePlayers.

The Sonos ZonePlayer S5 is available in the US now, priced at $399.  The new wireless music system will also be available in Europe, priced at €399.  As for Sonos Controller for iPhone 3.1 – which will add the same Twitter functionality as the company have introduced onto the CR200 Remote Control – that’s currently going through Apple approval before plopping into the App Store as a free download.

Press Release:


· Wirelessly play music from iTunes® and the Internet in any room for $399 per room

· Enjoy room-filling, high-performance sound with all digital architecture

· Control your music experience with free Sonos Controller for iPhone™ app or any other Sonos Controller

· New Sonos Software 3.1 with Twitter functionality now available for all global Sonos customers

“This is the best time in history to love music,” said John MacFarlane, CEO, Sonos, Inc. “The marriage of devices such as the iPhone and the Sonos ZonePlayer S5 connects consumers to an entire world of music and gives them an easy way to control it all from the palm of their hand, in any and every room of their home.”

Key features of the S5 include:

Ø Room-filling sound: 5 integrated speakers and 5 dedicated digital amplifiers provide crystal-clear, great-sounding audio that fills any room with music.

Ø Unlimited music from iTunes and the Internet: Play way more than what fits on your iPod, including all your iTunes, free Internet radio and millions of songs and stations from the Internet.

Ø Control with an iPhone or iPod touch: Download the free Sonos Controller for iPhone app and search for songs, choose the music and control the volume in any room from anywhere.

Ø Wireless expandability: Add more S5s wirelessly and fill your whole house with music. Then, play the same song in every room or different songs in different rooms.

Technical specifications of the S5 include:

Ø Amplifiers – Five Class-D digital amplifiers

Ø Speakers – Five driver speaker system includes two tweeters, two 3″ mid-range drivers, and one 3.5″ woofer

Ø Volume/Mute control – Quick-access controls on the top of every S5

Ø 2-port Ethernet switch – Ideal for connection to your router or bridging Internet connectivity. 2-port switch (0/100Mbps, auto MDI/MDIX) allows Ethernet devices to connect through SonosNet.

Ø Headphone connection – Built-in, auto-detecting connection

Ø Analog audio inputs – Auto-detecting connection for iPod, CD player, TV, and more to your S5 enables music or audio playback on all ZonePlayers in your home.

Ø Internet radio support – Pre-loaded 25,000 stations; streaming MP3, WMA support

Ø Operating systems (for stored files) – Windows® XP SP2 and higher; Mac OS X v10.4 and higher; NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices supporting CIFS

Ø Wireless connectivity – SonosNet 2.0, a secure AES encrypted, peer-to-peer wireless mesh network

Ø Power supply – AC 120/240V, 50-60Hz, auto-switchable

Ø Dimensions/Weight – 8.50 x 14.40 x 4.80 in (217 x 365 x 123 mm)/ 9.15 lb (4.15 kg)

Sonos Software v3.1 software integrates Twitter into the Sonos Controller interface enabling customers globally to send the name and artist of the track playing on Sonos to their friends and followers. Sonos makes it easy to send tweets about what you’re listening to by auto-populating a variety of messages with the name of the song and artist. The Twitter functionality is available on the Sonos Controller for iPhone*, the Sonos Controller 200 and the Sonos Controller for Mac or PC. Other features of Sonos Software v3.1 include:

Ø Full support for the S5 allowing it to work seamlessly with all previous generations of Sonos products

Ø Graphical Music Menu featuring icons and logos makes finding music easier and more fun. Available on the Sonos Controller for iPhone and Sonos Controller 200

Ø Unicode metadata for music libraries in the following character sets: Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese are now displayed on the Sonos Controller 200

To learn more, locate an authorized US Sonos dealer or make a purchase, please visit chúng tôi or call 877.80.SONOS.

*Sonos Controller for iPhone 3.1 is currently awaiting approval from Apple.

Maintaining Students’ Motivation For Learning As The Year Goes On

Neuroscience can suggest ways to keep students working toward their learning goals after their initial excitement wears off.

It’s likely that your hard work orchestrating the first weeks of school enhanced your students’ connection to the school community and their enthusiasm for the learning to come. However, as the semester goes on and you seek to sustain that motivated momentum, you may not be able to find the same amount of prep time that you dedicated to the start of the year.

Yet even when your students’ bubbles of excitement fade, you can reboot their connections, engagement, and motivation with the help of insights from neuroscience research.

The Neuroscience of Motivation

Motivation is a desire to learn, try, work, and persevere. I’m a neurologist and former teacher, and one of my focus areas is the neuroscience of learning—especially motivated and successful learning. Students’ levels of intrinsic motivation—the inherent satisfaction of the activity itself, rather than an outside reward—directly correspond with increased effort and with seeing the effectiveness of their behavior, choices, focus, and performance.

Intrinsic motivation is promoted by dopamine, a brain chemical that gives us a rush of satisfaction upon achieving a goal we’ve chosen. When dopamine levels rise, so does one’s sense of satisfaction and desire to continue to sustain attention and effort. Increased dopamine can also improve other mental processes, including memory, attention, perseverance, and creative problem-solving.

The Value of Choice

Dopamine release is promoted by meeting desired challenges, interacting with peers, movement, humor, and listening to music, among other things. Knowing what boosts students’ dopamine levels can help you in your quest to maintain or reboot their motivation. One dopamine booster that I’ve found especially effective is choice, which appears to increase students’ levels of intrinsic motivation, supporting their sustained effort and persistence in academic tasks.

Choice shifts responsibility for their learning to students and builds their judgment and decision-making. Some students may feel anxious about having too much freedom, fearing they won’t do the right thing. By starting with small choices first, you can help your learners develop skills of evaluating, selecting, and following through with good choices. As you offer more opportunities for choice and expand students’ boundaries as self-directed learners, you’ll see further increases in their confidence and motivated effort toward their chosen goals.

Some Classroom Examples

Here are some ways to provide choice to invigorate students’ motivation, engagement, and effort in their learning beyond the first weeks.

World languages: As students learn vocabulary in the target language, you can offer them choices regarding how they build mastery and self-assess their progress. Curiosity and personal relevance for this type of task can start with your showing a short humorous video in the target language. Look for clips that show positive emotions, laughter, and people and places to which your learners will relate. Their goal is to explain—in a manner of their choosing—why they think the clip is funny. You may allow them to use dictionaries, provide guidance to the appropriate textbook material, or have them work in flexible groups with you or peers.

You can give them guided choice in demonstrating their achievement: Allow them to write or speak about the humor they found, to draw a cartoon strip reflecting something in the video, or to make their own videos on the humorous topic emphasized in the video.

Language arts: To motivate students to learn the essentials of punctuation, have them choose a book they love, which will become a punctuation learning tool.

Ask students to choose a favorite section of their chosen text and have them copy it without the punctuation. You then make anonymous copies of these unpunctuated documents and place them in boxes labeled with the level of challenge (as you determine it). You can add information about the topic to guide the new “punctuators” to select a topic of interest. You can also allow them a choice in the level of challenge—they can progress at their own comfort level through increasing levels of challenge.

The students’ job is to make the chosen text understandable by adding punctuation. You should note that the original author’s punctuation choices are not the only valid ones, and when students make different choices the class can discuss those differences. Your students will get feedback that they’re building mastery as they use punctuation to make sense of increasingly challenging texts.

After you’ve done this once, you’ll have samples of student work you can share in subsequent years—ideally examples showing a progression from a text with no punctuation to one with incorrect or incomplete punctuation, and then on to a readable text with appropriate punctuation.

Math: Metric system boring? Let students choose something that interests them, such as recipes they want to make or sporting statistics, and have them convert the standard values involved into metric measurements.

Look to help learners recognize the pleasurable emotional experiences that occur through their learning and sustained effort. Remind them of these experiences—you may want to show students photographs of themselves smiling during such experiences—when they need a boost of motivated enthusiasm and effort for subsequent goals.

Motivation has a major impact on students’ effort, academic success, and joy of learning. Providing choices for your learners to engage with new learning and to progress through achievable challenges, with feedback on their progress toward their chosen goals, will make a difference in sustaining their motivated effort throughout the school year ahead.

Deals: Sonos Refurbished Sale From $139, Mophie 40% Off Sitewide Accessory Sale, More

All of today’s best deals are now up for the taking now that we’re halfway through the week with a rare Sonos Arc discount leading the way in a refurbished sale from $139. That’s alongside a 40% off mophie MagSafe accessory sale and the latest batch of Anker iPhone add-ons from $13. Hit the jump for all that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

Sonos Arc discount arrives in rare refurbished sale from $139

Sonos is now launching a spring certified refurbished sale today, delivering rare discounts across its lineup of smart speakers for the first time since back in January. Our top pick is the Sonos Arc Soundbar at $719. Typically fetching $899 in new condition, today’s offer amounts to $180 in savings while matching our previous mention for the best price in over four months as well as the all-time low. Those who don’t need the built-in microphone can also score the Sonos Arc SL for $679, down from $849 to mark a new low. 

Arriving as the brand’s most capable smart soundbar, Sonos Arc delivers eleven drivers in a sleek design for delivering a streamlined home theater setup with Dolby Atmos alongside all of the other staples of the ecosystem. That includes AirPlay 2 support, Trueplay audio, surround sound support, and integration with the rest of the Sonos speaker lineup. Then shop all of the other refurbished Sonos sale highlights from $139.

Save 40% on MagSafe chargers and more in Zagg’s sitewide sale

A new month has arrived and through the end of the day, Zagg is taking 40% off its entire selection of Apple accessories, chargers, keyboard cases, and more. Delivering the best prices of the year while beating our previous sitewide mention by an extra 15% off, there’s also an assortment of entirely new all-time lows. One such highlight is the new mophie 3-in-1 MagSafe Travel Charger, which drops down to $90. Normally fetching $150, this is well below our previous $112 offer and delivering the best price yet at $60 off. 

Having just launched backed in January, mophie’s latest charger quickly stood out from other models on the market as what Apple should have delivered with AirPower. This premium 3-in-1 iPhone 13 charger packs a main 15W charging pad with official MFi Apple MagSafe support – that’s alongside a secondary 5W divot for refueling AirPods, as well as a built-in Apple Watch charging puck. We walked away quite impressed in our hands-on review, which breaks down the experience further.

Latest Anker iPhone accessory sale starts at $13

Anker’s official Amazon storefront is now offering its new Nano Pro 20W USB-C Charger for $15 as the headliner of its new mid-week sale. Marking one of the first discounts we’ve seen period, today’s offers are down from $20 and delivering new all-time lows on the entire lineup of styles.

As one of Anker’s latest and most compact chargers, its recent Nano Pro still packs 20W of power output over a USB-C PD port. Perfect as an iPhone companion, or any other smartphone for that matter, it sports a unique design that comes in one of four colors. Our hands-on review offers a better idea of what to expect. Plus, there’s more from $13.

Twelve South Curve Riser elevates your MacBook for $40

Amazon now offers the Twelve South Curve MacBook Stand for $40. Normally fetching $60, today’s offer amounts to 33% in savings while delivering a new 2023 low that’s $1 under previous discounts. On top of being the lowest this year, you’re also looking at the best price since back in 2023.

Twelve South’s premium Curve stand elevates your MacBook or other device 6 inches off the desk with a unique design that’s comprised of a single piece of aluminum. With an open base, it’ll not only improve the ergonomics of your setup, but also air flow to keep your machine running cooler with a matching matte black design, as well. 

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds fall to $199

Amazon is offering the Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds for $199. Normally going for $279, this 29% discount is a return to the all-time Amazon low we’ve tracked. Coming with a feature set similar to that of Apple’s AirPods Pro, you’ll get active noise cancellation with a volume-optimized active EQ, up to 18 hours of audio playback with the included charging case, which is compatible with wireless Qi chargers and the included USB-C cable, and an IPX4 rating to withstand sweat and rain so you can focus more on what you’re doing versus worrying about the earbuds.

While there are microphones for the ANC system, you will also be able to take calls while out and about while rejecting background noise to keep “your voice sounding clear for every call.” The Bose Music app allows you easily set up these earbuds and customize EQ and such. Check out our launch coverage to learn more 

Best trade-in deals

9to5Mac also keeps tabs on all the best trade-in deals on iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and more every month. Be sure to check out this month’s best trade-in deals when you decide it’s time to upgrade your device. Or simply head over to our trade-in partner directly if you want to recycle, trade, or sell your used devices for cash and support 9to5Mac along the way!

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Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ Hands On

Last month, Microsoft took the wraps off “Mango,” a significant update to Windows Phone 7. Mango includes more than 500 new features that are designed to improve multitasking and to make apps and the OS work together more efficiently. Mango essentially takes the most likable features of Windows Phone 7 and improves them with new features, tweaks, and refinements. Mango is coming this fall, and it will be free for all Windows Phone 7 customers.

Microsoft packed quite a few features and enhancements into this update, so I tried to focus on the most important ones. Let’s dive in.

Threaded Messaging, Linked Inboxing, and Multitasking

Microsoft probably should have had these three essential features in place at the launch of Windows Phone 7; nevertheless, I’m glad to see them included in the Mango update.

In the messaging app, you can easily switch between SMS, Facebook chat, and Windows Live Messenger within the same thread. This concept sounds useful, though I don’t use Facebook chat or Windows Live Messenger. At least for me, AIM or Google GTalk integration would be much more useful. Still, messaging worked smoothly when I switched from SMS to Facebook chat with my friend. If you get tired of texting, you can pull up your friend’s Contact card (more on that in a bit) and call them.

Email messages are organized by conversation, with replies to a thread consolidated into a single view that you can follow more easily. You can make multiple inbox groups, too: If you have two work-related inboxes, for example, you can group them together to see all of the messages in one place, and you keep your work email accounts separate from your personal email. You can also pin any of your inboxes to your homescreen for quick and easy access.

Multitasking is an overall improvement. As Microsoft announced in April, Mango extends multitasking to third-party apps as well as to Internet Explorer 9. You can quickly switch among recently used applications by pressing and holding the back button. All of your open apps are elegantly displayed in chronological order based on when you last used them.

Enhanced Hubs

In Mango, all of the hubs have been enhanced with some sweet new features. For example, the People Hub will connect Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, LinkedIn, and Windows Live messenger in one place, so you won’t have to jump from app to app to communicate with your friends and colleagues. You’ll also be able to group and categorize your contacts based on how you think of them–friends, coworkers, enemies, or whatever.

The Picture Hub now has a tagging system, making it easier for you to organize your photos. When you share your photos on Facebook or SkyDrive, the Photo Hub will automatically detect any photo of a person and ask whether you want to tag it. It doesn’t handle face recognition, however, so it won’t perform automatic tagging.

YouTube, chúng tôi and Slacker are now integrated into your Music + Video Hub, so you can easily see a list of the videos you watched or the songs you listened to on those services. There’s even a playlist creator in the Zune Player called Smart DJ (as opposed to iTunes Genius? Hmm.) that creates mixes based on similar songs in your collection. This has been a feature of the Zune desktop software for quite some time–and a welcome addition to Windows Phone 7.

Live Tiles–the always-updating widgets that you can customize and rearrange on your homescreen–will have more real-time information in Mango. You’ll also be able to make personalized Live Tiles for individual friends or for a group to add to your homescreen. If you want to keep an eye on your partner or track what your boss is doing, you can pin that contact to your Start screen and see at a glance what they’re writing on Facebook.

The updated ‘Me’ tile lets you share status updates (via Facebook, Windows Live, and Twitter) and check-ins (via Facebook). You can view notifications, such as Facebook messages or Tweet replies, in a single place. You can see your friends’ status updates and activity across multiple social networks. And of course, you can pin your own tile to your Start screen for quick access. Like the other Live Tiles, the new Me tile will display more information–for instance, indicating when you have a missed call or a new text message.

In Mango, you can group your contacts together by how they relate to your life–family, friends, coworkers, frenemies, and the like. It automatically placed my brother, my mom, and me in a group based on our last names. But if you have a common last name (like Smith), I wonder whether Windows Phone will think that every Smith in your phone is related to you. You can pin Groups to your Start screen, just as you can individual contacts.

7 Best Laptop Bags On Sale For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

7 Best Laptop Bags on Sale for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Right now! Get a stylish yet efficient laptop bag without spending a fortune




Backpacks have become essential for day-to-day use. They are the preferred bag type of students, employees, and commuters.

Whether you travel frequently or occasionally, you know the challenges of safely carrying your portable device. That’s where laptop bags step in.

Some of the ones mentioned below offer plenty of room for organization, durability, and water resistivity.

Nowadays, laptops have become significant tools in the lives of most people. Perhaps their mobility is what makes them so common among users.

Therefore, the single next most important thing after purchasing it would be to ensure your laptop remains safe from outward factors when you’re on the move.

You probably want an accessory that can ensure and promote the longevity of your laptop, whether for work, pleasure, or both.

Approach the important investment of buying a laptop bag with the same detail and concern you did with your computer.

What should I look for in a laptop bag?

If you are carrying around your laptop and accessories that you need when you travel to the office, a bag is the best way to go. There are a few things you should keep in mind before buying it:

➡ Its size should be large enough to comfortably accommodate your laptop and other essential objects, yet small enough not to become disturbing. Long story short, the size of your portable device should dictate the size of the bag as well.

➡ Durable fabric is mandatory in this case. Your laptop is something you use every day and you can’t make any compromises when it comes to protecting it. Plastic casing is also an option you may consider if you like the idea of extra coverage.

➡ Don’t hesitate to pick a lightweight bag. Because laptops and all of their accessories can be heavy on their own, at least the bag should be as lightweight as possible. Handles and straps must sit comfortably on your shoulders and carry the weight of the bag with ease or go for a rolling model. With these in mind, our list of rolling laptop bags for easy transportation cannot disappoint you.

➡ Water resistance is a plus too. Chances are to encounter rainy weather in your daily commute. Bags should protect your laptop even in heavy downpours. If yours is not waterproof, then consider investing in a rain cover.

Are messenger bags good for laptops?

Messenger bags are ideal laptop bags because they allow you to take your device and its accessories on the go without too much fuss.

If they are intelligently designed and durable enough, these bags can house up to 17.3-inch laptops while still offering lots of additional storage space for your wallet, smartphone, keys, and more.

They are all kept safely away from the laptop compartment to avoid scratching as you reach in to grab what you need.

The water-resistant canvas and superior cowhide leather prepare the bag for long-term use

Plenty of room for organization

Zippers, magnetic snaps, and a padded laptop sleeve keep the computer steady and secure

Convenient for use in business, travel, work, school, you name it

The magnets for the straps can stop working as they should

Check price

Its makers made the Newhey shoulder bag of horse leather and fortified it with scratches and disordered wrinkles. This gives the wearer a look that stands out among his/her counterparts.

The canvas material blends with the grey/brown color to present the fashion of retro and wildness.

Even more, the bag comes with an adjustable and removable strap. Aren’t you comfortable with the length of your strap? The satchel bag lets you shorten or lengthen it as per your wishes.

You can detach it all together and use the padded handle to ease fatigue. Instead of alcohol/turpentine, use moisture lotion to complete its upkeep. That way, you do not discolor or dry out the leather.

Smooth PU leather with the zippers closure breed a superior-quality laptop bag

Durability and water resistivity keep the ZMsnow handbag in shape; suitable for prolonged use

Multi- pockets-1 main strap pocket, a zip compartment, and the other two compartments give plenty of room for daily items

Professional design-A stylish design for women covers the soft foam padding that protects your computer

An Adjustable strap

Multi-purpose women laptop bag

The bag has a 3-way carrying and is available in brown and grey

The zipper could be si not as reliable

Check price

Women with laptops have had a reason to smile since the birth of this synthetic leather laptop bag.

The fair sex has had to deal with the struggle of carrying around their machines in laptop backpacks or the alleged men’s laptop bags.

Now, they’ve got a classic accessory that they can call their own. An integration of traditional with modern style brings out a simple but elegant handbag meant for a classic woman.

Made of water-resistant canvas

Main compartment with ZIP closure

Adjustable shoulder strap

Interior pockets made of polyester

Check price

With this Estarter bag, you’ll have the possibility to carry all your essentials.

This roomy laptop bag has a main pocket to fit your laptop. The bag comes in various sizes, starting from 14″ all the way to 17.3″.

It has a fron pocket with dedicated room for cards and pens making it easy for you to stay organized.

This bag definitely suits one who’s frequently on the go and needs to carry a lot of stuff, because besides fitting your laptop, it leaves a lot of extra room.

Genuine leather

A lightweight design makes it easy to carry the bag

A telescopic belt in the laptop compartment provides additional protection for your computer

A bit overpriced

Check price

The leather laptop bag list would be incomplete without the fashionable CoolBell bag. It’s in the manufacturer’s best interest to achieve the best in detail of material, design, color, sales, sewing, and service.

It’s an authentic good that focuses on quality and is loaded with amazing features. It is fitted with a wide dimension (18.8*5.1*13.7). You can practically fit a laptop or tablet of any size.

The luggage belt design works at your convenience during a journey. Free your hands by fitting your CoolBell bag on your luggage trolley.

Made from fine buffalo leather that’s reinforced with high-quality canvas

Snap closures are concealed for easy access

Rustic vintage look

The padded laptop compartment adjusts to hot weather

2 front pockets to fit wallets, small books, cell phones, etc.

Multi-purpose use: laptop bag as well as a briefcase or courier bag

It can leave stains

Check price

When a young girl develops a passion for handmade leather and fuels her creativity to create globally-recognized products, that’s exquisite.

Exquisite is also the quality of leather and craftsmanship employed in making the KomalC laptop bag. Even more, of the 25 processes that drive the bag to completion, 80% is done by hand.

Every single detail in this product displays the trouble and effort its artisans underwent to make it. Such is what you would call one of the best laptop case offers.

It has three compartments

The adjustable strap has a shoulder pad to carry with comfort

Serves both men and women

The leather can be too thin

Check price

The Cuero is a unisex bag that’s made from genuine goat hide leather. Mostly, it comes in dark brown color. It’s a  great laptop bag, handmade by some of the finest Indian artisans.

The big middle compartment fits large laptops and files. On top of that, it looks amazing and you can easily carry it around.

Enhanced leather and strap treatment to ensure superb quality

The bag has an under flap organizer, 3 exterior pockets, and 3 pen holders

The interior comprises 3 pockets, 2 pen holders, and a padded laptop holder

Certified by TUV. The RFID shielding protects your credit cards from Identity theft

The bag can leave a stain

Check price

Only one word perfectly describes the Viosi bag. Unique. This bag may appear typical from the outside but don’t let the simple look fool you. The cushioned inside is where your focus ought to lie.

One thing is for sure. If your belongings are damaged, it would be because of a thousand other things but not from knocks and bumps. The classic interior design sees to this. Even more, locks are made of antique brass.

For more options to pick from, check out this list including some great business laptop bags for travel. Nice aesthetic designs and durability are both guaranteed.

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