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This post was sponsored by News & Editorial SEO Summit (NESS). The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.

Search engine optimization has varying tactics across industries, especially for news publishers.

Our SEO efforts differ from those of, say, ecommerce or local.

We know it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

That’s why the News & Editorial SEO Summit (NESS) is perfect for you!

On October 4 & 5, you can get access to the best minds in the SEO and publishing industries who will be sharing their insights and expertise.

You’ll discover:

The most effective strategies for news content and evergreen SEO.

What drives Google’s quality-based algorithms in News and Discover.

The latest on AMP and technical SEO for publishers.

How to use analytics data to empower your digital growth.

Brought to you by chúng tôi one of the most engaged news SEO communities on the web, this event provides you with crucial information about organic search strategies that will help grow your traffic.

Tap Into A Wealth Of News SEO Experience

NESS 2023 will feature speakers from established publications as well as some of the top experts in search today.

NESS 2023 Speakers

Get new, current SEO information, content, tips, and tricks from the greatest SEO minds in the news industry:

Claudio E. Cabrera, The Athletic: Live Journalism, SEO Strategies & Tactics.

Leonie Roderick & Ben Dilks, The Times: What do Paywalls mean for SEO?

Mark Burka, Angi: Commerce & Affiliate SEO for Publishers.

Carolyn Shelby, Dawn Patrol LLC: Using Automated Articles Successfully.

Alli Berry, TheStreet: Content Workflows for SERP Domination.

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR, Holistic SEO & Digital: How Search Engines Leverage Opinion-based Articles for Ranking.

John Shehata, Condé Nast, NESS & NewzDash Founder: Top Stories State of the Union.

Barry Adams, Polemic Digital & NESS Founder: The Latest in Technical SEO for News Websites.

NESS 2023 Panels

In addition to our 10 individual summit events, you’ll have a chance to ask your more specific news SEO questions at our two growth-oriented panel discussions:

Ask The SEOs: Where you can ask this panel of experts, Claudio E. Cabrera, Carolyn Shelby, Koray GÜBÜR, Barry Adams, and John Shehata, any questions about their website’s SEO.

Career Growth: Hear from Lily Ray, Chris Moran, Paul Shapiro, Louisa Frahm, Barry Adams, and John Shehata, as they talk about their career paths in SEO and news publishing.

After attending this event, you will be able to apply what you’ve learned to your websites to boost your organic traffic.

Use “SEJ22” To Save 25% On Your Ticket →

Make sure your on-page and technical SEO knowledge is up to date. With all the layoffs and surprise algorithm updates, upskilling and networking is now more critical than ever.

Ask Your News SEO Questions: Entirely Online & Live

All sessions are going to be live, and recordings will be available only to ticket holders after the event.

We will be mimicking an actual live event where you get great opportunities to hang out with the experts, talk to them one-on-one, and power up your connections and knowledge with networking in the booths!

With a single ticket, you will get full access to all talks over both days and have the opportunity to ask your questions directly to our speaker panel at the closing of the event.

What Is The News & Editorial SEO Summit?

Even though there are many SEO communities and summits, there hasn’t been an event dedicated to news publishers or SEO professionals who work with news sites.

Visibility in Google’s ecosystem is a crucial source of readers for all online publishers, and information about how to maximize this can be hard to find.

The News and Editorial SEO Summit (NESS) is here to address the unique challenges that the news industry faces regarding SEO.

This second annual, live online event will provide expert insights, direction, and priceless networking opportunities with the best minds in publishing and SEO.

From Google News to Discover, from Top Stories to news apps, you will learn what it takes to grow your presence in all organic locations where news is shown.

A Summit Made For News Publishers

NESS is great for:

Journalists and editors involved with the day-to-day writing and publishing of news content who want to make sure their stories get the best chance of ranking in Top Stories and Google News.

Web developers who want to make sure their websites adhere to Google’s latest technical requirements and follow SEO best practices for crawling and indexing.

SEO professionals working with publishers who want to upgrade their knowledge and learn from experts in the field.

Audience growth strategists looking for ways to maximize traffic and find new avenues for organic search visits.

Claim your space and buy a ticket to the second annual NESS summit today!                                                                           

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Seo 101: The Only Algorithm That Matters (For Writers & Publishers)

Google changes its search engine’s ranking algorithm over 500 times a year according to Moz, and keeping up with each change can be an exhausting task — unless you understand the purpose behind the changes and implement a more holistic approach to your search strategy. Understanding Google’s intentions with these updates will better equip you to create a long-term search acquisition strategy that is progressive instead of reactionary. This approach will work for 99% of publishers and businesses and is meant to specifically cover “on-page factors” for a content-based search acquisition strategy.

Google Search in 2013

In 2013, Google Search became better at understanding queries in the form of questions – instead of responding to them by parsing words individually, it can now understand questions in their entirety and respond to them accordingly. There was a continued focus on devaluation of low-quality content and rewarding high-quality content. It became more important to not just have high-quality content, but content that demonstrates industry-specific or subject-specific thought leadership and authority. Finally, Google released a new feature that allows for better indexing and resurfacing of long-form, in-depth content when relevant.

Google Search in 2012

In 2012, Google Search focused on strongly refining signals that indicate authority and fighting those actively trying to manipulate these signals. This included common tactics such as inorganically obtained external links, over optimization through keyword stuffing, relying on exact-match domains for ranking (as opposed to high-quality content), as well as websites that prioritize monetization over searcher utility. On the flip side, Google rewarded sites with high-quality and original content (and an added emphasis on content freshness) and good site design and architecture.

What This Means For You

Search engine optimization and marketing as an industry is both deep and broad but the fact is, most writers and publishers do not need to worry about a majority of the changes and nuances of search engine algorithm updates as long as you have a good grasp of the basics and are using a modern CMS (such as WordPress with Thesis or Genesis – which will take care of a lot of HTML and site architecture optimization for you).

Additionally, make the user your number one priority and do not get bogged down by the minutiae of things like domain names, keywords, and links at the onset. Instead focus on branding, research the needs and wants of your audience, and answer the questions most important to them. The following will help you focus on content quality and become the subject authority.

4 Core Content Types To Concentrate On

First and foremost, make sure all the content you write is original content. Generate your own ideas, augment them with substantial amount of research, unique insights,  and analysis that showcases your authority and thought leadership. Aim to educate, enlighten, entertain, and delight your readers. These rules apply to all four content types listed below.

Resources – Think of everything you write in terms of uniqueness (can the same content be gotten elsewhere?), comprehensiveness (does the reader need to do further research or go elsewhere to be fully informed?) and longevity (will the content retain relevancy over time?). Another way to put it is, think of your website as a Wikipedia focused on a specific niche and informed by your unique insight and authority.

Data and analysis – There is arguably no better way to build an audience and demonstrate your authority than to acquire data that is unique to your site and provide analysis exclusive to your audience. Turn this data into case studies, white papers, e-books, and either offer this content for free to readers and other publishers, or use it as an incentive.

Tutorials & How-to’s – I recently came across a great interview with Alex and Mimi from Luxy Hair on the Shopify blog. The couple built a 7-figure e-commerce business predominantly through creating how-to guides and tutorial videos on YouTube. This should not come as a surprise since this falls squarely under the category of content that provides maximum utility for your readers or viewers while demonstrating your expertise in a specific industry. Publishing this content through YouTube provides the added benefit of traffic from YouTube and Google Universal Search.

Frequently Asked Questions – This brings us back to writing for your readers and responding to their specific needs and wants. Respond to questions you know your readers want the answers to and provide maximum utility through thorough responses that make your website the best destination for this kind of content and demonstrate your leadership as an educator.

4 Content Types to Avoid

Viral content – Content that propagates because it is of such high quality is great but content that is designed first and foremost to be viral (over any kind of utility or relevance) should be avoided. I wrote about this in a recent article at VentureBeat and as a writer, publisher, or content marketer you should read it and avoid the pitfalls highlighted therein. This kind of content includes image-dumps, link lists, infographics, and more. The implications for this go beyond search and even Facebook devaluing this low quality content.

Repurposed or duplicated content – This is the kind of content you write because you’re jumping on the bandwagon. Everyone else writes about a news story or popular topic of the day and you want to ‘get in on the action’ so you write about it too. The problem with this kind of content is that it generally does not provided significant value, does not distinguish you from everyone else covering the story, and for all intents and purposes is thin content. Overall this devalues the quality of your site and gives readers less of an incentive to visit daily.

Automated or mass-produced content – Remember Demand Media? It is a company that used a purely SEO/SEM based content development and marketing strategy and used cheap writing labor and content farms to mass produce (in some cases machine generated) content to capitalize on search trends and specifically target Google AdWords for monetization. The company peaked sometime in April, 2011, and has been foundering since then, hitting a new historical low earlier this year. Learn from their huge and very public mistakes.

A Note on Quality

Google not only gives us comprehensive technical and design guidelines but also gives us guidelines for high-quality content. There is no deceit in the simplicity of these guidelines which boil down to the following:

Do not try to manipulate any search engine ranking signals

Write for your readers instead of search engines

If you follow these guidelines, you shouldn’t have to obsess over every tweak and update to Google Search’s algorithm because as we’ve shown, the intention behind all of these changes is the same: emphasize quality and devalue any content that tries to abuse or manipulate the system.

One last thing to reiterate is the point of this article: get started with “on page factors” for Google Search and specifically those on page factors that are tied to content and under the direct control of a writer or publisher. Your next steps should be to learn about other on page factors such as HTML and site architecture, as well as off-page factors and the potential they have to impact your site and audience growth.

Crypto News: What’s Next For Rocketize Token, Shiba Inu, And Nexo?

Most cryptocurrency investors are seeing negative returns as a result of the bear market. The majority of cryptocurrencies are still battling to recover.

With the bear market’s impact, Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Nexo (NEXO) investors are seeking alternative investments such as Rocketize Token (JATO), a cryptocurrency protocol that has been making waves in the crypto community. In this article, we will look at why Rocketize Token (JATO) is considered the best meme coin for long-term crypto investment.

Shiba Inu’s Shiba Lands Brings Back Life To The Meme Coin

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is the second most popular meme cryptocurrency. It also has one of the most lucrative value increases in the bitcoin market. Shiba Inu (SHIB) had some massive price increases during its meteoric journey to prominence in 2023.

Taking this into account, someone who bought $10 worth of Shiba Inu (SHIB) around January 2023 would have accumulated millions of dollars due to the over 40,000,000% increase. So, how can Shiba Inu (SHIB) help people now?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is similar to other meme tokens in that it is prone to volatility. Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) price fell along with other meme tokens as the cryptocurrency market crashed in early 2023.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) unveiled Shiba Lands in the second quarter of 2023, with 100,595 pieces of virtual land available at various project levels. Additionally, the base network for Shiba Inu (SHIB) has just upgraded its Ethereum blockchain, which may result in faster, less expensive transactions.

Nexo Manages Assets For Over 5+ Million Users

Nexo (NEXO) is a cryptocurrency platform that allows you to trade, lend, and swap crypto assets all in one place. You can earn rewards by receiving bonuses on purchases or earning interest on stored assets. The program also provides users with referral benefits, with no restriction on how many recommendations they can have.

Nexo’s numerous utility and incentive systems have drawn a large number of users. The Blockchain has over 5 million users globally, and its popularity is growing. Nexo (NEXO) offers over 40 cryptocurrencies, giving you a wide selection of token options to deposit as collateral when you need an immediate crypto-backed loan.

Nexo (NEXO) is a utility token. Nexo (NEXO) had a fantastic year on the market, reaching a high of $4.63. Although the recession has also had an impact on it, the coin is one of the few with promising futures. We believe it is worth contemplating, and you should keep an eye on it.

What is Rocketize Token?

Rocketize is the most recent meme coin to appear with the potential to shake up the cryptocurrency market at the current time (JATO). Rocketize is an open-source network that understands community support terminology. It expands and diversifies its talent pool by leveraging the strength of its ecosystem, Atomic Nation.

A European non-profit organization controls the Rocketize brand. The group provides a bridge into the corporate sector for DeFi projects. Aside from that, the Rocketize community promotes an open and democratic government. It makes use of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) characteristics to allow users to engage in decision-making regarding the ecosystem’s growth and wellness.

Rocketize utilizes several features of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem as well as a built-in burn mechanism for lowering the number of tokens accessible and therefore increasing their value. With fewer units available, the value of a crypto asset is frequently projected to climb.

Finally, the Rocketize token community is meant to facilitate the minting of NFTs based on the enthusiasm of its members in the project. Web 3 decentralized application wallets will be used by members to mint and store their NFTs. This means that Atomic Nation members will have another source of income.

For More Information On Rocketize (JATO):


What Nvidia Buying Arm Means For Your Next Smartphone

NVIDIA buys Arm: The ins and outs

Pending regulatory approval, NVIDIA is purchasing Arm from SoftBank for a total sum of $40 billion. This will be paid in the form of $12 billion in cash and $21.5 billion in stock. Regulatory approval could take around 18 months. During that time Arm and NVIDIA continue to operate as separate entries and will be sticking to their current public roadmaps. If the deal goes through, Arm will become a business unit of NVIDIA.

NVIDIA — currently a customer of Arm — notes that Arm will retain its operational independence. In the sense that it will continue to operate as a subsidiary company rather than being incorporated into NVIDIA at large. In other words, the deal won’t chop Arm up for intellectual property or staff. This is important, as Arm’s core IP licensing business will remain as is. Various partners currently licensing Arm technology, such as mobile giants Apple and Qualcomm, can continue to do so. However, we don’t yet know if NVIDIA will end up utilizing Arm technology for future proprietary designs.

Don’t bet on seeing a smartphone with an NVIDIA GPU any time soon.

That said, Huang confirmed that Arm’s existing Mali graphics solutions aren’t going anywhere. Mali serves a wide range of use cases, from TVs to smartwatches, and NVIDIA won’t be forcing existing Arm customers to switch to a new IP. However, it does plan to introduce new options for customers who want access to NVIDIA’s rich ecosystem of accelerated computing, gaming, and other tools. Just don’t bet on seeing a smartphone with an NVIDIA GPU any time soon.

It’s also worth noting that Qualcomm has its in-house Adreno GPU team and Samsung has a deal with AMD for future chipsets. So there’s no obvious large-scale high-end partner for smartphone SoCs featuring NVIDIA graphics right now. We’ll just have to wait and see what NVIDIA brings to the table for sub-5W use cases in the coming years.

AI everywhere: A shared company vision

While NVIDIA wants to convince pundits, partners, and regulators that it will mostly be business as usual for Arm, the company isn’t just interested in banking some of the world’s most important intellectual property. Just like SoftBank, NVIDIA is so interested in Arm because of its current position and further potential for powering the vastly interconnected world of the internet-of-things.

Arm’s low power RISC processor design and developer ecosystem have made it a key processor player from power-hungry data servers to tiny battery-powered edge devices. NVIDIA wants to leverage Arm’s ecosystem to integrate its industry-leading AI processing capabilities into this range of product segments. Their combined IP, licensing experience, and investment potential positions Arm/NVIDIA as a one-stop-shop for the AI technologies of tomorrow.

See also: NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX review: Redefining GPU accelerated machine learning

Of course, this is a longer-term outlook that will play out over the next decade. In the meantime, NVIDIA will have to balance the expectations of Arm’s existing customers with its pursuit of cornering the future AI market. That may not be such an easy task if existing partners decide to reevaluate their options in light of this purchase. It’s now over to the regulators to decide if this match is in the tech industry’s broader interests.

3 Of The Best Seo Services For Growing Your Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) services can take a small business and transform them into an online, conversion-focused powerhouse. If you want your business to be a force nature in your industry, then you definitely need to address your online presence through SEO. The most successful businesses are constantly improving their online presence through SEO to ensure that their website(s) are situated in the highest search results possible.

To help small businesses rank higher on Google and other search engines good digital marketing agencies must perform top-notch keywords research, optimization, and management based on industry best practices. They should also tailor their SEO plan to goals of a small business as well so they can increase overall online ranking and search visibility for their website.

We compared our most popular and successful SEO services and recommend the following to small businesses looking to elevate their digital presence.

Audit Your Online Presence

The first thing your digital marketing agency should do is audit your website and examine your most successful competitors. You can’t move forward and grow your small business if you are holding yourself back with poor SEO practices and you’ll never beat the competition unless you know exactly what they’re doing.

Venta Marketing offers a variety of SEO services but our most important offering is our 8 Pillar Audit. This 8 part audit is the very first step in our full-court press of SEO strategy. Auditing your online presence will reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly and this helps our digital marketers know exactly how to help your website.

Our research, analysis and strategic thinking helps small businesses realize where they are falling short and identify how they can improve their SEO.

With the Venta’s 8 Pillars of SEO, every business can receive the benefits of an analysis report that includes keyword audits, competitor analysis, on-page tag measurements, and more. In addition to our findings, you will receive the professional guidance of our SEO experts and they will help guide your website to optimization excellence.

Leverage Your Social Media

Are you spending too little, too much, or no time at all to dedicating resources to promoting your content on social media in hopes of boosting your search engine rankings? If the answer is yes then you should DEFINITELY hire an agency to perform this service on your behalf.

Venta Marketing offers social media services with an industry-specific twist and we have found proven success in a variety of industries. Having a niche focus for our social media strategies have improved SEO for small businesses in industries that range from food and beverage, entertainment, retail, e-commerce, and more.

First, we’ll make sure that your information, branding, and messaging is consistent across every social media channel then we’ll make sure that everything links back to your preferred call to action. These relevant links will help your audience explore your services and fall into your lead generation funnel. Once your profiles are ready to go we’ll start creating and regularly sharing posts that contain relevant keywords, photos, and authentic content. Sticking to a regular posting schedule is essential for making sure your content is deployed correctly and we use the best tools to manage your content calendar.

Keep It Fresh & Up To Date

As your small business grows your website will too! You will probably add new services, products, or employees to your company which means you’re going to need more website content and webpages. In order to rank on the first two pages of results, you want to make sure that you’re using the most relevant keywords so you can surpass the competition. As time goes on refresh your content with new keywords so Google keeps your content top of mind.

If you’re struggling to keep up with the pages of content that you need, hire a marketing agency with a dedicated content strategist and a great understanding of SEO. By taking this task off your plate and putting it in the hands of your agency you can free up your schedule and help them create more authentic content.

At Venta, we create new webpages with keyword focused content in addition to posting two to three times a week for our clients on social media with a variety of post types. Videos, interviews, contests, cinemagraphs, blogs, and more! The possibilities for content are endless with our team and we’re constantly brainstorming new ways of making eye-catching content for small businesses.

How To Combine Your Seo And Content Marketing For Explosive Results

Over the past year, headlines have been flying around telling the story of “content marketing is replacing SEO” or “SEO is dead, content marketing has taken over”. In many situations, the two are made out to be total rivals – who will win: content marketing or SEO?

The reality is, there should be no showdown between the two, they should be working together seamlessly to boost your search marketing efforts and no business should be choosing one over the other.

If you choose to just create regular content without doing any SEO, you may have an incredible read that no one can actually find to share and engage with. Alternatively, if you have some great technical SEO but no content, then your audience isn’t going to be able to build a relationship with you.

As search marketers, it is important to bring the two together and blend them as part of an ongoing search marketing strategy.

Create Wiki Content

Wikipedia is incredibly powerful when it comes to generating traffic and, unsurprisingly, it ranks for almost any search term on Google. Comedy Central once gave a presentation on their marketing, which showed that they receive over 100,000 visitors from Wikipedia every single month.

Wikipedia often suffers from broken links due to the amount of pages and references it has. This is a fantastic opportunity to create content for a great SEO opportunity. It is easy enough to find dead links on Wikipedia just using Google, type [keyword] “dead link” into the search function and check out the results you get.

The key to this opportunity is creating a trusted account and making other edits first, so Wikipedia doesn’t just see you creating backlinks to your own site straight away. You can even take this strategy a step further by using Ahrefs to find the full list of sites linking to the dead link and contacting them in regards to swapping the link to your new relevant content.

Utilize Search Data

There is no point creating content people aren’t going to read, so make sure you are creating content your audience wants and needs, and will therefore share and engage with. Equally, you don’t want to be creating low quality content stuffed with keywords, as Google won’t like this and neither will your audience.

Find out first what keywords and phrases you need to be and make sure you create high quality content that will be useful to your audience and will help you to rank for your key terms.

You can also use trends as a focus for your content; this applies to both search engine and social media platforms. Use trending topics on Twitter to base your content on or use Google Trends to see currently trending topics that apply to your industry.

Grow Authorship

You can set this up using your Google Plus profile. Link your profile on WordPress to your G+ page and in the “contributor” section of your G+ link to your blog author page. You can also use rel=author in a line of HTML to link back to your G+ profile.

Although Google claims that Authorship does not directly affect rankings, it definitely gives authors more exposure and rich snippets allow you to capture the attention of your audience by using the micro data you want to be displayed.

Publishing and Promotion

Before you publish your content make sure it is optimized for SEO. Link to it from older blog posts and other parts of your site, and make sure you have included appropriate CTAs, so the content can be shared and linked back to. Set up an embed code with a link back to your site and make sure your social sharing buttons include your username.

There are two key elements of SEO when it comes to promoting and distributing content – links and social media. Link analysis comes in handy here; check out the link profiles of your competitors and see who links to their content, if these sites are authoritative they could be useful.

With regards to social media, engagement is key. Track conversations and reach out to influencers. Research your community well and reach out to relevant people who are already talking about the subject at hand. Use the Fresh Web Explorer tool from Moz to see which sites are already talking about your topic.

Analyze and Assess

Once your content has been created around relevant keywords, optimized, published and promoted, it is crucial to find out how successful it was. Without this you will have no clue if your search marketing strategy is working or whether you should be tweaking parts of your overall approach.

Use your analytics to work out how successful the content by looking at how many views it received, what the bounce rate was, how many shares it received, etc. Then determine how it ranks for the keywords it was created around and how much traffic is from organic search.

Use this analysis to tailor your next piece of content – learn what could improve your strategy and apply it.


Although content marketing and SEO require different skill-sets, this does not mean in they stand alone. Combining the two helps you to rank better and gain higher levels of search traffic, but also to grow your audience and reach. 

By combining the requirements of the search engine and the humans that use them, your business will be able to maximize your total marketing ability. When you next create a content marketing strategy, keep SEO firmly in mind when it comes to your research, production, promotion and analysis.

Image Credit: James Bell, My Social Agency

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