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While many people will balk and wish that Microsoft wasn’t slowly burying the trusted Control Panel, the Settings app has grown into a key feature of Windows. It’s the launchpad into controlling your system – from adding devices to controlling users and gaming features. If Settings stops working, Windows becomes pretty dysfunctional.

So if your Settings app is stalling or just not opening in the first place, here’s a bunch of fixes that should get it back in working order.

Re-enable Settings App in Registry Editor

Who knows why, but your Settings app may be disabled – perhaps in the wake of a Windows update, or a bug, or perhaps because at some point you tinkered around in the registry and did the wrong thing.

In the Start menu, type regedit and open Registry Editor. Here, navigate to:

Update Windows (or Roll Back an Update)

Conversely, if you’ve noticed that your Settings app has stopped working since a Windows update, then you may want to roll back a Windows update.

Reboot your PC. If the problem is fixed, then great! If not, you can just reinstall that update again like you’d install any Windows update.

A Simple Solution

Sometimes, the best solutions are those that seem too simple to be true. But in tech, that’s often the case. Here’s a simple solution:

Settings reset, job done (hopefully).

Alternative Ways to Open Settings

If you’re just looking for a quick workaround to a misbehaving Settings app, then your best bet could be to try and open it another way.

One method is to press Win + I to try and open the Settings app.

Alternatively, you can use the taskbar icons, with the method varying a little depending on your Windows version.

If these methods don’t work, or if your Settings app still can’t be accessed the normal way via your Start menu, then it’s time to try something a little more involved…

Reinstall and Re-Register Windows Apps

The Settings app in Windows is counted among the official built-in Windows apps, so reinstalling it (along with every other Windows app) should fix whatever problems you may have with it.

Run an SFC Scan

Before trying the more elaborate method of fixing the Settings app, here are a couple of quick fixes that might do the job:

Scan your hard drive for errors – go to the Start menu, type cmd, open the command prompt, then type sfc /scannow

That failing, you should try downloading the Windows Update Troubleshooter and see if that helps.

Create a New Windows User

If you still can’t open the Settings app, then it’s time for the more radical solution of creating a new administrator account and transferring your files over to it. Seeing as you can’t use the Settings app to create a new account, you can instead use the Microsoft Common Console Document if you have Windows 10 or Windows 11 Pro.

If you have Windows Home Edition, then you’ll need to create a new user through the command prompt instead.

In the Command Prompt type the following command but with the username and password that you want to create for the new administrator account:

net user newusername newpassword



You should see the message “The command completed successfully” to inform you that the account has been created.

The new user is now the administrator.

    Sign out of your current account and into the new user account. Try accessing the Settings app, and it should now be working.

    The next step is to transfer your files from your old Windows account to your new one.

    Uninstall Clashing Apps

    Believe it or not, there are some apps that are known to prevent the Windows Settings app from working. One such app is the Lenovo Onekey Theater app. This app is meant to simplify the audiovisual experience on Lenovo devices.

    However, it seems that it has caused issues for some users and caused their Settings app to just not work. Unfortunately, there might be some other apps out there like this, so you should consider researching to see if any of your recently installed apps caused an issue.

    The Settings app is quite important in Windows and when it is not working, it can affect your work and productivity. Use the above methods to fix the issue. If, however, you find that nothing works, then you may want to consider resetting Windows or performing a clean install. your issue lies with Windows not starting, here’s the fix.

    Robert Zak

    Content Manager at Make Tech Easier. Enjoys Android, Windows, and tinkering with retro console emulation to breaking point.

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    Spectrum App On Roku Not Working? Here Are 7 Ways To Fix It

    The Spectrum TV app doesn’t always work smoothly on your Roku TV. Sometimes, you might see an “App Unavailable on Roku” error. When this happens, it means the Spectrum app is under maintenance. So, wait a few minutes and check the Spectrum server status to know whether the issue is within the server.

    Sometimes, factors like slow internet or outdated software cause this issue. There can also be other causes that you can easily fix in a few simple steps. We have listed them below in this article.

    The following reasons are the main culprits for Spectrum TV App not working on your Roku. 

    Malfunctioning Roku device

    Spectrum server down

    Issue with the Spectrum account

    Outdated Roku software

    Expired subscription

    Troubleshooting the issue causing your Spectrum app to not work on your Roku device is quite easy. We have listed some simple fixes you can try to make the app run again. 

    But before we proceed, restart your Roku device as a primary fix. Turn off the device and unplug all the cables. Let the device sit idle for a few minutes, then plug back the wires to turn it on. 

    Some apps might take time to load if your internet speed is slow. You can easily check your internet connection on your Roku device in the following steps.

    If you have an unstable network connection, restart your router and reconnect your Roku device to the internet. A poor Wi-Fi signal can also cause this issue. Try moving your Roku device nearer to the router in that case. 

    Here’s how to perform a network connection reset on Roku and reconnect to the Wi-Fi. 

    You might have trouble loading the Spectrum TV app if too many devices are logged in with your account. Log out from the devices that you aren’t using. Signing out and signing back in also fixes other problems causing the channels not to open. Here’s how to re-log into your Spectrum account. 

    Change the password of your Spectrum TV App Account if possible, as someone might have maliciously accessed your account. When you do so, they won’t be able to log back in. 

    Sometimes, clearing the cache also helps channels to work. When your Spectrum app cache data gets corrupt, bugs can stop it from working. You can easily remove it in a few steps.

    We have written an article on “How to Clear Cache on Roku.” You can go through it and clear the corrupt files as instructed.

    When old applications have bugs, the app developers come up with a newer version with much better features and fix the bugs and glitches. All you need to do is update your application to get access to this new version. If any update is available for Spectrum, following the steps below will install it on Roku.

    If updating the Spectrum App didn’t fix the problem, uninstall it to get rid of all its app data. Uninstalling an app removes all its files from the device. And when you install it again, new fresh data gets installed with much better features and minimal bugs. Here’s how you can delete and add the Spectrum App back to your Roku device. 

    Outdated Roku software can also cause the Spectrum app to not work at times. Some older versions of Roku may not support this streaming service, so install the latest software version. Here’s how you can do it. 

    Screenshots On Windows 10 Not Working? 8 Fixes

    The screenshot or print-screen key comes in quite handy in everyday use for gamers, technophiles, and anyone wanting to capture the contents of their screen. It is one of those functions which, over the years, we have come to take for granted, and whose true worth is only understood when it stops working. 

    There could be a variety of reasons why you are not able to capture screenshots on your system. From missing registry keys to outdated keyboard drivers to extraneous software taking over the print screen function – there’s a lot that could go wrong. But before you relegate the task to a third-party application, try out these simple fixes for all your screenshots-not-working woes. 

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    How to fix the ‘Screenshots not working Windows 10’ issue

    On most laptops and desktop computers, you are bound to have a “Prt scr” key that captures the contents of your screen. On Windows 10, when this key is pressed, the image of the screen is copied to the clipboard. It is important to note that Windows 10 doesn’t give you any confirmation that your screen has been captured which does confuse many as to whether their Prt Scr key is even working. You have to open a program like Paint, Photoshop, Word, etc. (those that support images) and paste it there to see the screenshot. 

    But if you don’t anything, you can be sure that you’re either not using the right hotkeys, or there’s something wrong with the screenshot function. Here are a few ways that you can fix this problem for good.

    1. Make sure you’re using the right key(s)

    Other than simply pressing the Prt Scr button, there are a few hotkey combinations that you can use to capture screenshots. Here they are:

    Prt Scr – captures the entire screen.

    Ctrl + Prt Scr – also captures the entire screen

    Alt + Prt Scr – captures a section of the screen.

    For the above three hotkey combinations, the screenshot will be captured but it will only be copied to the clipboard. You will be still be required to paste it into a program that supports images. If you want to bypass this, use the following hotkey combination.

    Winkey + Prt Scr – captures and saves the screenshot to the default Screenshot folder (C:Users(username)PicturesScreenshots).

    At the same time, do check if there is a Fn lock key on your keyboard. If there is, make sure that the Print Screen key is enabled by pressing this Fn lock key. 

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    2. Check ‘write’ permissions of the Screenshot folder

    If you’re using the Winkey + Prt Scr hotkey and still don’t find your screenshot saved in the default screenshot folder, it is possible that you may not have the permission to write to that folder. Here’s how you can check if that is the problem:

    Under the “Security” tab, make sure that SYSTEM and Administrators have write permissions.

    If you don’t see a check-mark next to Write, then you don’t have the permission to save screenshots using the “Winkey + Prt Scr” hotkeys. But this is something that can easily be fixed by gaining Administrative rights and privileges.

    Related: How To Uninstall µTorrent on Windows 10

    3. Registry Fix

    Another problem could be that your system is missing an important Registry file. But fret not, it is easy to fix this. Here’s how you can do so:

    Press Win+R to open the RUN box, type “regedit”, then hit Enter.

    Once the Registry Edior opens, navigate to the following location:


    Alternatively, you can copy the above and paste it in the Registry address bar, and hit Enter.

    With the Explorer folder selected in the left pane, see if there is a ScreenshotIndex DWORD file in the right pane. 

    Related: How to Change Mouse Polling Rate on Windows 10

    4. Use the Snipping tool

    If the aforementioned methods don’t work, you can use the built-in Windows 10 screenshot tool – Snipping Tool. Here’s how you can open and use it.

    You can also press Win + Shift + S to quickly take a screenshot via Snipping Tool. 

    5. Close background programs

    Sometimes, a few background programs can interfere with the screenshot functions and keep you from capturing your screen’s content. Some of these programs include the likes of OneDrive, Dropbox, and Snipper tool, etc. Here’s how you can close them and wrest back control of your “Prt Scr” key.

    Do this for all such programs and check if the screenshot function is working. 

    An outdated or incorrect keyboard driver can also be the culprit preventing your Print Screen key from doing its job. So, updating your keyboard drivers might just fix the problem for you. Here’s how to do so:

    Now, you will get two options – to search for drivers automatically or to browse the computer for drivers. If you don’t have the keyboard drivers on your computer, select Search automatically for drivers. 

    Wait for the latest drivers to be installed automatically, then reboot your PC. 

    Once the keyboard drivers are updated, reboot your PC and check if the problem is fixed.

    7. Run Troubleshooter

    If the solutions mentioned thus far have not borne any fruit, then your list of available fixes is running thin. However, sometimes the Windows 10 built-in troubleshooter can address the problem to good effect. Here’s how you can run the hardware troubleshooter:

    Windows will now check if there are any problems with the selected component (keyboard, in our case) and fix them for you (if possible).

    8. Use third-party applications

    When all in-built screenshot capturing functions fail, you’re only left with the option of using third-party applications. But that is not just a consolation; third-party applications far exceed Window’s bare-bones screenshot function. In fact, folk who have to regularly take screenshots know that these applications provide useful additional options that streamline the screen capturing process and makes it much more convenient on the whole. Here are a few that you may want to check out.

    We at NerdsChalk are a big of the ShareX software, so we totally recommend you to check it out for all your screenshot needs.

    So these were all the fixes that you could get your screenshot function to start working again on Windows 10. If you’re still experiencing trouble with taking screenshots, we highly recommend you get a third-party application for the same. 


    What To Do If Windows Update Hangs? Here Are The Best Fixes

    FIX: Windows 10/11 update hangs




    Windows Update is a Windows service in charge of downloading and installing system updates.

    If Windows Update hangs, you can usually fix it by restarting Windows Update service.

    There is a wide range of Windows Update issues, but we covered most of them in our Windows Update hub.

    If your having additional problems with Windows Update or your PC, we suggest you check out our Windows 10 errors hub for more useful guides.

    In order to keep your system stable and protected, Windows 10 automatically performs all the necessary updates in the background.

    Downloading Windows Updates is rather important, but many users reported that Windows 10 Update hangs for some strange reason.

    This seems like a big problem, but fortunately, there are several ways to fix it.

    Table of contents:

    Press Windows Key + X and choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu.

    Once Command Prompt opens, enter the following lines and press Enter after each line:

    Now you need to navigate to C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution folder. After you enter SoftwareDistribution folder, select all files and folders and move them to a safe location, for example to your Desktop.

    In case some of these files are still in use, just restart your device and repeat all the steps again.

    After you’ve managed to move all the files and folder from SoftwareDistribution folder you need to restart your computer once again and check if the Windows update still hangs.

    Here is everything you need to know about Update Settings in Windows 10.

    Sometimes these updates can take a long time to download, and Windows Update might seem stuck to you, but it’s actually working slowly in the background.

    If Windows 10 Update hangs, leave your computer running over the night, and if everything is working correctly there should be some progress by the morning.

    If the issue still persists, you might want to try some of our other solutions.

    Why is Windows update taking so long? Maybe there’s a problem! Check these solutions!

    Go to Settings.

    Follow further on-screen instructions and let the process finish.

    Restart your computer.

    After running Windows Update troubleshooter, check if Windows Update still hangs on Windows 10.

    4. Restart your network connection

    Expert tip:

    In most cases, Windows Update isn’t actually stuck, it’s just working slowly, so if Windows 10 Update hangs on your computer, maybe it’s best for you to be patient and wait for it to download all the necessary components.

    If you’re certain that update process is stuck, you could try restarting the Windows Update service and delete its cache files.

    5. Run the SFC scan

    Enter the following line and press Enter: sfc/scannow

    Wait until the process is done (it may take a while).

    If the solution is found, it will automatically be applied.

    Now, close the Command Prompt and restart your computer.

    Epic guide alert! Everything you need to know about System File Checker is right here!

    6. Run DISM

    Open the Command Prompt as shown above.

    Enter the following command and press Enter:

     /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

    Wait for the process to finish.

    Restart your computer.

    In case the DISM can’t obtain files online, try using your installation USB or DVD. Insert media and type following command:

    /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:C:/RepairSource/Windows /LimitAccess

    Make sure to replace ”C:/RepairSource/Windows” path of your DVD or USB.

    Follow further on-screen instructions.

    Check out this guide and learn to work in DISM like a real technician!

    7. Disable your antivirus

    Third-party antivirus programs don’t go along with Windows updates (and other Windows 10 features). So, it’s quite possible that your antivirus is actually blocking the update.

    To see if that’s indeed the case, disable your antivirus for a couple of minutes. If the update finishes installing, your problem is solved.

    8. Delete the update and try again 

    Restart your computer.

    After doing that, check if the Windows 10 update still hangs.

    Need more information on how to delete the Windows update? Check out this guide!

    And finally, if none of the previous solutions worked, let’s restart the Windows Update service. Here’s how to do that:

    Go to Search, type services.msc, and open Services.

    Once the service restarts, go to the General tab, find Startup type and choose Automatic.

    Confirm selection and close window.

    In addition to this problem, many users reported that Windows Update isn’t working on Windows 10, and if you have that problem, you might want to check some of our other articles.

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    Fortnite Mic Not Working? Here Are 9 Ways To Fix It

    If your voice leaves the chat, check your PC and game settings for a few moments. It can be easy to fix the Fornite mic not working error.

    You may find the problem in all platforms, but you must ensure it only affects Fortnite. Otherwise, it’s a broader error. For example, on PlayStation, you may have muted the audio; on Xbox, you may need to change privacy settings.

    The problem can be more common on Windows. If you’re using a new mic, you may have trouble setting it up. However, we’re taking a deep look into every potential issue we could find affecting consoles and Windows PCs.

    We’re looking at the error on all Fortnite platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One / Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, and Windows.

    Some platforms have specific errors (namely Windows and Xbox consoles). Others share the same causes, such as wrong configurations.

    In any case, here’re the possible causes:

    The Epic Games servers are down.

    On Windows, you may have the wrong settings for the mic. 

    Your Windows is outdated, or the audio drivers are out of date. It causes compatibility issues.

    On Windows (Epic Games launcher), the game may be corrupted.

    The in-game voice chat settings are blocking your chat. 

    You have the wrong configurations on Fortnite. You can switch between Party Channel and Game Channel in-game and may be on the wrong chat. 

    The Parental Control settings in-game are blocking the chat. If your account has these controls, you must contact your parents or guardian to change the settings. 

    Also, on Xbox, you may need to change your privacy settings to enable party chat. Additionally, you may need to change the privacy settings to allow cross-play.

    A full cache (temporary files dump) may corrupt the game on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. It would help if you cleaned it to play. 

    The DNS configuration is blocking the chat. This happens on Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows. It occurs because the DNS you’re getting from your IPS doesn’t connect the devices with Fortnite’s IPs. 

    On your router, the UPnP setting is off. Alternatively, it has the wrong NAT configuration. 

    If you pinpoint the cause of your problem, you can go straight to the solution you need.

    We’re going through a list of fixes for the Fortnite mic on the various platforms where you’d find the error.

    Feel free to test them or jump straight to the one you think you need.

    Before you change anything, you should check the server status. On this website, expand the Fortnite bracket -it even has a “Voice chat” category.”

    If the server is down, you’ll have to wait until it’s up. There’s nothing else you can do. Often, the server is down for maintenance or random errors.

    Similarly, if notable bugs affect the voice chat, you may need some extra steps. Fortnite’s developers recommend checking the community board to see if there’s something wrong.

    If you’re playing on Windows, you must check two key configurations: your mic should be the default input, and the privacy settings should allow Fortnite to use the mic.

    Let’s start by making it your default input:

    Now, let’s configure the mic’s privacy:

    Press the Windows key and go to Settings.

    Select Privacy & security.

    On the App permissions, select your microphone.

    Enable “Microphone access.”

    On the app list below, enable Fortnite so it can use your mic as well.

    It would be best if you also kept your Windows PC up to date to play online correctly. That means updating the operating system, the GPU, and the mic’s driver if needed.

    Let’s start with Windows:

    Next, let’s update your GPU via the Device Manager:

    Alternatively, you can use the proprietary AMD or NVIDIA software to update the GPU. On the AMD software, you’ll find the update option on the home page; on Nvidia’s software, you will find the update option on the Driver tab.

    Lastly, let’s update the mic’s driver on the Device Manager:

    You can use Epic Game’s tools to verify the game and repair the potential corruption:

    If the launcher finds any problems, it will re-download what it needs. Additionally, you must keep the game up to date.

    Lastly, update the launcher as well:

    Afterward, test if the Fortnite mic is working again.

    There’s a chance your mic is not working on Fortnite because of minor bugs, so restart the game before configuring the in-game settings.

    Then, open it up, and we’ll review the basic audio settings you need. These configurations will help you, regardless of the device you’re using to play.

    Make sure your game’s volume is okay. Check the audio tab on Settings to raise Voice Chat above 50%.

    Check your internet connection speed. You can go to this page to check the speed. If it’s below 5Mb/s, the voice chat may be unresponsive.

    Make sure you’re using the proper channel. On Fortnite, you can swap between Party Channel and Game Channel. The Party channel connects the players on your squad.

    Here’s how to check this particular setting:

    On the Lobby, expand the menu:

    Go to the second tab (top to bottom). Here, you can individually mute members in the channel. 

    Lastly, on the Voice Chat tab, you can select the people you can talk to and hear on the chat: everyone, friends & teammates, friends, or nobody (disable the voice chat). 

    Check below on the “Default” or “Preferred” channel, and select the one you prefer (Party or Game).

    Additionally, make sure “Voice Volume” is above 50%.

    If you’re below 18 years old (which the game determines on the birth date you selected on the game), it will block the party chat. If it’s the case, you need to follow these steps:

    Select “Go to Parental Controls” and type the Parental Control Pin.

    Enter a special settings menu to customize your chat and other privacy features.

    Lastly, you can’t use Fortnite’s chat on Xbox and PlayStation if you’re already using either an Xbox chat or a PlayStation chat. You’d need to leave these chats to enter Fortnite’s option.

    If you play Fortnite on Xbox consoles, perhaps your privacy settings are blocking the chat.

    If these options were different, they were the reason why the Fortnite mic didn’t work. However, you probably can’t change these settings if you’re a minor.

    The solution is to ask the family manager of your Xbox (perhaps your father) to change these settings for you. You can check this guide for further information.

    The cache is a temporary file dump: the console uses these files to open regular items faster, but the folder becomes overwhelming over time. So, it would be good to erase it once in a while. There’re two methods to do it on Xbox, and we recommend doing both.

    Both the PS4 and the PS5 generate a cache to store files they use regularly. It helps the system open common tasks faster.

    So, here’s how to clean the cache on both Xbox and PS consoles:

    On Xbox

    Next, power cycle the console. A power cycle is a soft reset that cleans the console’s cache and helps delete random software and power-related errors.

    Now, you can try playing Fortnite again. Additionally, the console should feel faster.

    On PS4/PS5

    DNS Stands for Dynamic Name System. It’s a Service that Translates Ip Numbers Into Web Pages and Server Names. so, the better it is, the faster it can connect you to a server or a page, i.e., Fortnite’s Servers.

    Your internet service provider grants the DNS to the devices on your network are using. However, you can use a public solution (from tech companies like Cloudflare and Google) to improve the speed.

    This solution is in case your connection is too slow, which makes the party chat unreliable. We’re sharing the steps for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and Windows.

    On PS4

    On PS5

    On Xbox One/Xbox Series

    On Nintendo Switch

    On Windows 10

    The last part of the troubleshooter is port forwarding the router. This process will bypass the NAT configuration on the console, its built-in security feature.

    Look at the table below:

    NAT TypeOpenModerateStrictOpen (type 1 or “A”)YesYesYesModerate (type 2 or “B”)YesYesNoStrict (type 3 or “C”)YesNoNo

    First off, check if the NAT type on your console is correct. It should be either Open or Moderate, and you can check it by testing the internet connection on the console’s internet menu.

    If the NAT type is a “Strict” configuration, you’ll know you have to change it. There’s no easy way to check on a PC, but port forwarding the PC is simple.

    By the way, port forwarding means telling a device to work on a specific port to allow full online communication.

    On Windows 10/11

    On Console

    The process to change NAT type is complex on consoles. However, it will solve any UPnP issues. You can check our separate guide on how to change NAT on PS4/PS5.

    Follow these steps to port forward on your console:

    But if you follow the guide, these are the ports you need to type.

    Netflix Not Working? Here Are 7 Ways To Fix Netflix Issues

    Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services out there, catering to over 200 million users every month. With its collection of exciting movies and TV shows, as well as multiple language options for content, the streaming giant has carved a place for itself in over 190 countries around the world. However, no matter how good it is, there are times when Netflix starts acting erratically. So, if you’re facing Netflix issues, here are 7 ways to fix ‘Netflix not working’ issues on your devices.

    Fix “Netflix Not Working” Issues (2023)

    Netflix is available on various platforms like smartphones, Windows, web browsers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more. Therefore, Netflix has to ensure that their users on every platform have an uninterrupted experience. Most Netflix issues occur because of unstable app performance, internet issues, or corrupted cache memory. Let’s see how to troubleshoot such Netflix issues and fix them for good. 

    General Netflix Troubleshooting Guide

    Let’s start with the most common problems causing unstable performance on Netflix. These issues commonly occur on web browsers and Netflix apps on smartphones and Windows 11 or Windows 10. If the problem is not from Netflix servers, you can quickly fix the issue by following the troubleshooting guide. 

    1. Check if Netflix is Down

    First and foremost, it is essential to check if the Netflix server is working correctly before checking other issues. Check the official Netflix status page (visit), where the company updates if there is an issue with the service. Netflix actively updates the user if they face any problem with server management. If everything is working fine, you should see the following screen when you visit the page.

    2. Check Your Internet Connection

    Netflix requires a stable internet connection to stream your favorite shows without interruptions. Without it, Netflix will cause issues on every device. Usually, Netflix buffers if you have slow internet. Or, Netflix will prompt “you are not connected to the internet” on Netflix apps if you have an improper internet connection. So, you should check if you have a working internet connection with the preferred speed. I find chúng tôi (visit) easy to use and see if my internet is working properly. What’s more, it’s powered by Netflix so it’s a definitive way to ensure your internet speed is up to mark for streaming services like Netflix.

    To stream online shows, Netflix recommends having a minimum of 3 Mbps internet for Standard definition (SD), 5 Mbps for High definition (HD), and 25 Mbps connection for 4K/Ultra HD (UHD).

    3. Restart Your Device

    4. Sign-out and Login Again on Netflix

    It might sound like a cliché step. Well, not as cliché as restarting your device. However, what surprises me is the efficiency of this method working for people. Signing out and logging in again restarts your Netflix session on the device, and can resolve any minor errors causing Netflix to work abruptly.

    Remember, you must be at the Netflix home screen for the above steps to work. After that, press the Sign-in button on the next page and log in again by entering your credentials.

    5. Clear Cached Data on your Browser

    Clearing your browser data will reset the browser for good and resolve any issue due to bad cached memory. Your browser might lag for several reasons, and removing all unnecessary data will surely improve your browser performance and thus stop lagging issues on Netflix. However, it will clear all your data, and you will need to log in to each website again. Well, it will result in improved security, so it’s a win-win situation. Here’s how to clear cache data on your web browser.

    Open your web browser and press Ctrl+Shift+Delete at once (Shift+Command+Delete for Mac). It will open the option for clearing browsing data.

    Now, go to Advanced and select “All time” under the Time range option. Check all boxes as well.

    Now, log in to Netflix again and see if it’s still lagging. If yes, try using another browser if you think your browser isn’t working correctly. Or, update your browser if the problem persists.

    6. Clear Netflix App Data on Smartphone

    From the home screen on your device, navigate to Settings.

    Select General. If you don’t see General, continue to the next step.

    Select Apps or Applications.

    Select Manage Applications, Application Manager, or Manage All Apps. If you don’t see these selections, continue to the next step.

    Scroll down and select Netflix. If you don’t see Netflix, check the Downloaded tab.

    Select Storage. If you don’t see Storage, continue to the next step.

    Select Clear Data or Clear Storage, then OK.

    This method will remove all your Netflix data, and you can start fresh. Note that it will remove any shows you downloaded inside Netflix as well. Though it shouldn’t mess up any subtitle settings in your profile, if it does, you can turn off subtitles on Netflix again after logging in.

    7. Reinstall Netflix on your Device

    If you can’t find the option to delete Netflix app data, it’s better to reinstall the app. It will work similar to the last method, and you will get the latest version of the app. Now, each device has a different approach to removing the apps. We will see how to remove Netflix on Windows OS, Android, and iOS devices. 

    On Android, you can reinstall Netflix by doing the following: 

    Open your device’s application drawer and find Netflix from the list. 

    For iOS users, follow the guide below to remove Netflix: 

    On your home screen, find the Netflix app from the list. If it’s not on the home screen, check your App Library.

    Lastly, confirm your choice by tapping the Delete app option.

    Common Netflix Error Codes and Solutions

    Most often, when your device is not connected to the internet, Netflix shows us the pop-up mentioning you are not connected to the internet. However, some specific error codes appear on smart TVs or streaming devices like the Fire TV stick or Roku, which describes a particular issue with Netflix. Here are a few error codes Netflix shows and how to fix the problem.

    Netflix Error 0041

    The Netflix error code 0041 usually appears on Android phones or Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. The error occurs due to internet connectivity issues or if the data on your device needs to be refreshed. Use the following troubleshooting steps to resolve Netflix’s 0041 error.

    Switch to another internet connection if possible.

    Move around your house to get a better signal.

    Try refreshing your internet connection by putting your phone in airplane mode. Then turn off airplane mode after a few minutes.

    Clear the Netflix app data on your device. 

    Restart your wi-fi router or modem.

    A few more error codes similar to Error 0041 are Error tvq-st-120, Error UI-400, Error AIP-704, Error 12001, Error 11853, Error 5403, Error 1011, Error 1016, Error 1012, Error -11800

    Netflix Error 100

    If you’re using an Apple TV, here is how to sign out of Netflix on Apple TV, or restart your Apple TV.

    Sign Out On Apple TV

    Start from the Netflix home screen.

    Select Switch Profiles. If your account does not have profiles, you can continue to the following step.

    Select Sign Out.

    Sign back in and try Netflix again.

    Restart your Apple TV

    Unplug your Apple TV and the TV it’s connected to from power for at least 2 minutes.

    Plug both devices back in.

    Turn both devices back on.

    Try Netflix again.

    Netflix Error 10023-5009

    The Netflix error 10023-5009 is related to troubles with downloading content. It is usually accompanied by a message, “There was a problem with this download. Please check your network connection and try again. (10023-5009)” Sign out of Netflix from your device and Sign in again or restart your internet connection to resolve this issue. 

    Netflix Error NQL.2303 Netflix Error NQM.407

    The error code NQM.407 often appears on Android phones or tablets and is accompanied by the “Account Payment Issue. Your account is on hold because of a problem with your past payment. Go to chúng tôi to update.” The problem might occur due to one of the following reasons.

    The payment method on Netflix’s database is no longer valid or has expired.

    Your financial institution, such as the bank or a third-party service, did not approve the monthly charge.

    US Only: Mismatch in your credit card zip code on Netflix and the one listed with your bank.

    Frequently Asked Questions Why is Netflix not working on Smart TV?

    Netflix might show buggy behavior on a smart TV due to a slow internet connection, or you need to refresh the data on your TV. Try rebooting your wi-fi modem or internet connection, or reinstall the Netflix app on your TV. Otherwise, you can clear the Netflix app data on your smart TV if the option is available.

    Why is Netflix not working with NordVPN?

    NordVPN allows you to open your Netflix account using a different location. However, cached data can cause trouble while loading Netflix via a VPN. Therefore, clear your Netflix app and browser data to fix the issue. Lastly, you can change the VPN server from NordVPN if you still can’t connect to Netflix.

    How do you unfreeze Netflix? How to Fix Netflix Issues

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