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Office 365 always attempts to provide you with the latest versions of all the software it includes. That includes both web versions and standalone versions if you have that plan. Office 365 has different packages that come with and without the latest standalone versions. You may opt to run older standalone versions but they may create compatibility problems. The article focuses on Office 365 and Office 2023 system requirements.

Office 365 System Requirements

We were talking about compatibility issues. If your Office 365 subscription comes with an option to use your own installed software, you can use older versions of Microsoft Office. But there will be heavy fragmentation if others use older versions – resulting in misplaced data. The objective of Office 365 is to keep users on the same platform – the latest platform – so that incompatibility issues don’t happen. Hence it is better to upgrade your standalone applications such as Word, Excel and Internet Explorer etc to the latest versions. That way, your workflow would be smooth and chances of non-compatibility do not pose problems.

Here is what it takes to use different packs of Office 365 on your computers.

Home, Personal and Student plans

If you are using a PC, you will need a processor with at least 1GHz speed. For Mac, it should be a bit higher speed and should be Intel.

Office 365 Basic can run on 2GB RAM on PCs. For Mac, it should be 4GB.

HDD space for running Office 365 home should be 3GB while for Mac, it should be 6GB and the HDD format for the latter should be what is called Mac OS Extended format or HFC plus.

Display requirements for both PC and Mac are 1280 x 800 resolution.

Browsers used should be the latest versions; in case you do not have access to latest versions, the immediately preceding version would do.

You will also need .NET 4 or 4.5 CLR; Though you can also do with 3.5, it may restrict some features.

Business and government plans

For PC, you will need a 1GHz processor of any make; For Mac, Intel processor is recommended.

PC would require 2GB RAM while Mac will require 4GB

Hard disk space should be 3GB for PC while Mac would require 6GB; Again, the format of HDD in Mac should be Extended Mac OS or HFC Plus

Operating system should be the latest as far as possible

Display resolution required for proper functioning is 1280 x 800

Browser should be latest versions as far as possible; if the latest version is not available, immediately preceding versions can be used

Your Microsoft Office clients should be in compliance with Office 365: Office 2010 through Office 2023; the latest versions on all your computers accessing Office 365 makes sure no inconsistencies occur

Individual Office Suites’ System Requirements

This section talks about standalone installations of Office suites such as home, personal, governmental etc. Check out the minimum system requirements for each Office edition. Remember that these are minimum system requirements meaning they can run Office but cannot guarantee speed etc. I would recommend keeping resources a little higher than what Microsoft suggests.

Office 2023 Home and Student edition system requirements

1 GHz processor


3 GB of available disk space; better to have some extra space for temp files

Screen resolution of a minimum 1280 x 800

Windows 7 SP1 or above operating system; Works best on a latest operating system according to Microsoft

The browsers used should be the latest versions of the versions immediately preceding the latest versions

At least .Net 3.5; preferred 4.5 LCR

A Microsoft account (that naturally has a OneDrive account attached to it).

Office 2023 Pro edition system requirements

The system requirements are the same as that of Home and Student. But because of the extra features, I recommend a little higher resources. You will get touch features with Office 2023 so to optimize your experience, you will need a touchscreen. While most of the functions can also be performed with a mouse and keyboard, having a touchscreen will further enhance your experience. For example, if you are inking something on Microsoft Edge, the latest browser app from Microsoft, you will need a stylus on a touchscreen. If you wish to share web pages with other users, you will have to install Windows 10 so that you can use the marking and sharing features of Microsoft Edge.

The above sums up the system requirements for Office 365 and Office 2023. The Android and iOS versions are pretty light, but still, you will have to have the latest versions and at least 2GB RAM devices to work on the apps properly.

You're reading System Requirements For Office 365 And Office 2023

How To Migrate From Office 365 Tenant To Another Office 365 Tenant?

In this current business scenario, there are many organizations that are moving to the cloud. Most organizations prefer Microsoft Office 365 as it provides multiple functionalities for businesses like Outlook, Exchange Server, OneDrive, Skype for business server, etc.

Sometimes, migration need arise because of mergers, acquisitions, or divestment. Therefore, here we will disclose how you can migrate from Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant?

But, first, you have to know there is no manual solution available to do this task, Microsoft also suggests their users to use third-party software to perform Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 migration.

So, here we will use the best automated solution to do this migration task. Let’s start the migration…

How to Migrate from Office 365 Tenant to another Office 365

When we talk about migration, the first thing that comes into the mind that is data consistency. However, there is multiple migration tool are available to do this task, but we have to select the right tool that will migrate Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant without any type of data loss.

So, we would like to suggest SysTools Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool. After testing the tool, we have found this is the best tool to do this migration task. It comes with multiple which all are help you in Office 365 tenant to Office 365 tenant migration process. Some highlighted features are given below –

1 – Migrate emails, contacts, calendars, documents from Office 365 tenant to another Office 365.

2 – Import CSV option to create the mapping between Office 365 source & destination users.

3 – Date-based filter option to migrate only selective data from one Office 365 to another Office 365.

4 – Capable to migrate data from Office 365 domain.

5 – Delta migration option to migrate newly arrived data.

6 – Option to set Account-based priority to migrate data from these accounts.

7 – Provides multiple project migration options.

8 – Three options for re-run migration.

9 – Create a summary report of the entire Office 365 tenant to Office 365 tenant migration.

Procedure to Perform Office 365 tenant to Office 365 Tenant Migration

Get to know the working procedure of the tool to migrate data from Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant.  Follow the given steps –

1 – Select Office 365 as a source & as a destination.

3 – If you need to migrate only selective data you can apply Date-based filter.

4 – After applying all required options you need to login to Office 365 source tenant with Admin ID & Application ID.

8 – Now, browse the CSV file to upload that mapping CSV file into the software.

10 – Software will take few minutes to migrate from Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant.

We have successfully performed Office 365 tenant to Office 365 tenant migration. Now, login Office 365 destination Office 365 tenant to access data.


To migrate data from Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 isn’t complicated if you know the right solution. So in the above article we have explained the right & easy solution to perform Office 365 tenant to Office 365 tenant migration it will help you to do this task easily.

Venn Torr

Microsoft 365 Buying Guide: Which Office Version Should You Buy?

That’s when Microsoft announced that it would be rebranding standalone versions of Office apps to ‘Microsoft 365’, matching what we saw with the company’s productivity-focused subscription service in 2023.

At its most basic, paying regularly gets you access to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and Publisher, plus Teams for communication and Outlook for email. You also get cloud storage via OneDrive and regular updates, but even more software is available on professional and business plans.

While this article is designed to help you decide between them, it’s far from your only option. As has always been the case, Microsoft continues to release standalone versions of Office apps every few years. The latest version was released in 2023, but aside from software patches, you won’t get any updates.

For some people, it’s also possible to access Microsoft Office free or at a discounted rate. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to get Microsoft Office on your laptop or PC

In years gone by, the best (and only) way to get Office was to buy a CD-ROM for a one-off price and install it onto your PC or laptop. These days that would be a bit of a faff, with many laptops not even having disc drives anymore, but it was one way to ensure you had a physical backup.

Any Microsoft product under the ‘365’ umbrella is subscription-based, referring to the number of days in a year. Any Microsoft product without ‘365’ in its name is likely to be a one-time purchase – good if you only want to pay once, but you won’t be able to upgrade the software with online updates like you can with 365 subscriptions. 

There are also several different versions of Office available, and you should choose the best one for you depending on your needs. It’s worth noting that while this buying guide covers every platform, Mac users might want to take a look at the specific Office for Mac buying guide on our sister site Macworld.

First, we’ll break down Office options if you are buying for personal home or student use, and then go on to the options if you are buying it for work or use within a small business.

Which version of Microsoft Office do you have?

If you’re looking to upgrade, it’s easy to check which version of Microsoft Office you have installed. Provided you’ve downloaded all the apps at the same time, they should all be running the same version. 

For the purpose of this article, we’re using Microsoft Word. The process may vary slightly depending on your device and app, but it should still be easy to find:

However, the process differs on older Office apps. In Word 2010, you need to choose ‘File’, then ‘Help’. The information will then be displayed on the right side of the screen, as you can see below.

In the 2003 version, go to the ‘Help’ option in the top menu bar, and then the ‘About Microsoft Office Word’. In the pop-up, you will see the MS Office World version along with the suite it belong to, like the Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003.

Does Windows 11 come with Microsoft Office?

No, it doesn’t. Windows 11 was released in 2023 and is a free upgrade for most Windows 10 users, but Microsoft Office apps aren’t included. All your existing files and apps will make the move, though, so if you already have a standalone version (such as Office 2023 or Office 2023) it’ll still be available.

But everyone else will need to pay for access. Learn more in our separate guide: Does Windows 11 come with Microsoft Office?

Do I need Microsoft 365 to use Outlook?

If Outlook is your email client of choice, you might be wondering if you need to sign up for Microsoft 365 to access it.

The answer is no. Outlook is pre-installed on all Windows 11 and Windows 10 devices, meaning you can start using it straight away.

It used to only be available to Microsoft 365 subscribers on a Mac, but Microsoft has removed this restriction. You can download Outlook from the Mac App Store now, while it’s always been free on iOS and Android.

But if you’re a heavy Outlook user, there are some benefits to a Microsoft 365 subscription. These are:

You can also currently create a personalised email address, but this option is being removed on 30 November 2023.

Will Microsoft 365 be getting new AI features?

Yes. In March 2023, Microsoft announced Microsoft 365 Copilot, a brand-new AI assistant designed to help you be more productive.

It’ll be integrated into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and other apps, and be used to create entirely new documents, summarise existing ones and help you with specific features.

The functionality here is based on GPT-4, an updated text-based AI model from OpenAI – the company behind ChatGPT. Microsoft’s introduction video gives you an idea of what to expect:

Microsoft 365 Copilot is in testing with “select commercial customers” at the time of writing, but it’s not clear when the feature will be rolled out to consumers.

It’s likely to be exclusive to Microsoft 365 subscribers, although that’s yet to be confirmed.

The news arrived shortly after Microsoft’s reveal of a new version of its Edge browser and Bing search engine with an integrated AI chatbot based on ChatGPT.

Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365)

Microsoft’s productivity-focused subscription service was known as Office 365 from its initial launch in 2011 until 2023. Since April 2023 it’s been known simply as ‘Microsoft 365’, but the rebrand didn’t affect functionality aside from a few new features.

First up are the options designed for the individual consumer (i.e. probably you). If you’re subscribing, there are two main options to choose from: Personal (for just one user) or Family (for up to six users). For both, you have the option to pay monthly or annually:

Microsoft 365 Personal – $6.99/£5.99 per month or $69.99/£59.99 per year – one person, 1TB of cloud storage

Microsoft 365 Family – $9.99/£7.99 per month or $99.99/£79.99 per year – up to six people, 1TB of cloud storage each, extra Family Safety features

There’s also a special free version for students and university staff which we’ll get to later.

The main benefit to opting for Microsoft 365 is that you’ll get regular updates for as long as you’re a subscriber, with no need to jump from one version to the next every few years, and no headaches about file compatibility.

You can also save your work to the cloud, similar to Google Docs. Microsoft also throws in a few extra benefits such as 1TB of cloud storage and full access to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft 365 – Family vs Personal

If you’re subscribing, there currently two main options to choose from: Personal (for just one user) or Family (for up to six users). For both, you have the option to pay monthly or annually:

Microsoft 365 Personal – $6.99/£5.99 per month or $69.99/£59.99 per year – one person, 1TB of cloud storage

Microsoft 365 Family – $9.99/£7.99 per month or $99.99/£79.99 per year – up to six people, 1TB of cloud storage each, extra Family Safety features

The extra £20/$30 per year or £2/$3 per month for the Family subscription is a great deal if you choose to share the subscription costs among friends. The yearly subscriptions save you on two months of payment as well.

There’s also no device limit on Microsoft 365 installations, meaning both Family or Personal subscribers can install the software on as many devices as needed. You are limited to working on five devices simultaneously, though.

However, on 11 January 2023, Microsoft announced that a new third tier would be added on 30 January. Known as Microsoft 365 Basic, it’ll replace the existing OneDrive 100GB storage plan but retain the same price – $1.99/£1.99 per month or $19.99/£19.99 per year. More details on what it offers below.

Microsoft 365 Family

For 6 users at at time across unlimited PCs/Macs, tablets and phones

1TB cloud storage per user for 6 users (6TB total)

Ongoing access to updates

Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher (PC Only), Access (PC Only), OneDrive, Microsoft Teams

US: $99.99 per year or $9.99 per month

UK:  £79.99 per year or £7.99 per month

Microsoft 365 Personal

For 1 PC/Mac

across unlimited PCs/Macs, tablets and phones

1TB cloud storage for one user

Ongoing access to updates

Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher

(PC Only)

, Access

(PC Only)

, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Family Safety

US: $69.99 per year or $6.99 per month

UK: £59.99 per year or £5.99 per month

Microsoft 365 Basic

For 1 PC/Mac

across unlimited PCs/Macs, tablets and phones

100GB cloud storage for one user

Web and mobile versions of apps only

More features to be added

US: $19.99 per year or $1.99 per month

UK: £19.99 per year or £1.99 per month

Office 365 Education – Free options for students

Office 365 Education is (as the name suggests) a special version of Microsoft 365 for students and university faculty or staff. Students and teachers can sign up for free web access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Microsoft Teams under the Office 365 A1 plan.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll need a university email address or other proof of your status to claim it. See our full article on how to get Microsoft Word for free.

There’s also the  Office 365 A3 plan if you want desktop access to the apps, which costs £2.20/US$2.50 per month for each student and £2.85/$3.25 for each teachers or other member of staff. The top-tier Office 365 A5 plan, which costs £5.30/$6 per month for students and £7.05/$8 per month for teachers, offers desktop and web access along with added security features.

If you want to look for other great student tech deals, check out Tech Advisor’s back to school hub. 

Office Home and Student 2023

If you would prefer to pay a one-off price, Office Home and Student 2023 is the right package for you. You lose the automatic software updates of Microsoft 365, but that means you can use the software for years without being tied into a subscription. It works with one device running Windows 11, Windows 10 or any recent version of macOS.

However, you don’t get full access to the mobile and tablet apps here (anyone can still use them to view documents for free, just not edit or create them), there’s no cloud storage included, and you don’t get access to the full suite of Office programs included in Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Office 2023 includes new features such as a black theme in Word, new learning tools, new charts and timelines, new transitions in PowerPoint and lots more. But unlike a Microsoft 365 subscription, it won’t continue getting new features over time.

It’s also worth noting that Microsoft Office will soon be known as Microsoft 365 following a rebrand, but it’ll still perform in exactly the same way.

Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft also offers business-minded versions of its software. We’re focusing on the options for small businesses here, but Microsoft also offers Enterprise plans for larger companies. Once again, there’s a split between the 365 subscription packages and the one-off purchase version of Office 2023.

There are three main versions of Microsoft 365 Business available, each offering very different software packages, so make sure you pick the right one. Be especially mindful about Microsoft 365 Business Basic (from $6/£4.50 per user per month), which doesn’t actually include desktop versions of the core Office software like Word and Excel – just Microsoft’s online and cloud tools.

Also note the Microsoft 365 Apps for business plan ($8.25/£7.90 per user per month) includes both desktop and mobile version of the apps but without the other productivity tools such as email, calendar and Teams conference call features.

Here’s a summary of all four main business-focused plans we’d recommend:

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

One licence for 5 PCs/Macs plus 5 tablets and 5 phones per user

1TB cloud storage per user

Allows up to 300 users

Ongoing access to updates

Desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access, OneDrive

Web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint

US: $12.50 per user per month

UK: £9.40 per user per month

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

For 5 PCs/Macs plus 5 tablets and 5 phones per user

1TB cloud storage per user

Allows up to 300 users

Email hosting with 50GB mailbox and custom domain address

Ongoing access to updates

Desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access

Access to OneDrive, Exchange, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer

Web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

US:  $22 per user per month

UK: £16.60 per user per month

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

1TB cloud storage per user

Email hosting with 50GB mailbox and custom domain address

Allows up to 300 users

Ongoing access to updates

Video conferencing with up to 250 people

OneDrive, Exchange, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer

Web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote

US:  $5 per user per month (annual plan)

UK: £4.50 per user per month (annual plan)

Microsoft 365 Apps for business

For 5 PCs/Macs plus 5 tablets and 5 phones per user

1TB cloud storage per user

Web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive

Ongoing access to updates

Allows up to 300 users

UK: £7.90 per user per month (annual plan)

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Analysts: Microsoft Didn’t Cut Office 365 Prices Just To Be Nice

In announcing price reductions for Office 365 this week, Microsoft said its cost of running the cloud suite has fallen and that it wants to “pass on” those savings to customers, but some analysts believe the primary drivers for the move have little to do with goodwill.

Google Apps is gaining more and more acceptance among CIOs of large companies and is finally cracking that market, after being considered for years a cloud email and collaboration suite better suited for small businesses.

This trend represents a risk not only to Office 365, which comes in most editions with cloud-hosted versions of Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office, but also to the on-premise deployments of those products.

“The price cuts reflect Microsoft’s fear of Google. Google Apps for Business has increasing momentum in the enterprise sector, and Microsoft is doing everything they can to prevent further incursions. In this case, Microsoft is pulling on the pricing lever to combat Google,” said Gartner analyst Matthew Cain, via email.

Michael Osterman, president and founder of Osterman Research, sees the price cuts as an attempt by Microsoft to spur sales of Office 365 among enterprise customers, given that most of the suite’s sales have come from small companies since its launch about eight months ago.

“A key reason for the price cuts is likely that Microsoft’s enterprise adoption numbers are not quite where the company wants them to be,” he wrote in a blog post.

His firm’s research shows, for example, that cloud-based email services that cost US$20 per seat, per month make 16 percent of midsize and large companies “likely or definite adopters.” At $15, the number of likely or definite adopters jumps significantly to 27 percent, and at $10, the percentage increases to 49. Dropping the price below $10 per seat, per month increases demand, but more modestly, Osterman said.

Office 365 comes in a variety of editions, all priced differently on a per-user, per-month subscription basis.

Office 365 also has a plan for small businesses, called P1, which has a 50-user limit. An email-only option with just Exchange Online, as well as other alternatives, are also available. The P1 plan price remains the same at $6 per user, per month.

By comparison, Google Apps’ standard edition, which is limited to 10 users, is free, while its enterprise edition, called Google Apps for Business, costs $50 per user, per year, which amounts to about $4.16 per month, for customers who sign an annual contract. It costs $5 per user, per month if the contract is renewed monthly.

Microsoft also said that plan A2 of the upcoming Office 365 for Education will be free for students, faculty and staff, and that prices for other education plans for staff and faculty have been reduced aggressively.

The A2 plan includes hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office Web Apps. Office 365 for Education will be launched in the summer.

Microsoft’s new prices apply only to new customers and to existing customers when their contracts are up for renewal. This means, for example, that a company in the fifth month of a one-year Office 365 deal will pay the old, higher prices for the remaining seven months and renew the contract at the new, lower prices.

“It’s not surprising that Microsoft is trying to accelerate adoption of Office 365. The more customers it has on board, the more cost-effective it is for them,” said Rebecca Wettemann, a Nucleus Research analyst.

Being able to entice existing customers to stick with Office 365 by lowering prices is important because churn is high in the first six months of a company’s deployment of a cloud-hosted suite in general, Wettemann said.

“Churn drops significantly after six months and doesn’t start to spike up again until after three years,” she said.

Juan Carlos Perez covers enterprise communication/collaboration suites, operating systems, browsers and general technology breaking news for The IDG News Service. Follow Juan on Twitter at @JuanCPerezIDG.

17 Cute And Creative Home Office Ideas

I love the idea of decorating my home office. It enhances the beauty of my workspace and motivates me in my job.

Adding cute decorative items to my home office is always a fun project for me. 

Choosing the details carefully to build a cute home office is essential. Putting some greens, using artistic products, and finding well-textured rugs can never look dull.

Moreover, experimenting with decor items and customizing the space is also a wonderful idea. 

In this article, we will provide some important information about creating a cute and creative home office.

Moreover, we are also exploring different ideas for making the workspace look beautiful. 

17 Cute and Creative Home Office Ideas in 2023

A creatively designed home office is of great significance. A home office should be a space that inspires you to work harder each day.

In addition, we are being creative while designing, making the home office room more chic and pretty. 

A well-designed home office boosts your productivity and helps you mentally separate your work and personal life. 

Here are some ideas you may explore to design your home office cutely and creatively. 

1. Add Some Green Plants 

Add some greens to your home office if you love plants and flowers.

There are plenty of plants you can choose for decorating the workspace. Moreover, cute little plants planted in cute holders look extremely beautiful on your desk. 

If you love exploring different ideas, you may consider adding some hanging plants. You will find different varieties of hanging planters and pots in the market. 

You may use a minimal design or plant maximalism based on your preference. 

You can build some cute-looking containers to hold the plants all by yourself. Utilizing the old jars, including the vintage and ancient vases, will give a more creative look. 

Here are some plants you would love;


Cast Iron PlantThey are slow-growing plants that are perfect for decoration on work desks.

DracaenaBes air-purifying houseplant that helps to increase concentration

BromeliadThey are great at removing toxic chemicals and pollutants from the air.

Spider Planta low-maintenance plant that helps cleanse indoor air and does well in low light

Pink SyngoniumAlmost every Syngonium species is suitable for homes. They help cleanse air and add decor.

Snake PlantThey effectively cleanse benzene and trichloroethylene from the air and great low-light plants.

Peace LilyA low-maintenance house plant that promotes home decor and restful sleep.

Lucky BambooIt is great at cleaning the air

2. Go for Built-Ins 

Builts-Ins are never out of trend for home offices. People are usually attracted to built-in cabinets and storage spaces with options for personalizing furniture. 

A minimalist design for a built-in cabinet will add to the beauty of your cute home office.

In addition to that, you may explore different colors to give it an attractive finish. 

Built-ins help you bring your personal touch to life. You can opt for counter space, a storage desk, and a computer desk. 

A built-in cabinet will also accommodate some decorative items for display.

You can add some books and little flower pots to the open cabinets to give a cozy finish.  

Read more to find out Built-in desk cost.

3. Explore Options for Accent Walls 

An accent wall is a popular idea for decorating the home office.

You can explore different ideas to enhance your workspace from professional to cute and beautiful walls. A cream-colored accent wall looks minimal and attractive.

In addition to that, other neutral colors can also be taken into consideration. Accent walls are supposed to eradicate the plainest looks of the office interiors.

Decorative panels on accent walls also look astonishing and cute. Moreover, you can also experiment with ceramics and tiles, chalkboard paint, and the blackboard style.  

Moreover, adding cute floral wallpaper to your workspace is easy to make your home office feel cuter.

Read more to get some ideas to create Accent wall in your Home Office.

4. Add Wall Mirrors 

Wall mirrors with designs are an easy addition to decorating a home office look. Mirrors look beautiful and cute at the same time.

In addition, wall mirrors give a modern and glamorous touch to the walls of a home office. 

Different varieties of wall mirrors are readily available in the market. 

A decorative sunburst mirror also gives a stylish finish. If your main aim is to add cuteness to your home office setup, round mirrors with crystals or a heart mirror can look fabulous. 

A combo set of three wall mirrors on the accent wall will also look fun and stylish.

There are plenty of options to explore. Experimenting with different mirror grids can turn out to be fruitful eventually. 

You may be interested in reading about ways to decorate your home office with mirrors.

5. Cute and Mini Paintings 

Mini canvas paintings look very aesthetic and cute. You can place the canvases on your home office desk.

Moreover, you can place these tiny and cute-looking canvases on the shelves and open cabinets. 

The most exciting thing about mini canvases is that you can paint independently. Buy your favorite set of colors and a mini canvas, and begin playing with the brushes. 

Mini canvases are similar to the general large-sized canvases. The only difference is in size.

These kinds of pretty-looking canvases spice up the interiors of any room.

6. Cute Stationeries and Accessories 

Make sure to add some cute stationery items and accessories to your home office. Equipping your desk with creative things is satisfying and fulfilling at the same time.

A desktop organizer, a cute little plant, an acrylic calendar, and a lightbox are some go-to office accessories you may explore with. Anyone would fall in love with these items. 

In addition, a cactus humidifier, an acrylic desktop stapler, agate bookends, rose gold scissors, binder clips, stick note sets, candles, and note dispensers are other cute-looking accessories you can add to your home office. 

Cute items always give a warm and cuddly vibe. Therefore, you can feel even happier at your workplace surrounded by all such things.

It is believed that looking at cute things enhances dopamine, a chemical that makes us intensely happy.

7. A Millenial Pink Setup

Pink is a happy and cute color. Therefore, if you are looking forward, you make your home office look attractive simultaneously; you can go for a millennial pink setup. 

Millennial Pink color for decorating homes is also on trend in recent days.

Most people do not consider using Pink for a professional setup like an office.

However, if you want to make your Office feel more like home, cozy, and pretty, pink is the perfect color. 

You can paint the entire home office walls with your favorite shades of Pink.

Moreover, you can also use pretty wallpapers or tiles of pink color. Pair the walls with millennial pink furniture in your home office. 

In addition, you can add pink-colored accessories to your home office: window curtains, rugs, table lamps, and flower vases with different shades of Pink. 

Read more: What are the best wall color for home office?

8. Framed Family Pictures 

Who doesn’t love walls full of cute family pictures? If you want to make sure that your home office feels more homely rather than a professional space, spice up the fences with your family pictures. 

For a cute look, you may consider exploring different types of photo frames. Floral print and animal print picture frames look appealing. 

Dedicate a particular section of your home office wall for the picture frames. When choosing the frame colors, ensure it goes well with the wall.

If you want your office wall to look unique and cute simultaneously, you can make a Family Tree Picture. Moreover, college sets in different layouts.

9. Cute Acrylic Desk 

A transparent acrylic desk will look cute in your home office. Moreover, acrylic materials look more unique than general ones anywhere and any place.

An acrylic desk will give a contemporary and classy look to your workspace at the same time. 

In addition to that, an acrylic desk is made up of glass material that completely takes center stage in your home office and outshines most of the other furniture. 

The acrylic desk not only looks cute but is also way lighter than the actual glass material.

Furthermore, it looks very versatile and is lightly weighted. You can purchase a set of acrylic desks and chairs to set up your home office. 

10. Display Polaroids on a Grid 

You may dedicate some space to treasure all the memories in your home office. This way, it will give a cute look to your home office and, at the same time, remind you of good times. 

Polaroids can be readily displayed by using grids. So people choose to paste them on the walls directly.

However, clipping the polaroids to a wire or a string makes the entire look more pretty. 

You can also purchase polaroid hanging grids if you wish to.

Polaroids have made a significant comeback because of the Millenials and Gen-Zs. Therefore, it is indeed one of the best ideas to explore. 

11. Avoid the Wire Mess and Clutter 

Wire clutter makes your home office look unorganized and messy. It is indeed one of the reasons that entirely spoil your home office look.

Therefore, make sure to avoid the wire mess and clutter as much as possible. 

To avoid the clutter of wires, you may consider using floor cable covers. They help to manage the mess under the desk at your feet.

Moreover, you may also use cable organizers with basket and tray systems attached to your office desks. 

You can opt for options like wireless charging too. This way, you will eliminate all the wire mess and clutter.

If you are on a low budget, you can go with a DIY hack of mounting a pegboard to reduce the clutter of electrical wires.

You can watch the video below to learn more about desk cable management.

12. Add a Pretty Couch with Cushions 

A sitting couch in a home office is not a compulsion since you won’t receive more visitors.

However, you may consider making a seating arrangement with a mini couch and some cushions for a cute finish. 

While choosing the colors, you may choose a neutral color for the seat. At the same time, you can spruce up the look with some bright-colored cushions. 

You can find plenty of cute-looking cushions on amazon. Explore different designs, including floral and monochrome.

For more fun, you may purchase emoji cushions or animal-printed ones.

At the same time, cushions with different fruit shapes and geometric shapes are also widely available. 

13. A Cute Reading Lamp 

Accessorize your home office desk with a cute-looking study lamp. People do not use study lamps nowadays. However, they look too good to be used just for decorative purposes. 

The white and pink colored lamp ensures that the setup looks cute and pretty. You can also explore other different colors and designs. 

The light from a study lamp makes your room feel cozy and warm at the same time. You can use the warm tone of the morning for reading purposes before going to bed.

Here are some cute reading lamps you can consider having a look at: 

14. A Bohemian Home Office Look

Bohemian decor is a new trend amongst all Millenials. Bohemian interiors look astonishing, pretty, and cute but light, happy, and free-spirited. 

To create a bohemian home office look, it is always better to go with white walls and white-colored furniture. You won’t need ample space.

A cozy corner is enough to create a cute bohemian working space. 

Bohemian is all about going exotic and tropical. Therefore, you may start decorating your home office with natural materials for the furniture.

Moreover, eclectic textiles are the most popular in bohemian design.

Macrame wall decorations will look great. You may consider using a cane chair and a wooden desk.

A bohemian rug on the home office Floor will also spruce up the entire look. 

15. Colorful File Folders

File holders are of great significance in a home office. It ensures that the valuable papers won’t be misplaced. At the same time, you should have different file folders for other projects.

File folders arranged inside a cupboard look pretty fascinating. Especially if you consider using file holders of different colors, the look becomes cute and beautiful. 

You can find different varieties of file Folders in different colors on Amazon. Moreover, cute-looking and printed file folders are also available.

16. Hang Pictures of your Pet 

No matter what, pets are always cute and lovely. So, why not add cute pictures of your pet in the home office room?

Framed pictures of your pets will look gorgeous on the walls of your home office. You may also keep the images on your work desk. 

Pet portraits are indeed the newest trend everywhere around. Steal your dull home office look with the portraits of your pet.

Mix the sizes of the images and create a beautiful pattern. Patterns often look catchy and attract onlookers.

A mix-and-match gallery is the best idea to showcase the frames. A diagonal pattern will also look unique and beautiful.

If you are interested in interrelatedness, you may try repeating the same pattern repeatedly. Either way, pet pictures are never dull.

17. Go for Gold Metal Accent 

Gold and Metal both look classic. At the same time, adding the elements of Gold and Metal will also add cuteness to your entire home office space. 

In addition, your home office will also pass a luxurious look with these beautiful colors.

Therefore, if you want to have an office look that looks dazzling, polished, and cute at the same time, go with this accent. 

Make sure that the color gold does not just overpower your room.

You can include the gold accents on the work desk, chair, lighting, and other decorative items. Adding accessories to the Office will enhance the look even more. 


If you are looking forward to creating a cute and creative home office, you must focus on details. After all, it’s all about the tiny things that matter greatly.

Home office interiors usually have a professional theme attached to them. However, creating a cute office look isn’t so uncommon. 

So, if you are a person who admires cute accessories and finishings, go for it. Exploring different ideas and colors will help you create a unique look. 

A home office room with a cute look feels more like a home rather than a workplace. 

You can also read our article about Home Office Ideas for Women. 

Boston University Equal Opportunity Office

Help When Needed: Equal Opportunity Office Protecting employees from unlawful harassment, discrimination

Equal Opportunity office staff: Kim Randall (from left), executive director and Title IX coordinator, Eleanor Druckman, assistant director and Title IX investigator, and Kelly Matos, administrative coordinator. Not pictured is Mary Ann Phillips, assistant director for compliance. Photo by Cydney Scott

This is part five in a series about Boston University services available to faculty and staff to help with work-related and personal issues.

Boston University has a scrupulous policy of promoting equal opportunity in educational programs and employment and prohibits discrimination in any form. And if employees have concerns about unlawful discrimination or harassment, they have a place to go.

BU’s Equal Opportunity office (EOO) investigates and resolves complaints related to discrimination and harassment—including sexual misconduct—directed against employees. (Similar complaints directed against students are handled by the Judicial Affairs office.)

EOO executive director Kim Randall says her office welcomes faculty, staff, and students to come and discuss their concerns. “At the same time,” she says, “we want to remind them that if they share information that suggests to us that a violation of a BU policy may have occurred, we may need to move ahead to investigate the matter and ensure that any violation of policy is addressed.” Randall notes that her office is federally obligated to “promptly ensure that any unlawful discrimination or harassment stops, that possible future discrimination or harassment is prevented, and that we reverse, to the extent possible, any negative impact it created.”

The office covers both the Charles River Campus and the Medical Campus, as well as all of the University’s off-site locations, including Study Abroad programs.

Randall says that the nature of the complaints varies widely, from discrimination or harassment to interpersonal violence and sexual assault. Once a complaint is made, the goal is to complete the investigation within 60 days. That entails interviewing the people involved (sometimes several times), talking to witnesses, collecting documentary evidence, and taking any necessary temporary measures. Once an investigation is complete, EOO staff put the findings in a report, detailing the available evidence and offering a conclusion as to whether the person has violated BU’s equal opportunity policy or sexual misconduct/Title IX policy.

Randall says that those involved in a complaint usually are anxious. “These cases can be difficult and emotions often run high,” she says. “We do our best to assure both complainants and respondents that we will conduct a fair and thorough investigation as quickly as possible. We often put interim measures in place to help the individuals feel safe during the investigation—for example, no contact orders or temporarily reassigning residential or office space—and we make sure the individuals know where they can go for support.”

As part of its mandate, EOO offers comprehensive two-hour training about unlawful discrimination and harassment in general, and about sexual misconduct specifically, for departments and offices across campus, as well as shorter briefings on sexual misconduct. All sessions include a discussion of definitions, examples, reporting options, and confidential resources.

Affirmative action and reasonable accommodation

EOO also works with Human Resources (HR), the Office of the Provost, and the three Medical Campus schools throughout the year to gather data for the University’s annual Affirmative Action Plan. Once the information is analyzed, the office reviews the results with HR and determines what areas or departments might need special recruiting attention to increase the number of female, minority, or veteran applicants or applicants with disabilities in the pool of qualified candidates for open positions. HR then helps that department to identify potential openings and to recruit a diverse pool of candidates.

The office plays another key role: helping faculty and staff with disabilities (Disability Services works with students) or those seeking accommodation for religious practices. EOO staff work with people who believe that a disability is making it hard for them to perform their job responsibilities. Staff meet with them, review information from their medical provider outlining the limitations and how those might affect their ability to do the job, and review the accommodations that can be made. For example, if ergonomic accommodations are needed, EOO will ask Environmental Health & Safety to do an assessment. The office might also reach out to Disability Services to tap the expertise of its personnel about special technology available to assist someone in the workplace.

Once the appropriate reasonable accommodations have been identified, EOO staff then work with the employee’s supervisor and department to make sure they are put in place.

Similarly, if the request is for an accommodation for religious practices, the office identifies with the employee the practice it is needed for and meets with that person’s department to determine how the need can be addressed.

“We do our best to ensure that both the employee’s needs and the business needs of the department are met,” Randall says.

The Equal Opportunity office is at 19 Deerfield St., second floor. For more information about the office or to schedule an appointment, email Kim Randall at [email protected] or call 617-353-9286.

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