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A round-up of our time at TFM 2023

This week the Smart Insights team were in London for Technology for Marketing 2023. A two-day conference dedicated to martech.  If you didn’t make it to TFM, here is a recap of Dave’s talk and panel discussion, as well answers to the most common questions we were asked at our stand.

Download the 10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy booklet

All visitors to the stand were given a new 10 reasons why you need a digital strategy mini-booklet which gives recommendations on what a strategy should include – you can download it here [pdf] if you want to take a look.

How to measure and improve your return on MarTech, Dave Chaffey

Dave spoke about how your can build an effective martech stack that meets your company’s needs. With Scott Brinker’s martech landscape now covering over 5000 martech options, it can be hard to find the appropriate one that will provide you with an acceptable ROI. Dave started by discussing the customer lifecycle and how you can use martech to meet the customer at each stage of the cycle.

Dave started by discussing the customer lifecycle and how you can use martech to meet the customer at each stage of the cycle. By using martech to fuel your entire customer lifecycle, you need a single data management platform for each stage of the lifecycle. For many businesses, because they haven’t done the right analysis they don’t understand how to meet the needs of the audience.

He also covered many missed opportunities in martech. The key opportunities he finds companies miss are AB testing across different devices, detailed search data analysis, and welcome sequences. Dave showcased our essential digital marketing tools infographic to the audience, demonstrating how it is structured, to help you decide which tools are best for your business. The infographic divides 150 tools across 30 key categories, so you can see which tools to use to achieve a given objective.

When used correctly, martech tools can save time, boost productivity and lead to better marketing outcomes. Dave finished his presentation by pointing out that the biggest opportunity is in AI. There are already a lot of martech vendors offering AI services, but we are at the stage where marketers are trying to find out how effective it is. Finally, don’t worry, he does not think AI will take over your job but has thr potential to help you.

“Simplify your #Martech strategy by focussing on how your customers interact with you.”

— Infinity (@_infinity_co) September 27, 2023

Keen to get an idea what people at #TFM17 are doing. How many marketing technologies do you have on your site?

— Infinity (@_infinity_co) September 27, 2023

The beginning of the age of AI marketing: Where do we stand now and what’s next?, IBM Watson, Salesforce, AISB, Phrasee, SAP Hybris and Smart Insights

As Artificial Intelligence develops, businesses are questioning how profound AI will be to change the dynamics in marketing. This panel moderated by Dave Chaffey discussed how we can prepare ourselves for the foreseeable impact. The panel included:

Nicholas Kontopoulos – Global VP of Fast Growth Markets Marketing, SAP Hybris

Parry Malm - CEO, Phrasee

Dr Bertie Müller – Chair, AISB

Tom Smith – Senior Manager, Product Marketing EMEA, Salesforce

Jeremy Waite – Evangelist, Watson Marketing EMEA, IBM Watson

AI is still so new, while many businesses know about it, many are unsure about the best place to start. The panel firstly discussed what is AI and where do we start?

The panel started by discussing what AI is and where do we start?

Bertie: There are so many areas of AI, but also ones that will take a little longer to make their way into marketing. The key to AI is finding out how the human brain works and the essence of AI. The more human-like AI is the more we can relate to it.

Jeremy: Everyone is pretending they know what it is, but they don’t. Don’t worry about AI, its something that will make our jobs easier and faster. It will help, but not replace us.

Parry: The term AI is crap. It’s a meaningless buzzword that makes you more money.

Dave also asked the panel what wins they have already seen. They discussed examples and case studies of AI in practice and what that would look like for our businesses.

Nicholas: It will replace some jobs, and will help us make better decisions. We will be able to handle bigger chunks of data and form better views of customers once AI if fully implemented.

Tom: We are currently using and partnering around AI. I believe that AI will help you increase conversions. Machines will be making decisions for you and help you make better conversion decisions.

Parry: AI scanning people for scanning, email subject lines are written by machines now, the probability is it was written by a machine.

Where should businesses start with AI?

Nicolas: Focus on people, and the problems you are wanting to solve. Don’t over complicate it.

Parry: Not about AI, it’s about working out your challenges and focusing on how you engage people better. If you don’t have a problem, don’t bother. The only time you should use it is if it will save you a bunch of money or make you a load of money.

— Smart Insights (@SmartInsights) September 27, 2023

— Karen Bowen (@v28kab) September 27, 2023

— Victoria Peppiatt (@VicPeppiatt) September 27, 2023

Over at our stand

We had some great conversations and had the opportunity to meet with our members. Thank you to everyone who came by to say hi, it was great to meet you all. One very popular giveaway was our essential tools poster mentioned in Daves talk, if you didn’t get your hands on one you can also find it here.

One of the most common questions asked was: how can you integrate our resources into your marketing team?

Thanks yet again for a great conference TFM!

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Content Marketing Institute Releases B2B Technology #Contentmarketing Trends For 2023 Report

Content marketing matters, that much is clear. What is less clear is how effective it is and how we, as marketers, can use our resources in a way that makes the most sense.

Which is why reports like Content Marketing Institute’s comprehensive B2B Technology Content Marketing 2023: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America matter.

This type of in-depth research is what marketers should be taking to their clients and the brands they work for to lobby for a bigger content marketing budget.

If you are a content marketer in the B2B technology field, this benchmark report is required reading.

From Content Marketing Institute: 

Sponsored by International Data Group (IDG), this report features findings gathered from a marketing survey conducted by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. This report presents findings from the 392 who said they were B2B technology marketers in North America from a range of company sizes. They responded to the survey in July and August 2023.

Why Does This Report Matter?

Content marketing is maturing, but that maturation process does include bumps in the road. Reports like this show where content marketing is in a small niche market, which makes the research even more useful for marketers in this area. It can also serve as an inspiration for marketers in other areas.

From Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute.

technology marketers rated nearly all of the tactics and paid methods they use as more effective this year. This tells me they’re making progress with identifying what works.

Discovering what really works is half the fun of working in digital marketing. Let’s look at what CMI uncovered.

Top Challenges for Technology Content Marketers

What’s holding back content marketing in the technology field? There are many challenges, but engagement seems to be the biggest hurdle. This offers an opportunity for brands with strong, dedicated audiences to rise above the competition.

The Most Effective Platforms for Social Media

Where should you be sharing? There were some obvious winners — and some obvious losers. Not surprisingly, LinkedIn rated the highest. Also, 40% of marketers stated that SlideShare was “very effective” for the B2B technology space. Which is good news in the stat-heavy industry of tech.

More Highlights from the Report

There is tons more to learn here. A few more interesting highlights:

Creating more engaging content is the top priority for technology content creators over the next 12 months (70%).

Technology marketers say LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform they use (72%).

51% of technology marketers plan to increase their content marketing spending over the next 12 months.

36% of technology marketers have a documented content marketing strategy (up from 33% last year).

Effectiveness ratings for most content marketing tactics, social media platforms, and paid methods of content promotion/distribution are higher than they were last year. 

Technology marketers allocate 29% of their total budget, on average, to content marketing (vs. 25% last year).

Want to read more? You can check out the full report here.

Image Attribution: 

Featured Image: Shutterstock: Aysezgicmeli

Inpost Images: Used with permission from Content Marketing Institute 2023 Day One Recap: Quentin Tarantino, Bored Apes & More

The third annual chúng tôi conference kicked off this week with a barrage of events and programming scheduled for Nov. 2 to 4. The 500-plus speaker event has drawn artists, builders and enthusiasts from all over the world to convene in New York City’s Times Square for a celebration of NFT community and culture.

Featuring appearances from celebrities such as Timbaland and Quentin Tarantino, to NFT stars including Beeple and Metakovan, the annual conference has already been a whirlwind. And although we mapped out some of chúng tôi most notable happenings in our event roundup, new and exciting things seem to be popping up around every corner.

Here’s a recap of what happened during day one.

Quentin Tarantino’s NFT Announcement

The award-winning director made a surprise appearance at chúng tôi to announce a forthcoming series of his own NFTs. In collaboration with The Secret Network, Tarantino will be dropping seven never-before-seen, uncut scenes from Pulp Fiction as Secret NFTs on OpenSea. 

Although the time and date for these auctions is yet to be announced, considering the iconic status of the 1994 film, this collection is sure to bring with it a great deal of mainstream interest. To learn more about Tarantino’s NFTs, watch the livestream panel discussion with the legendary director on our Twitter.

Bored Apes Merch Pop-Up

The @BoredApeYC merch popup was 🔥. Had to rush through, but loved the arcade machine touch. chúng tôi Josh Ong (@beijingdou) November 2, 2023

The team behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club has been hard at work with their multiday Ape Fest chúng tôi activation. Featuring a slew of happenings including a yacht party, charity dinner and secret warehouse party, Ape Fest’s BAYC merch pop-up drew a much larger crowd than anticipated.

Held at a themed storefront in Lower Manhattan, the BAYC merch pop-up — unlike the yacht or warehouse party — was open to the public. As non-BAYC and Mutant Ape Yacht Club collectors flocked to the area in hopes of snagging merch from one of the most prominent NFT projects in existence, the line extended down the block, prompting the BAYC team to tweet an apology to those held up in the extended queue.

NFTs in Times Square

NFT Magazine hosted its Crypto Art Fair in Times Square on chúng tôi Featuring NFTs from 70 artists including Aeforia, Antoni Tudisco, Xsullo, Steven Baltay, Isaac “Drift” Wright, Marco Mori and more, the 15,000 square foot billboard displayed crypto art from 1 to 2 p.m.

In addition to NFT Magazine’s Art Fair, a wide variety of NFTs could be seen on various other billboards throughout Times Square. Some notable spottings include Deadfellaz, XCOPY, Adam Bomb Squad, Gremplin, RTFKT, Party Degenerates, toomuchlag and a wide array of Bored Apes and CryptoPunks.

NFT.NYC Awards

The first annual chúng tôi Awards were held at the Edison Ballroom and hosted by ABC broadcaster Sade Baderinwa. Awards in the categories of Best NFT Marketplace, Best Blockchain for NFTs, Best Written Coverage of NFTs and more were decided via community voting and OpenSea data analysis, said chúng tôi founder Jordee Rich.

Gary Vee Spotting

Entrepreneur and NFT investor/influencer Gary Vaynerchuk was spotted first at his fireside chat with chúng tôi founder Jordee Rich and then again later in the morning of Nov. 2 at an impromptu meet and greet outside of Times Square. Vaynerchuk will be speaking again at chúng tôi on Nov 3. at the Brands with Gary Vee panel at the Edison Ballroom.

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Top 10 Blockchain Technology Trends For Future

Blockchain technologies is the tectonic change in development, only in a greater rate. Entering in the next ten years, let’s have a peek at the progressions these chains and blocks celebrate at the future decades.

Industries spanning in the small scale ventures to the bigger multinational corporations are anticipating this technology. The quality provided is assisting them expand cybersecurity by protecting data digitally.

1. Blockchain as a service (BAAS) By Big Tech

Among the promising blockchain tendencies in 2023 is BaaS, brief for Blockchain As A Service. It’s a brand new blockchain trend that’s now integrated with quite a few startups in addition to enterprises. BaaS is a cloud-based service which permits consumers to develop their own digital goods by working with blockchain.

These electronic products might be smart contracts, decentralized software (Dapps), or other solutions which could work with no installation demands of the whole blockchain-based infrastructure.

A Few of the firms developing a blockchain that offer BaaS support are Microsoft and Amazon, thus forming the future of blockchain software

2. Unified Blockchain moves to the center stage

Blockchain organizations can be delegated: Private, Public, Federated or Hybrid. The term Federated Blockchain can be alluded to as a standout amongst other blockchain most recent patterns in the business.

It is just a redesigned type of the fundamental blockchain model, which makes it more ideal for some, particular use cases. In this sort of blockchain, rather than one association, numerous specialists can handle the pre-chosen hubs of blockchain.

Presently, this chose gathering of different hubs will approve the square so the exchanges can be handled further. In 2023, there will be an ascent in the use of united blockchain as it gives private blockchain networks, a more adaptable viewpoint.

3. Stablecoins will be more visible

Utilizing Bitcoin to act as an illustration of digital forms of money its exceptionally unstable in nature. To keep away from that instability stablecoin went to the image firmly with stable worth partner with each coin. As of now, stablecoins are in their underlying stage and it is anticipated that 2023 will be the year when blockchain stablecoins will accomplish their record-breaking high

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4. Social Networking problems meet Blockchain solution

There are around 2.77 Billion social media clients all throughout the planet in 2023.

The presentation of blockchain in social media will actually want to take care of the issues identified with infamous outrages, protection infringement, information control, and substance importance. In this manner, the blockchain mix in the social media area is another arising innovation pattern in 2023.

With the execution of blockchain, it tends to be guaranteed that all the social media distributed information stay untraceable and can’t be copied, even after its cancellation. In addition, clients will store information all the more safely and keep up their possession.

Blockchain additionally guarantees that the force of substance pertinence lies in the possession of the individuals who made it, rather than the stage proprietors. This causes the client to have a sense of safety as they can handle what they need to see. One overwhelming errand is to persuade social media stages to carried out it, this can be on an intentional base or as a consequences of protection laws like GDPR.

5. Interoperability and blockchain networks

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6. Economy and Finance will Lead Blockchain Applications

In contrast to other conventional organizations, the banking and account enterprises don’t have to acquaint revolutionary change with their cycles for receiving blockchain innovation. After it was effectively applied for the digital money, monetary foundations start genuinely considering blockchain appropriation for conventional financial tasks.

PWC report, 77% of monetary organizations are required to receive blockchain innovation as a feature of an underway framework or cycle by 2023.

Blockchain innovation will permit banks to diminish over the top administration, manage quicker exchanges at lower costs, and improve its mystery. One of the blockchain forecasts made by Gartner is that the financial business will infer 1 billion dollars of business esteem from the utilization of blockchain-based digital currencies by 2023.

7. Blockchain Integration into government agencies

The possibility of the appropriated record is likewise extremely appealing to government specialists that need to administrate enormous amounts of information. As of now, every organization has its different data set, so they need to continually require data about occupants from one another.

8. Blockchain  combines with IOT

The IoT tech market will consider a to be center around security as perplexing wellbeing challenges crop up. These intricacies originate from the assorted and disseminated nature of the innovation. The quantity of Internet-associated gadgets has penetrated the 26 billion imprint. Gadget and IoT network hacking will get ordinary in 2023. It is up to organize administrators to prevent interlopers from doing their business.

The current unified design of IoT is one of the primary purposes behind the weakness of IoT organizations. With billions of gadgets associated and more to be added, IoT is a major objective for digital assaults, which makes security critical.

9. Business Trends

Formerly with the debut of blockchain technologies, there was a tide of speculation of whether the technology had been promising as it revealed. Later on, it grew to bent’s just restricted to cryptocurrencies but pushing into company domains and industries.

The electronic ledger tech of blockchains has turned out to be quite rewarding for the supply chain market. A step forward with the fundamental functionality of real time monitoring, the dispersed ledger can help to provide protection against cyber threats.

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10. Next Level of Businessman

On-point features of conserving costs and improved safety are working wonders from the ‘program’ world. The ‘blockchain-inspired’ systems are directing themselves to extend growth from the realm of startups and technological re innovations.

This tech is growing from revamping business’s usable methodology to inspiring fresh experiments.

Top 5 Crypto Marketing Agencies 2023

All of a sudden, a plot of digital land in the crypto just next to Snoop Dog’s has been purchased for an enormous sum, and people are talking about buying monkey images for millions of dollars. Facebook’s name has been changed to Meta, and companies like McDonald’s and Zara are building storefronts in the crypto.

You may be wondering why these powerful people are so enthusiastic about the so-called “next dimension of the internet” and which crypto marketing firms they work with. In a nutshell, a crypto is a place where we will be able to connect with the internet utilizing cutting-edge technology rather than the touch displays and joysticks we now use.

In this post, we’ll talk about some of the best crypto marketing agencies that can give you the upper hand and build a strong brand presence in the future. 

Top 5 Crypto Marketing Agencies 2023

The crypto marketing process will undoubtedly be handled by agencies, but being a knowledgeable consumer may benefit both sides greatly.

You should have a fundamental knowledge of crypto before you begin your quest since it isn’t yet a well-defined notion.

The best crypto marketing agencies are listed below so that businesses may develop and rule the virtual world.

1. CryptoPR – Overall Best crypto Marketing Agency

2. FinancePR – Fintech-Based crypto Marketing Agency

3. TechPR – Top crypto and tech Marketing Agency for Entertainment Brands

4. Digital Pulse – Data-Driven crypto Marketing Agency

5. NinjaPromo – Top Digital Marketing Agency for crypto

Cryptopr – Overall Best crypto Marketing Agency

One of London’s top and most well-known crypto marketing agencies is CryptoPR. A highly trained team at the business creates best-in-class crypto marketing strategies that target your demography with precision to broaden your reach.

Public relations, influencer marketing, developing marketing ideas, and social media campaigns are among the services this business offers. You won’t get lost on the path even if you’re new to the industry since CryptoPR explains how they intend to drive traffic to your crypto.

In order to fulfill its aim of offering top-notch curated marketing material to content providers worldwide, CryptoPR collaborates with some of the most well-known online media publications. 

The Lucky Block campaign, a cutting-edge crypto-gaming platform that debuted in 2023, is one of CryptoPR’s most significant ventures. In only six weeks, CryptoPR was able to boost the platform’s popularity and assist the company in raising over $5 million via token sales. 

The importance of social media in promoting new crypto projects makes the influencer services mentioned above one of CryptoPR’s most significant offerings. Campaigns may be established in a couple of days and can help projects be promoted on accounts with more than 2 million active followers.

Campaigns may also be modified to meet the requirements of any individual project, whether they call for a one-time shout-out or an ongoing collaboration with an influencer. Since CryptoPR operates globally, there is always a partnership that will be appropriate for the intended audience of each project.

Financepr – Fintech-Based crypto Marketing Agency

FinancePR is our choice for the top crypto marketing agency. Leading industry PR agency FinancePR focuses on crypto businesses. FinancePR has been in business for less than two years, but during that time, it has seen exponential growth, and it already has over 100 employees.

The effort done to promote DeFi Coins is proof that FinancePR is skilled at marketing financial services. The finest DeFi Coins were able to secure more than $750,000 in investment with the aid of FinancePR’s collaboration with CryptoPR, famous crypto, NFT, and crypto marketing agency. This consisted of an astounding 1,200 new clients in the first 30 days of the debut.

This reputable financial PR service has a network of well-known websites that enables businesses to distribute their material to as many people as possible. Many of these websites have the top Google rankings, which guarantees that the intended population will see the customers’ merchandise. MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, and Cision are a few of the websites that FinancePR collaborates with.

In addition, FinancePR has previously collaborated with a number of well-known companies, such as eToro, Paybis, Nebeus, and others. These businesses have found the PR for financial services provided by FinancePR to be attractive, which has assisted them in achieving their strategic objectives. 

TechPRServices – Top crypto and Tech Marketing Agency for Entertainment Brands

TechPR is one of the newest tech firms that have already shown what they came for in the market. They are able to provide companies with raising funds for their projects in the metaverse, crypto and tech niches.

The primary competencies of TechPR are providing traffic, brand awareness, and leading for the project creators that are looking to raise capital in their initial stages of the projects.

According to the marketing firm, crypto will represent the emergence of a virtual creative economy. They are dedicated to creating a network of artists and studios across various platforms and technologies to solve this.

Digital Pulse – Data-Driven crypto Marketing Agency

Another crypto marketing agency that aids in increasing the internet awareness of fintech initiatives is Digital Pulse. It is a full-service platform, thus it can handle all of a crypto project’s marketing requirements. Before beginning its services, Digital Pulse conducts an internal audit of the client.

In addition, it thoroughly investigates the market and its competitors before determining a project’s growth spots. This facilitates the creation of customer-specific sales funnels using Digital Pulse.

Digital Pulse provides customers with visibility through Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu, whether it is to launch a crypto token, NFT, or a new crypto experience. Additionally, this firm can plan influencer campaigns on various social media platforms and build email marketing methods.

Additionally, consumers have complete control over their crypto marketing budget via Digital Pulse. Additionally, we appreciate Digital Pulse’s excellent customer service. For instance, it constantly updates its customers with thorough data and figures on the effectiveness of tactics.

NinjaPromo – Top Digital Marketing Agency for crypto

Founded in 2023, NinjaPromo is a complete digital marketing business. From email marketing to full-stack blockchain development, it offers a wide range of services.

Customers that opt to use NinjaPromo may get assistance with creating a cryptocurrency wallet, launching NFTs in the crypto, and other things through this platform.

In other words, NinjaPromo is one of the greatest crypto marketing agencies on the market right now since it aids companies in creating their own blockchain goods from scratch. NinjaPromo’s crypto professionals have extensive expertise in dealing with networks like Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, and others.

A design team within the company is in charge of creating the branding and identity of a new crypto project. Additionally, NinjaPromo has a studio where videos for commercials and virtual reality experiences are created. In a word, this company has all the tools required to design a crypto marketing plan and guarantee its successful implementation.

When everything is prepared, NinjaPromo assists its customers in reaching their target audience via a variety of media venues. This covers social media channels, email and content marketing, website listings, incentive programs, and more.

Why use a crypto marketing agency?

Marketing agency employees know what they are doing, they know technology and are able to produce quality marketing materials. They simply have more experience in what content will generate a wider reach. Some marketing agencies have developed a variety of monitoring techniques so you can track the success of your marketing activities. With this information, you can correct and redirect the crypto marketing campaign towards the desired goal.

How to choose a crypto Marketing Agency?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a crypto marketing agency. The main one is the experience, or we can say, previous projects and what were the results. If the marketing agency had successful crypto marketing campaigns in the past, it is more likely that yours will be successful as well.

What services the agency provides is a further crucial factor. Will they assist with the creation and implementation of marketing and promotion strategies? Or do you need separate hiring for other services?


A crypto is a fascinating new environment for both businesses and customers. What we’re witnessing is just the very beginning of the possibilities that exist.

These are just a few of the companies actively guiding businesses to the virtual world via crypto marketing. If you’re a brand considering a crypto launch, look into these firms and see for yourself how their efforts have helped their customers succeed.

App Recap: 10 Apps To Check Out Today

Yesterday was an eventful day on the App Store, with a massive Halfbrick Studios game sale and several important updates. Wednesday appears to be almost just as action packed, headlined by the release of a new Powerpuff Girls game and a couple of great discounts. We’ve covered the most important developments in App Recap, a daily column that promotes the best new, updated and discounted apps for iPhone and iPad. We’ve got a selection of 10 apps to help get you through the week…

New Apps Updated Apps

The reason for Halfbrick Studios games having gone free could be related to the release of, a colorful match-three arcade game with lightning-paced bird popping extravaganza. Compete against friends, level up your superbirds, unlock new items, complete challenging missions and more in Birzzle Fever, free on the App Store for iPad.

Waze, one of the largest community-based traffic and navigation apps, was bumped to version 3.8.0 today to allow users to find more friends by adding contacts, send and receive friend requests, keep in touch with friends from profiles, send locations easier, share your drive and more. Waze is free on the App Store, and is universal for iPhone and iPad.

One of the best arcade racing game series for iOS in

One of the best arcade racing game series for iOS in Asphalt 8: Airborne just got even better, with an update to version 1.4.0 that adds new cars, removes the rental fee for events and an extra tank booster for evening the playing field between new and veteran racers. Asphalt 8: Airborne is free on the App Store , and is universal for iPhone and iPad.

The popular RSS reader

The popular RSS reader Reeder 2 has been bumped to version 2.2.1 with a new “sort by unread count” option for subscription sorting. There are also bug fixes pertaining to in-app browser links, the article viewer showing wrong articles, Pinboard login issues and crashing during OPML importing. Reeder 2 is $4.99 on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Clumsy Ninja has been updated with a new soccer theme that is fitting with the World Cup going on in Brazil. Now, players can try soccer ball training with the ninja in goal, practise ninja moves on an inflatable player, play with a brand new Brazilian Ball, get past the wooden defenders and more. Clumsy Ninja is free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Southwest Airlines is going international, operating flights to Mexico and the Caribbean beginning July 1st. The official app now has the ability to check in for international flights, ability to view flight status and setup notifications for international flights, adds a boarding time to your mobile boarding pass and more. Southwest Airlines is free on the App Store for iPhone.

On Sale Apps

If you’ve ever gone to the movies and asked yourself if there is anything that follows the credits, look no further than Anything After. The app will quickly tell you if the movie you are watching has a post-credits scene, called a “stinger,” right on your iPhone. Anything After is currently free on the App Store, discounted from its regular $1.99 price tag. It even supports the iPad.

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