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Some people still use a pen and paper to make their shopping lists. But those can easily be forgotten at home when you leave for the store. And, what if someone else is going to do the shopping? Wouldn’t it be handy to share the list right to their device?

If you’re in the market for a digital solution, here are the best shopping list apps for iPhone.

The features you need

A shopping list app should have the most common features. You should be able to easily create lists, add and mark off items, and share your lists, all without paying a dime. All of these apps do exactly that. But each one also does a bit more.


AnyList offers an intuitive interface, so creating and managing your shopping lists is simple. Here are some of the app’s most notable features.

Add your favorite items so that you can add them to future lists with a tap.

Use built-in food categories or create your own for organizing your lists.

Search for and import recipes from within the app and then add the ingredients right to your shopping list.

Adjust the settings for an icon badge, notifications, Siri support, and Amazon Alexa sync.

AnyList has even more features than those standouts you see here. And since the app is available for free, it’s definitely worth trying.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android

Cost: Free with an upgrade that gives you a meal planning calendar, recipe scaling, location-based reminders, backup and sync, and much more.

Our Groceries Shopping List

Our Groceries Shopping List is another good app to help with your shopping. While it may not have as many bonus features as AnyList, it’s ideal for those who want to keep it simple. Here are its notable features.

Use built-in food categories or create your own for organizing your lists.

Include notes and links for your shopping lists.

Add and save your own recipes and ingredients. Then, add those items to your shopping list.

Adjust the settings for list sorting, the cross-off action, adding multiple items, and arranging your master list.

Our Groceries Shopping List gives you exactly what you need to create, manage, and share your lists at no charge.

Shopping List Ease – Grocery

Shopping List Ease is a cute app with animations along with its necessary features. Here are a few of the extras that make this app stand out.

Include a quantity, price, category, and note for all items you add to your list.

Send items to the in-app pantry as you mark them off your list.

Keep an inventory of your pantry and add items you run out of to your shopping list.

Use the handy barcode scanner to add items to your list.

Browse and print coupons by category.

Shopping List Ease is a great app with a neat interface and in-store reminders with push notifications, so you don’t overlook a thing. To share your lists, just sign up for free or use the Facebook login.

Availability: iPhone and Android

Cost: Free with an upgrade to remove the ad banners at the bottom of the screens.

Out of Milk – Shopping List

Out of Milk is one more shopping list app worth your time. It’s easy to use, has a clear interface, and of course, offers bonus features that you’ll enjoy.

Include a quantity and quantity type, price, category, and note for all items you add to your list. You can also mark if you have a coupon for the item and the amount for it.

Use built-in food categories or create your own for organizing your lists.

Use the handy barcode scanner to add items to your list.

Keep an inventory of your pantry and use the helpful to-do list.

With Out of Milk, you can sign in with Facebook, Google, or an email to share your lists. You can also add sales tax and see both cart and list totals, so you know what you’ll be paying at checkout time.

Availability: iPhone, iPad and Android

Cost: Free

Wrapping it up

Anything that makes our shopping easier is a treat and these apps do. You’ll likely be happy with any one of them, but if you have a different shopping list app that you love and want to recommend, leave us a comment below.

You can also check our other iPhone app lists if you’d like more suggestions for your device.

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6 Of The Best Camera Apps For The Iphone

There’s little argument that the iPhone camera is one of the best in the smartphone industry. Capturing photos is as easy as a press of a button, and the built-in app does a fine job. However, if you really want to take your photos to the next level, you need third-party software.

Here are some of the best third-party camera apps for iPhone.

1. Camera+ 2

The sequel to the wildly successful Camera+ app, Camera+ 2 is a go-to option for millions of iPhone owners. Launching the app feels somewhat similar to the default app which makes it easy to pick up and learn. However, one tap of your finger, and you have access to a whole new world of features.

Basic functions like continuous flash, 6x digital zoom and a timer make it an attractive option for beginners. More professional camera types will love extras like RAW shooting abilities, grid lines, and a variety of shooting modes. These modes enable popular functions like detecting smiles or a slow shutter for long exposure. If you want to grab a series of rapid shots, burst mode is waiting for you.

2. Halide

A perennial favorite online, Halide is a fantastic choice for photographers looking for more control over the camera. The price tag is well worth it, given just how easy Halide makes it to control a variety of settings.

3. Obscura 2

While some camera apps keep you bogged down with confusing functions, Obscura 2 is the exact opposite. Built from the ground up to be minimal, this camera app is a favorite among photographers looking to make the jump into a more professional feature-set.

Support for RAW captures exists alongside Apple’s default HEIC format as well as JPEG and Live Photo. In addition, there’s even an option for depth capture mode. Basic features like grid overlay, flash control and manual controls are present for just about any tweaks you’d want to make. With nineteen different filters included, there are plenty of presets to help make post-editing a whole lot easier.

4. Moment

Created by manufacturers of some of the popular camera accessories for the iPhone, the Moment camera app is as great as their other products. For any photographer wishing to find an app that mimics the feel of shooting manually, you’ve found it.

There are plenty of manual controls available including ISO, white balance and shutter speed adjustment. RAW capture is unsurprisingly included as are Apple-focused image formats HEIF and HEVC. If you’re not already sold on Moment, using the Apple Watch as a remote shutter button will push you over the edge. Additionally, pair the app with the company’s lens accessories and leave the DSLR at home.

5. ProCamera

Packed with every feature its developers could include, ProCamera has been at the top of the paid App Store charts for years and for very good reason. Simply stated, there’s a ton of camera goodness here including manual mode that adds a histogram for additional control.

Perspective correction helps capture the ideal photo, as do settings for ISO, exposure, tint and so much more. That the developers managed to pack in a whopping seventy filters is awesome. ProCamera gets even more enticing with support for 4K video capture and Apple Watch control for remote shooting. There is a small initial purchase alongside and a small in-app subscription. Opt for the monthly subscription, and you’re rewarded with an eye-popping set of editing tools.

6. Focos

If you’re the owner of an iPhone with dual lenses (or the iPhone XR), head to the App Store and download Focos. The app promises to bring you into the future with computational photography. While that might sound fancy, the results speak for themselves.


David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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Best Wine Apps For Iphone In 2023

There is a wine for every occasion, or should I say there is an occasion for every wine? But how do you find the right wine? Undoubtedly you rely on Siri for most of your answers, but here’s a catch; you won’t get personalized recommendations. Well, the task doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. There are multiple apps to help, and I have rounded up the best wine apps for iPhone, whether for food pairing suggestions, deciding what to gift, or which wine to buy. Keep reading!

1. Vivino: Buy the Right Wine

Now here is an app for the wine connoisseurs, or it can let you pretend like one. With the collection of 13 million+ wines from 231,000+ wineries, Vivino has the world’s largest wine selection. The app is designed to provide you with excruciating details about the wine.

Moreover, you can also compare wines, get food pairing suggestions, and develop your taste profile to see where you stand against everyone else in the Vivino community. This free wine repository is a go-getter.

Why should you try it?

Directly buy wine from the app.

Personalized recommendation according to your taste.

Price: Free


2. Drizly – Get wine delivered in an hour

Drizly is one of the no-nonsense alcohol delivery apps out there. And I agree with its philosophy when you can have an app to deliver your food, why not an app for your alcohol? This online market app offers same-day delivery (within an hour) across 100 cities in North America with the option for pre-paid pick-up. It may also take 2-3 days for shipping in select states.

Obviously, you must be of the legal drinking age and provide valid ID proof upon delivery when ordering from Drizly. But it is a great option to order beer, wine, and liquor online.

Why should you try it?

An extensive selection of beer, wine, and liquor.

Offers online payment options.

Price: Free


3. Delectable: Scan & Rate wine

Learn about wines from the world’s leading winemakers, sommeliers, and wine critics. As quoted by Jordan Mackay, one of the essential wine apps, Delectable is a critically acclaimed free app that lets you savor some of the world’s finest wines. It also trains you to amp up your wine tasting game and become an influencer yourself. It’s all about sipping it the right way, you know!

While Vivino is perfect for engaging with like-minded wine enthusiasts, Delectable is for those who lean towards professional opinions. The app also lets you keep track of all the wines you’ve tried and discover new ones from the curated lists. Although a little expensive, the premium subscription at $5.99 is justified if you are an oenophile as it offers transcriptions for hard-to-match labels and an ad-free experience.

Why should you try it?

Add and receive ratings on your wine additions on the app.

Get a curated list from the leading wine community.

Price: Free (Delectable ad-free starts from $1.99)


4. Wine-Searcher

If there is an app that gives me information about the raw materials used in the wine, it has to be Wine-Searcher. An app made for true vinophiles, the app also gives information about grapes involved in wine production, the grape varieties, and whatnot! The compare-and-buy feature is one of a kind; I mean, who wouldn’t want their favorite wine at an affordable price.

I like its GPS-based store tracking feature and its ability to find and compare prices for Scotch whisky, bourbon, gin, rum, and beyond.

Why should you try it?

Quick Search

Search nearby vineyards and wineries.

Price: Free (Wine-Searcher Pro at $7.99)


5. VinoCell – Wine cellar manager

With more than 1 million wines in the database, VinoCell indeed is your online wine cellar. The app is perfect for beginners who do not know their wine to explore the opportunities more and apt for Pro to share their knowledge and clarify their wine knowledge. The app comes with appealing graphics to understand your wine’s placement in the cellar, with 40 configuration options to choose from.

Why should you try it?

Sync data from all devices.

Connect and manage friends/family data.

Price: $8.99


6. Decanter’s Know Your Wine

I loved the app’s reliance on AI to ensure you learn new things rather than repetitive lessons. Now, that’s what I call an efficient use of technology!

Why should you try it?

Interesting chapters to become a wine grandmaster.

Picture questions to test your wine knowledge.

Price: Free (In-app purchases from $0.99)


7. Wine Ring – One of its kind wine app

Choosing a wine tasting app for iPhone has never been easier because Wine Ring comes with patented technology to help you get the wine of your taste. With nearly six patented technologies to understand your wine preferences, Wine Ring undoubtedly has aced the game.

Washington Post is right about the app, for it has indeed got me pegged. Fast, easy, and personalized wine curation for wine lovers.

Why should you buy it?

Use of technology at its best.

Journal your wine.

Price: Free


8. Tipple: Best app for the fastest alcohol delivery

Satisfy your alcohol cravings and support local businesses with Tipple. Although a little underrated, Tipple is one of the fastest alcohol delivery apps on the App Store that lets you choose from a wide variety of boutique, international, and specialty wines, craft, local, and imported beer & cider, and a lot more.

Why should you buy it?

Real-time order tracking.

Reorder from favorites.

Price: Free


Which is your go-to wine app for iPhone?

You may want to take a peek at:

Author Profile


An entrepreneur by heart, I am obsessed with the world of Apple. I survive on Apple products and their updates. Over the last five years, I have been writing all kinds of content that are remotely connected to Apple and sharing across digital platforms. When not writing, you will find me on the court playing basketball or in my room playing the sitar.

The Best Free Iphone And Ipad Math Apps For Kids

Educational apps for iPhone and iPad are plentiful. And it’s with good reason. Putting a device in the hands of your child can help teach them something new or practice what they’ve already learned. And since math can be a difficult subject for kids of any age, using a teaching tool that makes it more enjoyable for them is a great way for them to learn.

If you’re thinking about getting a math app for your child, we’ve assembled a terrific list. All apps are available for free but some come with in-app purchases for extra features – like many free apps. But this gives you a wonderful way to try out the app to see if you and your child like it before spending any money.

Best iPhone and iPad math apps for children

These are all excellent math apps for kids and are definitely worth a look. So, they are are listed here in no particular order.


Start with a basic lesson based on your child’s age and grade. This includes counting, addition, multiplication, and division. And you can customize the plan if you feel your child needs to concentrate on something specific.

Your child completes math puzzle missions to earn “doubloons” with their correct answers. They can then meet more monsters and use doubloons to buy them items.

MathTango covers a variety of math equations and concepts, has over 500 puzzles in more than 40 math levels, and is intended for children ages 5 through 10.

Availability: iPhone and iPad

Cost: Free with in-app purchase options for lesson packs and subscriptions

Monster Math

With Monster Math, your child plays as a kooky monster named Maxx through his journey in Monster Land. He, with the help of your child, collects candies by solving equations to defeat TikTok, the evil monster who has captured his best friend.

Your child can play through story mode or just do the practice equations. Both include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They simply tap to grab all the candies that solve the particular equation within the time frame and then move on for more fun and learning.

Monster Math concentrates on Common Core Standards, teaches multiple skills at once, and is intended for children in grades one through three.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free with in-app purchase options to unlock the full version of the standalone app or subscriptions to the math program

Moose Math – Duck Duck Moose

If your little one likes cuddly animals more than cute monsters, check out Moose Math- Duck Duck Moose where your child will build a city using their math skills.

Pick a building to construct and then go inside for some fun math puzzles. They can concoct Moose Juice by adding the right number of ingredients, find hidden pets by counting the number of dots, or lead an animal to the goal by connecting numbers in the right sequence.

Moose Math helps your child with numbers, counting, addition and subtraction, geometry, and measurements. And all within a colorful and upbeat learning environment.

This app also concentrates on Common Core Standards, offers a report card section for parents to review, and is intended for children ages 3 through 7.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free

Math Kids – Add, Subtract, Count

With each lesson, your boy or girl hears words of encouragement if they take a little extra time figuring out the answer. The app has vibrant colors, lively music, and help from Lucas if they need it.

The Math Kids app supports six languages, has a report card for parents, and is intended for children from pre-K through first grade.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and Windows

Cost: Free

Wrapping it up

For more apps for kids, take a look at these cursive writing apps iPhone and iPad or these typing apps for Mac.

Best Green Screen Apps For Iphone In 2023

Whether you create content for Instagram, YouTube, or the big screen, removing background from images and videos has become an integral part of the mix. And hence, green screen apps for iPhone are also becoming super popular.

I have ventured to test various green screen iPhone apps to find the best. And here are some of the apps that I truly loved and enjoyed using. But before that, let me start with the basics!

Things to note before you pick a green screen app 

Later on, in the editing table, the color is selected and keyed out of the scene; i.e., it magically vanishes, leaving a blank space. You can superimpose the video/image over any other background or video.

What features should I look for in a green screen video editor?

While the green screen refers to the process of recording the video, chroma-key is the technical term used to describe removing a specified color hue. So, when searching or exploring an app, look for this term.

Additionally, some apps use the term overlay to describe the effect. It is also better if the app has a multi-track timeline, blending modes, masking, color correction, opacity, etc.

9 Best green screen apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

1. Videoleap Editor by Lightricks – Editors’ choice 

If you’re a fan of creating innovative, experimental videos, Videoleap is one of the best apps to keep by your side. It boasts a comprehensive green screen/chroma key composition feature that lets you refine background removal.

You can start by picking the color, adjusting its intensity, and even dropping a shadow into the remaining frame. However, the best part is the special effects and filters, blending modes, and masking options available within the app.

I have used the Kaleido effect in the above screenshot. You can also animate these filters and effects to pan in or out. Overall, the apps lend you many options and complete freedom to build a simple or out-of-the-box video.


Easy-to-use interface

A variety of special effects

Unlimited undo/redo

Stock green videos and overlays


No freemium version

Price: Free to download (7-day trial, in-app purchases start at $5.99/month)


2. iMovie – Simplest green screen app

iMovie is Apple’s answer to third-party video editing software. It is adept with a minimal, streamlined design, intuitive multi-touch gestures, Apple-designed templates, and themes.

The green-screen removal is super easy and mostly automatic. You can, however, reset and adjust the intensity as per preference. Furthermore, you can easily switch between the picture-in-picture, split screens, cutaways, etc.

And though a pretty basic app, it performs exceptionally well. Although, you’ll miss the array of filters, effects, animations, etc., available in the competitor apps. But if you’re a beginner exploring the world of chroma screens, it is a perfect starting point.


Minimal, user-friendly interface

Great for beginners

Free to use


Limited stock assets, features, etc.

Price: Free


3. KineMaster – Advanced green screen editing app

You can select a suitable key color, manage the intensity, view the mask, and edit the curve. You get plenty of blending, mixing, and animation options alongside stock images, stickers, special effects, text, etc.

I won’t really call it too complex but expect a learning curve to understand all the features packed into the mix if you’re a beginner. Also, KineMaster has some professional-like music editing options. So, give the app a shot!


Desktop-like editing experience

Built-in recording feature

A variety of export options (4K 2160p at 30FPS)


Watermark in the free version

Slightly complex UI

Price: Freemium with watermark (Subscription for $3.99/month)


4. Motion Ninja – AI-powered green screen editor

Motion Ninja lends you the ninja techniques to make 3D, pop-artist, fancy videos. Designed to enable smooth keyframe animations, the app boasts over 300+ effects, preset templates, AI filters, and more, including the chroma key.

It’s as easy as dragging and selecting the color, and the rest is done automatically. You can edit the intensity and shadow to refine the selection. Plus, a quite accurate AI-powered cut-out auto-detects people in the video and cleans out the background.

And thanks to powerful multi-layer management, actions undo/redo, backward/forward, and others become a breeze. The app’s benefit is that you get to play with lots of effects, filters, and animations. So, each video can have something unique and special.


Smooth green screen removal

Quite accurate AI-powered cut-out

300+ Effects to play with

Multiple export option



Price: Freemium with watermark (Subscription for $3.99/month)


5. CapCut – Free green screen editor

CapCut is a jack of all trades. You’ll get almost every feature needed to edit videos from filters, effects, stickers, text, audio editing, speed, framing, and chroma key. What’s more? You can overlay or add masks to multiple videos.

You can easily pick the chroma key color and adjust its intensity and shadows. Furthermore, it is also quite easy to manage the opacity of the video, blending modes, and more.

It even boasts an array of high-quality effects, filters, stickers, fonts, etc., that’ll help you make standout videos. And the best part is that it is not locked under freemium shazam; every tool and feature is free to use.


Easy to use UI

Smooth multilayer-timeline editing

Packed with helpful features and tools




Price: Free


6. PowerDirector – Feature-packed editing app

Staying true to its name, the PowerDirector app packs a punch. It boasts various video editing features under its hood, including a chroma key, blending modes, masks, effects, and filters.

In the chroma key section, you can pick the background color to remove, plus play around with the range (intensity) and denoise options. Other than that, you can also drop borders and shadows and change the video’s opacity within the app.

Interestingly, you also get an option to edit the video in portrait or landscape mode. I tested the app both ways, and after an initial learning curve, everything else was smooth sailing.

And while beginners might get overwhelmed seeing all those options, PowerDirector is a great fit for intermediates.


Packed with features

Edit in portrait or landscape mode

Smooth UI

Great for intermediate and pro-level users


Most effects are locked under premium


Slightly expensive

Price: Freemium with watermark (Subscription for $5.99/month)


7. Video Star – A powerful green screen editing app

However, the app has named the feature Add Mask instead of the chroma key. And you can erase the background in a certain shape, color or free-hand eraser. You can add stickers, GIFs, text, and whatnot.

But, there is a slight issue here. The app’s interface is quite complex, and features such as keyframing are hidden under layers of options. So, you’ll have to hunt for tools you want/need at least initially.


Advanced video editing features

Multi-layer chroma key

Supports other colors as well

Super affordable


Quite complex UI

Green screen is limited to the paid version

On the expensive side

Price: Free to download (Subscription for $4.99/year)


Bonus: The best real-time green screen recorders

The above apps just help you edit the videos. However, the below two apps allow you to record green screen videos directly using the app.

8. Chromavid – Best green screen app for beginners

Chromavid is a simple and effective app to record interactive green screen videos with a real-time chroma key. So, instead of removing and then putting a desired backdrop in the post, you can directly record the video with that backdrop.

And not just green, you can use a red, blue or yellow color background. The app boasts a pretty minimal and no-nonsense UI, perfect for young kids making their school projects or exploring content creation.

However, the app just records the video. You’ll have to move the video into another app to make edits, which is a bit meh! Some simple features like crop, trim, filters, etc., could have made it a good package.


Record with real-time chroma key

Very simple, kid-friendly UI

Supports other colors as well

Super affordable


No other editing options

Not updated in a year

Recording limit in the freemium version

Price: Free to download (Subscription for $2.99/year)


9. Green Screen by Do Ink – Best for educators and students

You can add three layers of effects, images, and more into the mix. You can choose almost any chroma key color and its intensity. Additionally, you can use the crop and mask tools to erase unwanted areas.

The app even lets you record videos in high definition (up to 4K), trim videos, mix audio tracks and mix photos or videos from the camera roll into the live video.

Most importantly, it boasts a super simple UI. Thus, I bestowed it the title of the best green screen recording app for educators and students.



Add up to three layers

Real-time chroma key with any color

Value for money (one-time payment, no subscription)


No free version

Price: $4.99


That’s it!

For more interesting and helpful apps, check out these articles:

Author Profile


A self-professed Geek who loves to explore all things Apple. I thoroughly enjoy discovering new hacks, troubleshooting issues, and finding and reviewing the best products and apps currently available. My expertise also includes curating opinionated and honest editorials. If not this, you might find me surfing the web or listening to audiobooks.

List Of Microsoft Apps Available For Android

When you think about Microsoft, the first thing that comes to your mind is maybe Windows and Office. But the company has been working hard to gain popularity on other platforms like Android and iOS. In this post, we’ve listed the applications developed by Microsoft for Android.

Microsoft Apps for Android

As of date, there are 96 apps that Microsoft has developed for the Android platform. Some of them have been listed below:

Microsoft Apps: A hub to view and download all other Android applications released by Microsoft.

Arrow Launcher: A productivity-focused free launcher application with a beautiful design.

Microsoft Word: This application lets you view, edit and create new Word documents. It has a beautiful interface and is Microsoft’s most widely used Android application.

Microsoft PowerPoint: Create, Edit, and View PPTs on the go with this application.

Microsoft Outlook is an official Microsoft-backed email client that works with all major email providers.

Skype for Business: Extends the functionality of Lync and Skype for your business accounts.

Microsoft Office Mobile: Office application for Android OS before version 4.4.

Microsoft OneDrive: Android client to view, upload and modify your files from your OneDrive storage account.

Cortana for Android(Early-Access): This application brings Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana to Android devices.

Office Lens: A document scanning utility that links with your Microsoft Account.

OneNote: Part of the office suite, a note-taking application linked to your Microsoft account so that you can work anywhere.

Intune Company Portal: Mobile client for installing company apps and remotely managing the device enrolled to Microsoft Intune.

Microsoft Bing Search: The Bing search engine client for Android devices. Works with voice commands and quick actions.

OWA for Android(Pre-Release): Email client for mailboxes on Office 365 for Business.

Next Lock Screen: A lock screen application intended to save time and quickly take actions through the lock screen.

Microsoft Translator: Translates text, voice, and images into more than 60 languages on your phone.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile: Create stunning time-lapse videos easily.

Microsoft Authenticator: A helper Android application to facilitate two-step authentication.

Microsoft Remote Desktop: Remotely access your Windows computers from anywhere.

Kaizala: One of Microsoft’s garage projects. It is a beautiful group and individual chat application that focuses on productivity.

MSN Money: Get stock quotes, prices, market data, and news from MSN.

Xbox: Connect with your Xbox friends and see what they are playing. A complete application for the Xbox community.

Age of Empires: Castle Siege: A fun strategy game where you can create your kingdom and defeat your enemies.

Lync 2010: Mobile client for Lync Server.

Microsoft To-Do: A great cross-platform cloud-based task manager linked to your Microsoft Account.

Face Swap: A fun application lets you swap your face with other people.

Microsoft Teams: A chat-centered productivity application for companies using Office 365.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection: Bring the world’s #1 classic solitaire game back to your Android device.

MSN Weather: A weather application to view daily weather forecasts and other conditions.

SMS Organizer: A smart SMS inbox decluttering tool. Comes with features like SMS reminders and more.

Wordament: A free online fun word game that can be played with friends and other people online.

MSN News: Read breaking news and stories from around the world provided by MSN.

Keyboard for Excel: A garage project that provides an awesome keyboard to enter numeric and other data into an Excel application.

Microsoft Selfie: An intelligent selfie image enhancement tool available on all platforms.

Picturesque Lock Screen: Another lock screen app provides notifications, contacts, and Bing images right on your lock screen.

Xbox 360 SmartGlass: An Xbox 360 companion application that lets you control your console using your mobile.

Switch to Windows: An application that lets you transfer contacts and other data if you move to Windows Phone.

Microsoft SharePoint: Connect to your Office 365 SharePoint websites using this app.

Office 365 Admin: An account manager of Office 365 administrator accounts.

Intune Managed

Microsoft Planner: A free task manager and teamwork organizer for Office 365 users.

Office Remote: Turn your phone into a wireless remote that can control Microsoft Office on your computer.

Microsoft Power BI: Monitor and access your business data anywhere and interact with your Power BI dashboards.

Outlook Group: Collaborate with your team and do more with your Office 365 work or school account.

Xbox Beta: The public beta release of the upcoming Xbox app with new functionality.

Xbox One SmartGlass: This app allows users to gain remote access to their Xbox One.

Microsoft Azure: Manage your Azure account from anywhere. Monitor resources and resolve issues in no time.

Dynamics 365: Provides professionals with the best tools for engaging customers and maintaining their data.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta: Remotely manage your Windows Computers.

My Apps: Connect to the apps you already use at work or school.

Microsoft Channel 9: Browse and watch various developer videos from the MSDN’s Channel 9 website.

Microsoft Flow: Automate Tasks and design your workflows to do more.

Azure Information Protection: Let’s view protected files that other people have shared with you.

Mimicker Alarm: Another Garage Project app, an alarm clock application that wakes you up by playing a small game.

Office Delve for Office 365: Connect with your workmate and see what they are working on across Office 365.

MSN Sport: Get sports news, score, and watch sports-related videos provided by MSN.

PowerApps: For business users, get the custom apps shared with you.

Bing Ads: Monitor and edit your Bing ad campaigns directly from your phone.

Dynamics CRM: Manage customer information and prepare well for your appointments.

Snap Attacks: A fast-paced word-building game that can be played online.

Microsoft Classroom: For Office 365 Education users, this app helps you manage your assignments and notes easily.

Microsoft Wi-Fi: A Wi-Fi companion application for people visiting Seattle Center.

Sprightly: Scan documents, and create professional catalogs and videos for your business.

O365 Message Encryption Viewer: View and reply to encrypted OME messages from your phone.

Microsoft IT Showcase:

Clip Layer: A garage project application lets you select, copy and save snippets from any screen.

Microsoft Startup Directory: Learn and connect with startups that Microsoft is currently working with.

Citizen Next: An application attempt to make submitting problems to municipal corporations easier.

Send: It is an email client that acts as a messenger client

Microsoft Tech: Get updates and news about the latest Microsoft technology and events.

News Pro: Get in-depth news curated to your interests.

Microsoft StaffHub: Manage your staff and schedule shifts easily.

Microsoft IT Showcase: Read about the technology used inside Microsoft.

Hub Keyboard: This keyboard brings information from different services to your fingertips.

The list is pretty extensive, and most applications are pretty helpful. Some are garage projects, and some are in the beta stage. We have not covered a few not-so-popular applications, so you may want to check out the Play Store for a complete list of applications.

Can you run Android apps on Windows?

One way to use the Android apps on Windows is using the Phone Link App, but it is limited to a few devices. The second way is to use Windows Insider and install the files available on Amazon Store. It is still in the development stage but works.

Can Windows 10 run Google apps?

Microsoft has no direct support to run the Google or Android apps on Windows, but you can use an emulator to experience it. However, since they are not officially supported and run on the emulator, the experience can differ.

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