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The Week Ahead: April 10 to 16

BU Hillel will be hosting a pottery painting this weekend. Photo by Grant Durr via Unsplash


The Week Ahead: April 10 to 16 Student gun industry divestment protest on COM lawn, learn how to develop relationships with policymakers, and pottery painting at Hillel

Monday, April 10

Easter Monday

Political Reactions to Changing Societies in Latin America: A Lecture by Maria Victoria Murillo, 5 pm, Center for Integrated Life Sciences & Engineering. Register here.

Tuesday, April 11

Building Successful Collaborative Relationships with Policymakers

BU Federal Relations is hosting a workshop on how scholars can develop successful relationships with policymakers. Join Adam Seth Levine, associate professor of health policy and management in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, who will present new research on the effort required to cultivate these relationships.

Building Successful Collaborative Relationships with Policymakers, 3 pm, Kilachand Center. Register here.

Janetos Distinguished Lecture: “Is the Asian Century Really Coming?”

The Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future is hosting its annual distinguished lecture focused on Asian powers. The talk is by Kishore Mahbubani, a longtime Singapore diplomat, who also served as Singapore’s ambassador to the United Nations. Author of Has China Won? and The Asian 21st Century, Mahbubani is today a distinguished fellow at the Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore.

Janetos Distinguished Lecture by Kishore Mahbubani: “Is the Asian Century Really Coming?”, 4 pm, Barristers Hall, School of Law. Register here.

Wednesday, April 12

Archaeology Seminar Series: An Archaeology of Settler Capitalism

Part of BU’s Archaeology program lecture series, this talk focuses on the intersecting effects of colonialism and capitalism in North America. Hear from speaker Eric Johnson, a Brown University history of art and architecture professor and a Mellon postdoctoral fellow, who is currently working on a book project on settler capitalism, starting in 1770.

Archaeology Seminar Series: An Archaeology of Settler Capitalism, 12:20 pm, Gabel Museum of Archaeology in the College of Arts & Sciences. Register here.

Thursday, April 13

The Kleh Lecture: “Police Policing Police”

Hear from Zachary D. Kaufman, the William & Patricia Kleh Visiting Professor in International Law who is working on a book (his fourth) about the law and politics of bystanders and upstanders.

The Kleh Lecture: “Police Policing Police” featuring Zachary D. Kaufman, 12:45 pm, Barristers Hall, School of Law. Register here.

Students Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Protest

Join the team leading BU’s firearms divestment campaign on the College of Communication lawn. Learn about what it means to divest from the gun industry, sign their Students Demand Action–backed petition, and pick up a free SDA sticker.

Students Demand Action for Gun Sense in America protest, 12:45 pm, COM lawn. Register here.

Friday, April 14

Lecture on the Experiences of Gay Latino and/or Black Male Sexual Assault Survivors when Disclosing Being Sexually Assaulted

Join trauma expert Daniel Jacobson López, a School of Social Work assistant professor of social work, to discuss the experiences of gay Black and Latino male sexual assault survivors who have reported being raped to authorities and medical care providers. The talk will touch on the impacts of racism and homophobia through the stories of men in four cities across the United States.

“If I was Straight and White it Would be Different: They Would Believe Me”: The Experiences of Gay Latino and/or Black Male Sexual Assault Survivors when Disclosing Being Sexually Assaulted, noon, online. Register here.

Saturday, April 15

BU Wheelock: Performance, Recovery & Optimization Symposium

Wheelock College of Education & Human Development is hosting its second annual Performance, Recovery & Optimization Symposium, which will bring together students, academics, and professionals interested in the field of sport, exercise, and performance psychology.

BU Wheelock: Performance, Recovery & Optimization Symposium, 9 am, Kilachand Center. Register here.

Sunday, April 16

BU Hillel: Pottery Paint

Paint some pottery with BU Hillel this weekend! Hillel will cover the $10 entrance fee at the Clayroom in Brookline. Attendees then pick their own pieces to paint, which range in price from $5 to $15.

BU Hillel: Pottery Paint, 11 am, The Clayroom, Brookline. Register here.

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The Daily Slash: April 2Nd 2010

The Daily Slash: April 2nd 2010

It’s the night before the iPad officially hits store shelves — actually, we’ll correct that. It’s the night before the iPad immediately sells out, and doesn’t see store shelves, and we imagine that many of you out there are probably reading this post from a line in front of an Apple Store. Patiently waiting for those doors to open bright and early, so you can run home and play with your new gadget. Or you’re not. Either case, we’re glad you could join us here for another edition of the Daily Slash. Tonight, we’ve got some update goodness for Windows Mobile 6.5.3. There’s a big announcement for TweetDeck, too. Some of the biggest games for the PlayStation 3 are getting a big update. If you’re sick of your iPhone and are looking for something bigger, T-Mobile USA has a plan for you. And finally, it looks like the iPad developer story can be put to rest.Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 Gets Windows Mobile 6.5.3: Despite the fact that Microsoft has decided to give Windows Phone 7 a name change, we’re glad to see that the older devices out there aren’t being forgotten. Especially not devices like the Xperia X2 from Sony Ericsson. It looks like today marks the release date for Windows Mobile 6.5.3, and users should be able to download the update without much of an issue. If you’re willing to flash the device, that is. [via WMPoweruser]TweetDeck Adds BlackBerry and Android to Mobile List: The iPhone has been loving the TweetDeck Twitter application for quite some time now, but for some reason the robust client hasn’t found its way to the other mobile Operating Systems. Until now. At least, as far as announcements are concerned. The company didn’t unveil a particular time frame, unfortunately, so it could be anywhere from now, until they decide to release it. Along with bringing the client to Android devices and BlackBerry handsets, the TweetDeck desktop client is getting a very large update as well. We’re excited to see what that means. [via @TweetDeck]Several PlayStation 3 Titles Getting Upgraded to 3D: Are you excited to play 3D games? We hope so. Because if you own a PlayStation 3, it looks like Sony is going to try and make you play them. At least, they’re going to give you a few gentle shoves in the right direction, anyway. According to the latest episode of Qore, Killzone 2, Gran  Turismo 5, Little Big Planet, WipeOut HD Fury, and Super Stardust HD, are all getting upgraded to 3D some time around June. We’re under the impression that you’re going to have to buy the upgraded games, whether or not you already own them, because that’s just the way it goes. Oh, and they’ll probably need to make up some of the cost, too. [via Pocket-Lint]Want an HD2? Trade in your iPhone!: That’s right, it looks like select T-Mobile USA locations, along with 1-800-TMOBILE, and a few Business Direct Sales Representatives out there are willing to make a big trade in for your currently owned iPhone. If you’re willing to part ways with the Cupertino-based handset, you can earn up to $350 in monies towards your new HTC HD2. Of course, you’ll have to hope that the store has one, considering these things are selling like hot cakes, but if you’re willing to trade in your iPhone for the juggernaut of Windows Mobile, you can probably wait a little bit longer, right? [via Tmo News]iPad Development Support is Growing Faster Than Android and BlackBerry: There’s been some definite confusion about whether or not the iPad is bringing in more developers, or pushing them away to other platforms. But, considering the device, and the opportunities it implies for developers, we find it hard to believe that developer support is waning in the least. Flurry is saying that iPad support is growing continuously, and it’s not dying off any time soon. At the launch of the iPad App Store, some 2,000 applications were available (which is well past the 1,000 Apple wanted to have), and we’d have to agree with the unsaid statement: development is booming. [via Mac Daily News]

April Fools In The Tech World 2012 Round

April Fools in the Tech World 2012 Round-up

This year’s April Fools 2012 Round-up contains some of the strangest notions yet, and as everyone knows at this time of year – some the the most promising concepts for our odd, odd future! Starting with of course Google’s collection of such jokes – they’ve been on point with some of the most in-depth April 1st tricks for several years now, and we wouldn’t want to deprive you of a single one of them. They start with an 8-Bit Google Maps – what else, of course! There’s also Virgin Volcanic, Apple’s patent of the rectangle, and Toshiba’s announcement of several “Shapes” tablets which you can see in a lovely TV commercial below.

First let’s start with this Shapes business. Toshiba has taken the idea that Dwight and the folks in The Office started with the Pyramid Tablet and have upped the ante a bit. Here we’re seeing the Oblong the Rhombus, and the Amore (a lovely heart.) Be sure to play special attention to the title of the record at 0:44 in this video:

Next Google has launched Interplanetary Analytics so you can finally see which planets are visiting your website the most! We’ve been wanting this for years!

Google is keeping it real about Google Fiber, noting that they’ve never been working with a Fiberoptic network, they’ve actually been making Fiber Bars. You’ll probably want to buy a pack – these bars are able to detect what the body needs with body analytics and will deliver what your body needs, when you need it.

The store known as Firebox is bringing you personalized fireworks as well as child-sized gummy bears and a dubstep ladder. Don’t forget your beats up the scale!

Carphone Warehouse has the most fantastically awesome device case on the market with the “i-Shield”, a sphere that protects your phone device no matter what! This case also disallows any use of the device whatsoever.

Phones 4U will be bringing you back outside this summer with wi-fi boosters inside garden gnomes with lovely little red hats. These gnomes will of course be called Gnomes 4u and will be available soon! You can pock from Angelina Gnomie, Kylie Mignome, or Signome Cowell!

ThinkGeek has a set of devices and products that of course are so undeniably awesome that their ultimate fate will almost certainly be to end up as real for-sale items. Starting with the Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass, heading to the Barbie Styling Head and Electronic Hungry Hippos for iPad (both of them completely wildly absurdly unnecessary) and landing squarely on the Minecraft Marshmallow Creeps. Flawless victory for the ThinkGeek crew for April 1.

Blizzard Entertainment will be starting Blizzard Kidzz, a system with which the gaming company will begin creating games which work with kids using characters from otherwise unfavorably violent games. One example is Zergling from Starcraft – here you’ll use your Zerg creature to learn to type- or die! You’ll also want to check out The Westfall Trail as well as Reader Ravager, and of course don’t forget about the soon to be classic Diablo-derived “Where In Sanctuary is Deckard Cain?”

The Criterion Collection will be offering Kindergarten Cop this summer. This is what we’ve also been waiting for for some time – this means it’ll be on Hulu Plus!

Sony has a brand new device which allows you to connect to a much more powerful experience with the lightest and most portable UltraBook ever. This UltraBook is the size of a Quarter (US Currency coin) and goes by the name of The Sony VAIO Q Series. Have a peek at it here:

Let us know if you’ve seen any other April Fools jokes you just MUST let the world about! Also don’t forget to check out the 2011 April Fool’s Tech Roundup as well.

A Week In The Life Of Pasa’s After

“Joely is highly motivated, and her game is very good,” says coach Maureen Phillips, reflecting on the tennis prowess of an eighth grader at Gilbert Stuart Middle School. The school, named after the American artist whose portrait of George Washington adorns the one-dollar bill, is in the Lower South Side of Providence, Rhode Island, a predominantly immigrant neighborhood of shuttered factories and small but well-tended duplexes.

The Lower South is physically and psychologically cut off from the urbanity and opportunities of downtown Providence by Interstate 95. This isolation makes Gilbert Stuart an important one of the six host sites for the Providence After School Alliance (PASA) and the City of Providence’s AfterZones. This citywide network of after-school programs is geographically split into three zones that connect two or three schools in each zone with nearby after-school providers. Programs available through each AfterZone have given local kids like Joely a chance to shine in a sport once as little considered in the tough Lower South as the artist after whom the middle school is named.

It’s three o’clock on a Thursday afternoon, and the school’s gym reverberates with the squeals and sneaker squeaks of a dozen excited PASA kids warming up for their AfterZone tennis class. Watching Joely fire unreturnable serves, Coach Phillips ticks off the qualities in her star player’s game: “She can do it all — forehand, backhand, and volley,” Phillips reports about the 13-year-old whose family emigrated from Venezuela, and who had never even held a tennis racket until signing up for the program two years before.

After-School Enrichment

Since its 2004 founding, PASA has grown into an umbrella organization and an orchestrator of more than 60 after-school programs that occupy the interest, creativity, and late afternoons of nearly 2,000 Providence middle school kids. The sports, arts, and skills enrichment programs include basketball, tennis, capoeira, break dancing, guitar, cooking, sailing, video production, and others. These activities can take place on or off school sites; on-site enrichment programs last one or two hours, and off-site activities at provider locations last two and a half hours.

PASA’s Club AfterZone, located in Providence middle schools, gives students the flexibility to alternate their on-site enrichment activities with an additional “learning time” session, during which students receive individual help on schoolwork from volunteers, many of whom are students at local colleges. These one-hour segments can also be dedicated to other “zones,” such as Chill Zones, that involve kids with lower-key game play, reading, and math exercises.

At the end of each day, PASA offers 5 p.m. bus rides home, by which time working parents have returned to welcome home Providence’s middle school kids. “PASA completes a seamless, full day of great learning opportunities,” Salmons says about the program, which has won a five-year, $5 million Wallace Foundation Grant.

Game On

At the beginning of the 2007 school year, Joely brought PASA’s AfterZone brochure home, and, with her mother’s encouragement, she signed up for a karate course. After learning through a school announcement about after-school tennis classes sponsored in conjunction with the U.S. Tennis Association, she then decided to try tennis because her relatives in Venezuela were playing.

Joely immediately stood out from the crowd, her natural tennis ability recognized almost as soon as she picked up a racket in the PASA/USTA after-school class. The school year ended on a huge high for Joely with a scholarship to the July 2007 Nike Tennis Camp, held in Massachusetts, where Joely got to know kids from Germany, Israel, and Mexico and rubbed tennis elbows with celebrities like John McEnroe and Tim Courier.

The experience has done wonders for Joely’s game, not to mention for her self-esteem. “I like tennis because when I beat another player, it feels good,” Joely says in a tone that makes clear she would rather be out on the court playing than stuck in a boring interview. More importantly, she says, “I like tennis because you can get places.” And what places would she like tennis to take her? “I want to go to Classical High School,” she says, naming one of Providence’s most prestigious college preps, “and then on to Harvard and Harvard Law School.”

Upping the Academic Ante

To achieve what are huge goals in Providence’s Lower South, Joely understands that she needs to do more than play great tennis. This has led her to sign up for another two-day-a-week PASA program, an art class helping augment her regular school-day course load with additional opportunities to sharpen her critical competence and artistic ability.

Joely’s after-school week begins, in fact, in what is called the Teen Ambassador Club, a course held at Gilbert Stuart Middle School on Monday and Wednesday afternoons focused both on the expression of creativity and basic techniques of painting and drawing.

During one recent Monday TAC class, Joely and a half-dozen of her fellow students discussed the AIDS crisis with their two PASA volunteer teachers. In two hour-long sessions, students explored various ways to dispel the stigma attached to being HIV positive, during which, according to Joely, “we learned that people with HIV couldn’t hurt you.” After the discussion, the kids moved to their easels to paint posters reflecting what they had just talked about. Joely’s painting featured the Grim Reaper lurking behind a girl with HIV who was sitting and crying while those around her were smiling as if nothing was wrong. “My message,” she says, “was, ‘Stop pleasing the Angel of Death.'”

Joely returned to finish the poster on Wednesday, that week’s second TAC meeting. Following both her art and tennis classes, Joely’s after-school week continues with an hour in HomeworkZone, a part of the Club AfterZone schedule. For the most part, Joely uses this time to brush up on prealgebra, a course she knows she needs to excel in to win admission next year to Classical High School.

Joely is a bit disappointed there is no AfterZone on Fridays. What does she do instead? “I go home, relax, and stay with my family,” she says. Not to mention counting down the hours until Tuesday and her next tennis class.

Richard Rapaport is a journalist and consultant in San Francisco.

The Most Amazing Science Images Of The Week, February 6

Max Read over at Gawker turned us on to this amazing Shutterstock series, mysteriously titled “Cyber Woman With a Corn.” What could you use this photo to illustrate? What couldn’t you use it for? Read more at Gawker

There are lots of amazing images in this week’s roundup; there’s the likely discovery of a massive former ocean on Mars, there’s a purple squirrel, there’s an incredible augmented reality project, and lots more. But we can’t stop looking at–and thinking about–the noble Cyber Woman With A Corn.

Sticky Horses

The purpose of the zebra’s striped coat is a deep mystery to biologists. But according to a new study, they evolved that way to confuse and keep away a certain type of blood-sucking fly. The test involved life-sized sticky horse-models. Read more here.

Ancient Cluster

This deep sky object, known as NGC 6572, is over 10 billion years old–one of the most ancient collection of stars ever seen. In fact, it’s more than twice as old as our own solar system. Read more at NASA.

LEGO’s Offices

The PopSci offices are pretty cool; there are usually robots and all kinds of gadgets around to play with. But these LEGO offices look amazing, and we’ve been in a LEGO-friendly mood ever since our own Corinne Iozzio began her LEGO master training. Read more about the offices over at FastCoDesign.

Get the Ball!

Seth Casteel’s photographs of underwater dogs collected here (his site appears to be down due to excessive traffic) are amazing. I don’t even like dogs, really, but look at how happy and determined they are! I hope they get the ball.

Cyber Woman With Corn

Max Read over at Gawker turned us on to this amazing Shutterstock series, mysteriously titled “Cyber Woman With a Corn.” What could you use this photo to illustrate? What couldn’t you use it for? Read more at Gawker.

Wolf Face


Squirrel Purple

In a small town in Pennsylvania, a couple found a purple squirrel. chúng tôi of all places, found the story, and is investigating to their full abilities. Make sure to read their coverage to see what their senior meteorologists think of this purple squirrel.

“Like a Fat DeLorean”

The new Tesla Model X is a crossover, based on the same platform as the Model S, which is not out yet. It’ll be a plug-in electric vehicle, and yeah, it has gullwing doors. Read more over at Jalopnik.

Martian Ocean

Says the ESA: “New results from the MARSIS radar on Mars Express give strong evidence for a former ocean of Mars.” It’d be a massive ocean, covering a major part of the northern hemisphere of the planet. Read more here.

The Most Amazing Science Images Of The Week, October 31

Do a Barrel Roll

This week, we discovered one of Google’s best and most playful Easter eggs: if you enter “do a barrel roll” into a Google search bar, your browser will, well, do a barrel roll. Try it!

A Scanner Darkly

At Harvard, they’ve got a world-class treasure trove of astronomical data, enough to make any skywatcher jealous. The only problem: they’re in the form of half a million glass slides. Read more in our feature.

Big Money

This week, the Perth Mint in Australia showed off the world’s biggest (and, predictably, the world’s most valuable) gold coin. It’s more than 30 inches in diameter and weighs over a ton. And it’s worth around $50 million. Read more at ABC.

Simpsons Fish

Just like on The Simpsons, a three-eyed fish was caught in a reservoir which “receives water” from a nuclear power plant. This one, a wolf fish from Argentina, won’t be eaten, but submitted for testing. Read more at Discovery, especially if you’re in the mood for a fishin’/fission joke.

Pressed Plant Library

The Missouri Botanical Garden is home to millions of samples of pressed plants–these moveable stacks are filled with them–and now they’re working to bring the entire database online, creating an amazing digital archive of botany. Read more in our feature.

Build Down, Not Out

In Mexico City, by far the biggest city in North America, there’s absolutely no more room to build, especially if your plan is for a giant 70-story building. So BNKR Arquitectura, a Mexican architectural firm, decided to think outside the box. Sorry, below the box. This concept proposes the plaza be built directly below the Zocalo, or city square. It’s essentially an inverted skyscraper, hence the moniker “Earthscraper.” Read more over at SmartPlanet.

The PopSci Archive Explorer

Forgive us if we toot our own horn a little, but seriously, you guys, we are really proud of this one. The Archive Explorer gives a visual look at the frequency of any term or phrase throughout Popular Science’s entire 139-year history. Want to see when the word “robot” came into being? How about our entire coverage of flying cars? Check it out here.

Astronaut Obama

Space Tunnel

Says our own Clay Dillow: “The German Aerospace Center (which goes by its German acronym DLR), [built] a “space tunnel”: an 8,344 cubic foot vacuum chamber capable of space-like temperatures hovering just above absolute zero.” Read more in this article.

This Is Not a Real Face

The Best Halloween Costume

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