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My fiancee and I are at month #3 of our travels around South East Asia, and like I did with Australia and New Zealand, I’d like to tell you about my experience traveling with my iPhone in Bali, Indonesia.

Ignorance Will Kill Me

When I first arrived in Bali about 3 weeks ago, I didn’t have much hope to get my iPhone hooked up to a local carrier. Sure my iPhone is jailbroken and unlocked but I thought that Bali would never be able to provide me with what I really wanted: 3G.

I was way too judgemental and didn’t deem necessary looking into a pay-as-you-go plan. I simply assumed that Indonesia didn’t have 3G. How stupid was I!

Then one day I met with the owners of the hotel we were staying at (Villa Bintang in Nusa Dua). It all started with me being curious about their computer set up. After exchanging a few words, I realized that they were French, so we kept chatting in French.

It turned out that Bamboo (the wife) owned an iPhone and couldn’t figure out a few things with it. I told her that I knew my way around an iPhone and in 2 minutes, all her iPhone issues were just gone. I asked her if Indonesia had the iPhone and she said that they don’t, but she had bought hers in France on her last trip back home. She also confessed that she had paid about $30 to unlock it.

Getting Hooked Up With 3G and Talk Time

I first went to the shop by myself and I asked the woman about a SIM card and Internet for my phone. She said she could give me a SIM card and talk time, but to get Internet on my iPhone, I would have to go to the company’s headquarter in Denpasar, 30 minutes away. That sounded kinda strange so I asked her again and she confirmed that I needed to “activate” the Internet plan in Denpasar.

I didn’t buy anything and I went back to the hotel to ask Bamboo about this. She explained me that these little stores don’t want to deal with Internet for some reasons I didn’t really understand. But she said that she would walk me through it.

Bamboo then came with me and helped me set up my plan. It just took a few seconds. We walked in the shop (note that there are literally hundreds of these in Bali), I paid about $2.5 for a SIM card and an additional $30 for 3 million pulsas (units).

After doing a quick manipulation on the phone – dialing *123# – and selecting an Internet package, I was all good to go. These 3 million units I bought for $30 actually got me 1.5GB of data.

I was surprised how quick it was. At no time I was asked for an ID or anything. It took about 2 minutes from the time we got in to the time we left, and this included me practicing my “thank you” in Balinese…

I was also suprised by the massive amount of data I had for about $30. 1.5GB is huge! That sure was a change from Australia where every MB costs you a fortune.

The Downside

Getting a SIM card and 3G in Bali sure is easy but I have to admit it’s not as reliable as I would hope. 3G here is pretty slow and I noticed that it just disconnects every few minutes.

I tried tethering my iPhone over 3G on a few occasions but it just didn’t do it. It would work for 2 minutes, then lose connection, then come back for a minute, then break up again, etc… I don’t have the patience for this and when I really want to be productive, I don’t mind paying $1 or $2/hour to access the web in an Internet Cafe (they are everywhere).


All in all, getting a SIM card in Bali was probably the most pleasant experience I had dealing with getting a phone plan. It was fast and cheap. Even though the network is not very reliable and makes me miss AT&T, I am still glad I got my iPhone hooked up with a local carrier. I can now tweet, check emails and read the news from almost anywhere on the island, which to me is priceless. After my lovely fiancee, my iPhone really is my best travel companion!

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Bowflex Transforms The Workout Experience With Samsung Tablets

Today’s consumers expect intelligent technology integrations in many of the products they buy, including their home fitness equipment.

Nautilus, Inc. strives to deliver breakthrough technology with its line of Bowflex® fitness equipment, but was struggling to achieve the desired integration while still keeping its products affordable.

A new partnership with Samsung eliminated the cost obstacles and freed Nautilus to innovate with groundbreaking software delivered via Samsung Galaxy tablets that mount on Bowflex products such as the Max Trainer®.

“We want to make sure that everything we design offers a really legitimate, really effective workout,” said Julia Eschman, director of consumer experience, Nautilus Home Fitness Solutions. “On top of that, we try to create experiences that are more engaging and more motivating, so that our customers continue to use those products for the life of their ownership.”

Customer experience enhancement had been a challenge in the past. “We were kind of always left to the mercy of what we could afford for technology,” Eschman explained. “Samsung really opens up opportunities in that space to finally become more modern and relevant and be able to offer touch screen experiences to our customers.”

“At this point we are just getting our feet wet,” she added. “Having the option for the tablet to come with the product helps the user feel like there is a dedicated device that has all the features they need, and it’s presented in a much more sophisticated way because it’s a full-color touch screen experience. From a sales perspective, it’s shown really positive results.”

Personalized workouts delivered through artificial intelligence

The partnership with Samsung has put Bowflex on a continuous improvement path, where they can deliver a seamless user experience while refining apps such as Max Intelligence and deploying them automatically.

“The reason we chose Samsung for the partnership for the tablet is that it was immediately customizable for our needs,” said Wes Citti, digital product line manager at Nautilus Home Fitness Solutions. Samsung Knox Configure is the linchpin of the mobile technology initiative, because it enables Bowflex to custom configure every tablet before it’s delivered.

“[Knox Configure lets Bowflex] curate the experience for our customers, so if a customer wants to buy a machine, the tablet comes preloaded with everything they need to get up and running,” Citti explained. “We wanted to make that experience as seamless as possible, so when people buy the Bowflex product in the form of the Max Trainer and subscribe to the Max Intelligence platform, they’re getting an AI personal trainer to design custom workouts for the Max Trainer based on where they are today. Because it’s an always-online app, it will check for updates.”

Improve Employee Wellness With Wearables

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The Samsung Galaxy tablet is configured to automatically download updates to the software and even to the firmware built into the Bowflex machine.

“What Knox allowed Bowflex to do was ensure that what they wanted to have on the tablet was always there,” said Fred Less, enterprise sales senior professional for Samsung. “So if I, as a customer, accidentally factory-reset my tablet and lost my Bowflex application, my workout videos and my history of working out, Knox allows that to be recovered and stay on the device to create a consistent experience for the end user.”

He added that Bowflex has made good use of all that Samsung has to offer, from hardware to software to integration expertise. “You need someone to integrate these pieces and put them together to deliver something that is meaningful to someone’s business,” he said. “Samsung Business Services provided the resources to facilitate logistics, stage kits, provision devices and make sure every SKU was the way it should be.”

More innovations ahead

Pairing tablets with home workout equipment is just a starting point. Bowflex has already transformed the home workout experience, but the journey is just beginning. The future possibilities are limitless.

“We have lots of ideas for what we want to do in the future with those types of devices,” said Eschman. “Embedding them into our products and then figuring out how we integrate what we do with off-product experiences, like using Samsung Health or wearable devices. Our team really gets excited about the future of that.”

Ready for the next step in your fitness journey? Learn how wearables can help create a more engaging fitness experience.

How To Enhance Your Reddit Usage Experience With Res

Many great browser extensions exist to make your favorite sites and services better. A popular example for Reddit is RES, and we’re going to use this opportunity to both tell you about it, if you haven’t heard about it, and make the most of it if you have.

What is RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite)?

Once you’ve installed it, it should automatically change your Reddit experience. Let’s talk about some ways RES changes things.

Browsing with RES

The convenience features offered by RES are numerous and what most people associate with the extension, but it turns out there’s a lot more to it than that. Let’s dive into actually customizing how it functions!

Customizing RES Settings

A window will pop up that offers access to all the settings you may want to change. You can also enable the NSFW filter or Night Mode here.

While this may look daunting on the outset, almost all of these options are self-explanatory. What you really want to do is pay attention to the left sidebar: each option gives a dropdown that offers access to the various, customizeable settings of RES. Let’s discuss what’s in each based on what you want to change.

My Account – Lets you set account-specific settings, including a quick Account Switcher, settings for Date and Karma displays, and more.

Users – Offers access to the various User-based modules. This includes Quick Message and User Info. These are all enabled by default.

Editing Tools – Allows you to change various RES editing options, such as your hotkeys for building and underlining text. You can also set macros here, too!

Hide All Child Comments – Self-explanatory. No reason to disable, since it’s just a non-intrusive extra button you can ignore if you don’t want to use it.

Live Preview – Enabled by default, one of the best features added by RES. You can change where and how it appears here.

Subreddits – Various subreddit-oriented features. Filtering NSFW subreddits, No Participation settings, etc.

Appearance – Customize the look and feel of Reddit, including Night Mode and various options in Style Tweaks. I recommend taking a look here and enabling anything that looks interesting to you.

Browsing – Change various browsing-oriented options, including keyboard navigation menus.

Productivity – A few productivity settings. The defaults are fine; there’s not a lot to change here.

Core – Toggle RES modules on and off, choose RES presets, open the Command Line, etc. Lots of interesting stuff here.

Closing Notes

RES is used by almost every Reddit user, but very few people actually dive into its settings and realize just how much you can change. My recommendation is browsing with RES for a little while before changing anything, then identifying on your own things that annoy you or could be better about it. Once you’ve done that, you can poke around in settings and change exactly what you’re looking for.

Also, try out Night Mode. It’s pretty nice.

Christopher Harper

I’m a longtime gamer, computer nerd, and general tech enthusiast.

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Experience The Power Of Windows 11 With Windows Copilot And More

Recently, Microsoft fulfilled its promise of releasing the Windows Copilot to testers in June. The latest Windows Insider Dev Channel build (23493) includes early access to Windows Copilot, native support for RAR and 7-Zip files, a new settings homepage, and a much better volume mixer.

Windows Copilot was first announced at this year’s Build event. And the version that testers can access today works as a sidebar docked to the right hand side of Windows 11. Unlike traditional pop-up windows, Windows Copilot runs unobstructed alongside open app windows. Enabling users to interact with it whenever needed. According to the Windows team, the feature won’t overlap with the desktop content, making it a more seamless experience for users.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 Update: Introducing Windows Copilot, Native Support for RAR and 7-Zip Files, and More

The AI-powered Windows Copilot is designed to respond to both commands and questions, similar to Bing Chat. Users can ask the feature to change to dark mode, take a screenshot, turn on do not disturb, or ask anything that Bing typically answers. Additionally, Windows Copilot can summarize web content and generate AI-generated images and text.

However, since Windows Copilot is still in its early preview phase, it only controls some basic Windows settings. And there’s no third-party plug-in support yet. However, Microsoft plans to add more features and refine the experience based on feedback from Windows Insiders.

In addition to Windows Copilot, Microsoft has also added native support to RAR and 7-Zip files, including tar, gz. And many other archive formats using the open source project libarchive. With this improvement, users can finally access these file formats without having to install third party software. However, Microsoft warns that there may be some initial performance issues with this new support. The company is working to improve this in future Windows Insider builds.

Gizchina News of the week

Microsoft announced that this improved archive format support will be available to everyone in September, with plans to add support for creating files in those formats in 2024, according to Sharla Soennichsen, a product manager at Microsoft.

Exploring the Latest Features and Improvements in Microsoft’s Windows 11 Update

The new volume mixer UI was discovered earlier this year and seems to be inspired by EarTrumpet. It’s a popular app for Windows that was built nearly five years ago. This addition is a much needed improvement to Windows 11. As the previous volume control interface was widely criticized for being hard to use.

Moreover, Microsoft has added a new Settings homepage to Windows 11. It provides an overview of the device you’re using with essential settings. The new homepage is less jarring, with up to seven cards of information. Including Microsoft 365 or Xbox subscriptions, Bluetooth device management, wallpaper customization, and OneDrive cloud storage.

Finally, Microsoft is testing a new suggestions feature for Snap Layouts in Windows 11. When you hover over minimize or maximize, app icons will appear based on what apps would work best snapped next to each other. This feature aims to help users maximize their productivity by suggesting the best app combinations for multitasking.

In conclusion, Microsoft has added several new features and improvements to Windows 11, including the highly anticipated Windows Copilot, native support for RAR and 7-Zip files, an improved volume mixer UI, a new Settings homepage, and a new suggestions feature for Snap Layouts. With these updates, Microsoft continues to enhance the user experience of Windows 11. Making it more seamless, efficient, and productive for users.

How Do I Edit A Video On My Iphone For Free?

To edit a video on your iPhone, you’ll have to use the iMovie app or download a third-party app from the App Store.

Most people are fine with the stock iMovie app, but if you want more control over your editing process without paying a penny, this article is for you.

(See also: Is iMovie a good video editor?)

Editing on iPhone: An overview

Every phone software has a stock video editing app that allows you to perform basic video editing.

This includes slowing down the video, cropping it, changing filters, and adding background music.

Some of those are paid, like LumaFusion and Adobe Premier Rush.

Some free ones still offer a wide range of video editing capabilities, like VN editor and InShot.

While none of the editing apps available for the iPhone will have as many features as fully-fledged desktop video editing software, they’re still powerful enough for most users.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to edit a video on iPhone using VN video editor, as it’s currently the best free editing app we could find.

How Do I Edit a Video on My iPhone for Free?

Once you open the VN editor, follow these steps:

1. Add Your Video(s) 2. Determine the Aspect Ratio

Notice how your video will show up in the upper half of the screen. Above that video, you’ll find the aspect ratio set to “original” by default. You have the option to change that or leave it as it is.

3. Start Editing Out the Mistakes

If your video contains any parts that you want to edit out, then you’ll have to use the scissors button at the bottom.

To do that, use your finger to slide the video to the part you want to cut, adjust the vertical white line on the timeline, then press the scissors button. If your video is long and you can’t accurately position the white line, use the trim tool (to the right of the scissors) for finer adjustments.

You’ll notice that your video is now cut into two separate videos. you may proceed to delete the unwanted section using the delete button on the bottom right, or continue cutting all the unwanted clips and delete them all in one go.

If you make any error in the process, you can always use the undo button on the upper right section beneath the video.

4. Add Effects and Transitions

Now that you have removed any unwanted parts of the video, you can go ahead and add any effect you want. The toolbar on the bottom contains various opinions you can use. These include:


Speed adjustment


Adding text

Adding background music

Here are some trending video editing styles.

5. Save Your Video

When you’re done editing, you’ll have to save your video. Press the “Export” button on the top right corner of your screen.

You’ll have to choose between “Auto” and “Manual” saving settings. Auto mode usually gets by fine in most cases, but if you want to tweak the FPS, resolution, and Bitrate manually, select the manual mode.

Wrap Up

Using a free video editing app like VN, you’ll have a decent variety of video editing options on your iPhone.

All you have to do is import your videos, trim out any unwanted parts, then mix and match with the available effects until you reach a desirable result.

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8 Tools for Photographers

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Enterprises Can Revolutionize Their Digital Experience Testing With The Help Of Ai

AI has the potential to significantly enhance the testing process through test prioritization. By analyzing testing data, AI can identify the most crucial tests that are likely to detect flaws. As a result, organizations can focus their testing efforts on these areas, leading to significant time and resource savings. This is a critical application of AI that can greatly benefit the testing process.

AI can be employed for test optimization, which is a technique that can be utilized to enhance the efficacy of the testing process. It involves analyzing testing data to identify and eliminate redundant exams. This helps to streamline the testing process and improve overall efficiency.

AI has the capability to automate the creation and configuration of test environments, guaranteeing that the appropriate environment is accessible when necessary. Additionally, it can generate fake test data, automate the creation and upkeep of test data, and ensure the safety and security of data. These features are highly beneficial for organizations seeking to streamline their testing processes.

To conclude, AI has the capability to analyze test outcomes and recognize recurring themes or tendencies. It can provide valuable insights into areas that require improvement and recommend new tests to be integrated into the testing regimen, as well as recommend process modifications. This technology is a valuable asset for enhancing testing efficiency and accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to enhance the precision of testing in several ways. Its capability to evaluate enormous amounts of data quickly and accurately is one of them. AI can identify patterns, trends, and potential issues in testing data that might go unnoticed by humans. By doing so, it guarantees that all possible problems are detected, thereby minimizing the risk of launching a product with unknown defects. This is an important aspect of maintaining product quality, and AI is a valuable tool for achieving it.

The utilization of AI can enhance the precision of testing by automating the entire process. This ensures that all tests are carried out with consistency and accuracy, thereby minimizing the chances of any unanticipated glitches. With the automation of testing, there is a decline in the risk of human errors, and it also saves time and effort.

To minimize expenses and save time, it is imperative to take appropriate measures. As a professional, it is essential to adopt strategies that help to reduce costs and time without compromising the quality of the work.

The implementation of AI technology can significantly reduce the duration and cost of testing procedures. Through the automation of tedious and time-consuming tasks, such as test case creation, execution, and defect detection, AI can alleviate the burden on testers and allow them to concentrate on more complex responsibilities. This can enhance the overall efficiency of the testing process and reduce the expenses and time associated with it.

AI has the potential to help businesses in various ways, including efficient and cost-effective testing of digital interactions. This can enable businesses to deliver high-quality digital experiences that meet customer expectations and demands. In addition to this, AI-powered testing tools can provide a competitive edge in the fast-growing digital market. It is essential for businesses to leverage this technology to remain relevant and meet customer expectations.

The topics covered in the original text include artificial intelligence, software development, and testing. These are all crucial areas that require professional attention and expertise.

AR and VR have the potential to fundamentally change our lives for the better, as 56% of businesses are using some form of AR or VR technology. This figure is only expected to increase over time as technology mature.

The rumors of the official integration of the AIpowered ChatGPT into Telegram are true. The feature is expected to be released this month.

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