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If you’ve ever come across some out-of-place Latin text on the Internet, odds are good it was some variety of Lorem Ipsum text. The original comes from an ancient text by Cicero, but if Roman philosophers don’t fit the tone of your project, don’t worry — you have many options. Lorem Ipsum generators are fairly easy to create, so whether you’re looking for something relatively professional and serious (Wikipedia articles, legalese, code) or something more lighthearted (zombies, pirates, Rick and Morty), there’s probably something out there for you.

Generally useful Lorem Ipsum

You don’t want to or aren’t allowed to rock the boat, so you’re going with good old Lorem Ipsum Original Flavor. BlindTextGenerator lets you choose from several different text chunks and languages and customize the output.

If you want something with fewer options and a more visual interface, chúng tôi is pretty sleek.

Informative Ipsums

Who says Lorem Ipsum has to be gibberish? Wikipsum and Boom Online both offer generators that give you several paragraphs of topical information, with Wikipsum choosing randomly and Boom Online allowing you to generate the text based on a keyword. It’s still better than some blogs.

Code Ipsums

If you’re going for a techy feel, consider using JS Ipsum. It does not produces actual code, but its output might briefly pass for badly-written technical documentation.

Lit Ipsum

Informative filler text is fun, but what if you’re going for a classy vibe? Lit Ipsum lets you choose passages from several classic works of literature, from Sherlock Holmes to Dracula. All the books are in the public domain (so they’re totally legal to use), and the language is old/dense enough that it’s unlikely to be mistaken for actual content.

Legal Ipsum

Whether or not it’s legally binding is questionable, but Legal Ipsum is perfect filler text for the “Terms and Conditions” section of any site. Anyone scanning it quickly could easily mistake it for actual legalese – it’s pretty convincing.

Topical, yet acceptable Food Ipsum

There are seriously a million food-based Lorem Ipsum generators. Here are just a few:

Ramen Ipsum

Sagan Ipsum

Looking to inspire a general sense of wonder and scientific curiosity while you write more prosaic content for your site? More importantly, do you need to fill up some … space? This trove of mixed-up Carl Sagan quotes might be just what you need.


Sometimes you just need to pivot, crowdsource, and create a new paradigm by driving higher conversion rates with your sales funnel. This tool gives you a surprisingly non-sarcastic list of startup buzzwords and even lets you choose other themes – like food, fashion, travel, and Hodor. Okay, the Hodor one might not make all your clients happy, but some of them will love it.


Placehodler can spew out so much confusing cryptocurrency enthusiasm that it’s surprising it’s not already a major Twitter personality. Perfect for enraging people who know about crypto and confusing for those who don’t.


Ever feel like Latin is a bit too staid and dull for your site? Try using a Maori-language folktale instead!

Robot Ipsum

How many of these words did Robot Ipsum make up? I’m not sure, but I am pretty sure they’re secret code for “Death by robot is imminent.”

Entertaining, but less professional Zombie Ipsum

As you can see, our website is 70% BRAAAAAAINS. Zombie Ipsum is recommended for your darker projects.


Latin Lorem ipsum is like soooo 15th-century. If you’re not riding a fixie and sipping single-origin cold brew, you’re not cool enough for this generator.

DeLorean Ipsum

Marty! You’ve got to come back with me! Back to the future, where Lorem Ipsum text is entirely composed of 1980s time-travel movie quotes!

Office Ipsum

Did you go freelance and are harboring a lot of resentment toward your old corporate overlords? Are you simultaneously annoyed by your demanding clients? Do you sometimes need boring Lorem Ipsum text for your stodgier projects? Office Ipsum lets you generate sarcastic office jargon, annoying client feedback, and normal Lorem Ipsum. If you actually use this on a site, the site owner either needs a good sense of humor or no ability to recognize sarcasm whatsoever.

Batman Ipsum

Batman ipsum is the Lorem ipsum we deserve but not the one we need right now. Because we’re working on a project where our client specifically told us that we shouldn’t use weird Lorem Ipsum text because of what happened last time.

Lorem Ricksum

“The Internet’s schwiftiest Lorem Ipsum generator” is chock-full of classic quotes from the beloved Rick and Morty cartoon. If you haven’t watched the show, let’s just say it’s massively NSFW, and putting pretty much any single line of this text into production wouldn’t be good for your job security. And yes, it took quite a few refreshes to come across something clean enough for the above screenshot.


Looking for random nerdy TV and movie quotes to fill your text fields with? Sounds like a job for the fine folks at Fillerama, who provide a finely curated selection of memorable quotes from classic tales such as Futurama, Arrested Development, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Is there a Lorem Ipsum for everything?

Scientists estimate that roughly 80 percent of the topics in the universe have either inspired a Lorem Ipsum generator or are directly related to an existing tool. This number is unacceptably low, so if you can’t find a Lorem Ipsum generator that meets your needs, it’s your duty to create it.

On a more serious note, before you use generated text on one of your projects, you should probably skim over it first to make sure there’s nothing in there that might end up offending someone using whatever you’re making.

Andrew Braun

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7 Ways To Spice Up Your Email Marketing

My friend Andreas over on the product team at WordStream is fond of saying, “Make it spicy,” as in, “Here’s some dry, descriptive copy of what this tool does. I’ll leave it up to Marketing to make it spicy.”

Depending on your industry, the right level of “spiciness” can be difficult to achieve. For example, it’s a little harder to write exciting copy about B2B search engine marketing software (which is how I spend a lot of my time) than it is to write about hot, new summer sandals or consumer gadgets. Still, you can almost always add a little bit of spice to bring your content to life.

Here are seven ideas for livening up your email copy and design.

1. Use Analogies

An analogy is a way of comparing one thing to another, usually with the purpose of making that concept easier to understand or illuminating some aspect of it, such as telling a search engine newbie that Google is the new Yellow Pages. Recently, Perry Marshall sent a webinar invitation that opened with this analogy:

Facebook is a sexy, blue motor scooter with a top speed of 35mph.

Twitter is a radio-controlled model airplane.

Direct mail is an olive green military jeep.

TV is an Oldsmobile sedan; radio is a Dodge Charger.

But AdWords is a Ferrari. Absolutely far and away the most sophisticated direct marketing machine, ever.

He goes on to say that the problem with driving a Ferrari is if you don’t know what you’re doing, you end up with “a very expensive wreck.” Fun analogy, right? I immediately think of Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off sending the Ferrari into a gulch or the scene in Risky Business where Tom Cruise tries to stop his dad’s Porsche from sinking into the lake.

2. Make a Reference 3. Personalize the Subject Line

I really love the new weekly email Twitter has started sending out. I recently got one with the subject line “AJ Kohn, The Rumpus, and 57 others have Tweets for you.” Compare that to the subject line on a recent email from Pinterest with the subject line “Your Pinterest Recommendations.” Twitter’s subject line is much more specific and personalized.

4. Include a Tip

If you want people to open and read your emails, be sure you answer the question, “What’s in it for them?” Your clients will love your emails if you teach them something instead of just pushing your products. Check out this “Staff Picks” email from Sephora, for example:

5. Use Video

Brendan Cournoyer at Brainshark recently shared some pretty compelling numbers around using video in email marketing:

One way to leverage video in email is to create a “trailer” for a webinar or other event.

6. Use Animation

I just got emails from both chúng tôi and Anthropologie that included animated GIFs of fireworks. Fancy!

7. Use Illustration

This email from Uncommon Goods, recently featured in a post on HubSpot, uses illustration along with images to tell a story with a cute, DIY feel:

It almost feels closer to a hand-drawn card than a corporate email.

As always, test these techniques to see if they work with your audience. You may find that a change does your email metrics good.

5+ Best Valentine’s Day Wallpapers To Install On Your Pc

5+ best Valentine’s Day wallpapers to install on your PC




A Valentine’s Day-themed wallpaper can set you in the mood for this special event.

There are many specialized apps that allow you to download thousands of wallpapers easily.

Altrnatively, you can always use one of many available websites that have specialized Valentine’s Day categories.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you need a pleasant reminder of how important it is to love and be loved, you can install one of the Valentine’s Day wallpapers.

There are many great resources for wallpapers but today we’re are going to show you our favorites.

So join us while we take a closer look at the best HD Valentine wallpapers that you can get for the upcoming holiday.

Does Windows have any Valentine’s Day wallpapers?

Windows comes with a very limited number of wallpapers, and by default, it doesn’t offer any Valentine’s Day wallpapers. However, you can always get your own from the web.

There are several great sources for these types of pictures, so keep reading to find out where and how to get them.

What are the best Valentine’s Day wallpaper resources?

DeskScapes is a great wallpaper software that allows you to browse through thousands of wallpapers online, and the app has a wide array of Valentine-themed wallpapers available.

Besides downloading, it lets you customize your wallpapers with various effects, and there are over 60 available to choose from.

You can also spice up your desktop by making it animated using both pictures and videos, allowing you to unleash your creativity and achieve some amazing results for this Valentine, so why not give it a try?


Download hundreds of Valentine’s Day wallpapers and make them animated easily with DeskScapes software.

Check price Visit website

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day wallpapers, you can easily get them using the Backgrounds Wallpapers HD+ app. The app is available on the Microsoft Store, and it can be downloaded easily.

Once you start an app, you’ll get access to thousands of available wallpapers, and to make the navigation easier, all of them are sorted into 12 different categories.

Of course, there’s a special Love category for Valentine, so you’ll surely find an HD Valentine wallpaper that meets your needs. Besides having a great choice of wallpapers, the software also will automatically change your wallpaper, so you’ll get a fresh one every day.

Backgrounds Wallpapers HD+

Get access to thousands of wallpapers, including special ones for Valentine with the Backgrounds Wallpapers HD+ app.

Get it free Visit website

WebNeel offers you 30 beautiful Valentine’s Day wallpapers to download and set your desktop for this romantic day.

The wallpapers feature classic Valentine’s Day images, such as hearts and roses, as well as some funny cartoon-like images, blending love and childhood.

One such example is the wallpaper above: stylish, yet not too syrupy. You will find a lot of surprises there so you should definitely check it out.

If you need Cute Valentine’s Day wallpaper, then be sure to check WebNeel.

⇒ Visit WebNeel

The Holiday Spot offers you over 70 Valentine’s Day wallpapers that will definitely embellish your desktop.

Expert tip:

If you prefer wallpapers that depict couples, then this is the perfect resource for you. The best part is that you’ll find a link on top of the new wallpapers window for the wallpaper you choose.

⇒ Visit The Holiday Spot

WallpaperAccess offers no less than high-resolution 80 wallpapers for Valentine’s Day that you can download in just a few seconds and set on your Windows 10 desktop.

All the wallpapers also have buttons for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter integration so you can share them right away with your special half attached with a set of meaningful words from the heart.

The website is a great choice if you need a Free Valentine’s Day wallpaper, so be sure to check it out.

⇒ Visit Wallpaper Access

WallpapersWide offers you a plethora of Valentine’s Day-themed wallpapers. There are over 300 wallpapers that you can choose from.

They show images of romantic sunsets, couples walking in the park, love messages as well as abstract art. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of wallpapers you’ll like.

There are tens of images formats that you can choose from, including desktop and mobile formats.

⇒ Visit WallpapersWide

Is it better to use wallpaper apps or download the wallpapers manually?

Downloading wallpapers manually can be a bit tedious, especially if you don’t know where to look for them, so finding the perfect free Valentine’s Day wallpaper might be harder than you think.

So that was our selection with the best sources for Valentine’s Day wallpapers. Be sure to take your time and check each of our entries to find the best wallpaper for you.

If you want to take this romantic day to the next level, check the best Valentine’s Day apps to install on Windows 10.

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World Backup Day: Five Steps To Keep Your Data Safe

Storage capacity

Let’s start our World Backup Day tips guide with the most basic metric: the storage capacity of our system. Does your backup system have enough storage space to meet your data backup and recovery needs? You should bear in mind that your storage system has a finite capacity, and therefore, you need to monitor what space you have at any given time and what percentage of that space you are using.

Failure to do so may force you to make decisions that go directly against your company’s IT policies. In other words, if you are not willing to increase it by adding new computers, you will be forced to delete backup copies that may not want to.


Each storage system accepts a certain number of configurations in daily backups. This capacity by metrics determines such as megabytes per second or terabytes per hour. As in the previous case, knowing and monitoring this metric is the best way to ensure that we can meet the objectives that we have set in our backup policy.

If we have erred in this calculation and we do not have a system powerful enough for our needs, we will soon discover how backups will get slower in times. Thus, the performance of our backups should at least equal the capacity of our storage cabin when transferring data.

Computing capacity

The total capacity of our backup system will also be determined by the computing capacity of the system on which it is based. If the processing capacity of the backup servers or the database behind the backup system needs an upgrade to meet new demands, the backup process may slow down.

Gizchina News of the week

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World Backup Day additional measure

Companies that instead opt for incremental backup systems (continuous data protection, booths with data deduplication capabilities, etc.) do not usually have to worry about this problem. As in these cases, backups run for very short periods of time and only transfer small amounts of data. So the impact on systems is much less. In this approach, the backup process occurs throughout the day, with frequencies per hour or even every five minutes.

Recovery point / Recovery time

In reality, hardly anyone is interested in knowing how long it will take to make a backup. What many want to know is how long will it take to restore a backup when necessary. The time agreed by all parties for restoring a system to an earlier recovery point.

What time is acceptable? This metric will depend on each company by the amount of money per hour that the company is willing to accept if the systems crash. Depending on the nature of the business, there will be a greater or lesser tolerance for potential losses. While some aspire to have a near-zero recovery time, others may tolerate the crash of their systems for several days.

The target recovery time can vary even within the same company. Protecting critical applications first and relaxing this parameter in other aspects of the data center.

Another aspect to consider is the target recovery point, which represents the amount of data. That is acceptable to lose after an incident, measured in time. For example, some companies may determine that they cannot lose more than an hour of data. Although most tend to stretch this limit up to 24 hours or more since if the backup system is incremental. The amount of data that will be losing will be small.

How To Use Ai Art Generators—Input Design (Prompt Engineering)

A misty mystic wonderland in a distant galaxy, reflections, evening, sunset, planets, beach, palms, ocean, 8k

Have you tried one of those AI art-generating tools but got an image as bad as this one?

And did you expect to get something of this caliber?

Image Credit: MidJourney Community Showcase

So what went wrong?

The main reason why your AI-generated art fails is because of poor input design.

When you use AI to generate images, you need to be very specific as to what kind of image you want to produce. It’s not enough to just say “Cat playing”. The powerful AI image generation models can’t save you if your inputs are bad.

This is a comprehensive guide to creating stunning art with AI. You will learn the basics of input design (also known as prompt engineering). I’ll also give you keyword lists associated with artistic styles, techniques, and more. You can use these to fine-tune the AI art.

I’m using Stable Diffusion 2.0 to generate the images in this guide.

Input Design: How to Create Images with AI

To start generating images with AI, you need to choose an AI art generation model. The most notable models are:

But these models aren’t that impressive unless you learn how to use them.

Poor input design is the number one reason why you’re bad images from AI image generators. Luckily, learning input design (or prompt engineering) is easy.

And don’t get me wrong here. Sometimes you might be able to generate stunning AI art without thinking about the prompts at all!

There are also some tools that build prompts for you. There are even marketplaces that sell prompts that generate quality images with AI.

But because input design is such an easy skill to learn, it makes sense to spend some time drilling it. Some even say that input design is one of the careers of the future!

Let’s get started with input design to create those amazing AI-generated images.

The 4 Steps of Input Design

AI image generation works by using simple text prompts.

The AI asks you for input, such as “An image of a cat”. Then it takes a couple of seconds to generate an image that best matches your input.

To make the most out of AI image generators, you need to know how to craft these inputs in the right way.

Obviously, there are different approaches and templates you can use to write inputs for AI. One simple way to construct a prompt is by using the following structure:

Category, Description, Style, Composition

Here’s an example input I gave to Stable Diffusion 2.0 image generation model:

As you can tell, I’ve carefully used specific terms to describe the output image best. Here’s what the AI gave me:

It is more or less exactly what I wanted!

Next, let’s take a closer look at the different parts of the input, how you can create those, and some keyword lists and names to include in the prompts.

1. Category

To create a piece of art with AI, you need to decide what type of image you want to see.

Is it a photograph, painting or 3D render?

For example, if you want to create a painting, start with:

A painting of…

2. Description

After deciding what art piece you want to generate, it’s time to describe the subject, its attributes, and the scene.

The better you describe your object, its attributes, and its environment, the better the output!

For example, let’s say we’re looking for a painting of a cat.

Let’s use a poorly descriptive prompt at first:

A painting of a cat

Here’s what the output might look like:

Well, it actually looks quite nice. But it’s also very basic.

Let’s see what happens when we fine-tune the input to be more descriptive:

A painting of a furry old cat in the middle of a field during sunset

Here’s the output:

3. Style

The style of art you’re looking to generate is in a key role. Without specifying the style of art, detail, and lighting, the outputs will be quite arbitrary.

In this section, you learn how to affect the style of AI art. I’ve split this part into three sections:



Art Style

In each section, you’ll find a bunch of keywords you can include in your inputs.

3.1. Lighting

Here is a list of lighting-related terms you can use to specify the lighting of your scene. Don’t forget to be creative and add more lighting items to your list 🙂

💡 Accent Lighting, Ambient Lighting, Backlight, Blacklight, Blinding Light, Candlelight, Colored Lighting, Concert Lighting, Crepuscular Rays, Dark Lighting, Dimmer Lighting, Direct Sunlight, Dusk, Edison Bulb, Electric Arc, Filtered Lighting, Flood Lighting, Fire, Fluorescent, Glowing, Glowing Radioactively, Glow-Stick, LED Lighting, Lava Glow, Mood Lighting, Moonlight, Natural Lighting, Neon Lamp, Nightclub Lighting, Nuclear Waste Glow, Outdoor Lighting, Quantum Dot Display, Reflective Lighting, RGBW Led Lighting, Spotlight, Strobe, Sunlight, Task Lighting, Ultraviolet, Up Lighting, Vintage Lighting, Warm White Lighting, White Lighting, Wireless Lighting, X-Ray Lighting, Zonal Lighting, Dramatic Lighting, Soft Lighting, Laser Lighting, Moving Head Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Gobo Lighting, Pixel Lighting, Wash Lighting, Pixel Mapping Lighting

For example, let’s generate the cat painting in moonlight and firelight:

A painting of a furry old cat in the middle of a field during sunset, moonlight, fire


3.2. Detail

The detail seems obvious—you want to tell the AI to generate as sharp an image as possible.

But there are many factors that contribute to the detail of a photograph. The detail depends on the type of digital lens and rendering options.

Here are a bunch of detail-related keywords to use:

💡 8K UHD, Analog Photo, Arnold Render, Bokeh, CGSociety, CGI, Cinema4d, Depth Of Field (DOF), DSLR, Film Photography, 100mm, Grainy, Houdini Render, Highly Detailed, Lumen Reflections, Megascans, Overglaze, Octane Render, Polaroid, Realistic, Raytracing, Studio Quality, Ultra Realistic, UnReal Engine, Volumetric Fog, Vray.

For example, let’s turn the cat painting into an ultra-realistic painting with the following input:

A painting of a furry old cat in the middle of a field during sunset, ultra-realistic


3.3. Art Style

One major part of proper input design is name-dropping. Knowing different artistic styles, techniques, or eras can help you control the output of the AI-generated art piece.

Here are some historical art styles:

💡 Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Art Povera, Baroque, Byzantine, Conceptual Art, Constructivism, Contemporary, Cubism, Dadaism, De Stijl, Fantasy, Fauvism, Fluxus, Futurism, Geometric Abstraction, Gothic, Hyperrealism, Impressionism, Kinetic Art, Land Art, Luminism, Medieval Art, Minimalism, Modernism, Neoclassicism, Op Art, Photorealism, Pointillism, Pop Art, Pop-Op, Post-Expressionism, Postmodernism, Pre-Raphaelites, Realism, Renaissance, Rococo, Romanticism, Surrealism, Symbolism, Suprematism.

And here’s a list of artistic techniques:

💡 Acrylic Painting, Airbrushing, Award Winning, Character Design, Collage, Color Page, Concept Art, Dry Brushing, Divine, Digital Art, Digital Painting, Encaustic Painting, Elegant, Evocative, Featured on Pixiv, Fine Art, Fresco Painting, Glazing, Gouache Painting, Golden Ratio, Lino-Cut Printmaking, Monotype Printmaking, Oil Pastel, Pastel Painting, Precise Line-Art, Printmaking, Relief Printing, Scratchboard, Sketching, Smooth, Soft, Stenciling, Surreal, Symmetry, Tarot Card, Tempera Painting, Tenebrism, Trending on Artstation, Watercolor Painting, Watercolor Sketch, Woodcut Printmaking, Zentangle.

You can of course specify the artistic materials being used:

💡 Acrylic Gesso, Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Canvas Board, Charcoal, Chalks, Clay, Colored Pencils, Ceramic, Cartridge Paper, Calligraphy Pens, Drawing Board, Fabric, Easel, Encaustic, Fixative Spray, Gels, Gold Leaf, Gouache, Graphite, Glass, Glazing Liquid, Gesso, Ink, Ink Pens, Linseed Oil, Markers, Mediums, Metal, Oil-Based Markers, Oil-Based Paint Sticks, Oil Paint, Oil Pastels, Pallet Knives, Paper, Pastel, Plaster, Sandpaper, Sketch Pad, Sketch Books, Spray Paint, Stone, Turpentine, Varish, Yarn, Wooden Panel.

For example, let’s take a cubistic approach to paint the image of a cat.

A painting of a furry old cat in the middle of a field during sunset, ultra-realistic, cubism


As another example, let’s make the painting both cubistic and pointillistic with the input:

A painting of a furry old cat in the middle of a field during sunset, ultra-realistic, cubism


4. Composition

Last but not least, you might want to specify the image composition for your art piece. This involves choosing the measurements of the output image, camera view, and resolution.

4.1. Aspect Ratio

To specify the measurements of an AI-generated image, you need to choose an aspect ratio. The aspect ratio varies based on what kind of environment you want to generate the image.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, the aspect ratio is the proportion of an image’s width to its height. It is often represented as two numbers separated by a colon, such as 4:3 or 16:9.

For example, a 4:3 aspect ratio means that the width of the image is 4 units and the height is 3 units. A 16:9 aspect ratio, on the other hand, is a rectangle with a width of 16 units and a height of 9 units.

Here’s a list of common aspect ratios (with short explanations):

4.2. Camera View

When taking or painting a picture, you need to choose the point of view. This is no different in input design.

To generate art with a specific camera view, you can use some of the following keywords:

💡 Aerial View, Bird’s Eye View, Bokeh, Close-Up, Crane Shot, Drone shot, Dutch Angle, Extreme Close-Up, Extreme Long-Shot, Fisheye, High-Angle Shot, Jib Shot, Landscape, Low Angle, Long Shot, Massive Scale, Mid-Shot, Over-The-Shoulder, Panoramic, Point-Of-View, Snapshot, Steady Cam, Stop-Motion, Street Level View, Tilt-Pan, Tilt-Shift, Time-Lapse, Tracking Pan, Tracking Shot, Ultra Wide-Angle, Worm’s Eye View, Wide-Angle, Zoom-In, Zoom-Out.

4.3. Resolution

Last but not least, the image quality matters too. To consider this, tell the AI what kind of resolution you want.

You may have heard of resolutions of 4k, 8K, RGB, and such.

Here is a long list of keywords associated with image resolution. (Some terms overlap with the detail-related keywords from the detail section earlier).

💡 4K, 8K UHD, Bit-depth, Bitmap Images, Color Depth, Color Space, CMYK, Compression, Depth of Field (DOF), DPI, Gamma Correction, Gamma Compression, Grayscale, High Dynamic Range (HDR), High Resolution, H.264 Compression, H.265 Compression, Interpolated, Low Resolution, Metafile Image, Pixelated, PPI, RGB, Raster Image, Highly Detailed, Studio Quality, 2D Images, 3D Images, Lossless Compression, Lossy Compression, Ultra Realistic, Vector Image.

Let’s generate one more cat painting. This time, let’s choose a street-level view as the camera view in our composition.


A painting of a furry old cat in the middle of a field during sunset, ultra-realistic, cubism, pointillism, street-level view



AI is capable of generating stunning pieces of art in a matter of seconds. To do this, you can use models like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, or MidJourney.

But to truly harness the power of AI, you also need to know how to write the text inputs in the right way.

If you poorly describe your art piece, you (often) get a bad result. On the other hand, if you’re good at engineering the prompts, you can generate stunning pieces of art—similar to the ones you see in demos and community showcases.

When you generate images with AI, split your input into four parts:





Also, remember that AI understands the inputs quite well. AI art generation is not an exact science! If you specify aspect ratio before artistic style, you will probably end up with a good result.

Remember to experiment, read guides, watch tutorials, and more importantly, find prompts that best match your use cases!

Thanks for reading. Happy image-generating!

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11 Extensions To Power Up Your Jupyter Notebook

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon.

                                                                                                                                      Image Source: Author

Jupyter Notebook is an easy-to-use, open-source tool for web-based interactive computing. The Jupyter Notebook supports more than 40 different programming languages like R, Python, Java, etc. Therefore, most data science professionals tend to use Jupyter Notebooks to create and share documents, including code, equations, visualizations, computational outputs, markdown text, etc.

The basic Jupyter Notebook environment is more befitting for general training and educational machine learning/deep learning model development requirements. However, the vanilla environment lacks certain features which makes it tedious to handle complex codes. In such a situation, Jupyter Notebook extensions come in handy to make the above task easier.

Why use Jupyter Extensions?

These are simple add-ons that improve the Jupyter Notebook environment’s core features. These extensions can autoformat the code, provide information while the cell is running, and display a browser message when code execution is finished. Written in JavaScript, these extensions are presently supported in the Jupyter Notebooks environment only. It is important to note that these extensions are not supported in Jupyter Lab.

Jupyter Notebook Extensions

All the extensions mentioned in this article are available through an open-source package, ‘jupyter_contrib_nbextensions.’ This python package includes multiple unofficial extensions provided by the community that extends the capability of the Jupyter Notebook. As mentioned earlier, since most of the extensions are written in Javascript, these can be run locally in the browser.

We will run the following code in the command prompt to install these Jupyter Notebook extensions.

pip install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions

Next, run the following code to add the nbextensions files into the Jupyter server’s search directory.

jupyter contrib nbextension install

After installing, open Jupyter Notebook. You will see a new tab, “Nbextensions” will appear in the menu (as shown in the image).

As you can see, there are a variety of extensions available for specific purposes like code formatting, cell manipulation, auto-completion of code, spell checks, language translator, etc. These extensions can improve the productivity of your Jupyter Notebook.

Now let us explore and test 11 extensions from the Nbextensions package that can refine the performance of your existing Jupyter Notebook. These are not necessarily in any specific order.

1. Move selected cells

This simple and fast extension allows you to move selected cells using the ‘Alt-up’ and ‘Alt-down’ keyboard shortcuts. Moving cells or groups of cells with simple keystrokes is more useful. To activate it, select the “Move selected cell” checkbox.

2. Hinterland

This extension is a good choice for people who struggle to write code in Jupyter Notebook due to the lack of an autocompletion feature. By selecting the ‘Hinterland’ box, autocompletion is activated in Jupyter Notebook and you will be able to write code quickly.

3. Snippets Menu

4. Runtools

Runtools is another nice extension for the IPython notebook, which makes available additional functions for executing code cells. Check the “Runtools” box to activate it. You’ll notice the following symbol on the toolbar when you activate it.

5. Tree Filter

This extension allows you to filter the Jupyter notebook file tree (or dashboard) page by filename.

6. Hide input and Hide input all

Hiding individual cell inputs or all inputs can be done by selecting the “Hide input” and “Hide input all” checkboxes, respectively. After refreshing your notebook, the following icons will be seen on the toolbar.

The icon on the left will help you hide the code of all code cells, and the second icon will only help you hide the code of specific cells.

7. Table of Contents (2)

Select the option “Table of Contents (2)” inside Nbextensions to enable this extension in your Jupyter Notebook.

The following symbol will be seen in the toolbar after refreshing the notebook.

Navigating through your notebook will become tough after writing a lengthy code. The “Table of Contents (2)” or “toc2” extension gathers all the headings available in a Jupyter Notebook and shows them in the sidebar, making browsing easier.

8. Spellchecker

As the name indicates, the Spellchecker extension helps highlight spelling errors in markdown cells in your notebooks. It is handy when sharing a notebook on different coding platforms.

Select the option “spellchecker” to activate this extension in your Jupyter Notebook.

The following symbol will be seen in the toolbar after refreshing the notebook.

The spelling errors will get highlighted in red using this extension.

9. Codefolding

This extension allows you to fold code in code cells. Select the option “Codefolding” to activate this extension in your Jupyter Notebook. After refreshing the notebook, the following symbol will be seen on the left side of the code cell.

10. Collapsible Headings

The collapsed status of the headers is saved in the cell metadata and reloaded when you reload the notebook.

11. nbTranslate

This extension will come in handy whenever you need to read a notebook in a foreign language. Simply enable the “nbTranslate” inside Nbextensions in your Jupyter notebook, and a wrench icon will be visible on your toolbar.

Or you can translate the cell contents using the following icon present in the toolbar.

That’s it!


In this article, we have explored 11 interesting Jupyter Notebook extensions, which are simple yet quite useful in improving the performance of the Jupyter Notebook. I hope you found these extensions helpful. There are still many features to explore in this package. It’s up to you to determine which one works best for you. Feel free to explore the remaining extensions in this package and improve the productivity of your Jupyter Notebook.

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