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What are Snapchat Cameos?

Building on the huge success of Bitmoji stickers, which basically pasted your Bitmoji avatar in relatable situations, Snapchat Cameos are here to bring your messages to a new level of personalized.

Snapchat Cameos require you to take a picture of your head and then stick that image on top of an existing video from Snapchat’s own video bank. So now, instead of using your animated Bitmoji avatar, you can send a personalized GIF-like video to better portray your feeling!

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How to set up Snapchat Cameos

The Snapchat Cameo option is already present in your emoji section, but you probably haven’t noticed it yet(yes, there’s a lot going on there). In order to start using Cameos, you first have to set up your Cameo selfie.

To set up a new Cameo selfie, launch the Snapchat app, and open a chat with any user. Now tap the emoji option next to the chatbox. You should see all your regular Bitmoji stickers (if you have linked Bitmoji to Snapchat)

In the bottom panel, tap the option next to ‘Bitmoji’. The icon displays a face with a + sign on it.

Next, select your gender, and tap ‘Continue’. You can also choose to skip this step. Now, wait and watch while the app creates your own arsenal of you-faced Cameos! If you do not like the selfie you took, you can choose ‘Retake Selfie’ at this point, to go back to the start.

How to do a two-person cameo on Snapchat

Cameos can also feature another person from your contact list! You will automatically be paired with the person you are chatting with. If you don’t want ‘Two-person Cameo’, select the ‘Disable Two-Person Cameos’ option under the OK button. Otherwise, go ahead and finish up! You should now see yourself staring in your own Cameos.

Note: If you disable ‘Two-person Cameo’, and want to enable it at a later point in time, you will have to remove your Cameo selfie, and redo the process. Read on to learn more.

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How to use Snapchat Cameos

Snapchat Cameos work in a similar way to Bitmoji stickers. You must first enter a chat with a user in Snapchat. Since Snapchat Cameos do now have a search option, you will need to use the chatbox itself.

Snapchat Cameos are designed to understand what it is you are talking about in your text, and give you related content. So, once you have typed out your message, view your Cameos by tapping on ‘Emoji’. Your Cameos will appear below your Bitmoji stickers. Select the Cameo you would like to send and simply tap it.

Tip: You can even use single words to find Cameos. For example, typing ‘Hello’ in the chatbox, will bring up related Cameos of you saying Hello.

How to change your Cameo

If it has been a while, and you want to change your Cameo selfie, the only way to do it, it by deleting your old selfie. There is no option to ‘take a new Cameo selfie’.

So, to change your cameo on Snapchat, delete your current one first the guide given below, and then create one again as per the guide given above.

How to delete your Cameo

To delete your Cameo selfie, launch the Snapchat app, and tap on your Bitmoji in the top left corner of the screen. Now go to Settings, and scroll down right to the bottom. Select ‘Clear My Cameos Selfie’, then ‘Clear’. Now simply follow the guide above to take a new Cameo selfie.

Well, now you know how to create and send Snapchat Selfies! Have fun!


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How To Get Instagram Or Snapchat On Windows Pc

In this age where everyone is on Social Media, Instagram and Snapchat are the top services along with WhatsApp and Facebook that people are using to share with the world whatever they are doing – their vacations and what not! People are using Snapchat to send disappearing messages, photos and videos along with Stories. Whereas, people use Instagram to upload photos and videos, post their Stories and send disappearing photo messages. Today, we will show how you can use Instagram or Snapchat on Windows 11/10/8/7 PC.

Snapchat was first released in September 2011 with the initial concept of people sharing what they have been doing lately and communicating with each other by sending photos and videos. Since then it has been six years, and the service has evolved a lot since then. Now, the V10 of Snapchat has a better UI with features like AR Objects being placed in users’ surroundings people using AR-based face masks. And AR being a major area of focus by major tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and more, it keeps more opportunities for developers, content creators and companies themselves to do more in both development and financial terms. Snapchat is available for Android and iOS, and no official Windows 10 app is rumored to come.

Instagram was released earlier in October 2010 for iOS and in October 2012 for Android phones. After a long time of not updating the Windows Phone app, they released a new Windows 10 app for Mobile and PC in 2024. These new apps were brought to Windows from iOS as a result of Facebook’s OSMeta technology to port apps across platforms. Since then, the Windows 10 apps are being regularly updated to be kept feature-rich as compared with the Android and iOS apps. Instagram was acquired by Facebook for $1 Billion in 2012. Facebook later offered to acquire Snapchat for $3 Billion cash but the offer was turned down by Snapchat, and as a result, Facebook introduced Instagram Stories cloning the old Snapchat Stories and other similar features competing directly with Snapchat! And believe it or not, Instagram Stories are used more than Snapchat Stories.

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Can you use Snapchat or Instagram on a Windows computer?

Can you use Snapchat on a Windows PC? Yes, it is possible to use Snapchat on a Windows 11/10 computer. Yes, this app works best on Android and iOS for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun on Windows 11/10 as well. Just know that the experience might not be as good as you want it to be.

There are multiple ways to use Snapchat or Instagram on a Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer. The information below should improve your knowledge of such things. We have taken the example of Snapchat but a similar procedure needs to be followed for Instagram.

Use Snapchat on the web without having to log in

One of the first things you can do here is to use Snapchat via the web. You won’t get the full experience, so this is something you need to keep in mind.

Use Snapchat on the web while logged in

The downside here is no option to upload content. No option to take selfies, etc.

Why is it better to use emulated apps?

We recommend using the emulation of Android apps on Windows PCs rather than using Windows 11/10 apps like Instagram due to certain real distinguishing factors. First of all, many Windows PC apps don’t support every feature that the mobile variants of the apps do. This includes the photo and video upload from the Windows PC app for Instagram. And as many top Android and iOS apps like Snapchat are not available for Windows 11/10 like Snapchat, it is obvious for the person to use emulators like Bluestacks or Noxplayer and Andy Android Emulator.

How to use Instagram or Snapchat on Windows PC using emulators

There are times when a user does not want to switch devices just to use an app. Or maybe, they might be using an older, unsupported, or feature phone then they have a PC as an alternative to be used to run these apps via emulation.

There are plenty of freeware available for Android apps on Windows PCs like Bluestacks, Noxplayer and Andy Android Emulator. So, we are going to talk about how to use them to emulate Instagram and Snapchat apps on Windows PC.

1] Using Instagram or Snapchat via Bluestacks

In order to use Snapchat on your Windows 11/10 computer more effectively, we suggest downloading & installing Bluestacks. For your information, BlueStacks X is their online app that lets you play Android games in the cloud without having to install anything on your PC.

Here are the steps in a nutshell:

First of all, download Bluestacks and install the 254 MB executable file.

Set up all the account information like linking to Google Account and set up payments if you want to, else skip.

Now, use the search bar to look up Snapchat or Instagram according to what app you want to emulate.

Now when the app is installed, open it and log in with your credentials.

You are now good to use it!

Here are some of the screenshots from my hands-on time with Bluestacks:

2] Using Instagram or Snapchat via Andy Android Emulator

Once you have downloaded and installed Andy Android Emulator, set it up.

Now, go to Google Play Store and search for your desired app.

Download the app and install it which in this case would be Instagram or Snapchat.

You are all set!

Here are some on the screenshots of Andy from my hands-on time:

3] Using Instagram or Snapchat via Noxplayer

If you’re not interested in using Bluestacks, then we would like to recommend Noxplayer. Follow the instructions there and you will have no problems using Snapchat.

NoxPlayer is one such Android emulator which had been making breakthroughs, and to their latest announcement, Nox Player is offering an integrated Android 9 Emulator which will allow games like Genshin Impact and The Rising of the Shield Hero: Rerise to work. It is going to be an industry first, pushing it ahead of the competition.

Comparing Bluestacks & Andy emulators

Both the emulators are excellent to be used. Bluestacks is better for gaming while Andy supports every kind of app with a good performance. We found the usual Android launcher as a user interface that didn’t slow down our process of installing and using apps on Andy. While on Bluestacks, the custom UI kind of slowed us down but with a very little difference. Both the emulators can use your external PC hardware like Mics and Cameras to be used with the app which was a plus point for both of them. And both of them supported the working of Snapchat and Instagram flawlessly. We were able to use the stories features and other features that need geotagging capabilities with decent accuracy.

With these emulators, you can use any Android app on your PC even when their Windows 11/10 versions are not much updated.

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How can I get Snapchat on my laptop without BlueStaks?

Previously, Snapchat was not available in Microsoft Store. At that time, the only way to run Snapchat on Windows computers was via an Android Emulator like BlueStacks. Now, Snapchat is available in Microsoft Store. You can install it from there. You need not require to install BlueStacks for this.

Can I login Snapchat on Chrome?

Yes, you can log in to Snapchat in Chome. You need to visit the chúng tôi web address in Chrome. After that, enter your username and verify the Captcha. Now, enter your password. You will get a notification on your smartphone. Confirm that you are signing in to Snapchat on the web by tapping Yes on your smartphone. Currently, Snapchat supports only two web browsers, Chrome and Edge.

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How To Change Your Two

Having the two-step verification system set up on your Telegram account is a great way to keep it safe. It lowers the probabilities of you losing your account. But, it does require that you introduce a pin you should have memorized. But, sometimes you forget what it is, or you want to change it to one that’s easier to remember.

Please keep reading to see how you can change your two-step verification pin when you know what your current pin is and when you’ve forgotten it. So, there’s no need to panic if you forgot your pin since it’s possible to recover it.

How to Create a New Two-Step Verification Pin on Telegram

To create your new pin, tap on the three-lined menu at the top left of your display. Once you’re in Setting, swipe down to the Settings section and tap on the Privacy and Security option.

On the next page, towards the bottom, you should see the Two-Step Verification option. Type the current password, and you’ll have access to three options: Change Password, Turn Password Off and Change Recovery Email.

Tap on the change password option, and you’ll be asked to enter the new password twice. Once you complete those steps, you’ll see a cute celebration emoji letting you know that you’re done. That’s all you have to do to change your two-step verification password.

If you disable the password, you turn off the two-step verification altogether. The next time you want to enable it again, you’ll have to start over.

You’ll be asked to enter info such as your new password (twice to confirm), Recovery Email, and enter the code sent to your recovery email. If you happen to forget your password, here’s where your recovery email comes in handy. Telegram will send you a recovery code to the email you added when you first added the two-step verification.

Enter that code where Telegram indicates, and you’re good to go. If what you need to do is change your Telegram passcode lock, that’s a whole different story.

How to Create and Change a Passcode Lock on Telegram

As long as we’re on the topic of Telegram security, adding a passcode lock to your Telegram account is a good idea. That way, you’ll prevent anyone you haven’t given permission to from seeing your conversations. To protect your Telegram account with a passcode, tap on the three-lined menu option at the top left.

Once you’re in settings, tap on Privacy and Security. Under the Security section, tap on the Passcode Lock option.

If it’s your first time setting it up, you’ll be asked to introduce a pin you’ll use to access Telegram. If what you want to do is change it, in that case, you’ll need to tap on the Change Passcode option.

You’ll be asked to enter your new pin twice, and you also get a celebrating emoji at the end. As long as you’re in the Passcode lock settings, there are other changes you can make. For example, if you ever want to take a break from having to enter a passcode, you can disable it, or you can unlock it with your fingerprint.

You can also decide how much time needs to pass before auto-lock kicks in and if you want to show the app’s content in Task Switcher.


The more security you can add to any account, the better. You never know when that security setting might actually save it. By enabling two-step verification and locking your Telegram account with a passcode, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

How To Delete Your Coinbase Account

Are you looking to delete your Coinbase account?

Maybe you no longer want to use Coinbase to store your cryptocurrency.

Or maybe you want to transfer your cryptocurrency holdings to another wallet.

But before you delete your Coinbase account, you need to know that both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro share most of your account’s settings.

Hence, if you delete your Coinbase account, your Coinbase Pro account will also be deleted.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to delete your Coinbase account.

How to delete your Coinbase account

To delete your Coinbase account, you need to navigate to the “Activity” page.

However, you cannot delete your Coinbase account if you have a remaining balance in any of your wallets.

Before you can delete your account, you need to have a zero balance.

To do so, you need to transfer your funds and cryptocurrencies to another wallet or user.

Then, you’ll have access to deleting your Coinbase account.

Here’s how you can delete your Coinbase account:

Firstly, you need to go to the Coinbase website.

You can use a desktop or a mobile device for this.

You won’t be able to use the Coinbase mobile app as it does not have a feature to delete your account there.

However, keep in mind that the screenshots in this guide are taken on a mobile device.

Hence, if you’re using Coinbase on a desktop, the user interface will be a little different.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll land on your dashboard.

On the navigation menu, you’ll see multiple options including “Home”, “Portfolio”, “Prices”, and more.

Scroll down to the bottom of the menu.

At the bottom of the menu, you’ll see other options including “Settings”, “Reports”, “Help”, and “Sign out”.

The settings page is where you need to navigate to.

On the settings page, you’ll land on the “Profile” tab by default.

If you’re using Coinbase on a mobile, tap on the dropdown arrow on the profile tab.

After you’ve tapped on the dropdown arrow, a navigation menu will open.

Tap on “Activity” to go to the activity page.

On the activity page, you’ll see all of your active sessions.

Your active sessions are categorized by “Mobile Applications”, “Web Sessions”, “Confirmed Devices”, and “Account Activity”.

If you’re using Coinbase on a mobile device, this page might not be responsive.

However, you can zoom in on the page to see its details.

You then need to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

At the bottom of a page, you’ll see a “Close Account” header.

Under the header, you’ll see a “Close Account” button.

The popup message is a confirmation that you want to close your Coinbase account.

Before you close your account, make sure to withdraw all of your funds first.

If there are still funds in your account, you won’t be able to close it.

Once all of your funds are withdrawn, you will be able to delete your account.

Then, you need to enter your password to continue.

You need to enter your password for security purposes.


Deleting your Coinbase account is not recommended.

If you detected suspicious activity in your account, it’s best to disable it first.

You can contact Coinbase for assistance in disabling your account.

They have a support number that you can call if you detect suspicious activity in your account.

Disabling your account is temporary, and you’ll be able to reactivate it back later.

On the other hand, deleting your Coinbase account is a permanent and irreversible process.

Hence, you should always consider disabling your account instead of deleting it.

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How To Delete Your Shein Account

In case you don’t know setting up and account on a social media platform and one on a website could be worlds different. Since not all websites and services are created equal, when the time comes to say goodbye, it might also be done in a different way than what you did for some other service.

If you’re someone who browsed and shopped on SHEIN but now you want to delete your account and all the information that comes with it, then this post will help you delete your data from SHEIN.

Ask SHEIN to delete your data

If you have decided to delete your account from SHEIN, then you might want to know that SHEIN doesn’t provide you with an easy way to do that on their website, nor does it mention it on its support page.

There’s no specific option to delete your account inside SHEIN and thus, you’re limited to deleting your data by requesting SHEIN to remove them for you.

How to ask SHEIN to delete your account

To delete your data on SHEIN, you can send an email to “[email protected]” and request them to close your account.

Note: The request should be sent from the registered email address that you used to sign up on SHEIN and should include “Delete my SHEIN account” as the subject.

What happens when you send SHEIN email to delete your account

SHEIN will prompt you for confirmation and you can proceed to delete your account as well as the data that you shared with the service.

What else can you do?

If sending them a request to delete your account via email doesn’t cut it, you can head over to SHEIN’s customer service page to chat with the company’s customer care. On this page, you can request account closure from within the chat screen and your complaint will be registered as a ticket. You will get a message on your registered email saying your ticket is resolved and your account has been deleted from SHEIN.

Can SHEIN still use your data?

You must know that although SHEIN confirms that you, as a user, have “the right to access, correct, or delete the personal information” collected by them, the retailer will use them for as long as they want to comply with applicable laws.

Why should you delete your SHEIN account

When you sign in to SHEIN for the very first time, the website asks you to agree to their “Privacy & Cookie Policy”. Most users tend to not pay attention to this and simply agree to whatever that has been listed in this section.

When you create a SHEIN account, the company confirms that it collects the following data for its own use:

Your personal information that you provide when creating an account including your name, mailing address, phone number, and email

The data you provided when using SHEIN including the products that you bought and what you browsed for

Your payment data including credit or debit card number and other card information

Type and model of the device, browser, and OS that you use

Your location and IP address

Does SheIn retain your data

SHEIN says that the company has no obligation when it comes to keeping your data when you request for account closure. However, in some cases, some of your data can be retained by the retailer. Your data can be retained by SHEIN in case of any of the following scenarios

For account recovery

For preventing fraud or abuse

When required by law

For auditing

Ask them to delete your credit card info

As mentioned above, SHEIN uses your payment info along with other data when you sign up for the first time. If you have decided to request SHEIN to delete your account and all the information that comes with it, you should also ask them to delete your payment information as well.

This information includes all of your credit and debit card numbers that you saved on the website and other account and authentication information like billing, contact, and shipping details. If you don’t want this data to get on the wrong hands, you should ask SHEIN to remove your payment information along when closing your account.

Additionally, you can delete all of your payment info by heading over to SHEIN’s ‘My Payment Options‘ page and deleting each and every card detail that you entered while shopping on the site. You can do this before requesting SHEIN to delete your account, otherwise, you’ll have to depend on SHEIN to remove it for you.

Snapchat Web: How To Use Snapchat On Pc And Laptop

Ever since its inception back in 2011, Snapchat has been available only on mobile devices. You could download the Snapchat app on your iPhone and Android device to send ephemeral messages, photos, and share Stories with friends. The company never launched a desktop app to enable users to connect with friends from their PCs. We had to rely on workarounds, like emulators, to use the Snapchat Android app on our laptop. However, you no longer need to do that, and it has become a thing of the past with the launch of Snapchat+. Yeah, the company launched its paid Snapchat Plus subscription recently, and its most useful perk will have to be Snapchat for Web. You can now start using Snapchat in your browser on a laptop with ease, which is exciting for its close to 350 million strong userbase. That said, if you are someone who has been looking for a reliable way to use Snapchat on a laptop, keep on reading.

Get Snapchat App on PC and Laptop (2024)

In this article, we will first discuss the Snapchat Plus subscription and how it unlocks the ability to use the app on a laptop. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Pre-Requisite for Using Snapchat Web

As you might have already guessed, you will need a Snapchat+ subscription to get access to Snapchat Web and use the ephemeral messaging app in a browser on your laptop. The Snapchat+ subscription service is available in limited countries at the moment, and you can check out the list of supported 25 countries via the linked article.

How to Get Snapchat+ Subscription

Now, before we talk about how to use the Snapchat web app and all its features, let’s learn how to get the Snapchat+ subscription on your iPhone and Android device. We will show the process on an iPhone, but the steps look the same on Android as well.

2. On the profile screen, you will see a “Snapchat+” banner under your Bitmoji avatar. Tap on this banner. If you don’t see the banner, then tap on the “Settings” icon to find the Snapchat+ option under your email.

3. Select the subscription tenure on the next screen and tap on the “Start 7-Day Free Trial” button at the bottom. Now, you just need to complete the payment, and you will have successfully bought the Snapchat Plus subscription.

The paid subscription will get you access to a host of cool features like amn exlcusive badge, multiple app icons, ghost trails, story rewatch count, and more. The highlight, however, will have to be the Snapchat for Web experience as it enables you to use the messaging app using a browser on your laptop or desktop.

How to Use Snapchat on Your PC or Laptop

It’s time to learn how to log in and use Snapchat on a Mac or Windows computer with ease. Just follow the steps below:

2. Next, you will need to complete two-step verification and authenticate the web login request using your mobile phone. You will receive a notification on your phone saying, “Are you trying to access Snapchat from a browser?” Tap on this notification and select “Yes” to log into Snapchat on your laptop.

Note: We set up Snapchat for Web on both an iPhone and Android device. Most of the testing, however, was done on the Android device. So, you will see screenshots from Android devices ahead.

3. Here’s what the Snapchat Web experience looks like. You have your chat list on the left and the camera and Bitmoji avatar on the right.

How Do I Install Snapchat on My PC or Laptop?

Now, if you are wondering whether you can install the Snapchat app on your PC or not, well, the answer is yes. The company allows you to make a shortcut for the Snapchat Web PWA (Progressive Web App), so you use it whenever you want with ease. Here’s how you can install the Snapchat app on your laptop:

2. Then, select the “Create Desktop Shortcut” option in the drop-down menu that opens.

3. Now, you will see a pop-up in the right corner of the address bar at the top. Tap “Install” on this pop-up to get the Snapchat app on your laptop.

4. Once Snapchat is installed on your PC, you can choose to make a desktop shortcut and pin the app on the Taskbar or Start Menu. That’s all. You can now use the Snapchat app on your laptop at any time.

Snapchat Web: Features & First Impressions

After learning how to set up and use Snapchat Web on your laptop, it’s time to look at all the features you can and cannot access with this app. So let’s take it one step at a time:

In the conversation view, you can send messages to your friends or make audio and video calls to them from your laptop. I tested out this feature with my colleague Akshay, and it works flawlessly. So you can join group calls on Snapchat from your browser as well. Also, if you wish to keep track of your snap streaks on Snapchat or see Snapchat emojis that describe your friendship, birthday, and more, you can do that on the web app as well.

And here we meet the first shortcoming of Snapchat Web, which is the inability to post stories to your profile. You can only do that from your mobile. That’s not all. The biggest shortcoming of the Snapchat app you install on your laptop is that you cannot open Snaps or reply to them. I mean, sharing Snaps is one of the core features of the Snapchat experience, but sadly, that’s missing here. However, if you wish to send Snaps or post Stories from your laptop, you can install Android apps on Windows 11 using the WSA subsystem.

So, if I were to sum up the feature set and my experience with the Snapchat app on laptop, it was a long-awaited release, and Snapchat is doing a decent job at offering the same ephemeral messaging features as its mobile app. However, the lack of essential features such as the ability to view snaps and post stories is disappointing. What other feature would you like to see in Snapchat Web on your laptop?

Use Snapchat Online in Browser on Mac and Windows PC

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