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ChatGPT Plus is a premium version of the AI chatbot ChatGPT. It was launched by OpenAI in February to help generate high-quality and faster responses to users’ complex queries even during high capability.

The introduction of ChatGPT Plus has raised questions among users on whether ChatGPT Plus is really worth it. Should I move from the standard version of ChatGPT to the premium version? and much more. 

Therefore, in this article, we present a complete guide on ChatGPT Plus covering all the essential areas of the premium chatbot such as its benefits, cost, availability, and more. 

What is ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT Plus is a premium subscription plan for ChatGPT, a conversational AI that can chat with you, answer follow-up questions, and challenge incorrect assumptions. ChatGPT Plus will be available for $20/month. The subscribers will receive extra benefits compared to the standard version, such as faster responses, Access during peak hours, and priority access to new features.

Previously, a few ChatGPT users claimed OpenAI has enabled a new mode known as “Turbo” in ChatGPT Plus. This new mode is said to be optimized for speed and for generating higher-quality content.

Turbo is a new mode enabled by OpenAI for ChatGPT Plus users. Turbo mode tends to provide high-quality responses at an enhanced speed to plus users.

The turbo mode is used to increase the response quality in ChatGPT Plus. It is designed to ensure the input provided by ChatGPT Plus is of the most elevated quality, along with enhanced speed. Users who have subscribed to OpenAI’s new ChatGPT Plus can access Turbo mode

How to Buy ChatGPT Plus Subscription?

To access ChatGPT Plus, users need to subscribe to a $20 monthly plan and here are the steps on how to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. 

Once you have logged in tap on the “Upgrade to Plus” option on the left side of the interface 

Now, select the “Upgrade Plan” option available under the “ChatGPT Plus” subscription plan

Enter your billing details and finish the payment process. If you encounter any Payment error head on to this article about fixing it.

Once you have made the payment, your account will be upgraded to the premium plan and you can start accessing the new features of ChatGPT and even try the new language model GPT-4 

ChatGPT Plus features

Features of OpenAI’s new ChatGPT Plus are as follows: 

Provides access to ChatGPT, even during peak hours 

Faster response 

Early access to new features and improvements 

Let’s look at the features delivered by the ChatGPT Plus plan and decide whether you can live without it.

General access to ChatGPT, even during peak times

One of the best features of ChatGPT Plus is its capability to work even during peak hours. The standard version of ChatGPT would become unavailable or slow down when a high number of users operate at the same time, reaching ChatGPT capacity. 

But with ChatGPT Plus, users don’t need to worry about the capacity or the peak hours, as this AI chatbot is always available for premium users without slowing down. 

Priority access to new features and improvements

Language processing capability

Advanced NLP/LSI/TF-IDF Keyword Processing

ChatGPT Plus’s Advanced NLP/LSI/TF-IDF keywords process is one of its major selling points right now. This feature in ChatGPT Plus allows users to talk or convey their message in a way only robots understand. Making you feel like a part of a special club of language experts. 

Enhanced Text Generation

ChatGPT Plus contains enhanced text generation abilities, making AI-generated texts appear less robotic and more human-written. With this feature, your content will appear exactly the way a person has written it with accuracy. 

Improved Error Correction

Typos or errors are common while developing the content, but with the ChatGPT Plus plan, you don’t need to worry about incorrect spelling or mistakes.

Give a read to this interesting article round Typo, ChatGBT.

ChatGPT Plus contains an improved error correction that can rectify mistakes and hand over error-free texts. 

Faster Processing Speeds

ChatGPT Plus is proficient in providing faster responses and answers to users’ input compared to the standard version of ChatGPT. This is a beneficial feature for customer service and technical support users, as it can save most of their time.  

The major benefit of ChatGPT Plus is to have access during peak hours. Most users had to wait for hours to create their AI content. But now, regular users or people with jobs who created AI text for work can subscribe and generate content whenever they like. 

Users will also be able to get faster responses from ChatGPT, you can ask your queries in the chat box and ChatGPT will generate a response within a few seconds.

Furthermore, ChatGPT Plus users will be the first to access all the new features and improvements. While the new features and benefits might remain a mystery for others. 

There were speculations that ChatGPT-4, which is supposed to be released in 2023. There’s a potential OpenAI could reserve this new generation language model only for its paid users. 

ChatGPT Plus benefits

ChatGPT Plus is capable of offering additional benefits and capabilities to its users that can increase conversational AI attributes. Here are some of the top benefits provided by ChatGPT Plus: 

Faster Response: With ChatGPT Plus, users can receive responses faster, saving users time and generating content 2X faster than the basic version of ChatGPT. 

Early Access to new features: ChatGPT Plus users can utilize all the newly added features and benefits of ChatGPT without any waitlist, like OpenAI’s latest language model GPT-4, which is only available to ChatGPT Plus users. 

Improved Accuracy: OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus has been trained using a wide range of information and data, making the AI chatbot extremely accurate. It can help understand users’ input better and help provide reliable and accurate outputs. 

Better Efficiency: Businesses can use ChatGPT Plus to enhance efficiency as the AI chatbot can help automate customer service operations and tasks, save time by generating real-time responses to queries and provide a better experience to customers. 

ChatGPT Plus VS Free: The difference


The major attribute that sets ChatGPT Plus apart from its standard version is its performance. OpenAI claims ChatGPT plus can provide responses at a faster speed compared to the standard version. 

Speed Test

The standard version of ChatGPT is capable of generating responses quickly, however, ChatGPT Plus can respond three times faster. So, in the speed test, the winner is ChatGPT Plus. 

Apart from speed and performance, here is a table showcasing the differences between ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT: 

ChatGPT Plus subscription




Available even when demand 

is high  

Unavailable when demand is 


Fast Speed 

Average Speed 

Advanced Features 

Basic Features 

Unlimited usage 

Limited Usage 

Early access to new features and improvements 

Regular model updates 

How to join the ChatGPT Plus waitlist?

In the form, you’ll be asked to fulfill all your details such as email address, country residence, the reason for using ChatGPT, and a few additional details. 

After signing up for ChatGPT Plus’s waiting list. OpenAI will connect with you, once the subscription model is released. ChatGPT Plus is currently only inviting people from the US to the waitlist.

However, soon OpenAI intends to make ChatGPT Plus available in more countries. 

Is Chat GPT Plus subscription worth it?

Whether the $20/month investment for ChatGPT Plus is worth it completely depends on your needs and requirements. If you are a writer, marketer, content creator, or business person who requires ChatGPT regularly and uses it for work purposes, then subscribing to a premium plan might be worth it. 

ChatGPT Plus can help you access the AI chatbot even during high traffic or peak hours which will help not affect your performance and is accessible all the time. ChatGPT Plus will also help users generate faster responses which can help save users time and make the process easier. 

However, if you are someone who uses ChatGPT occasionally for fun purposes or personal use then you might want to stick with the basic free version of ChatGPT as it can help you generate responses and chat, and spending $20 per month might not feel worth it if you are using the chatbot only occasionally. 

How much does ChatGPT plus cost?

ChatGPT Plus is the paid version of ChatGPT that costs $20/ month for priority access, faster response time, and early access to new features such as OpenAI’s latest language model, GPT-4.  

Is ChatGPT Plus available only in the USA?

ChatGPT Plus has rolled out its services and is now available around the world, including the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and more. 

ChatGPT Plus subscription now available in India

ChatGPT Plus is now officially available in India. Open AI broke the news on 17 March 2023 in a Tweet announcing that ChatGPT Plus is available for Indians, and users can access GPT-4 features. ChatGPT was launched in November 2023 and was available for free. The company later rolled out its premium version for a few countries, excluding India.

However, the subscription model ChatGPT Plus is now available in India, and you can use it through ChatGPT.

What can ChatGPT Plus do?

ChatGPT Plus can help generate content like articles, blogs, poems, stories, descriptions, and more faster than the free version of ChatGPT. It can also generate human-like responses to all user’s queries by understanding the context of the input and providing accurate outputs. 

Why does OpenAI want you to pay up?

Few estimations peg an expense of $100,000 daily or almost $3 million a month. ChatGPT introduced a premium plan to cover these server upgrade costs. 

FAQs about Chat GPT Plus

Is ChatGPT available for free?

Yes, ChatGPT is available for free and can be used by anyone. Although users do need to create an OpenAI account to access ChatGPT for free. 

    How much is ChatGPT premium?

    ChatGPT premium version, “ChatGPT Plus” is available at $20 per month through which users can generate access to premium features and benefits such as faster responses, access at peak hours, and more. 

      How much does ChatGPT 4 cost?

      ChatGPT 4 contains two different pricing options depending on the context lengths. Here are the pricing options available for ChatGPT 4: 

      The first option consists of 8K context lengths which cost about $0.03 per 1K prompt tokens and cost about $0.06 per 1K completion tokens. 

      While the second option consists of 32K context lengths, costing $0.06 per 1K prompt tokens and $0.12 per 1K completion tokens. 

      4. Is ChatGPT plus unlimited?

      Yes, ChatGPT Plus can provide users unlimited access even during peak hours. Its features include faster response and early access to new features and capabilities. 


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      What Is Chatgpt? Best Uses And Limitations Of The Chatbot

      blog / Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning What is ChatGPT? Top Capabilities and Limitations You Must Know

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      According to MarketsandMarkets research, the global chatbot market is expected to reach $10.5 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 23.5%. However, with the latest ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation gaining 1 million users in a week, it seems the market is geared to expand at an even faster rate. Now coming to the obvious question, what is ChatGPT? It is a GPT-3-based natural language processing tool that allows users to have human-like conversations with an AI chatbot. It’s like having your personal genie in a digital bottle, always ready to offer a helping hand. 

      Curious to know more? Read on to learn about this latest innovation in the field of AI.

      ChatGPT Examples: Questions to Ask

      Users can ask all kinds of questions to ChatGPT to get straightforward and uncluttered responses in return. For example, you can use the tool as an encyclopedia and ask questions. For instance, “define Newton’s laws of motion” or “write a poem”. Additionally, you may ask the AI tool to design a computer program and demonstrate all the different combinations to arrange the letters of a word.

      Who Created ChatGPT?

      ChatGPT is Open AI’s brainchild. Open AI is an artificial intelligence research startup organization whose mission is to create an AI system that is safe and beneficial. 

      The company has previously made headlines with GPT-3, which can produce text that sounds like it was written by a human, and DALL-E (a generative AI tool), which creates AI art/digital images from natural language descriptions. 

      How Does ChatGPT Work?

      With an understanding of what is ChatGPT, let’s explore how it works. At its foundation, ChatGPT is a GPT3 and GPT 3.5-based large language model. This AI tool applies machine learning algorithms to a massive corpus of text to respond to users’ requests using language that sounds surprisingly human-like.  

      According to OpenAI, ChatGPT enhances its capability through reinforcement learning, which depends on human feedback. The business hires human AI trainers to interact with the model while assuming the roles of both a user and a chatbot. Trainers compare responses given by ChatGPT to human replies and grade their quality to reinforce human-like conversation approaches. 

      Will ChatGPT Replace Google as an “Answer Engine”?

      It can be helpful to ask questions to a computer and receive prompt responses, and ChatGPT does exactly that. Google typically provides users with links to websites it considers to be relevant as well as its own proposed answers to user inquiries. Often, ChatGPT responses surpass Google’s recommendations as it uses the latest, well-trained AI algorithms.  

      However, before trusting ChatGPT replies, users should confirm the information from authentic sources. Verifying the accuracy of ChatGPT answers takes effort because, unlike Google, it uses raw text without any links or citations. Moreover, as ChatGPT continues to make progress, Google is also building large language models of its own and using AI extensively in its search algorithms. 

      Therefore, to think that ChatGPT will replace Google’s answer engine sounds a bit far-fetched, but it is definitely showing the way toward it. 

      What are ChatGPT’s Limitations?

      Wrong Answers

      ChatGPT is a large language model that is continuously being trained to increase the accuracy of responses. However, since it is a brand-new tech, the model has not yet undergone sufficient training. Therefore, the AI chatbot may provide wrong answers. Due to this, StackOverflow has banned ChatGPT, saying: “Overall, because the average rate of getting correct answers from ChatGPT is too low, the posting of answers created by ChatGPT is substantially harmful to our site and to users who are asking or looking for correct answers.”

      Limitations in Training Data and Bias Issues

      Like many AI models, ChatGPT has limitations in its training data. Both the constraints in training data and bias in the data can create a negative impact on the model’s output. In fact, ChatGPT has shown bias when it comes to training minority data groups. Therefore, it’s important to improve the data transparency of the models to reduce bias in this technology.


      On Twitter, there is a conversation thread regarding how many Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are required to run ChatGPT. The takeaway here is that running ChatGPT is highly expensive. Given that ChatGPT is a free product, a lot of questions are currently being raised on how sustainable the technology is in the long run. 

      What Can You Create With ChatGPT?

      Besides providing responses to human queries, ChatGPT can be used to do the following:

      Create Content

      ChatGPT can be used for content creation, as it can easily write content based on a prompt. For instance, the AI tool can write a song based on a user’s command. Moreover, ChatGPT can also help users to add a touch of elegance to their writing style and achieve their literary goals.

      Generate AI Art

      Since the introduction of DALLE-2, Midjourney, and other artistic AI tools, AI art generators have been at the forefront of the creation of artistic images. Moving ahead, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has enormous potential in producing richly detailed Augmented Reality (AR) scenarios, when prompted.

      Write Code and Debug

      ChatGPT can process code, write code, and help developers debug codes as well. For instance, it can be used to generate SQL queries. Since knowledge of SQL is imperative for data scientists, using ChatGPT to enhance SQL skills can accelerate your career and take it to the next level.

      Manage and Manipulate Data

      Unstructured data is hard to sort, manage, and organize, making it redundant. ChatGPT comes to the rescue as it can convert unstructured data into a structured format by manipulating data. For instance, the tool can be used to add data to a table, make indexes, and understand JSON queries. 

      Explain and Tutor

      It is interesting how well ChatGPT can explain words, code, and even physics. As the AI tutor capabilities of ChatGPT develop and become more refined in the coming years, it can dramatically alter the way students interact with the outside world. 

      Consequently, ChatGPT will also have a huge impact on the education tech industry. Many edtech companies can now teach the fundamentals of a topic and make use of ChatGPT to offer students a platform to ask questions and clear their doubts. 

      ALSO READ: 12 Workplace Trends to Expect in 2023

      How Can I Get Started Using ChatGPT?

      In spite of its limitations, ChatGPT is demonstrating its suitability in meaningful use cases. Therefore, businesses are looking forward to leveraging it for commercial purposes. Hence, now is the ideal time for enthusiasts to learn about the latest trends and exciting opportunities in this field. To further understand the tech that is powering such innovations, check out Emeritus’ world-class AI and ML online courses spanning the latest industry topics and innovations. 

      By Rupam Deb 

      Write to us at [email protected]

      How To Cancel A Netflix Subscription In 2023

      You might have given a second thought about your Netflix Subscription with the raising subscription prices, canceling upcoming animations, and a potential cracking down on password sharing.

      So, if you are in the mood to cancel your Netflix Subscription and switch to any other Netflix alternative then follow this step-by-step guide.

      It has been reported that the cancellation of a host of shows and the closure of the animation department resulted in this shocking figure.

      The screen sharing restriction can also be a reason for the recent downfall of subscribers along with the rising subscription price.

      The emergence of competitive platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, and HBO Max can also be a cause for the reduction of subscribers.

      It is also possible that the users have already watched the desired content as a result of which they are no longer interested to view this OTT platform.

      Here is how you can cancel your Netflix account on your Android device:

      First, you need open the Play Store app on your Android and tap on the profile icon in the top right corner.

      Then, select Netflix from the list of subscriptions and then select the Cancel Subscription option.

      Finally, confirm your choice.

      The easier way to cancel a Netflix subscription is by using the Web browser.

      This is because the user cannot cancel the Netflix subscription on a smartphone where the Netflix app is visible.

      If you have created your Netflix account through a website or a smart TV then follow this method to bid goodbye to your Netflix account.

      Open any Web browser and go to the Netflix website.

      Log in to your Netflix account.

      Next, a confirmation page will appear about confirming your subscription termination.

      Note: if you don’t see the option to cancel your subscription here then you have definitely signed up for Netflix through a third party.

      Canceling the Netflix subscription won’t be a deal breaker for you since there are other good OTT platforms out there in the market with a lower subscription rate.

      Here are a few streaming options available in 2023:

      The basic membership cost of Netflix is currently $9.99 per month for single-screen streaming at any given time.

      By paying just $4 more you can get the Disney+ Bundle which will also give you access to Hulu and ESPN+.

      HBO Max is another best online OTT for its originality of the content.

      It has also been reported that HBO Max and Discovery + are getting combined into one service which will result in the expansion of content as well.

      If you are looking forward to cutting down on your streaming budget then APPLE TV+ is one of the cheapest in the market.

      You just need to pay $4.99 a month and even you are allowed to take a 7days free trial for the same.

      How Do I Stop Netflix From Charging From My Card?

      If you have only one payment method, then you will be unable to remove that until and unless you add a new payment mode.

      Does Netflix Automatically Charges Every Month?

      Yes, as a member Netflix will automatically charge you every month on the date you have signed up.

      Your billing date may be one day earlier or later depending on the time zone.

      Does Canceling Netflix Delete Your Account?

      No, if you have canceled your Netflix and you want to restart it again within 10 months of cancellation then you will still be able to access your old profile.

      How To Use Chatgpt For Copywriting

      Last Updated on June 5, 2023

      Wondering how to use ChatGPT For Copywriting? You’ve come to the right place.

      To remain at the top of your game as a copywriter, you have to craft content that is compelling, engaging, and easy to digest for readers consistently. However, doing that is not as easy as it may seem. But with ChatGPT, you have nothing to worry about.

      OpenAI’s ChatGPT is one of the best AI writing tools today for generating text content. It is very easy to use and can generate almost any kind of content within a few seconds. It is an invaluable tool for copywriters and offers tons of benefits. In fact, ChatGPT can be considered a copywriter’s best friend. 

      Writing top-notch marketing copies usually takes time. However, with ChatGPT, everything becomes a breeze. It saves you time and makes your workflow process a lot easier. Creating high-quality product descriptions, ad copies, taglines and other types of high-quality content are just some of the uses of ChatGPT. Furthermore, it can help with brainstorming fresh ideas in the same way a human copywriter would be able to – almost.

      In this article, we will look at some of the ways to use ChatGPT for copywriting. But before we go into that, let’s give you a quick breakdown of what ChatGPT really is.

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      higher converting social media posts or writing more engaging emails. Sign up for a free trial.

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      What is ChatGPT?

      ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to generate text content. It was released on November 30, 2023, by OpenAI. ChatGPT uses a Generative Pre-trained transformer (GPT) to generate natural language text. The free version of ChatGTP uses GTP-3 technology, while the paid version gives you access to GPT-4.

      Ways to Use ChatGPT for Copywriting

      There are several ways that copywriters can use ChatGPT. Below are some of the practical ways which copywriters can use it to craft quality marketing copies.

      Researching Content Ideas

      Sometimes as a copywriter, the inspiration may not just be there to come up with new ideas to write about. But the good news is, ChatGPT can help you come up with new content Ideas. All you have to do is enter a prompt detailing the kind of content you want to write about, and ChatGPT will present you with a number of ideas which you can use to develop your content.

      Generating Compelling Headlines

      If you lack the right words to craft a compelling and attention-grabbing headline for your blog articles, ChatGPT can help. Just enter a few keywords related to the article, and ChatGPT will generate a couple of headlines which you can choose from. In addition, the headlines generated by ChatGPT are SEO-friendly, which allows your content to rank on search engines.

      Simplify and Rephrase Complex Text

      ChatGPT can help simplify complex information. Assuming you have a highly technical article with lots of technical jargon and you want it rephrased in a way that anybody can easily digest the content, you can simply use ChatGPT for that. In just a few seconds, the content will be rephrased with simpler words and phrases.

      PowerPoint Presentations

      As a copywriter, your job doesn’t only revolve around crafting blog articles and everyday marketing copies. There will be times when you may need to create presentations. With ChatGPT, you can easily create PowerPoint presentations within a few seconds.

      Craft Content in a Particular Tone

      Copywriters can use ChatGPT to generate content in their desired tone of voice. All you have to do is enter a prompt telling ChatGPT the voice tone you want your content to have. For example, if your content is about comedy and you want it to sound a bit funny, you can enter a prompt like this – “Write an article on the funniest movies in 2023 using a funny tone.”

      For FAQs

      Being a copywriter, some of the content you craft will have an FAQ section. However, coming up with the right questions for the FAQ section of your content can sometimes be a challenging task. 

      With ChatGPT, crafting the perfect FAQs is very easy. It doesn’t matter what topic your content is about, ChatGPT will help you generate the right questions for your FAQ section.

      Writing Long-Form Content

      Writing short-form content is usually very easy and not time-consuming. On the other hand, writing long-form content requires more effort and takes more time to be completed. That is where ChatGPT comes in.

      ChatGPT allows you to craft long-form content within a very short period. All you have to do is enter a prompt, including the topic and number of words you need. Once you do that, ChatGPT will generate the content for you instantly.

      ChatGPT for Copywriting: Tips to Improve Your Prompts

      In order to use ChatGPT copywriting, you must provide a prompt. A prompt is simply a sentence or phrase used to get a response from ChatGPT. The quality of your prompt determines the quality of the response you will get from ChatGPT. In other words, to get the best result from ChatGPT, you must use the right prompt.

      We have put together some tips on how to write ChatGPT prompts for better results.

      Always Begin Your Prompts with an Action Word

      When writing a prompt for ChatGPT copywriting, ensure you use an action or authoritative word at the beginning. Avoid starting your prompts with words like “Please” or “Can you.” Instead, start with words like Write, Create, What, or Make. Using assertive words will give you better results.

      Let your Prompts be precise

      When using ChatGPT to generate any type of content, your prompts should be as specific as possible. Using specific prompts allows ChatGPT to provide you with concise answers.

      Keep It Short and Simple (KISS)

      Avoid using long complicated sentences in your prompts. Instead, use short sentences and keep it simple. Doing so will help you get better results from ChatGPT.

      Set Limits on Results

      ChatGPT performs particularly well when limits and restrictions are set by the user. For example, if you want to generate long-form content with ChatGPT, include the exact number of words you want the content to have in your prompt. In addition, you can also include the number of paragraphs you want the content to have in your prompt.

      Specify Your Audience

      To get the best results from ChatGPT, always specify your audience in your prompts. For example, if the content is meant for business owners or entrepreneurs, let ChatGPT know who your specific audience is in your prompt. That way, the generated content will be specifically crafted for the intended audience.

      Gloria’s Thoughts

      ChatGPT is a fantastic buddy for copywriters. It saves you time and helps unlock your full potential in writing. Whether you want to write blog articles, web content, product reviews, or social media captions, ChatGPT would make your work a lot easier.

      How To Write Good Chatgpt Prompts

      With the popular AI writing tool ChatGPT, the responses you get are only as good as the prompts you use. Prompts are the textual inputs you enter for the tool to respond to. To create good ChatGPT prompts, keep these tips in mind:

      When prompted appropriately, ChatGPT can help you in all sorts of contexts: school and university, work and career, and everyday life.

      Be aware of the limitations of ChatGPT. For example, the tool sometimes makes things up. ChatGPT is not always trustworthy, so it’s important to check any facts you’re not sure about against credible sources.

      NoteUniversities and other institutions are still developing their stances on how AI writing tools may be used. Always follow your institution’s guidelines over any suggestions you read online. Check out our guide to current university policies on AI writing for more information.

      Give ChatGPT a role to play

      The following phrases can be used to assign a role to ChatGPT:

      This will explain your expectations and encourage the tool to give the kinds of responses you want.

      Example: Play the role of my Spanish teacher

      Play the role of my Spanish teacher. Teach me new vocabulary, explaining the words in English.

      Of course! I’ll be happy to play the role of your Spanish teacher. Let’s start by learning some new vocabulary. I’ll provide you with the Spanish words and their English translations. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

      Hola – Hello

      Gracias – Thank you

      Por favor – Please

      Adiós – Goodbye

      Sí – Yes

      No – No

      ¿Cómo estás? – How are you?


      General examples

      For school and university

      For work and career

      For everyday life

      Act like my meditation teacher. I’ll share how much experience I already have with meditation, and you’ll instruct me on how to meditate more effectively. Please give me specific instructions and tips to improve my meditation practice.

      Play the role of Plato. Practice the Socratic method with me by asking me questions that I have to answer. Don’t answer the questions yourself! Adjust the level for my age: I’m 14 years old. Let’s start with a dialogue about sports.

      Be my guidance counselor. […]

      Act like an English teacher. […]

      Play the role of my professor. […]

      Be my study partner. […]

      Act like my mentor. […]

      Take on the role of my personal tutor. […]

      Act like my French teacher. Only speak to me in French. Keep your answers short (maximum 50 words per answer). Ask me questions after every answer. Let’s start the conversation with this topic: la gastronomie française.

      Be my community manager. […]

      Act like a copy editor. […]

      Play the role of an estate agent. […]

      Be my management consultant. […]

      Act like a sales expert. […]

      Take on the role of my job coach. […]

      Act like a recruiter. […]

      Be my personal assisant. […]

      Act like a mindfulness coach. […]

      Play the role of a yoga teacher. […]

      Be my occupational therapist. […]

      Act like an interior designer. […]

      Take on the role of my personal stylist. […]

      Act like a sports psychologist. […]

      Act like my nutritionist. At the beginning of the conversation, please ask me about my current diet and any health issues I’ve been experiencing. Then design a diet plan according to my individual needs. Give me practical tips to help me improve my diet. At the end of each answer, ask 1–3 clarifying questions to deepen the conversation.

      Be precise and provide context

      The more precisely your prompts are worded and the more context you provide, the better ChatGPT will understand what kind of answer you are looking for. Let’s look at a new version of the prompt from the previous section, updated to give more precise instructions.

      Example: Play the role of my Spanish teacher (more precise)

      Play the role of my Spanish teacher. Teach me 20 new words on the theme of shopping for clothes. Adjust the vocabulary to my level: I’m in the 9th grade and have been studying Spanish for two years.

      ¡Hola! Soy tu profesor/a de español. Hoy vamos a aprender palabras relacionadas con ir de compras para ropa. Estoy emocionado/a de enseñarte nuevas palabras. ¡Comencemos!

      Ropa (Clothes) – La ropa es lo que usamos para vestirnos.

      Tienda (Store) – Es el lugar donde compramos la ropa.

      Pantalones (Pants) – Una prenda de vestir que cubre las piernas.

      Camiseta (T-shirt) – Una prenda de vestir que cubre el torso y los brazos.

      Vestido (Dress) – Una prenda de vestir para las chicas que cubre el cuerpo desde los hombros hasta los pies.

      Chaqueta (Jacket) – Una prenda de vestir que se lleva encima de la camisa o el suéter.


      Examples: Imprecise prompts without context

      Teach me Spanish vocabulary.

      What are some good activities?

      Explain photosynthesis.

      Be my writing coach.

      Examples: Precise prompts with context

      Teach me 30 new Spanish words on the theme of politics.

      What are some healthy and inexpensive leisure activities for a 25-year-old single man living in New York?

      I work in an elementary school, teaching children who are 6 or 7 years old. I want to explain photosynthesis to the children. Give a short explanation with an example that children in that age range can understand. Keep the language simple and explain the basics.

      Be my writing coach. At the beginning, ask me for a sample text to assess my strengths and weaknesses as an author. Then design a writing training session tailored to my needs, which will enable me to promote my strengths and improve my weaknesses. Split this writing practice into different answers (don’t give me the whole lesson in one go).

      Helpful phrases for your prompts

      The following phrases can help you to build up more specific prompts to get the best possible answers to your questions. Think of them as building blocks that can be combined however you like to meet your purposes:

      I just want you to ask me questions.

      I don’t want you to ask me any questions.

      Ask me a follow-up question at the end of each response.

      Keep asking me questions until you have all the information you need.

      Answer in three sentences.

      Avoid bias

      Bias is a distortion in someone’s (or something’s) thinking or behavior. Bias occurs due to people’s preferences, prejudices, and stereotypes.

      Responses from AI tools like ChatGPT can also be biased. This is sometimes simply a result of biases in the tool’s training data, which you can’t directly do anything about.

      But it can also result from how you phrase your prompts. ChatGPT is designed to give you the answers you want, so if you ask a question in a leading way, it will give you the kind of response you implicitly asked for, producing a biased answer.

      Example: Prompt with bias

      Organic food is often marketed as healthier and more nutritious than conventional food, but scientific evidence shows no consistent or significant differences in nutritional content. The use of organic farming methods, such as avoiding synthetic pesticides, can lead to lower crop yields and higher production costs, making organic food more expensive for consumers without clear benefits. Ultimately, consumers should make choices based on personal preferences and values rather than assuming that organic food is inherently superior.

      Using a prompt like this is not likely to result in a balanced view of the issue. ChatGPT obviously only mentions the downsides of organic food, since that’s what you asked for. This runs the risk of confirmation bias (where you only look for information that confirms your beliefs).

      An unbiased version of the same prompt, in which we ask about both sides of the issue, is shown below.

      Example: Prompt without bias

      In a paragraph, summarize the pros and cons of consuming organic food instead of conventional food.

      Consuming organic food offers several pros and cons compared to conventional food. On the positive side, organic food is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or synthetic fertilizers. This makes it a healthier option, as it reduces the potential exposure to harmful chemicals and promotes environmental sustainability. Organic farming practices also prioritize soil and water conservation, biodiversity preservation, and animal welfare. However, organic food can be more expensive and may have a shorter shelf life due to the absence of certain preservatives. Additionally, the yield per acre in organic farming is generally lower, leading to higher production costs and potentially limited availability. Critics argue that the nutritional differences between organic and conventional food are minimal and not significant enough to justify the higher price. Overall, the decision to consume organic food depends on personal values, health considerations, and affordability.

      Test and improve your prompts

      ChatGPT won’t always give you exactly what you want on the first try. For the best results, test your prompts several times and try to improve them step by step. You can follow up on answers in the same chat, or start again with a reworked prompt in a new chat.

      Example: Following up on answers

      Give me some examples of riddles.

      Sure! Here are a few examples of riddles for you:

      I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with the wind. What am I? Answer: An echo.

      What has keys but can’t open locks? Answer: A piano.


      Please give me another riddle, but don’t tell me the answer. I will try to figure it out for myself, and you tell me if I’m right.

      Of course! Here’s a riddle for you:I have keys but no locks. I have space but no room. You can enter but can’t go outside. What am I?

      Feel free to take your time and think about it. Once you’re ready, let me know your answer, and I’ll let you know if you’re correct!

      A keyboard

      Great guess! The answer is indeed a keyboard. Well done!

      While improving your prompts, bear in mind the tips from the previous sections: be precise, give sufficient context, and avoid bias.

      Other interesting articles

      If you want more tips on using AI tools, understanding plagiarism, and citing sources, make sure to check out some of our other articles with explanations, examples, and formats.

      Frequently asked questions about ChatGPT prompts Cite this Scribbr article

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      Cite this article

      Is Chatbot Plus Worth The Money?

      Are you considering upgrading to ChatGPT Plus and wondering if it’s worth the investment? In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of ChatGPT Plus to help you make an informed decision. ChatGPT Plus is a premium subscription plan that offers enhanced features and benefits over the free version. Let’s delve into the details and answer the question: is ChatGPT Plus worth the money for you.

      Also read: How to Use GPT-4 Free without ChatGPT Plus

      ChatGPT Plus outperforms the free version in terms of performance. With the Plus subscription, you can expect more accurate and contextually relevant responses. The model has been fine-tuned to provide better results, making it a valuable upgrade for users seeking high-quality output from the chatbot.

      ChatGPT Plus can be seamlessly integrated with other systems, such as chatbots and customer relationship management (CRM) software. This integration allows for a cohesive user experience across different platforms and applications. Whether you’re using ChatGPT Plus to provide customer support or automate tasks, integrating it with existing systems can streamline your operations and improve efficiency.

      Also read: Is ChatGPT Free?

      While ChatGPT Plus offers a range of benefits, its web browsing features may be slower compared to dedicated browsers. Loading times for web pages within the chat interface might take longer, affecting the overall user experience. However, it’s important to note that the primary function of ChatGPT Plus is to provide conversational AI capabilities rather than serving as a full-fledged web browser.

      As with any AI model, ChatGPT Plus may sometimes generate responses that contain inaccurate or fake information. While OpenAI has made significant strides in improving the accuracy of its models, there is still a possibility of encountering incorrect or misleading answers. It’s essential to exercise caution and verify the information obtained through the chatbot, especially for critical or sensitive queries.

      Users of ChatGPT Plus might experience occasional outages, leading to temporary loss of access. While OpenAI strives to provide a reliable service, technical issues and maintenance requirements can occasionally interrupt the availability of ChatGPT. It’s important to consider the potential impact of such outages on your workflows and evaluate.

      Considering these factors, let’s delve deeper into the features and drawbacks of ChatGPT Plus to determine whether it’s worth the investment.

      One drawback of ChatGPT Plus is that its web browsing features may sometimes be slow to load. This can result in a less optimal browsing experience, especially when users expect quick and efficient access to information. While this issue can be mitigated by optimizing internet connectivity and server performance, it is an important aspect to consider before deciding to invest in ChatGPT Plus.

      Increased Availability: One of the primary benefits of ChatGPT Plus is access to the model even during peak usage times. Free users often experience wait times due to high demand, but ChatGPT Plus subscribers receive priority access, ensuring a more seamless and uninterrupted experience.

      Faster Response Times: With ChatGPT Plus, subscribers receive faster response times from the model. This allows for more efficient and productive conversations, making it particularly useful for time-sensitive inquiries or discussions.

      General Availability Guarantee: OpenAI aims to make ChatGPT available to as many people as possible. By subscribing to ChatGPT Plus, users support the availability of free access to ChatGPT for those who cannot afford a subscription, fostering a more inclusive and accessible AI ecosystem.

      Advanced Use Cases: If you require specialized or domain-specific knowledge, such as complex legal or medical inquiries, ChatGPT Plus might not be sufficient. Although the model is versatile and knowledgeable, it may not possess the level of expertise required for highly specialized tasks.

      Frequent and Time-Sensitive Usage: If you heavily rely on ChatGPT for various tasks or frequently engage in time-sensitive conversations, ChatGPT Plus can significantly enhance your productivity by reducing waiting times and offering faster responses.

      Support for OpenAI’s Mission: By becoming a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you contribute to OpenAI’s goal of democratizing access to AI technologies. Your subscription helps fund the availability of free access to ChatGPT for users who cannot afford the subscription, making AI more accessible to a broader audience.

      ChatGPT Plus offers tangible benefits such as increased availability, faster response times, early access to new features, and the ability to support OpenAI’s mission. However, its cost and limited expertise in specialized domains should be considered before subscribing. Depending on your usage patterns, needs, and budget, ChatGPT Plus can be a valuable investment for individuals seeking enhanced access and improved productivity when interacting with the ChatGPT language model.

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