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What is Error Code 999 & How to Quickly Fix it Low memory or incorrect registry entries can cause this error




Before performing a disk cleanup, ensure a working backup of your PC’s files.

Bad or incompatible graphics drivers can trigger the error code 999.

Running SFC & DISM scans or reinstalling the graphics drivers can help solve the problem.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

While using your PC, you can run into an annoying Windows error 999 notification which is often triggered while trying to open an application.

In this article, we’ve outlined the most common causes of the error code 999 and some of the best-known fixes to help you resolve it.

What causes the error code 999?

The error code 999 is usually caused by the following:

Virus & Malware – Viruses and malware infections can corrupt system files and restrict Windows apps from functioning correctly.

Low memory – If you’re running on low memory, you’ll likely experience crashes and error codes like code 999.

Incorrect Registry entries – Incorrect registry entries can damage the Windows registry, leading to the error code 999.

Bad graphics driver – If you install an incompatible or outdated driver on your PC, it can lead to conflicts with Windows and trigger errors like code 999.

How can I fix the error code 999? 1. Close the background programs in Task Manager

The actions of some third-party apps can conflict with Windows operations. Disabling such processes in the task manager can help fix the error code 999.

Here is a detailed guide on how to fix Task Manager not responding.

2. Perform a full PC scan

Viruses and malware are the most common causes of Windows errors; you can resolve the error code 999 by running a virus scan. If you’d like, here are the best third-party antivirus tools for Windows.

The safest option to scan your PC for viruses and also remove them is by using ESET NOD32 because it has the latest antivirus protection and high detection capabilities that will surely keep away all threats.

3. Run a Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup can remove corrupt App data from your PC; however, you also lose files that aren’t backed up. Ensure you backup your PC before running a disk cleanup.

4. Reinstall the graphics driver

After a reboot, Windows should automatically install the drivers. However, if you’d like to install it manually, here is a detailed guide showing you how to manually install drivers on Windows.

5. Run the SFC/ DISM scans

An SFC scan scans and repairs corrupt system files, causing errors in the system. If you’re experiencing code 999, an SFC scan can help fix it.

If you experience a Windows Resource Protection error during an SFC scan, read our guide to fix it.

Fixing the error code 999 is straightforward when you have the proper steps to follow. By the end of this article, you should be able to fix it.

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What Is Error Code 0X80240004 & How To Fix It

What is Error Code 0x80240004 & How to Fix it Make sure all the necessary services are running on your PC




The error 0x80240004 is associated with the Microsoft Store and Windows update.

You can fix this issue by running the respective troubleshooter.

Also, ensure that the time and date on your PC are correctly set.



Easily get rid of Windows errors

Fortect is a system repair tool that can scan your complete system for damaged or missing OS files and replace them with working versions from its repository automatically. Boost your PC performance in three easy steps:

Download and Install Fortect on your PC.

Launch the tool and Start scanning


readers have already downloaded Fortect so far this month

Well, the error code 0x80240004 can appear to you when you try to download an app from the Microsoft Store or even when you try to update your Windows PC. In the former’s case, it prevents you from downloading an app, and in the latter’s case, you won’t be able to install necessary updates.

Thankfully in this guide, we will show you a bunch of solutions that will help fix the error code 0x80240004 associated with the Microsoft Store or the Windows update. So let us get right into the guide.

Why am I getting error code 0x80240004?

Before heading over to the solutions, it is better to understand the reasons triggering the error code 0x80240004 on your PC.

Microsoft Store has some issues: The Microsoft Store can often misbehave because of some underlying issues.

Your PC is infected with the virus: A virus or malware attack can not only cause your PC to get slow, but it can also affect your system’s performance.

Outdated drivers: Several users have reported that this issue was triggered because there were a lot of drivers on their PC waiting to be updated.

Incorrect date and time: If the time zone has been changed, by you or a third-party app, then it could cause multiple issues on your PC.

Windows update service isn’t running: For Windows updates to get installed, you have to ensure that the associated service is running.

Let us take a look at the solutions and resolve this issue.

How can I fix the error 0x80240004?

Your Windows PC offers a bunch of troubleshooters that can help you resolve various issues on your PC. A couple of which are the Windows update and Windows Store troubleshooters that fix various petty issues triggering the error 0x80240004.

2. Check if necessary services are running

Press the Win + R keys to open the Run dialogue.

Type chúng tôi and press Enter.

Locate one by one, and check if the below services are running.

BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service)


Windows Installer

Windows Update Services

It would be best if you made sure that the services mentioned above are running and aren’t stopped. If these are stopped, press the Start button and check whether this fixes the 0x80240004 error.

Expert tip:

4. Perform a virus scan

You should always make sure that your PC is protected, and for that, you should perform regular scans. Unfortunately, however, Windows Security isn’t that effective when it comes to tackling modern viruses or malware.

In such a case, we suggest you check out our guide that gives a list of some of the best antivirus software you can have on your PC and safeguard it against any threats.

5. Reset your PC

If nothing works, then you should probably resort to resetting your PC. When you reset your PC, you can easily take your PC back to a state where everything was usually working, and the error 0x80240004 wasn’t troubling you.

That is it from us in this guide. If you are getting Windows update error 0x800f0845, you can check out our guide and resolve the problem.

For users coming across the update error 0xFFFFFFFF, they should apply the solutions mentioned in our guide to fix the problem.

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Fix Netflix Error Code M7111

Netflix is one of the best streaming services offering tons of online content to watch on an array of devices.  Still, every so often, you will encounter Netflix error codes that break your entertainment tracks. Are you facing the Netflix Error Code M7111-1331 or Netflix M7111-1331-2206? Do not worry as you can easily fix this error with the instructions given in this blog.

What is Netflix error code M7111-1331?

M7111-1331 error code on Netflix occurs when the users access Netflix from a browser, particularly from Google Chrome. It may indicate the following:

You are using a link to a webpage that no longer exists.

One of your browser extensions is incompatible with Netflix.

Apart from those discussed above, other potential causes of this error are:

Downtime of Netflix servers

Outdated Cache data

Unavailability of Netflix in a location

Slow internet connectivity

Server latency

The Netflix error M7111-1331 may be resulting from the bad data stored in the web browser. Resolving this error demands refreshing the stored information.

How to fix Netflix error code M7111-1331

There are few workarounds, with which you can resolve this issue. Some of these are as follows:

Use a different browser

Reset Google Chrome

Disable Chrome extensions

Clear all browsing data

Try disabling proxy

Verify the server status

Let us go through each of these solutions to see how to resolve this error efficiently:

2] Use a different browser

Now since we understand that the M7111-1331 error often relates to bad browser data and extensions, so, using a different browser could be a simple workaround. Several users report that using alternative browsers on their system fixes the issue. So, ditch your go-to browser for the time and stream Netflix in another one. You could turn to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera; all of these are compatible with Netflix.

3] Reset Google Chrome

M7111-1331 error code occurs when the users access Netflix from a browser, especially from Chrome. Hence resetting Chrome is another solution that will clear all the old browsing data. Hence, if you wish to continue enjoying Netflix on Chrome again, try resetting its values to default. Follow these steps:

1] Open Google Chrome.

3] From the options, select Settings.

4] Scroll down to the bottom and hit the Advanced button.

6] Press the Reset settings button.

Done, now try opening Netflix and see if the issue is resolved.

4] Disable Chrome extensions

This fix is again for the Google Chrome users, try disabling unnecessary add-ons and try opening Netflix again. Here is how to do it:

1] Open Google Chrome.

2] In the address bar copy the following code and press the Enter key.


Once you have disabled the extensions try using Netflix once again. If Netflix works, try enabling the extensions one by one to see which one was clashing with Netflix.

5] Clear all browsing data

Netflix Error Code M7111-1331 will bother the user if their browser contains data that has turned corrupted. Here are the steps to clear browsing data for Chrome. Similar steps will apply for Edge or Firefox.

1] Open Google Chrome.

2] In the address bar copy the following code and press the Enter key.


6] In the pop-up, select all the options in the Advanced tab.

Finally restart the Chrome browser and reopen Netflix.

6] Try disabling proxy

Netflix places geographic restrictions on streaming content based on the user’s current location. In simple words, it means that when a user opens Netflix in the UK, he/she will have access to different content than he/she would if they were logging in to Netflix within the United States. This could be one of the many reasons for getting Netflix Error Code M7111-1331. Therefore, skipping using a proxy could help in resolving this error. Follow these steps:

1] Press Win + I keys together to open Settings.

3] Under the Manual Proxy Setup section, uncheck Use a proxy server option.

There is another way to disable Proxy on your system, follow these steps:

1] Open the Control Panel.

2] Select Network and Internet and select Internet Options.

3] On the new window, navigate to the Connections tab.

5] Now, uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN.

Done! If the proxy was to be blamed for Error Code M7111-1331 the above fix should work.

7] Verify the server status

Sometimes Netflix servers could be the reason behind error code M7111-1331. As suggested, first try to test Netflix on another browser and device, if it continues to display the same error go to the Netflix Help Center from your system.

A yellow symbol with an exclamation mark indicates the Netflix server is down. If the server is working fine, you will see a green icon with a tick on it as shown below:

Here, there is nothing much that can be done than wait for the service to be up and running fine once again.

How To Fix Hulu Error Code P

The P-DEV320 error code will pop up on your screen if your device can’t establish a connection with Hulu’s servers. This error could be due to issues with your internet connection or problems with Hulu’s servers.

Using an outdated version of the streaming app on your device could also trigger the Hulu error code P-DEV320. The causes and their respective solutions will vary based on your streaming device. We’re confident that at least one of the troubleshooting tips below will resolve the Hulu error code P-DEV320.

Table of Contents

1. Check Hulu’s Server Status

Head to DownDetector or other website monitoring platforms and check if Hulu’s servers are up-and-running. If these websites and other users report an issue with Hulu, contact Hulu Support, and wait until Hulu fixes the problem. 

2. Check Your Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can also prevent your device from connecting with Hulu. If you’re on a wireless network, ensure the router is powered on and close to your device. Restarting your router could also stop the P-DEV320 error.

For cellular connections, make sure you haven’t depleted your internet plan. Also, enable airplane mode, wait a few seconds, and turn off airplane mode. That’ll refresh your device’s internet connection and possibly stop the Hulu P-DEV320 error code.

Contact your ISP if you still can’t stream movies in Hulu or other streaming apps.

3. Force Close and Reopen Hulu

Hulu may fail to exchange data with your device if the Hulu app is malfunctioning. Force-quit Hulu on your streaming device, relaunch the app and see if that puts an end to the P-DEV320 error.

Reopen Hulu after force-quitting the app and check if you’re able to stream movies without issues.

4. Update Hulu

Hulu may occasionally throw the error code P-DEV320 if you’re running an outdated version of the app. Head to your device’s app store and install any update available for Hulu. Better yet, configure your streaming device to automatically update Hulu as soon as there’s a new version in the app store.

Refer to the system and app updates page on Hulu’s website for explicit instructions on updating Hulu on all compatible devices.

5. Clear Your Browser’s Data

If you’re streaming Hulu on a PC or Mac computer, clearing your Hulu’s data in your browser might resolve problems causing the Hulu error code P-DEV320. Deleting Hulu’s site data and cookies will sign you out of Hulu. Make sure you have your account credentials handy before you proceed.

Clear Hulu’s Data in Safari

Close the Hulu tab in Safari (don’t close the browser) and follow the steps below.

Select Safari on the menu bar and select Preferences.

Go to the “Privacy” tab, select Manage Website Data.

Type hulu in the search bar and select Remove All.

Select Remove Now to proceed.

Select Done and reopen Hulu in a new tab. 

Clear Hulu’s Data in Google Chrome

Paste chrome://settings/siteData in the address bar, press Enter, type hulu in the search bar and select Remove all shown.

Clear Hulu’s Data in Mozilla Firefox

Close all Hulu tabs in Firefox, open a new tab and follow the steps.

Paste about:preferences#privacy in the address bar, and press Enter.

Scroll to the “Cookies and Site Data” section and select Manage Data.

Type hulu in the search bar and select Remove All Shown.

Select Save Changes and try streaming Hulu in a new tab.

Clear Hulu Cookies in Microsoft Edge

Close all Hulu tabs, paste edge://settings/siteData in the address bar, type hulu in the search bar, and select Remove all shown.

Reopen Hulu in a new tab and check if that stops the P-DEV320 error.

6. Update Your Browser

Streaming Hulu movies with an outdated or unsupported browser could also trigger the error code P-DEV320. Hulu recommends streaming content using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox on Mac and Windows devices. Microsoft Edge works with Hulu only on Windows devices.

Head to your browser’s settings menu and make sure it’s up-to-date. 

For Firefox, go to Settings and select Check for updates in the “Firefox Updates” section. We also recommend toggling on Automatically install updates so Firefox updates itself when there’s a new version.

To update Microsoft Edge, go to Settings, select About Microsoft Edge on the left sidebar, and wait for the browser to update itself.

Updating Chrome is equally easy. Paste chrome://settings/help in the address bar, press Enter, select Update Google Chrome, and reopen Hulu in a new tab when the update is complete.

Close and reopen your browser if the Hulu error code P-DEV320 persists. You could also try streaming Hulu in another supported browser or device.

7. Restart Your Device

Power-cycling your streaming device could eliminate system glitches causing Hulu to malfunction. Restart your smartphone, set-top box, smart TV, or whatever device you’re streaming Hulu on. Open Hulu when your device comes back on and check if the error re-appears. 

8. Reinstall Hulu

There could be a problem with the version of the Hulu app installed on your device. If you’re unable to update Hulu, or the P-DEV320 error continues after updating Hulu, delete the app and reinstall the latest version from your device’s app store.

Contact Hulu Support

Fix Zoom Error Code 1132 The Right Way

Some users cannot join meetings on Zoom because of the error code 1132. Whenever they open Zoom and join a meeting, the error code 1132 pops out and prevents them from joining the meeting. Some affected users tried restarting their systems, but the error did not resolve. In this article, we will see some effective solutions to fix Zoom Error code 1132 1132.

Fix Zoom Error code 1132

One of the causes of Zoom error code 1132 is a poor internet connection. Unstable internet connections always cause issues. Hence, before trying the fixes mentioned below, check your internet connection. We also suggest you restart your computer and see if it helps. If these tips do not help, use the solutions below to resolve the issue.

Power-cycle your router

Check for Zoom updates

Temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall

Join Zoom meetings in your web browser

Create a new user account

Uninstall and reinstall Zoom

1] Power-cycle your router

It will be better if you power-cycle your router. The following steps will guide you on this:

Turn off your router.

Unplug cables from the wall socket.

Wait for a few minutes.

Plug cables into the wall socket again and turn on your router.

You can also try connecting your system to the internet via an ethernet cable. Wired connections have less packet loss as compared to wireless connections. Therefore, wired internet connections are more stable than wireless ones.

2] Check for Zoom updates

If you are using an outdated version of Zoom, you may experience several issues like this one. This is because of bugs in older versions. Users are always suggested to use the latest version of the software because newer versions released by developers come with bug fixes.

The following steps will help you check for updates for Zoom Client.

Open Zoom Client.

Sign in to your account.

After updating the Zoom Client to the latest version, join a meeting and see if you get the same error code this time. If yes, try the next solution.

3] Temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall

If your antivirus and firewall are blocking Zoom from establishing a connection successfully. You can check this by temporarily blocking your antivirus and firewall. After doing this, open Zoom Client and see if you can join the meeting or not. If yes, your antivirus and firewall are the culprits. Now, you have to add Zoom Client as an exception to your antivirus and allow it through your firewall.

Some users were able to fix the issue by resetting firewall settings to default. You can also try this.

4] Join Zoom meetings in your web browser

Now, you have to enter your meeting details in the required fields to join the meeting. Also, you have to allow Zoom in your web browser to access your camera and microphone.

5] Create a new user account

In some cases, the problem is associated with a particular user account. We suggest you create a new user account on Windows 11/10 and see if it fixes the issue. Some affected users have reported that they were able to join the meeting through Zoom Client in another user profile on Windows 11/10. Maybe it will work for you too.

6] Uninstall and reinstall Zoom

After uninstalling Zoom, restart your computer. Now, download the latest version from its official website and install it again.

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How do I get rid of error code 1132 Zoom?

Zoom displays errors when it is unable to establish a connection to the server. According to the feedback of users, error code 1132 mostly occurs while joining a meeting via the Zoom Client. If you see this error, try to join the meeting in your browser and see if it helps. We have explained some helpful solutions in this article to fix this issue.

How do I fix Zoom connection error?

If Zoom keeps saying error or specifically, the Connection error, check your internet connection. An unstable internet connection creates issues for Zoom to communicate with the server due to which users experience errors on Zoom Client. Different error codes on Zoom occur due to different reasons. Hence, if you see an error on Zoom, you have to troubleshoot it accordingly to resolve the problem.

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How To Fix Error Code 100 On Xbox?

Xbox is known to receive errors, of which one is error code 100 – which tells the user that something went wrong with the system, and you need to restart the Xbox. It also offers an option to start the Troubleshoot. This post will display a list of suggestions in the form of steps to help you figure them out.

How to fix error code 100 on Xbox

Follow these suggestions in a row. If one doesn’t work, follow the next.

Restart Console

Hard Reset Console

Update your System

Restore Console to Factory Settings

1] Restart Console

The first obvious step is to use the D-Bad on the controller to select Restart the Xbox option and then press the A-button. If it was a minor issue, you should be able to access the Xbox Home Screen.

2] Hard Reset Console

When an Xbox is turned off, it gets into a state where it is not entirely shut down but rather a sort of hibernation to boot up quickly the next time—sometimes restarting the Console after completely shutting down helps.

To hard reset, long-press the Xbox power button for few seconds. Once it shuts down, unplug the wire to power it down completely. Next, wait for 30 seconds, and then plug the mains lead back in. Turn it back on, and check if the problem is resolved.

Read: How to fix Xbox One startup errors or E error codes.

3] Update your System

The next way out is updating the Console in offline mode. The Start-up Troubleshooter offers the option to update the Console using a USB device.

You can download the file from Xbox Website on your computer. Once the zip file is downloaded, extract it, and then copy the $SystemUpdate to the USB drive.

Next, on the Console, select Troubleshoot instead of restart. The troubleshooter should automatically pick up the file. Still, you can also use the controller to select Offline System Update to initiate the update using the files saved on your flash drive.

When the update is complete, the Console will restart, and you should return to the Home screen.

4] Restore Console to Factory Settings

If nothing works, you can choose to reset the Console to factory settings. Since Xbox syncs the progress of the games online, you should not have a problem with that. However, you will need to reinstall all the applications.

Select Troubleshoot, and then choose to Reset this Xbox, and select Remove everything when asked. The Console will reboot, and you will have to go through the initial setup process you may have done after turning it on for the first time.

If nothing fixes it, then you’ll need to submit a request to have your Console repaired. You can initiate a request at chúng tôi through your account.

How to bring up the Xbox Troubleshoot Screen?

In case you don’t see this or have lost it, follow this step to bring back the Xbox Start-up Trouble-shooter.

Please turn off your Console, and then unplug the power cable to make sure it is turned off.

Wait till 30 seconds, and then plug the wire again.

Press and hold the Pair button and the Eject button, and then press the Xbox button on the Console.

Continue holding the Pair and Eject buttons for 10 to 15 seconds.

You should hear two power-up tones a couple of seconds apart.

You can release the Pair and Eject buttons after the second power-up tone.

It will restart the console and take to the Xbox Start-up Trouble-shooter.

If you have the Xbox Series S and the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, which do not have Eject buttons, you can bring up the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter on this Console by holding only the Pair button and then pressing the Xbox button.

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