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Locate your reduced legroom. Moron Eel

Don’t expect elbow room. Moron Eel

Until the ’90s, it was rare to find someone in the middle seat; most flights were less than two-thirds full, and people (naturally) grab windows and aisles first. That empty space meant passengers had more room to stretch out, boarding moved more quickly, and bin shortages were blessedly uncommon. Today, cheaper fares mean nearly nine out of 10 spots are taken on an average flight.

Bygone amenities


Before seatback TV, airlines distributed postcards to fill out.

Coat racks

A closet for garment bags and outerwear preceded each section.

Seat flotation

Cushy recliners made butts comfy; but the chairs didn’t float.

Overhead space

Hat racks, rather than bins, gave passengers more headroom.

Table settings

Travelers ate dinner with real cutlery, and sipped free bubbly.

How to use a tiny bathroom

Enter sideways

Lavs are as much as 10 inches narrower now, with little room to turn around. Shimmy to enter.

Wash carefully

New ­kidney-​shaped sinks are only 4 inches deep, so clean one hand at a time.

Mind the door

­Outward-​swinging doors block flight attendants’ access to the galleys. Exit with caution.

And yet, you grow

Tall and wide. Moron Eel

As legroom contracts and seats narrow, passengers’ bodies are going in the opposite direction. Most Americans are more than 25 pounds heavier than their 1960s counterparts. That extra weight generally hangs around people’s waists, making the squeeze between armrests tighter. We’ve also grown an inch taller, bringing seat­backs and luggage bins even closer.

This article was originally published in the Fall 2023 Tiny issue of Popular Science.

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview: What To Expect In This Microsoft Release

Tomorrow Wednesday, February 29, is the day when Microsoft is planning to unveil Windows 8 Consumer Preview (build 8250), and it is expected to happen at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona at 9 am ET (3 pm CET) — check your time zone here.

This so-called “Consumer Preview” is just a label to what we know as the beta release, but as the label implies this release is an open invitation for all users who want to have a sneak-peek to what is new in Windows 8, which is different from the Developer Preview released back in September, 2011, that was targeted to application developers.

Microsoft is betting big in this new OS, Windows 8 is set to reimagined the way we use PC today “without compromises” as the company said. Long gone is the Start Menu that millions of users have used since the first release of Windows 95, more than a decade ago. Now Windows 8 incorporates a new menu called Start Screen, which fills the whole screen with colorful live tiles from different applications. This new user interface the company refers it as “Metro”, and it will be available throughout all devices that supports Windows 8 (many devices, one user interface).

Basically the idea behind the new UI is that if you are using a touch-enabled device, you skip the use of the traditional desktop environment all together.

With the Windows Store that the software maker is launching will be the only place for Windows users to get free and paid Metro style apps — this is much like the Apple Store –. Microsoft also already reveled the list of apps that, by default, are going to come preinstalled on Windows 8 Developer Preview:









Check out our previous article to learn more — Windows 8 ‘Consumer Preview’ preinstalled apps list revealed.

The traditional Windows desktop is not going anywhere, with the new Metro style interface; users will still be able to access the desktop and all legacy applications. But you’ll see the difference with the introduction of ARM-based devices support in Windows 8. These new supported devices are only going to run Metro style apps and the upcoming version of Microsoft Office 15, and sadly none of the legacy desktop apps.

What’s new in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

While Microsoft didn’t release all the details on what is coming on build 8250, we already know many features and changes that are expected to be released, for example:

Also, there might be some games that will be available on the Windows Store with the release of Consumer Preview, including:

Full House Poker

Hydro Thunder

Angry Birds and many others.

One big question still is whether the software maker is going to include a way to roll-back to a previous version of Windows, in case users decide to upgrade, for example, Windows 7 to Windows 8 Consumer Preview. In the Developer Preview, Microsoft did mentioned that you couldn’t roll-back once you upgraded, but this was noted in the download page and not in a warning message when users were installing the operating system.

Getting ready for the Consumer Preview

In various occasions Microsoft noted that any computer that is currently running Windows 7 is well suited to run Windows 8, but it is not just that what you need to know, so here is a list of tips with all you need to know to prepare your PC for Windows 8 Consumer Preview (a.k.a Windows 8 beta and a.k.a Windows 8 build 8250). 

I’ll be keeping an eye open and getting you the download link as soon it become available, plus you’ll have a step-by-step how to guide to go through the installation process of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, short after it becomes available. So keep checking Pureinfotech — Windows 8 section for more updates and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates in your inbox.

16 Best Offline Iphone Games To Play In Airplane Mode In 2023

Are you an avid gamer who uses gaming as a free fun therapy? If yes, you must have stocked all the top-rated games on your iPhone, even the ones that work offline with Airplane Mode. Whether you are traveling or willing to stay away from the hustle and bustle of life, these offline games for iPhone always got your back.

The App Store has an impressive collection of the best offline iPhone games, from car races to action-packed quests. Curious to know what games can you play on an iPhone without the internet? Then, stay with us on this article featuring the most trending offline games for iPhone users. Let’s start: 

1. Hill Climb Racing 2 – Editor’s Choice 

Designed in a 2D interface, Hill Climb Racing 2 is a game dedicated to car racing lovers. The game houses multiple maps, vehicles, and character customization features to keep you hooked for hours. You can enjoy the enchanting scenery of homes, trees, farms, and grazing animals while you climb up the enormous inclines, steep hills, logs, and rocky crevices. 

In addition, the sequel comes with smoother graphics, improved controls, and intuitive improvisations to take you on an adrenaline-fueled drive in a blink. The game gives you a stack of customizable vehicles for your expedition, like cars, trucks, bikes, and tanks. Further, you can tailor your character for a more personalized experience.  


Multiple tracks to explore 

Customize your character and vehicle 

Intuitive graphics featuring animals, houses, etc.  

Compete with others in cup modes 


Issues with vehicle mechanics

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


2. Smash Hit – Break to win

Destruction! Yes, this single word forms the heart of this viral game. Let me make it clear – the game does not involve actual violence. All you need to do is throw metal balls at every glass object you encounter while moving toward higher stages. As expected of its name, the better you are at smashing items, the more quickly you climb up the success ladder in the game. 

You get 50+ unique rooms within the game with eleven eye-catching graphic styles and real-like glass-breaking systems at every stage. Smash Hit is a perfect stress-buster game where you can easily vent out your frustration while smashing virtual objects. For instance, different music, tunes, and audio effects will surprise you whenever you move a stage ahead or clear an obstacle.   

The game offers you a limited stock of metal balls to hit your targets when you start the game. However, you can expand your pile of balls by smashing pyramids and diamonds. The game also blesses you with multiple power boosts, including unlimited rapid-fire balls and the power to slow time temporarily. Certainly, Smash Hit offers the best destruction physics on smartphones.   


Easy-to-use interface 

Unique graphics at each stage 

Music and audio support  


Limited metal balls to clear a stage

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


3. Asphalt 9: Legends – Race with supercars

Asphalt 9: Legends is one of the most popular car racing games accessible offline on iPhone. Swipe off your enemies in real-world locations as you race with the most coveted hypercars picked by globally acclaimed manufacturers. You can collect over 150 high-speed machines and customize their mechanics per your interests.   

The interface allows you to upgrade the vehicle stats, choose the color of the brake calipers, add carbon parts, etc. With Asphalt 9, you enjoy thrilling races across 185 challenging tracks, hailing from 13 real-life global locations like Osaka, Cairo, and others.   

The game offers a seamless UI with sharp manual controls for an almost real racing experience. Further, you can play as a single player in 900+ solo events or indulge in 8-player live races. You can earn rewards by competing in races with your club members. Each victory will help you climb the Leaderboard and stack your reward pile. 


Multiple tracks inspired by real-life locations 

Smooth controls 

Stunning collection of hypercars 


Seldom crashes during loading

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


4. Angry Birds 2 – Fling the birds

Launched in 2023, Angry Birds 2 is the second edition of the world-acclaimed game series Angry Birds. In this user-friendly bird flinging game, you enjoy a battle between pouty birds and creepy pigs in this trendy offline game for iPhone. The cute aesthetics of the game, paired with intense gameplay, give you the best of both worlds for free.   

The second edition of Angry Birds is similar to its predecessor, with a few upgrades sprinkled throughout the game. Now, you can shuffle the slingshot and pick your favorite bird to fling it at the enemy pig. In addition, Angry Birds 2 allows you to play with your friends or compete and collaborate with other players in this multi-stage game.

You can level up your angry birds with feathers and boost their scoring power. Further, you can amp up your bird’s fashion game by gifting them different funny hats. Also, you can fill your pockets with coins simply by impressing the Mighty Eagle. It’s all fun and birdy in the Angry Birds’ land.


Amazing UI 

Multiple levels to explore  

New features, like the ability to choose birds 

Compete with friends and competitors 


Lengthy waiting time for revival  

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


5. SONIC DASH 2: Sonic Boom – Run like a pro

SONIC DASH 2 is the power-packed sequel to SEGA’s superhit endless runner game, SONIC DASH. Featuring the cast of the TV series SONIC BOOM, the game has everything to keep you entertained for hours. Satiate your gamer thirst by roleplaying as Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sticks, and Shadow. 

The newly-added Team Play mode lets you race with up to three characters and swap runners in the middle to fetch high scores. Additionally, you can unlock unique superpowers like Sonic’s Dash Ring Magnet, Amy’s Ring Hammer, Knuckle’s Slam, etc. Explore the interesting, fast-paced tracks to unleash a never-ending running saga.   

You can collect magical Sprites to succeed in the game swiftly. Moving around while battling the obstacles is easy with the Swing and Tilt gameplay in this offline game for iPhone. You can venture into the amazing 3D worlds and earn special prizes by participating in events and everyday SEGA challenges.  


Easy navigation 

Challenges to keep you entertained 

Special rewards keep you motivated 


Very similar to the original game

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)   


6. Jetpack Joyride 2 – Perfect running offline game

The game’s core concept is simple but packed with stunning mechanics that can sweep you off your feet. Through the game, you must find your way by dodging deadly electric traps and missiles fired at you by cruel scientists. In addition, in the sequel, you get to explore multiple levels with the momentum of challenges growing successively.

Apart from the jetpack, Jetpack Joyride 2 comes with several guns and special weapons to help you fight enemies. Further, you can collect happy goodies, purchase new items/gears, and upgrade your existing gears. The thrill of hunting down the baddies and gathering currency as rewards will surely surprise you.   


Intuitive features 

In-game gears  

Juicy goodies and currency as rewards 


Only available as part of Apple Arcade

Price: Available with Apple Arcade 


7. Drop Flip – Save the ball

Need something simple to keep you entertained on your next flight? Well, then quickly download Drop Flip on your iPhone. Based on physics contraptions, the game expects its players to focus on only two objects – a ball and a bucket. To succeed in this game, all you need to do is to land the falling ball inside the bucket with the help of different-shaped objects.

Let your imagination run wild as you move to higher levels in the game. FYI, there are 128 fun-filled levels in the portal. Moreover, you can apply all the rules and exceptions of physics to land the ball inside the bucket finally. You can experiment however you want without burning your house or fighting with your younger sibling.   

All your moves align with the colorful visuals and ear-pleasing music effects. Additionally, you can flex about your achievements to your friends, displayed in the leaderboards. The game is easy to synchronize with other devices through iCloud.   


Easy physics experimentation 

Eye-pleasing visuals and cool sound effects 

Easy synchronizations through iCloud 


It can get monotonous after some time

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99) 


8. Need for Speed No Limits – Best offline car racing game

Claim your dominance in car racing with Need for Speed. This Airplane-supported game is a perfect time-killer for anyone with a knack for speedy driving or cars. Fill your garage with an exciting, bold collection of world-class cars. Feel free to customize your Ferrari from options collected from the Mod Shop and the Black Market.

Take your rides and steer onto the streets to experience the thrill of superfast luxurious cars. The smooth game controls will help you jump around the walls and debris, face traffic, and explore the high-speed Nitro Zones. Every corner unlocks your chance to participate in over 1000 races against the natives and cops.

Challenge speed and accelerate towards the finish line to win the title of the best car racer. Rule the streets as if you own them. The adrenaline rush fuelled in your nerves by this game will keep you on your toes; trust me.  


Wide collection of branded cars 

Customizations allowed 

Challenging levels to interest you 


Issues with the steering wheel controls 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


9. Crashlands – Enjoy action-packed offline gaming

Crashlands is a perfect companion for action lovers. It shines as one of the top-rated Roleplaying games on the App Store that takes you on a thrilling quest. Get in the role of the galactic trucker Flux Dabes who gets stranded on an alien planet when his shipment gets derailed by the troublesome alien Hewgodooko.   

Create your army of creatures who will fight for you. Just find an egg, incubate it, and watch them hatch at their convenience. Further, Crashlands supports cloud saving, making it a feasible game accessible in Airplane mode. You will never get bored now.   


Action-packed interface 

Plenty of features to enjoy 

Pay-once-and-play format 


Weaponry gets repetitive

Price: $6.99 


Enter the 3D world of magic, illusions, and excitement with Ro and her child in Monument Valley 2. The larger-than-life graphics and seamless controls make it one of the most popular games to play on a plane without Wi-Fi. Get lost in the land of impossibilities, mystical architecture, and pathways as you dig into the secrets of Sacred Geometry. 

The gameplay features multiple levels, plenty of puzzles, and an interactive dynamic between its characters. Further, you have interactive soundscapes to accompany you as you hop along with Ro and her child in their mystical land. 


3D surroundings 

Smooth game controls 

Soothing soundscapes 


No free version  

Limited features 

Price: $3.99 


11. Mortal Kombat – Best in-game graphics for you

Tagged as one of the goriest games, Mortal Kombat is everything violence, bloodshed, and fights. Create a team of fiery Mortal Kombat fighters and prove your mettle in one of the deadliest fighting tournaments ever. Be a doting team leader and guide your team towards a battleground where victory is reserved only for the finest ones. Intense graphics and artifacts amp up the fun for you.  

Feel free to collect over 130 Mortal Kombat characters, including famous ones like Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Cassie Cage, and others. In addition, you can unlock character customizations by winning in the Feats of Strength battles. You can compete with other players in Faction Wars and earn weekly rewards.  

The best part of Mortal Kombat Mobile is the addition of ‘Fatalities.’ Go as hard as you want against your competitor without worrying about the rules. Moreover, you can earn some juicy rewards simply by sending your characters on epic Quests. Their exploration will fill your credits with special rewards quickly.  


Character customization for a personalized experience 

Easy rewards for every win 

Weekly challenges 


The challenges get boring after reaching the maximum level

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


12. Crossy Road – Save the chicken

Simple, fun, and engaging- this is what makes the Crossy Road one of the best iPhone games for airplane mode. Seeking inspiration from the popular game Frogger, Cross Road revolves around your quench to save a chicken from getting crushed in a heavily packed street.  

The game offers smooth navigation and smoother controls at your fingertips. A simple tap takes you forward, whereas a swipe helps you switch between the sides. In addition, the chain of cars moving on the road at different speeds make the game challenging. Apart from vehicles, Crossy Road is packed with obstacles like rivers, trains, and trailers.   

You will love the beautiful design of Crossy Road. Everything- trees, animals, characters, mountains, and buildings- are made of blocks. Further, the game has multiple themes, including streets, deserts, and the Pac-Man theme. Most characters are free, but there are also some characters you can purchase with the in-game coins.   


Eye-catching design made of blocks 

In-game currency for purchasing characters  

Multiple themes 


Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


13. Fruit Ninja – Slice fruits for fun 

Often referred to as one of the best offline games on iOS, Fruit Ninja enables you to step in the shoes of a ninja and enjoy fruit slicing in a never-seen-before way. The game allows you to switch between multiple modes like Classic, Arcade, and Zen to try different levels of challenges.   

Explore each game level to chop off the army of strawberries, peaches, watermelons, oranges, lemons, and many more. Further, with each success, you can win one of the 40+ blades and dojos or make the fruit-slicing Ninja hunt even more enjoyable. These can range from snarky dragons, stars, butterflies, leaves, etc. You win points or get extra time each time you slice some fruit.   

However, if you need a break from slicing fruits, Fruit Ninja offers access to several minigames. Alongside, you can test your excellence and win rewards by competing in everyday Challenges. You can also compete with your friends and climb up the leaderboard.   


40+ blades to chop fruits 

Lucrative rewards with each win 


Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


14. Blocky Baseball – Baseball at your fingertips

Blocky Baseball lets you score that perfect home run right from the comfort of your home. Just grab your bat, set your foot on the plate, and start playing your favorite baseball shots. Hit those fastballs and curveballs to build your score. Oh, but beware of the paint bombs that can spoil your game. Indeed, the creators have put in their best efforts to give you the real-life feel of a baseball ground.   

With the retro-themed blocky graphics, Rocky Baseball ensures you are in the game vibes. Moreover, the game allows you to choose between different baseball fields and weather conditions to pick the one that suits your mood. The game also offers collectible characters that make the game even more enjoyable.   

You can invite your friends and compete with them in online baseball. Also, Blocky Baseball has a Replay feature that lets you share your best moments with others. 


Hosts multiple gaming fields  

Retro-themed blocky graphics 

Offers collectible characters 


Buggy interface 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


15. Shadow Fight 2 – Fight like a warrior

Gang up with your friends to fight the atrocities of the Underworld in this nail-biting game Shadow Fight 2. This popular online game takes you on a journey of epic battles with its perfect combination of RPG and traditional fighting. Explore the thrill of combat sequences housed in stunning real-like animation setups full of infinite weaponry, armor sets, and Martial Arts techniques.

Kill your enemies, stab demon leaders, and earn the privilege of closing the Gate of Shadows. The smooth controls and exclusive touchscreen-friendly fighting interface will give you the best action-packed experience. In addition, the game takes you on a thrilling expedition across six kingdoms of fearsome demons. 

Kick, jump, punch, and slash your enemies as they try to claim their victory against you. The intriguing storyline will give you just the right motivation to customize your fighter’s weapons, appearance, and magical powers.   


Easy-to-play UI 

RPG and traditional fighting included 

Action-filled themes 


It can be disturbing for some users 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


16. Solitaire – Most popular card game on iPhone

No list of the best iPhone games can be created without mentioning Solitaire. Without any prejudice, it is one of the most popular card games globally, recognized for its simple yet addictive gameplay. Solitaire has been a people’s favorite card game on laptops and computers for years. 

All you need to do is to tap or drag cards to arrange them in descending order with alternating colors. Further, you can pile up your tile earnings as you move to higher levels in the game. The Leaderboard shows your score and performance against other players. Your name displayed on the Leaderboard will motivate you to keep playing. It’s addictive!


Simple to learn and play card game 

Juicy trophy rewards  

Leaderboard shows scores against competitors 


It might get boring after some time 

Price: Free (In-app purchase start at $1.99) 


Wrapping up…

The next time you find yourself on a day-long flight, you know you can quickly download these cool offline games on your iPhone. Simple interface, intuitive features, and thrill adorn all the games listed here. We hope you will give them a try.   

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Srishti is an avid writer who loves exploring new things and letting the world know about them through her words. With a curious mind, she will let you move through the nooks and corners of the Apple ecosystem. When not writing, you can find her gushing over BTS like a true BTS Army would.

An Important Seo Lesson From A Squandered Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl Launches

The phenomenon of using the massive audiences tuned in to watch the big game as a base to pitch for sales is far from new and there are notable Super Bowl commercials going as far back as the 1960’s. Throughout the last over fifty years, there have been many interesting marketing launches that happened during the Super Bowl ranging from the famous “1984” Mac to the downright ridiculous during the “Dotcom Super bowl.” However, there was one ad that at the time was considered a huge success that now if viewed through the search marketing lens should be considered a horrendous waste of money. That honor goes to AT&T with their Mlife campaign in 2002.

What is Mlife?

It would be hard to nearly impossible to estimate the actual value of the links, but there’s an easy way to understand the cost. In 2002, a 30 second Super Bowl ad cost an average of $2.3 million dollars. Ignoring all the production and other expenses, multiplying that price by the 5 commercials they ran, just the airtime cost around $10 million with the links a byproduct of that efforts.

The Intersection Between Mlife and SEO

I wasn’t able to find a way to look at just the links collected during that time period, but searching Google for “Mlife + Att” yielded thousands of results. At the time, this was hailed as a very successful campaign by people in the ad industry as it piqued general interest and drove lots of people to their website. However, now with the benefit of 16 years of hindsight this campaign while successful at the time, it deserves the award for most wasted launch when long term SEO is taken into account, and here’s why.

What is Mlife Today?

In business, brand and company names are always changing with mergers, acquisitions and just straight rebrands. Even a storied brand like AT&T has gone through its own brand name changes. (Remember American Phone & Telegraph or the more recent Cingular Wireless?)

The wireless industry – now called the mobile industry hardly resembles what existed in 2002, and the powers-that-be at AT&T decided that they no longer needed the Mlife brand, but they did something that should horrify every search marketer. They sold the domain and all the link equity acquired by launching the website during a Super Bowl. Today if you go to chúng tôi it is the homepage for MGM Resorts’ (the parent brand of casinos like Bellagio, Aria, and MGM Grand) loyalty program.

Without a website like Zillow for domains it is hard to know how much MGM paid AT&T for the domain name. In my best guess, it couldn’t have possibly been too expensive, since there are a number of related names to Mlife that are owned and monetized by domain squatters. (I refuse to link, so just guess them yourself.) At the time they registered the domain in 2010 they didn’t seem married to the name Mlife as their loyalty program’s name as Facebook did not have custom URL’s and their Mlife Twitter account was not opened until 2011. While the domain squatters wouldn’t have let these other names go for a steal they would certainly have to be less costly than what AT&T should have priced the domain if they had valued it correctly.

Millions of Dollars in Earned Marketing Wasted

A Lesson for All Marketers

Within this search marketing horror story there lies a key lesson for any marketer. When evaluating the book value of any marketing asset you need to consider the sum of all the history behind the asset before selling it off or relegating it to the trash. Every marketer is going to have a long list of failed projects and assets, and while they all might not have reached their desired potential this does not mean that the all of the efforts were for naught. Every social media fan, link, feedback review and even just access to a domain for SEO testing likely has a higher value to the company than just the street or market value of just that asset.

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When To Expect Android 11 On The Moto Z4

Busy downloading Android 10 on your Moto Z4 and wondering when it will update to Android 11? After all, Android 10 became available to Moto Z4 users beginning in March, and the new Android 11 OS starts rolling out in October. The answer is… never. That’s right, Motorola will not be offering Android 11 on their Moto Z4 phones.

You may be asking yourself why it matters that there won’t be any OS upgrades after Android 10. Well, you should, because it’s important. Do you care about security? Ease of use? Getting the most out of your phone? Updates to your phone’s operating system covers all of that, as well as other optimizations that “reduce power demands, boost battery life, improve connectivity, introduce better encryption, and give you greater protection against any potentially malicious or just personal data-hungry third-party apps” (Android Authority). In short, those OS updates make your phone worth keeping longer than a year.

According to Motorola Support  there are two main types of updates: security and Android OS. Security updates are just that – updates from Google that fix security issues, improve security, and protect against viruses. Android OS updates are newer, “updated” versions of the Android operating system. The OS updates are the ones that keep you phone working smoothly and introduce new features.

So, what will Z4 owners be missing out on? Well, quite a few things. Based on the first developer preview and a preview article from Techradar, here are a few of Android 11’s features:

New APIs: One that allows you to see if your connection is unmetered and forcing you to use more data, and another that lets you check your downstream/upstream bandwidth with ease.

Pinhole and waterfall screen applications that maximizes the use of your screen.

A messaging tab on your notification bar that separates conversations from other types of notifications.

Security permissions that restrict aps from checking your location, and let you know when applications are accessing unexpected phone features.

Scoped storage increasing security and memory speed.

The ability to dismiss notifications.

You can find a full list of what you’ll be missing out on at Android’s developer blog.

Unfortunately, Motorola’s decision to limit their Moto Z4 to Android 10 is part of a recurring pattern of neglect – it even faced a class action lawsuit in 2023. According to Android Authority, Motorola falls behind other phone companies in releasing security updates, and “has a nasty habit of quietly dropping support for phones altogether.” They seem to feel that it’s ok to offer subpar service to phones from their lower price brackets. Sadly, Motorola recently scored a fat 0 on Computer World’s “Android Upgrade Report Card,” earning zero points in all three categories: “length of time for upgrade to be released current flagship”, “length of time for upgrade to reach previous-gen flagship”, and “communication.” Having just the one OS update is counter to the Android platform’s standard of two year’s software support after purchase. The Z4 dropped in June 2023 with a $500.00 price tag. Without an update to Android OS 11 it will be pretty much obsolete. I’ve purchased $500.00 cars that have lasted longer than that. It’s almost as though Motorola is using its Moto Z line as “burner” phones.

Why isn’t Motorola meeting industry upload standards? Well, according to Motorola, it’s YOUR fault. In a statement to Digital Trends, Motorola said its customer base lists updates as secondary to phone design and camera capability. In effect, Motorola is saying its customers don’t care enough about ongoing support to justify updating its phones, so it’s not going to worry about making those updates available. It’s Edge+ line only got the second OS update after Motorola faced industry outrage for releasing a $1000 phone with a short expiration date. Ask yourself, is Motorola right? A flashy design and great camera are nice, but don’t really do much if the phone is obsolete. Its time Motorola customers demand the long-term support they deserve for the high ticket price they pay.

How Long Do You Expect Your Car’S Tech Features To Work?

How long do you expect your car’s tech features to work?

Technology is a funny thing. So much of how we perceive the functionality of the devices we use every day depends on the context in which they inhabit our lives. No one really expects their mobile phone to still be capable of running the latest apps, operating system, or tapping into the highest possible network speeds after three years of ownership, but you’d be extremely upset if your refrigerator was no longer able to keep food cool after sitting for five or even ten years in your kitchen. The pace of development for each of these devices – not to mention the features they’re expected to offer – is wildly disparate, and we’re programmed to accept their different lifespans even if in some cases they feature similar price tags.

Whither, then, the automobile? How long do you expect the technology in your car to keep working past the point of initial purpose? I’m not necessarily talking about the meat and potatoes of any car or truck – the drivetrain, suspension, and chassis – but rather the increasingly complex infotainment, connectivity, and yes, even the safety features that are built into modern vehicles.

It’s not a trivial question. The average age of any car or truck currently on the road hovers right around the decade mark, which means that there are plenty of new and old vehicles cruising the highways and streets as you read this. Currently, the industry finds itself in a frenzy to add increasing levels of telematics, infotainment, and connectivity features to automobiles at almost every price point, but if we were to flash forward ten years from now, how much of today’s gear would owners expect to still be usable – and what features, exactly, would drive owners crazy if it were to no longer be in service?

There aren’t many past examples to draw from. The only telematics service of note to boast a long-term track record is OnStar from General Motors, which has been in existence since the late 1990s. By the time the transition from analog cellular networks to digital occurred in 2008 (the FCC deadline for requiring providers to support analog), OnStar had already offered a high percentage of existing vehicle owners an affordable upgrade path (either free digital equipment with a single-year subscription, or a $200 equipment-only purchase). The catch? If the car was older than the 2003 model year, there was nothing that could be done, leaving some GM drivers disgruntled and at least a few trying to (unsuccessfully) launch a class-action suit against the company.

Today, the playing field is much more diverse. Almost every automaker offers some type of telematics functionality, whether it’s hands-free call routing, remote vehicle unlocking, locking, and starting, or constant contact between dealer service bays and vehicle diagnostic systems. Throw onto the pile a host of proprietary infotainment systems meant to connect with mobile phones and other devices over USB or Bluetooth, and use their Internet connections to stream content and access brand-specific features – not to mention complex driver’s aides such as radar-assisted cruise control and even self-steering, semi-autonomous technologies – and it becomes clear that we’re looking at more than a simple analog adaptor to keep everything running smoothly through a decade’s worth of tech upgrades and changes.

This is something car companies are thinking about on an almost daily basis as they continue to refine and develop new vehicle systems. In fact, it was a conversation I had with a representative from Nissan’s telematics division just last week while test driving the Nissan Rogue Sport that sparked this train of thought, and had me curious as to what SlashGear’s readers expectations were regarding the longevity of automotive technology.

Personally, I think automakers are in tough to guarantee the functionality of their various ‘connected car’ features over the long term. Something as simple as a shift away from the Android operating system, or a move to a faster data transmission standard (and the customer expectations for content and communications / potential sun-setting of slower spectrum devices that go with that) could have a significant ripple effect in the industry. These kinds of disruptions are also completely out of the control of even the largest car companies.

On the safety side, there’s a stronger case to be made that today’s cruise control will work just as effectively in 2027 as it does today. As long as automakers can maintain their supply chain of replacement parts, the software side should remain relatively easy to handle in-house The twist? With V2X and V2V communications looking to play a larger role on highways of the future, I have doubts that legacy systems will be able to integrate into whatever connected car environment awaits. Truth be told, we’re most likely at least 20 years away from that being a problem, which means it may not be a ‘problem’ at all as these vehicles age out of daily use – but even the lack of existing V2V standards today means competing systems could find themselves obsolete on a quicker timeline than expected as the market or regulators decide on a winner.

Once again, the humble refrigerator offers an intriguing window into how connected car owners might respond to their various features and options being grandfathered as time marches on. While it might be disappointing for a fridge linked up to the Internet of Things to no longer be able to keep tabs on its inventory of milk and auto-order replacements from Amazon once 6G networks make its antique 4G router obsolete, how many tears will be shed as long as it continues to keep beverages, meats, and veggies cold and fresh? As long as the car starts in the morning and gets you to work safe and sound, is it really so bad that you can’t check to see whether you left the windows down using your GoogleEye contact lenses?

What do you think? How long do you expect your car’s various connected features to keep working? The life of your warranty? The life of the car? Or somewhere in between?

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