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The “Last Active” status allows you to see when someone was last online on Facebook Messenger.

For example, if someone was last online 22 minutes ago, you’ll see a status that says “Active 22 m ago”.

This status can be found under the person’s name when you open your chat with them.

On the other hand, if the person is active now, you’ll see a green dot on their profile picture.

However, the “Last Active” status does not show for everyone.

In this article, you’ll learn why you can’t see the “Last Active” status on Facebook Messenger.

You’ll also learn how to tell if someone has turned off their status, and how you can see it.

Why can’t I see “Last Active” on Facebook Messenger?

You can’t see the “Last Active” status on Facebook Messenger either because the person has turned it off, or you’re blocked.

It could also mean that the person has not been on Facebook for a long time (more than 24 hours).

If the person turned off their “Last Active” status, you won’t be able to see it.

The person will not be able to see your status as well.

Secondly, if the person blocked you on Messenger, their “Last Active” status will no longer be shown to you.

The status will only show if they unblocked you.

Lastly, if someone has not been on Facebook for a long time (e.g. more than 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week), their “Last Active” status will not be shown.

Below are the reasons (in detail) why you can’t see when someone was last active on Facebook Messenger.

1. The person turned off their “Active Status”

The “Shown when you’re active” setting is disabled.

The first reason is that the person turned off their “Active Status”.

This is the most common reason why you can’t see when someone was last active on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has a privacy feature that allows you to hide your active status.

The setting can be found on the Messenger app when you tap on your profile picture.

After you’ve tapped on your profile picture, you’ll see an option called “Active Status”.

When the status is turned on, your friends and contacts will be able to know when you were last active on Facebook Messenger.

If the status is turned off, it will not be shown to your friends and contacts.

The only setback to turning the status off is that you won’t be able to see when your friends and contacts are last active as well.

2. You’re blocked

You’re blocked by the person.

If you’re blocked on Facebook Messenger, you won’t be able to see the person’s “Last Active” status.

In addition, the person won’t receive any messages or calls from you.

To prove this theory, I conducted a test using two Facebook accounts:

Firstly, I logged into two Facebook accounts to ensure that they are both active.

Using the first account, I checked the active status of the second account.

The second account has a green dot on its profile picture.

Next, I switched to the second account and blocked the first account.

Lastly, I switched back to the first account and checked the second account’s status.

The second account’s status is no longer shown.

This test proved that the “Active Status” will no longer be shown if the person blocked you on Facebook Messenger.

However, if the person unblocked you, their status will be shown again.

How can you tell if someone has turned off their status on Messenger?

You can tell if someone has turned off their status on Messenger by looking at their Facebook activity.

However, if the person has not been on Facebook for a long time, they might not have turned off their active status.

Instead, their active status is not showing because of their inactivity (offline for more than 24 hours) on Facebook.

How can I see hidden last seen on Messenger?

Make sure that your “Active Status” is turned on.

To see hidden last seen on Messenger, you need to turn on your “Active Status”.

After you’ve turned on your “Active Status”, you will be able to see the last seen of your friends and contacts on Messenger.

However, you won’t be able to see the last seen of people who have turned it off.

In addition, you won’t be able to see the last seen of people who have blocked you.

Unfortunately, if someone has turned off their “Last Active” status, or has blocked you, there is no way to see their last seen.


If you’re unable to see the “Last Active” status on someone’s profile, it might not always mean that they’ve disabled it.

It could be due to their prolonged inactivity on Facebook.

Typically, when someone has not logged into Facebook for more than 24 hours, the “Last Active” status will no longer be shown.

Even if the person did not disable the “Last Active” status, Messenger will stop showing when the person was last online after 24 hours.

However, if the person constantly posts on Facebook and their status is not shown on Messenger, there’s a high chance that they’ve disabled it.

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Why Can’t I Find A Printer? Here’s How To Fix It

Depending on your device and the type of printer you’re using, there can be various reasons as to why you can’t find a printer.

If your work frequently requires you to print things, this can be a huge problem that you’d like to solve as quickly as possible.

Causes for Not Finding a Printer

Most of the time, the reason can be as simple as a damaged cable or poor connection, that can be addressed instantly. Whereas other times the issues might be more daunting and require more time to resolve, like:

Outdated Firmware

Connection Problems

Compatibility Issues

Outdated Drivers

Pending Windows Updates

Network Issues

Printer’s Model-specific Issues

Why Can’t I Find a Printer – Fixes

Before moving on to exploring more complex issues with your printer and its solution, make sure to check if the printer is properly turned on. Ensure that the power cable is plugged in properly and the green light is on.

If there is no issue with the electrical connection, you can try rebooting your device and the printer to see if it fixes the issue. At this point a reboot might sound petty but it sure does solve many issues, especially if the problems were not present until the last use.

If the issue can be fixed with a simple reboot or a cable change, it will help save you a lot of trouble. But if that doesn’t solve the problem, here are some fixes that might help.

Check Connection

Depending on the type of the printer, one can establish connection through wired or wireless mediums.

In the case of a wired printer, cable is the only route of connection between the device and the Printer. May it be a USB cable connected directly to the device or an ethernet cable connecting the printer to the network.

A loose or damaged cable can hamper the connection, which might result in your device not finding the Printer. So, make sure that whichever cable you’re using is connected correctly on both ends and check if you can find the Printer.

Similarly, in the case of a wireless printer you can establish a connection through wireless mediums like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect with a printer. A poor and unstable connection might make it difficult to find the printer.

So make sure there’s a strong and stable connection established between your device and the printer before moving on to checking other possibilities.

Set as Default Printer

If you only have to work with a single printer, it might be a good idea to add it as a default printer. Sometimes, this action alone can allow your Printer to be re-discovered by your device.

Follow these steps to add a default printer to your device:

Now check if your device can find the Printer.

Check the Printing Essentials

Lack of printing paper and other essentials can cause a printer to shut down. Check the availability of the paper and other essentials like ink to make sure your Printer has all the required resources.

Sometimes a clogged paper can also cause the printer to shut down. Make sure you rule out that possibility by checking inside the printer.

Try Connecting to Other Devices

Try connecting your Printer with other devices like your phone to see if the same problem occurs in that device. This will help you identify if the problem is with your Printer or your device.

If the Printer is working fine with other devices, the problem lies within your device. Make sure to take appropriate actions to solve those problems.

Stay Connected on the Same Wi-Fi Network

In the case of a wireless printer, make sure you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

If you have more than one Wi-Fi connection available around you, check if your device or the printer is not connected to separate networks.

Sometimes your device will automatically connect to other networks for better connectivity. This will cause your device and printer to be in a different network.

Check your device’s connection before searching for the printer.

Also make sure that the Wi-Fi password has not been changed since the last use. Password change will cause the printer to be disconnected unless updated.

Clear the Printing Queue

Having too much work in the queue can cause a printer to freeze or stop. To solve this issue, you need to clear the line.

Here’s how you can clear the printing queue:

Try Alternative Connection Methods

If your printer supports it, try using other alternative connection methods like Bluetooth, ethernet etc., to check if there’s an issue with the primary connection. If your Printer is working fine with other connections, you might want to fix it or keep using the connection that is working until it gets fixed.

Update Drivers

Outdated drivers can also cause a lot of issues and can hamper the performance of your Printer. The updates may have some fixes and new features added to them to improve the performance.

Here’s how you can update printer driver:

Generic drivers for printers are pre-installed in the OS, but some require additional drivers to operate smoothly. Check the manufacturer’s website to find out if you have the required drivers. And if you don’t have it, then you can install them from the same website.

Update Printer’s Firmware

Firmware is a built-in program in a device’s hardware that allows it to function in the way manufacturers intended. The firmware update is similar to a software update, and likewise, outdated firmware can create a lot of issues in the device.

Make sure to check the manufacturer’s website to see if any updates are available for the firmware.

Run Troubleshooter for Printer

If you cannot identify the issue yourself, you can take the help of the troubleshooter to look for any problems in your Printer. To run a troubleshooter for your Printer, follow these steps:

The troubleshooter will now run a diagnostics and notify you if any issues are found. If found, you can ask the troubleshooter to fix the problem, or you can search for the solution on the internet.

Run Network Troubleshooter

Network issues can hinder the connection between your device and the Printer. Run the troubleshooter for the network to identify if there is an issue with the network. Follow the steps below to do so:

Follow the instructions mentioned in the previous section to solve any identified issues.

These were only a few basic fixes for why you can’t find a printer in a device. There are numerous other reasons and solutions to this problem, making it very difficult to include in a single article. If these fixes did not help solve your problem, consider reading our next article on a similar topic.

Whatsapp Vs Instagram Vs Facebook Messenger Vs Snapchat

We compare the best of the current crop. It’s WhatsApp v Instagram v Facebook Messenger v Snapchat.

What devices can I use them on and how much do they cost?

It will probably come as no surprise that these apps are available on nearly all mobile platforms. WhatsApp has versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and even some Nokia phones! You can also use its clever desktop app for Mac and PC which connects to your phone to display chats and messages. To see exactly how this works you can read our How to use WhatsApp on any Windows PC guide.

Facebook Messenger covers a lot of the same ground, with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps available, but as its web version is baked into the main Facebook site, it offers a bit more of a streamlined experience in this regard. There’s also a new ‘ Messenger Lite‘ which is good for older Android phones or those with limited monthly data.

Instagram is available for iOS or Android, and there’s a very basic web version for PCs. Snapchat is the most selective of the bunch, limiting itself to just iOS and Android.

How easy it to navigate around the apps?

They’ve had time to mature, so each of them is fairly straightforward, albeit with some quirks. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger default to your Chat list when they launch, giving you instant access to previous conversations, all of which are shown chronologically.

Both have simple navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen (well, the top if you’re using WhatsApp on Android) which allow you to move between Chat, Calls, the Camera, and either Settings or Games depending on which app you’re in.

This similarity of design could well be down to the fact that Facebook acquired WhatsApp a while back, and has quietly set about standardising the layout. Whatever the reasons, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp feel primarily about messaging, rather than the visual emphasis used by the other two apps.

Instagram, which coincidentally is also owned by Facebook, opens to the photostream of your friends and contacts. Unlike the former pair, Instagram doesn’t have an actual chat option that you can see, but swiping left opens up the Instagram Direct page where you can send private videos, photos, or messages to individuals or groups of friends.

Of all the apps in this roundup, Instagram is the one that acts essentially as its own social media platform, with the messaging capabilities something of an add-on.

Compared to the other apps here Snapchat is the one that has the least intuitive interface. That’s not to say that it’s complicated, but it just takes a little more getting used to.

When you launch the app the camera opens automatically, giving you a clue of how Snapchat wants to be used. Swiping right will open up the chat window, while swiping left will bring you to Stories, which are collections of short videos and images.

Snapchat recently added that ability for groups to add content to a Story, making it a great way to celebrate a trip or event.

Swiping left a second time unveils the Discover section, where there’s various content available from news outlets and online creators. This is usually in the form of video articles, celebrity news, or new product releases, all of which can be loud and colourful.

Content that you or your friends create is designed to be automatically deleted within 24 hours unless you specifically choose to save it, so Snapchat does have a more temporary feel than its rivals.

What features do they have? Chat

As we’ve alluded to above, all of the apps have some kind of chat feature. You can either exchange messages with individuals or groups, using mobile data or Wi-Fi. All also allow images, video, and emoji to be included in the conversations.


If you want to make free phone calls over Wi-Fi then Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp offer this very handy ability. So, when the call minutes allowance on your tariff is running low, or you can’t get a signal, this is an excellent way to stay in touch. Video calls are also available on both apps.

Image sharing and editing

Instagram is often cited as the app that started the whole filters craze, and it still remains a firm favourite for those who want to add a bit of style to their snaps. After capturing an image you’re free to apply one of the many filters that can transform a simple picture into a noire masterpiece or lend a fuzzy 70s feel.

There are options to crop the shot, alter the colour or temperature balance, and even add multiple images into a collage via the free Layout app.   

You won’t find many crazy animations, such as you will on Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, but it does boast Boomerang, which allows short videos to run forward then backwards, creating amusing, moving pictures.  

Snapchat takes a more youthful approach, offering facial animations that can add hats, animal features, or even turn you into a hot dog. Filters are based more on artistic styles which dramatically alter the colour and texture of an image, sometimes in quite spectacular fashion.

You can also add messages, draw on the images, or include geo-tagged titles letting people know where the photo was taken. Overall, it’s a lot more fun than Instagram, but might be a bit much for some.

Facebook Messenger takes its lead most definitely from Snapchat, offering plenty of amusing overlays, special effects, and ways to annotate an image. From floating disco balls, to Game of Thrones-style dragon fire, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. You can also employ some artsy filters, and various titles on your snaps.

WhatsApp is probably the most conservative of the bunch when it comes to image editing. You can apply a few different filters, add emojis, text, or draw on the image, but animations and wild styling are left to the other apps.

Stories So, which is the best app for you?

As with any software, this all comes down to what you intend to do. If keeping in touch with friends and family, while possibly arranging a holiday or event, then the simplicity and focus on group messaging that WhatsApp provides is a solid choice.

Instagram is the one for sharing photos and seeing what other people are creating, while Snapchat is perfect for quick videos and images that you can personalise and have fun with.

Facebook Messenger does a good job of mixing these various elements into one easy to use portal, and as such if you were only going to have one messaging app on your phone this would be the one we recommend. 

Of course, they’re all free, so there’s nothing stopping you from having them all!

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10 Basic Tips For Facebook Messenger Rooms On Windows Pc And Mac

Facebook has been the latest giant to step into the market of remote working and video conferencing services with its latest iteration of Facebook Messenger which comes with Messenger Rooms. Messenger Rooms allow you to video chat with up to 50 people simultaneously without any time restrictions.

This allows you to have long conversations, catch up with your friends, hold virtual parties, and even events online without any hiccups. You can also share the room ID with your Facebook friends to have everyone join in. Moreover, you get the ability to remove participants as a host and even lock the room in order to prevent anyone from joining in.

► Beginners guide for Messenger Rooms

Apart from mobile support, Messenger Rooms also support Windows PCs and Mac systems. Let’s take a look at how you can make the most out of Messenger Rooms on your desktop or laptop.

How to install Messenger

Here’s how to install Messenger Rooms on your windows PC or a Mac.

On a Windows PC

Step 1: Open this link on your Windows PC. This will redirect you to Messenger in the Windows Store.

Step 3: Once the app is installed, simply launch it using the ‘Launch’ icon in the Windows Store or from your Start menu.

Messenger will now be installed on your Windows PC.

On a Mac

Step 1: Download and install the Messenger app on your Mac from the Mac App Store.

Step 3: Now enter your credentials for your Apple ID to get the download started. If you have a fingerprint reader on your Mac and have it set up, then you can simply use the fingerprint reader to enter your Apple ID information.

The download will now start and Messenger should be installed automatically. The wait time depends on the amount of space you have free on your hard drive as well as the amount of free RAM. Once installed, you can simply open Launchpad and launch Messenger to get access to Messenger Rooms.

How to get Messenger Rooms?

This should give you access to Messenger Rooms and you should be able to create a new room right away. If you do not get the option to go to Messenger Rooms then it is likely that you are using an older version of Messenger on your system.

Simply use one of the guides above depending on the system that you are using to update your Messenger app to the latest version.

► Zoom vs Messenger Rooms

How to use and get the most out of Messenger Rooms?

Let’s take a look at some of the basics of Messenger Rooms that will help you get started in no time. We will cover all the basic functions of Messenger Rooms so that you can get the most out of your experience. Let’s get started.

How to create a Room in Messenger?

How to join a Messenger Room?

How to invite someone to a Messenger Room?

Inviting someone to your Messenger Room is a fairly simple process. You can even add other members to the Facebook Room if you are not the creator provided that the creator has not created a locked Room. Firstly, while creating a Room you will get the option to ‘Share Link’ after you have created the Room in Messenger.

How to lock a Messenger Room?

When you are creating a Messenger room, you will be given the option to either create an open link or simply allow only people on Facebook to join in. Right after setting this permission, you will see a toggle to ‘Lock Room’. Turn it on and the Room will now be locked.

How to unlock a Messenger Room?

How to share your screen?

Why Can’t I Download Or Save Images From Google? How To Fix It

Are you looking for inspiration for your room decoration? Download an image from Google Images to show your interior designer. Most users prefer heading to Google Images to download images for non-commercial purposes.

However, what if you cannot download the image? Don’t worry! This article will discuss the problems and help you solve them.

Why Can’t I Download Images From Google?

There can be a list of problems prohibiting you from downloading an image on Google. It can range from a specific problem such as an incorrect file extension to an outdated browser. Here is why you may not be able to download images from Google.

The Firewall is Turned On

If your firewall is enabled on your device, you may be restricted from downloading images from Google. Your device will read downloading images from Google as a threat to its security. Therefore, you may not be able to download images from Google. 

Incorrect File Extension 

Certain images on Google have file extensions such as .html and .txt. You can download the files as normal, but when you open the media, it lands you on a page on your browser with code sets.

Outdated Browser

When your browser is left outdated, it not only limits you from the new features but will cause your existing features to malfunction. Not updating your browser may be why you may not be able to download images from Google.

Redundant Cache Data

Cache data is usually stored for the convenience of the user. It allows the user to access a site faster, but when the cache memory builds up, it leaves less room for the browser to perform its normal functioning. Your cache may be taking up most of your RAM, causing your download to fail.

Too Many Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are intended to expand the functionality of your browser. However, adding too many extensions can cause problems in user experience. Any extension you include will take up extra RAM to run that may slow your browser down.

Problem with the Browser

Sometimes the browser runs into unexpected problems due to an error in its coding called bugs. The browser you’re using may be having a few bugs that is preventing you from downloading images from Google. 

How to Fix if You Can’t Download Images from Google? Take a Screenshot Disable Firewall 

You can try turning off the firewall on your device. This will allow our device to download the images you need from Google. However, turn it back on when you’re done, as it keeps your device secure from malware. 


If you own a device with Windows as its operating system, follow these instructions to disable the firewall:


If you own a macbook, refer to these steps to disable the firewall:

Download Files with Correct Extensions 

You need to download images with the extensions .jpeg, .jpg, or .png to view the data in a graphical format. Try navigating images with such formats and avoid other extensions as they may have data stored in other values.

Update Your Browser 

If the problem persists, you may want to update your browser. Depending on your browser, here are ways you can update the more popular browsers available:

Microsoft Edge:

Select the horizontal three-dot menu on the top right corner of your screen.

Scroll down to locate Help and feedback, then select it.

On the new window, select About Microsoft Edge.

After the browser checks for updates, install if any.

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Clear Cache Memory

Clear cache data to free up some RAM storage on your browser. After you clear the cache, you will notice that your browser will perform faster and it’s basic functionalities are restored. Follow these steps to clear cache memory:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

Open your browser.

Select the hamburger menu on your top-right and go to Settings.

Locate the Privacy & Security panel then select it.

Under Cookies and Site Data, locate and select Clear Data on your right.

Check the box next to Cookies and Site Data and Cached Web Content.

Select Clear.

Disable Unnecessary Extensions

Remove extensions you use infrequently. When you do so, your browser will have more RAM to run smoothly. Additionally, it protects your device from possible malware from third-party extensions. Follow these steps to disable extensions in some of the browsers:

Google Chrome

Here is how you can disable extensions in Google Chrome:

Open your browser.

On the top-right corner of your address bar, select the vertical three-dot menu.

Locate More tools, then select Extensions.

Select the extension you want to remove and turn it off.

Microsoft Edge

To disable extensions on Windows Edge, follow these steps:

Mozilla Firefox 

You can turn off any extensions in Mozilla Firefox by following these steps:

Reinstall Browser

When you reinstall your browser, the browser runs a clean code that reduces chances of bugs. You can try to reinstall your browser if the problem persists. Here is how you can uninstall and reinstall your browser:



Select Finder on your system tray.

On the left of finder, select Applications.

Locate your browser. Hold the browser and drag it to the bin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) How Do I Download Images on Google?

To download an image on Google is a very simple process. Follow these steps to download an image on Google:

Why should I Enable Firewall?

Your operating system automatically has a firewall to protect your device from malware. It blocks receiving information from an unidentified source as it may threaten your device’s integrity.

Why is Google Images Not Responding?

You may be unable to access Google Images due to an unstable connection. Try restarting your browser to re-establish a smoother internet connection on your device.

Where Is Most Recent On Facebook App? How To See Recent Posts?

Facebook, as you must know, is the most popular social networking site on the planet. We connect to thousands of users every day, probably even keep a significant chunk of them on our friend list. However, with the great expansion, has come the greater difficulty of seeing the posts in chronological order.

In March, Facebook proposed a solution to this problem, introducing the ‘Feed Filter Bar’ that allowed users quick access to their ‘Home,’ ‘Favourites,’ and most ‘Recent’ posts. The feature was initially rolled out to Android but was later released on iOS as well. 

However, for unforeseen reasons, Facebook chose to withdraw the quick access, leaving users in agony. Thankfully all hope is not be lost yet, as it’s still possible to see posts in chronological order right from the Facebook app. Below, we’ll check out how. 

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What is the ‘Recent’ button in the Facebook app?

Few lucky users — especially on Android — still seem to have the quick access shortcut. It appears right at the top of your feed as shown below, but if that is missing for you, then look below for the guides to find it on your Android or iPhone.

However, the situation is set to be resolved in the coming days. Fortunately, Facebook did not roll back the entire functionality. It only removed the shortcut from the top of the news feed and moved it to a different location. 

After the rollback, the ‘Most Recent’ shortcut has become a little more hidden, tucked underneath the hamburger menu. Some users might even have to tap on ‘See More’ to reveal the ‘Most Recent’ option. 

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Where did ‘most recent’ go on Facebook?

Well, it’s still available for you but it’s hidden underneath somewhere. Lucky for you, we know where. Look below to find the Recent option in your Facebook app on your mobile phone so that you can check out recent posts in your feed very easily.

How to see recent posts on the Facebook

Facebook Web allows you to see the most recent posts with the help of the ‘Most Recent’ button on the left-hand-side panel. The app does the same, but by adding an extra layer — aka the hamburger menu.

On Android app

After you launch the Facebook app and log in with your username and password, tap on the hamburger menu button at the top-right corner of the screen.

You’ll see your profile name, pages you manage, and more at the top of the screen.

Now to see the most recent posts, scroll down and tap on the ‘Most Recent’ button.

Users who haven’t accessed this section might not see it in the open. If that’s the case, you’ll have to tap on ‘See more’ to access the button. The moment you tap on it, a window would open, giving you access to only the most recent posts from the groups, people, and pages you follow.

Alternatively, you may get an option called ‘Recent & Favorites’ under Settings after you tap the ‘See more’ button, as shown below. In that case, tap the ‘Recent & Favorites’ button.

Next, you will see the three tabs at the top of your Facebook feed, one of which will be Recent.

On iPhone app

iOS users can find the ‘Most Recent’ section in a similar location as Android users above. Open the Facebook app and tap on the ‘Menu’ icon in the bottom right corner. 

Now scroll down and tap on ‘See more’. 

Scroll down more and tap on ‘Most Recent’. 

And that’s it! You will now have the recent posts in your feed available to you.

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Why was the ‘Recents’ button removed?

After the wildly celebrated release of the ‘Feed Filter Bar’ on March 31st, we expected Facebook to make the ‘Recent’ tab a part of the fabric. However, without offering any explanation, the social networking giants chucked the idea and moved the ‘Recent’ button almost immediately. 

Although the Feed Filter Bar is still available on some devices, it’s set to be phased out, and Facebook is yet to tell us why. Since the bar was appearing at the top of the Facebook app, some users may have faced visibility issues, which could be the reason behind the sudden rollback. Accidental touches and complexity related to a new functionality could also be a cause.

How to see the most recent friend requests on the Facebook app

Apart from posts, Facebook also allows you to sort your friend requests in chronological order. That way, you’d be able to see your most recent request at the top or vice versa. Here’s how to:

Launch the Facebook app hit the hamburger menu at the top-right corner.

Now, go to ‘Friends.’

You’ll see all the pending friend requests at the top. Now, tap on ‘See all.’

Next, tap on ‘Sort.’

Then, select either ‘Newest request first’ or ‘Oldest request first’ and watch the request get sorted in your preferred order. 

That’s all! 


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