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Xbox Live Networking Service missing? Here are 9 ways to fix it






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aIf you get issues around Xbox Live networking service missing, we’ve got some solutions you can try to fix it.

With Xbox Live, you can do so many things like download and play free game demos, catch up on movies and television with cable networks like Hulu Plus and Netflix, watch sports, listen to personalized music, enjoy unlimited online multiplayer gaming with friends anywhere, or even access games saved on cloud from anywhere.

These and many more things you can do with Xbox Live can’t work with the Xbox Live Networking service missing, because then you won’t be able to connect.

How to fix Xbox Live Networking Service missing Solution 1: Check Xbox Live Status

You can go to the Xbox Live Status page on the Xbox website, and check for service alerts, then see if any appears for Xbox Live service at the top of the page. If there’s an alert, wait till the service resumes or says back up and running (in green color), then try to connect again.

Solution 2: Test Xbox Live connection

Here’s how to do this:

Press Guide button on your controller

Select Settings

Select System Settings

Select Network Settings

Select the Wireless Network you’re on (or select Wired Network where applicable)

Select Test Xbox Live Connection

Solution 3: Reset network settings

Before you reset the network settings, write the current settings down in the event you may need to restore them later, then do the following:

Press Guide button on your controller

Select Settings

Select System Settings

Select Network Settings

Select Wired network (you may need a password if it is a secured wired network) or your Wireless network under the network list

Select Configure Network

Go to the Additional Settings tab

Select Restore to factory defaults

Select Yes, Restore to Factory defaults. This resets the network settings only.

Switch off the console, then turn it back on again

Follow the steps in solution 2 to test Xbox Live connection

Did this fix the Xbox Live networking service missing problem? Try the next solution if it persists.

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Solution 4: Try a different port, or cable

If you have another cable, try using it temporarily, then verify it is working by doing the following:

Unplug Ethernet cable from your console and the networking device (modem, router or other)

Use a different cable to connect to your console and networking device

Follow the steps in solution 2 to test your Xbox Live connection

If this fixes the problem, then the issue is your network cable.

If Xbox Live networking service missing persists, test the port on the networking by doing the following:

Switch off your console

Unplug the cable connecting your console and networking device but only unplug it from the device

Unplug the cable connecting your networking device and computer but only unplug from the networking device

Connect cable from the console to the port on the networking device

Turn on your console

Test Xbox Live connection using the steps in solution 2 above

If this fixes the problem, then the issue is the port on the networking device.

Expert tip:

Does this help fix Xbox Live networking missing issue? If not, test the Ethernet port on your console by doing the following:

Turn off your console

Unplug the network cable from the Ethernet port on the console

Unplug the cable connecting your computer and networking device but unplug only from the computer

Plug in the network cable to your console

Test Xbox Live connection using the steps in solution 2 above

Does this help fix Xbox Live networking missing issue? If not, the problem is with the Ethernet port on the console. In this case, submit a repair request to repair your console.

Unplug the network cable from the console, then plug back the network cable to your computer.

If the steps in this solution worked, you should be able to connect to Xbox Live again meaning your Xbox Live networking service will resume.

Solution 5: Try connecting directly to a modem instead of router

This is a temporary solution to determine the cause of Xbox Live networking service missing issue. If you manage to get it back up and running, then your console and modem are working just fine.

Take the steps below to connect directly to a modem:

Unplug the network cable from your router, but leave one end plugged into the console

On the modem, unplug the network cable connecting it to the router such that neither the console nor modem is plugged to the router

Connect your console to the modem directly using the cable you use to connect to the router

Turn off the console

Unplug the power cord from the modem

After about 60 seconds, plug back the modem, then wait for all lights to return to normalcy

Turn on the console

Test Xbox Live connection using the steps in solution 2 above

Update console software if prompted to by selecting Yes

Solution 6: Test the connection in a different location

Follow the steps below to execute this:

Disconnect the console and any other accessories related to it

Take your console and accessories to a different location with a different network connection so you can determine if the error is in your own network, or your console

Reconnect the console and accessories

Restart the console

Test the Xbox Live connection using the steps in solution 2 above

Update console software if prompted to by selecting Yes

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Solution 7: Power cycle your console and network hardware

Take the steps below to for a power cycle reset:

Unplug the power cable from the networking device (router, modem or other)

Restart the console

Wait for about 5 minutes

If using a router, plug in to it then wait for the lights to return to normalcy

Plug in the other network hardware and see if the networking service is restored, and your wireless network is displayed

Solution 8: Restore router to factory default

This ensures all router settings are returned to the way they were when you bought the router. It will reset the SSID plus delete the current wireless password so you need to reconfigure the SSID and password after you reset the router.

Use the steps below to do this:

Check the router for a button or little hole labeled Reset

Press the Reset button and hold for up to 30 seconds. If the lights on the router start to blink, it has been reset

Reconfigure your wireless SSID and password for the router

Once you reset the router, check if you still experience Xbox Live networking service missing.

Solution 9: Get a new network hardware

Sometimes if you still experience Xbox Live networking service missing, it may indicate that your router is incompatible with your console, or with Xbox Live, or the router is damaged or not working as it should. In this case, contact your router’s manufacturer. You can also get a new router altogether that is both compatible with your console and Xbox Live.


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Fortnite Mic Not Working? Here Are 9 Ways To Fix It

If your voice leaves the chat, check your PC and game settings for a few moments. It can be easy to fix the Fornite mic not working error.

You may find the problem in all platforms, but you must ensure it only affects Fortnite. Otherwise, it’s a broader error. For example, on PlayStation, you may have muted the audio; on Xbox, you may need to change privacy settings.

The problem can be more common on Windows. If you’re using a new mic, you may have trouble setting it up. However, we’re taking a deep look into every potential issue we could find affecting consoles and Windows PCs.

We’re looking at the error on all Fortnite platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One / Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, and Windows.

Some platforms have specific errors (namely Windows and Xbox consoles). Others share the same causes, such as wrong configurations.

In any case, here’re the possible causes:

The Epic Games servers are down.

On Windows, you may have the wrong settings for the mic. 

Your Windows is outdated, or the audio drivers are out of date. It causes compatibility issues.

On Windows (Epic Games launcher), the game may be corrupted.

The in-game voice chat settings are blocking your chat. 

You have the wrong configurations on Fortnite. You can switch between Party Channel and Game Channel in-game and may be on the wrong chat. 

The Parental Control settings in-game are blocking the chat. If your account has these controls, you must contact your parents or guardian to change the settings. 

Also, on Xbox, you may need to change your privacy settings to enable party chat. Additionally, you may need to change the privacy settings to allow cross-play.

A full cache (temporary files dump) may corrupt the game on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. It would help if you cleaned it to play. 

The DNS configuration is blocking the chat. This happens on Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows. It occurs because the DNS you’re getting from your IPS doesn’t connect the devices with Fortnite’s IPs. 

On your router, the UPnP setting is off. Alternatively, it has the wrong NAT configuration. 

If you pinpoint the cause of your problem, you can go straight to the solution you need.

We’re going through a list of fixes for the Fortnite mic on the various platforms where you’d find the error.

Feel free to test them or jump straight to the one you think you need.

Before you change anything, you should check the server status. On this website, expand the Fortnite bracket -it even has a “Voice chat” category.”

If the server is down, you’ll have to wait until it’s up. There’s nothing else you can do. Often, the server is down for maintenance or random errors.

Similarly, if notable bugs affect the voice chat, you may need some extra steps. Fortnite’s developers recommend checking the community board to see if there’s something wrong.

If you’re playing on Windows, you must check two key configurations: your mic should be the default input, and the privacy settings should allow Fortnite to use the mic.

Let’s start by making it your default input:

Now, let’s configure the mic’s privacy:

Press the Windows key and go to Settings.

Select Privacy & security.

On the App permissions, select your microphone.

Enable “Microphone access.”

On the app list below, enable Fortnite so it can use your mic as well.

It would be best if you also kept your Windows PC up to date to play online correctly. That means updating the operating system, the GPU, and the mic’s driver if needed.

Let’s start with Windows:

Next, let’s update your GPU via the Device Manager:

Alternatively, you can use the proprietary AMD or NVIDIA software to update the GPU. On the AMD software, you’ll find the update option on the home page; on Nvidia’s software, you will find the update option on the Driver tab.

Lastly, let’s update the mic’s driver on the Device Manager:

You can use Epic Game’s tools to verify the game and repair the potential corruption:

If the launcher finds any problems, it will re-download what it needs. Additionally, you must keep the game up to date.

Lastly, update the launcher as well:

Afterward, test if the Fortnite mic is working again.

There’s a chance your mic is not working on Fortnite because of minor bugs, so restart the game before configuring the in-game settings.

Then, open it up, and we’ll review the basic audio settings you need. These configurations will help you, regardless of the device you’re using to play.

Make sure your game’s volume is okay. Check the audio tab on Settings to raise Voice Chat above 50%.

Check your internet connection speed. You can go to this page to check the speed. If it’s below 5Mb/s, the voice chat may be unresponsive.

Make sure you’re using the proper channel. On Fortnite, you can swap between Party Channel and Game Channel. The Party channel connects the players on your squad.

Here’s how to check this particular setting:

On the Lobby, expand the menu:

Go to the second tab (top to bottom). Here, you can individually mute members in the channel. 

Lastly, on the Voice Chat tab, you can select the people you can talk to and hear on the chat: everyone, friends & teammates, friends, or nobody (disable the voice chat). 

Check below on the “Default” or “Preferred” channel, and select the one you prefer (Party or Game).

Additionally, make sure “Voice Volume” is above 50%.

If you’re below 18 years old (which the game determines on the birth date you selected on the game), it will block the party chat. If it’s the case, you need to follow these steps:

Select “Go to Parental Controls” and type the Parental Control Pin.

Enter a special settings menu to customize your chat and other privacy features.

Lastly, you can’t use Fortnite’s chat on Xbox and PlayStation if you’re already using either an Xbox chat or a PlayStation chat. You’d need to leave these chats to enter Fortnite’s option.

If you play Fortnite on Xbox consoles, perhaps your privacy settings are blocking the chat.

If these options were different, they were the reason why the Fortnite mic didn’t work. However, you probably can’t change these settings if you’re a minor.

The solution is to ask the family manager of your Xbox (perhaps your father) to change these settings for you. You can check this guide for further information.

The cache is a temporary file dump: the console uses these files to open regular items faster, but the folder becomes overwhelming over time. So, it would be good to erase it once in a while. There’re two methods to do it on Xbox, and we recommend doing both.

Both the PS4 and the PS5 generate a cache to store files they use regularly. It helps the system open common tasks faster.

So, here’s how to clean the cache on both Xbox and PS consoles:

On Xbox

Next, power cycle the console. A power cycle is a soft reset that cleans the console’s cache and helps delete random software and power-related errors.

Now, you can try playing Fortnite again. Additionally, the console should feel faster.

On PS4/PS5

DNS Stands for Dynamic Name System. It’s a Service that Translates Ip Numbers Into Web Pages and Server Names. so, the better it is, the faster it can connect you to a server or a page, i.e., Fortnite’s Servers.

Your internet service provider grants the DNS to the devices on your network are using. However, you can use a public solution (from tech companies like Cloudflare and Google) to improve the speed.

This solution is in case your connection is too slow, which makes the party chat unreliable. We’re sharing the steps for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and Windows.

On PS4

On PS5

On Xbox One/Xbox Series

On Nintendo Switch

On Windows 10

The last part of the troubleshooter is port forwarding the router. This process will bypass the NAT configuration on the console, its built-in security feature.

Look at the table below:

NAT TypeOpenModerateStrictOpen (type 1 or “A”)YesYesYesModerate (type 2 or “B”)YesYesNoStrict (type 3 or “C”)YesNoNo

First off, check if the NAT type on your console is correct. It should be either Open or Moderate, and you can check it by testing the internet connection on the console’s internet menu.

If the NAT type is a “Strict” configuration, you’ll know you have to change it. There’s no easy way to check on a PC, but port forwarding the PC is simple.

By the way, port forwarding means telling a device to work on a specific port to allow full online communication.

On Windows 10/11

On Console

The process to change NAT type is complex on consoles. However, it will solve any UPnP issues. You can check our separate guide on how to change NAT on PS4/PS5.

Follow these steps to port forward on your console:

But if you follow the guide, these are the ports you need to type.

Spectrum App On Roku Not Working? Here Are 7 Ways To Fix It

The Spectrum TV app doesn’t always work smoothly on your Roku TV. Sometimes, you might see an “App Unavailable on Roku” error. When this happens, it means the Spectrum app is under maintenance. So, wait a few minutes and check the Spectrum server status to know whether the issue is within the server.

Sometimes, factors like slow internet or outdated software cause this issue. There can also be other causes that you can easily fix in a few simple steps. We have listed them below in this article.

The following reasons are the main culprits for Spectrum TV App not working on your Roku. 

Malfunctioning Roku device

Spectrum server down

Issue with the Spectrum account

Outdated Roku software

Expired subscription

Troubleshooting the issue causing your Spectrum app to not work on your Roku device is quite easy. We have listed some simple fixes you can try to make the app run again. 

But before we proceed, restart your Roku device as a primary fix. Turn off the device and unplug all the cables. Let the device sit idle for a few minutes, then plug back the wires to turn it on. 

Some apps might take time to load if your internet speed is slow. You can easily check your internet connection on your Roku device in the following steps.

If you have an unstable network connection, restart your router and reconnect your Roku device to the internet. A poor Wi-Fi signal can also cause this issue. Try moving your Roku device nearer to the router in that case. 

Here’s how to perform a network connection reset on Roku and reconnect to the Wi-Fi. 

You might have trouble loading the Spectrum TV app if too many devices are logged in with your account. Log out from the devices that you aren’t using. Signing out and signing back in also fixes other problems causing the channels not to open. Here’s how to re-log into your Spectrum account. 

Change the password of your Spectrum TV App Account if possible, as someone might have maliciously accessed your account. When you do so, they won’t be able to log back in. 

Sometimes, clearing the cache also helps channels to work. When your Spectrum app cache data gets corrupt, bugs can stop it from working. You can easily remove it in a few steps.

We have written an article on “How to Clear Cache on Roku.” You can go through it and clear the corrupt files as instructed.

When old applications have bugs, the app developers come up with a newer version with much better features and fix the bugs and glitches. All you need to do is update your application to get access to this new version. If any update is available for Spectrum, following the steps below will install it on Roku.

If updating the Spectrum App didn’t fix the problem, uninstall it to get rid of all its app data. Uninstalling an app removes all its files from the device. And when you install it again, new fresh data gets installed with much better features and minimal bugs. Here’s how you can delete and add the Spectrum App back to your Roku device. 

Outdated Roku software can also cause the Spectrum app to not work at times. Some older versions of Roku may not support this streaming service, so install the latest software version. Here’s how you can do it. 

Netflix Not Working? Here Are 7 Ways To Fix Netflix Issues

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services out there, catering to over 200 million users every month. With its collection of exciting movies and TV shows, as well as multiple language options for content, the streaming giant has carved a place for itself in over 190 countries around the world. However, no matter how good it is, there are times when Netflix starts acting erratically. So, if you’re facing Netflix issues, here are 7 ways to fix ‘Netflix not working’ issues on your devices.

Fix “Netflix Not Working” Issues (2023)

Netflix is available on various platforms like smartphones, Windows, web browsers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more. Therefore, Netflix has to ensure that their users on every platform have an uninterrupted experience. Most Netflix issues occur because of unstable app performance, internet issues, or corrupted cache memory. Let’s see how to troubleshoot such Netflix issues and fix them for good. 

General Netflix Troubleshooting Guide

Let’s start with the most common problems causing unstable performance on Netflix. These issues commonly occur on web browsers and Netflix apps on smartphones and Windows 11 or Windows 10. If the problem is not from Netflix servers, you can quickly fix the issue by following the troubleshooting guide. 

1. Check if Netflix is Down

First and foremost, it is essential to check if the Netflix server is working correctly before checking other issues. Check the official Netflix status page (visit), where the company updates if there is an issue with the service. Netflix actively updates the user if they face any problem with server management. If everything is working fine, you should see the following screen when you visit the page.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Netflix requires a stable internet connection to stream your favorite shows without interruptions. Without it, Netflix will cause issues on every device. Usually, Netflix buffers if you have slow internet. Or, Netflix will prompt “you are not connected to the internet” on Netflix apps if you have an improper internet connection. So, you should check if you have a working internet connection with the preferred speed. I find chúng tôi (visit) easy to use and see if my internet is working properly. What’s more, it’s powered by Netflix so it’s a definitive way to ensure your internet speed is up to mark for streaming services like Netflix.

To stream online shows, Netflix recommends having a minimum of 3 Mbps internet for Standard definition (SD), 5 Mbps for High definition (HD), and 25 Mbps connection for 4K/Ultra HD (UHD).

3. Restart Your Device

4. Sign-out and Login Again on Netflix

It might sound like a cliché step. Well, not as cliché as restarting your device. However, what surprises me is the efficiency of this method working for people. Signing out and logging in again restarts your Netflix session on the device, and can resolve any minor errors causing Netflix to work abruptly.

Remember, you must be at the Netflix home screen for the above steps to work. After that, press the Sign-in button on the next page and log in again by entering your credentials.

5. Clear Cached Data on your Browser

Clearing your browser data will reset the browser for good and resolve any issue due to bad cached memory. Your browser might lag for several reasons, and removing all unnecessary data will surely improve your browser performance and thus stop lagging issues on Netflix. However, it will clear all your data, and you will need to log in to each website again. Well, it will result in improved security, so it’s a win-win situation. Here’s how to clear cache data on your web browser.

Open your web browser and press Ctrl+Shift+Delete at once (Shift+Command+Delete for Mac). It will open the option for clearing browsing data.

Now, go to Advanced and select “All time” under the Time range option. Check all boxes as well.

Now, log in to Netflix again and see if it’s still lagging. If yes, try using another browser if you think your browser isn’t working correctly. Or, update your browser if the problem persists.

6. Clear Netflix App Data on Smartphone

From the home screen on your device, navigate to Settings.

Select General. If you don’t see General, continue to the next step.

Select Apps or Applications.

Select Manage Applications, Application Manager, or Manage All Apps. If you don’t see these selections, continue to the next step.

Scroll down and select Netflix. If you don’t see Netflix, check the Downloaded tab.

Select Storage. If you don’t see Storage, continue to the next step.

Select Clear Data or Clear Storage, then OK.

This method will remove all your Netflix data, and you can start fresh. Note that it will remove any shows you downloaded inside Netflix as well. Though it shouldn’t mess up any subtitle settings in your profile, if it does, you can turn off subtitles on Netflix again after logging in.

7. Reinstall Netflix on your Device

If you can’t find the option to delete Netflix app data, it’s better to reinstall the app. It will work similar to the last method, and you will get the latest version of the app. Now, each device has a different approach to removing the apps. We will see how to remove Netflix on Windows OS, Android, and iOS devices. 

On Android, you can reinstall Netflix by doing the following: 

Open your device’s application drawer and find Netflix from the list. 

For iOS users, follow the guide below to remove Netflix: 

On your home screen, find the Netflix app from the list. If it’s not on the home screen, check your App Library.

Lastly, confirm your choice by tapping the Delete app option.

Common Netflix Error Codes and Solutions

Most often, when your device is not connected to the internet, Netflix shows us the pop-up mentioning you are not connected to the internet. However, some specific error codes appear on smart TVs or streaming devices like the Fire TV stick or Roku, which describes a particular issue with Netflix. Here are a few error codes Netflix shows and how to fix the problem.

Netflix Error 0041

The Netflix error code 0041 usually appears on Android phones or Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. The error occurs due to internet connectivity issues or if the data on your device needs to be refreshed. Use the following troubleshooting steps to resolve Netflix’s 0041 error.

Switch to another internet connection if possible.

Move around your house to get a better signal.

Try refreshing your internet connection by putting your phone in airplane mode. Then turn off airplane mode after a few minutes.

Clear the Netflix app data on your device. 

Restart your wi-fi router or modem.

A few more error codes similar to Error 0041 are Error tvq-st-120, Error UI-400, Error AIP-704, Error 12001, Error 11853, Error 5403, Error 1011, Error 1016, Error 1012, Error -11800

Netflix Error 100

If you’re using an Apple TV, here is how to sign out of Netflix on Apple TV, or restart your Apple TV.

Sign Out On Apple TV

Start from the Netflix home screen.

Select Switch Profiles. If your account does not have profiles, you can continue to the following step.

Select Sign Out.

Sign back in and try Netflix again.

Restart your Apple TV

Unplug your Apple TV and the TV it’s connected to from power for at least 2 minutes.

Plug both devices back in.

Turn both devices back on.

Try Netflix again.

Netflix Error 10023-5009

The Netflix error 10023-5009 is related to troubles with downloading content. It is usually accompanied by a message, “There was a problem with this download. Please check your network connection and try again. (10023-5009)” Sign out of Netflix from your device and Sign in again or restart your internet connection to resolve this issue. 

Netflix Error NQL.2303 Netflix Error NQM.407

The error code NQM.407 often appears on Android phones or tablets and is accompanied by the “Account Payment Issue. Your account is on hold because of a problem with your past payment. Go to chúng tôi to update.” The problem might occur due to one of the following reasons.

The payment method on Netflix’s database is no longer valid or has expired.

Your financial institution, such as the bank or a third-party service, did not approve the monthly charge.

US Only: Mismatch in your credit card zip code on Netflix and the one listed with your bank.

Frequently Asked Questions Why is Netflix not working on Smart TV?

Netflix might show buggy behavior on a smart TV due to a slow internet connection, or you need to refresh the data on your TV. Try rebooting your wi-fi modem or internet connection, or reinstall the Netflix app on your TV. Otherwise, you can clear the Netflix app data on your smart TV if the option is available.

Why is Netflix not working with NordVPN?

NordVPN allows you to open your Netflix account using a different location. However, cached data can cause trouble while loading Netflix via a VPN. Therefore, clear your Netflix app and browser data to fix the issue. Lastly, you can change the VPN server from NordVPN if you still can’t connect to Netflix.

How do you unfreeze Netflix? How to Fix Netflix Issues

Screen Shifted To The Right On Windows 10: 9 Ways To Fix It

Screen Shifted to the Right on Windows 10: 9 Ways to Fix It Changing your resolution is an efficient fix for this issue




Users have been asking M

y computer screen is shifted to the right, how do I fix it

? and we are going to answer this for Windows 10 users.

Before going into complex fixes, you should change your resolution to the recommended dimensions.  



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Has your screen shifted to the right? You are not alone, as this is a problem many users have recently experienced. We will show you how to rectify this display issue in this guide.

Screen issues can be pretty annoying, and if your screen shifts to the right or left, you might have some problems using your PC.

For example, you might not be able to close specific applications or access certain features as easily.

Read on to find the best resolutions.

Why has my screen shifted to the right?

There are a few reasons your monitor may be shifted to one side. First, however, the most obvious one could be setting issues. If you have poorly configured display settings, you may end up with this situation.

It, however, does not end there. Outdated drivers may also lead to shifting displays, in which case you will have to update your drivers.

Another element that should not be overlooked is the possibility of malware on your device. For example, malware can alter the behavior of a computer, and the shifted display may be a side effect.

You should also note that this problem can come in different forms, some of which are:

How do I center my computer screen? 1. Use the Arrow keys 2. Change your resolution

According to users, if your screen shifts to the right, the issue might be somehow related to your display resolution.

You may be using a resolution your monitor does not fully support, causing your screen to shift.

This can be an annoying problem, but you might be able to fix it simply by changing your display resolution.

Remember that this isn’t a solid solution, so you might have to repeat it and try several different resolutions until you find the one that works for you.

3. Update your drivers

Sometimes display issues can appear if your drivers are out of date. If your screen shifts to the right, you can fix the problem simply by updating your drivers.

The best way to do that is to visit your graphics card manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers for your model.

After downloading and installing the latest drivers, check if the problem is still there.

Downloading drivers manually can sometimes be a tedious task, especially if you don’t know the model of your graphics card and how to download the driver.

It will not only scan and show you which driver is outdated, but it will also find the correct driver version or install the missing graphic driver.

This will keep you safe from downloading and installing the wrong driver versions, which can damage the PC’s system.

Safely maintain all drivers updated and avoid this kind of issue.

Free trial Download now

4. Check your graphics card software

Expert tip:

Some of these settings may be changed, causing the error to appear.

Note: Keep in mind that the steps might be slightly different if you use AMD or Intel’s graphics.

5. Use the Center image option

After that, your image will readjust, and the problem will be resolved.

We have to mention that this feature is related to your graphics card software, and you might not have it on your PC if you don’t have the proper drivers installed.

6. Change your refresh rate

Remember that you might have to experiment with different values until you find the one that works for you.

Several users reported that the problem was resolved after switching to the 59Hz resolution, so you might want to try that.

You can also change the refresh rate of your monitor by using your graphics card’s control panel software.

Keep in mind that you should only use the refresh rates that your monitor supports unless you want to cause potential damage to it.

7. Reinstall your graphics card driver

In the end, Check if your screen is still shifted to the right or left.

8. Check your monitor configuration

If you’re using a desktop PC, it’s possible that your screen shifts to the right due to your monitor configuration.

It’s possible that somebody fiddled with your monitor’s configuration and caused this issue.

To fix this problem, you need to use the physical buttons on your monitor to open the settings menu, find the screen position option, and readjust your screen correctly.

You can also use the Auto configuration option to readjust your screen automatically.

To see how to configure your monitor correctly, we recommend you look up the monitor’s instruction manual for detailed instructions on how to configure your monitor.

9. Start your PC in Safe Mode

Once you enter Safe Mode, check if the problem is still there. If the issue doesn’t appear, it means that the issue is probably related to your settings.

How do I fix the screen shifted to the right on Windows 11?

More or less, all the solutions we have discussed would work on both Windows 10 and 11. This is because the two operating systems are so similar, and except for the minor UI differences, you will struggle to tell them apart.

So, pick what solution works best for you from the options above and try it on Windows 11.

Screen problems can be annoying since they interfere with your everyday use.

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8 Ways To Fix : Default Boot Device Missing Or Boot Failed

Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed is a boot error that happens when Windows fails to detect a boot device after powering on. This may happen due to misconfigured, corrupt or a damaged boot drive. 

Simple fixes include restarting the device again, reseating the boot drive and reattaching any loose or disconnected cables. Additionally, replacing/repairing any damaged or faulty components or removing any bootable peripherals can also help fix the issue.

To fix the Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed error, check if the boot media is detected on BIOS. If any boot media cannot be found, you will need to inspect the hardware for any issues. 

Components such as the boot storage media, cables or the memory may be unplugged, damaged or have malfunctioning components.  you will need to inspect each element carefully and fix or replace them.

Now, carefully remove the side panel to get access to the internals of the computer

Check for any disconnected, misaligned or damaged wires

If problems are found, reconnect them properly or replace them

Reseat, repair or replace if any damages are found

For laptops, 

Once inside, check for the same issues described above and reseat, replace or repair the affected components

The first thing we’ll be doing is to manage the BIOS settings. If by any chance the BIOS settings like the date/time and the Legacy/UEFI boot mode are changed or modified, the system may be unable to boot. 

Turn off your device and reboot it

Before the logo splash screen appears, repeatedly press the BIOS key (Function keys or Del key) and enter the BIOS

Sometimes, due to incorrect date and time settings in BIOS, the device may throw this error. It could happen due to reasons such as misconfigured settings, problems with the CMOS battery, CMOS connection issues or the battery becoming old.

Change the values to the current date and time values

Save the changes by pressing F10 or Y/N keys while exiting

 Reboot your device normally

Changing the Boot mode from UEFI to Legacy can sometimes help your device detect the boot drive. As sometimes UEFI boot mode can be incompatible with the device. To change the boot mode.

Search for the Advanced Boot Options or Boot in the BIOS

Save and apply changes 

Reboot your device normally

The next solution is now to change the boot order from the BIOS. If the primary boot partition has been changed or is reset from the BIOS, this error could appear. To fix this, resetting the boot order or changing the boot partition cloud help solve the issue.

Open the BIOS and search for the Boot option

Save and exit the BIOS

Restart your device and check if the device boots normally

If changing the boot order did not work, the error could be appearing because of corrupt system files. To fix, you will need to perform repairs from the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE). The Automatic Repair function detects and troubleshoots any startup errors.

Download the media creation tool and create a recovery media

Power off your device and insert the recovery media

Before the Windows/manufacturer logo appears, repeatedly press the boot key (varies according to model, refer to product documentation or support website)

On the boot menu, select the recovery media as the boot drive 

Inside, select the keyboard and language preference

Additionally, if this method does not work, you can try and reset the PC while retaining all the personal data on your device. Resetting the PC will however, remove all the system and  hardware configurations.

Note: Changing the storage controller mode from IDE/AHCI to RAID will cause loss of data. Make sure to backup or clone the disk to a separate storage media before attempting.

Another cause that might be triggering this error could be due to misconfigured storage controller settings. To fix this, you will need to change the storage controller setting from the BIOS

On the BIOS, search for settings labelled SATA control, Configure SATA or similar

Save the changes and reboot your device normally

Note: This fix is only applicable for devices supporting Legacy boot mode

If the boot partition has been deactivated, this can cause your device to fail to boot. To fix this, you will need to re-enable the boot partition from disabled to active in the command prompt.

Boot your device to the Windows recovery environment by using the recovery media

Select the keyboard and language settings

Remove the installation media and restart your device normally

Incase of a corrupt boot sector, you will need to rebuild it from command prompt to solve the issue.  To do this, first boot to the Windows Recovery Environment. Depending on the type of partition, MBR or GPT, you can use two methods to fix the boot sector

For drives having MBR partition

Open Command prompt in the Windows recovery environment

To repair drives having GPT partition

Close the command prompt window and restart your device to see if the issue has been resolved

Note: you will need a storage device with a capacity of at least 8GB, internet connection and a working PC to perform this fix.

The final software fix is to reinstall Windows using the recovery media. This process installs a fresh copy of Windows in the device. This essentially eliminates any software issues related to the boot drive.

First, create a bootable recovery media and insert it on your affected device. Make sure that the device is powered off

On the Windows Setup screen, follow the on-screen prompts

Let the process complete and boot the device normally

If the device fails to boot or is stuck in a boot loop, you may need to change the boot priority from the recovery media to Windows Boot Manager

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