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[SOLVED] Your account access is temporarily limited






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When you get the dreaded Your account access is temporarily limited PayPal email, most of the time, it’s the beginning of the end of your PayPal account. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

PayPal is the favorite payment method for most online shoppers as well as businesses. It simplifies transactions by only requiring the payer to enter his or her email address.

The simplicity and tons of other benefits are the reasons payers love PayPal.

However, businesses don’t like leaving huge sums in their PayPal accounts because they know that they can be hit with Your account access is temporarily limited email at any time.

When you see this message, you won’t be able to carry out some basic actions on your account.

If the issue is not resolved, in time you will use access to all the funds stored in your account.

The only thing the message tells you for sure is that your account has activities or transactions that go out of line with PayPal policies.

What does it mean your PayPal account is temporarily limited?

1. How can I resolve the Paypal account temporarily limited issue?

To resolve this issue, you will need to also understand the reasons for it occurring in the first place.

Here are the most possible reasons for which your PayPal account could be temporarily limited:

High-risk transactions on your account

Recently, your account has received lots of chargebacks or claims.

For Business PayPal accounts, you can get this error message if you begin to sell new products or offer new services.

Similar to the situation above, if the volume of your sales suddenly spikes, PayPal can also flag your account.

Your account is not active

Your account access can get temporarily limited also if you haven’t logged in to the account or carried out any transaction on it since your registration.

This is a security measure for dormant accounts.

Your PayPal account is temporarily limited to protect it

Sometimes, your account access is temporarily limited by PayPal for your own protection.

When the system notices that an unauthorized user logs in to your account, it limits your account from making transactions.

PayPal’s system determines unauthorized access mostly when the login was from a foreign location.

If you’re going to travel out of your country, it’s best to let PayPal know about it beforehand.

2. How to remove your account access is limited in PayPal

The same way the reasons for limitations vary, that’s how different the solutions are.

Thankfully, the Your account access is temporarily limited email hints on how to lift the PayPal limits for your unique case.

Some of the most common resolutions are as follows:

Visit the Resolution Center

To lift the limits, you may be instructed to go to the PayPal Resolution Center. On this page, you will have more insight into the root of the problem.

The Resolution Center also tells you how you can remove the limits.

Upload proof of identity

If the limitation was to protect your account, you may need to provide PayPal with some documents to prove that you are the legitimate owner of the account.

On the Summary page, you will see a notification to inform you of this resolution. It also shows you the required steps and documents to provide.

Most times, the proof of identity could be a copy of a Government-issued ID card, such as driver’s license, international passport, or ID card.

If you’ve completed the solutions and still have limits on your PayPal account, check your inbox for an email from PayPal requesting for additional information.

Alternatively, your account access may be temporarily limited still because they are reviewing your submitted documents, and you just have to wait a little more.

If your submitted documents don’t pass PayPal’s review or the work in the Resolution Center fails, your account access won’t be temporarily limited but permanent, and you’ll not be able to access it again.

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How To Check The List Of All Devices Having Access To Your Microsoft Account

In this post, we will show you how to see the list of all Devices having access to your Microsoft account. We also show you how to add or remove a device in Windows 11.

Over time, cloud-based technology has gained popularity in the market. Microsoft has been a front runner for the integration of devices. It has also tried to keep its cloud platform efficient by enabling single sign-on through multiple devices. If you wish to check the list of all devices having access to your Microsoft account, then this post is sure to interest you.

Check the list of all Devices having access to your Microsoft account

The procedure to check the list of all devices having access to your Microsoft Account on Windows 11 is as follows:

In the Settings window, go to the Privacy & Security tab on the list on the left-hand side.

On the right-pane, select Find my Device.

You would find an option reading See all devices linked to your account.

This will open a page on the default browser of the system. Log in to the page using your Microsoft credentials.

This page has a list of all devices connected to your Microsoft account. You can find their location, remove the devices, or register more devices from this page.

How to add a device to your Microsoft account

To add a device to your Microsoft account, the simplest method is to log in to your Microsoft account on that device. The other method is to go to the same Microsoft Accounts Devices page as explained earlier.

Enter details like the country, Serial number, etc.

Check the box associated with accepting the terms and conditions.

How to remove a device from your Microsoft account

Can devices connected to the Microsoft cloud account pose a threat to your local machine?

Yes, they can and they can also access files on your system. The reason is that by default, a lot of your system files are stored directly on your OneDrive cloud account. Most users are rather unaware of the fact that their data is stored online. Even more, data can be replicated as it is at the same location across devices connected to the Microsoft account.

Thus, it is important to remove suspicious devices connected to your Microsoft account?

If this is the situation, then what is the use of Windows Hello?

You might wonder that if anyone can access files on your computer with simple access to your Microsoft OneDrive cloud account, then what is the use of machine-specific login better known as Windows Hello? OneDrive stores information in the Pictures, Documents, and Desktop folder for sure. As for other folders, they aren’t connected to OneDrive by default. You would know it if you connect them. So, any information stored outside these locations would be device-specific and cannot be accessed through the cloud.

Why does OneDrive store information from the Pictures, Desktop, and Documents folders only?

The reason is simple! These folders are considered personal. It is considered unprofessional to store sensitive information on the Desktop. Thus, it isn’t really sensitive information while being important enough to not be lost over an accidental system reset or the computer being lost or stolen.

Excel Text Function – Handy But Limited…Or Is It?

At first glance the Excel TEXT function appears quite limited. Its purpose is to convert numbers to text in a specific/custom format.

There are two key points here:

The numbers become text. This means you can’t use them in any math type of formulas.

On the upside you can format the numbers anyway you want…almost!

Hold up!

Why would you want to convert a number into text when it means you then can’t use that number in any math calculations/formulas?

Wouldn’t you just format the cell with the number format you want?

The answer is ‘yes’ most of the time, but I’ll show you a clever use for it in a moment.

Excel TEXT Function

First, the syntax is:

TEXT(value, format_text)

Where the value is the number or reference to the cell containing the number you want to format, and format_text is the format you want, enclosed in double quotes.

Download Workbook

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Please enter a valid email address.

Download the Excel Workbook . Note: This is a .xlsx file please ensure your browser doesn’t change the file extension on download.

Let’s look at some examples.

Excel TEXT Formula Examples

Example 1 – Format as a Currency.

If you don’t know the character codes to use you can refer to the Format Cells dialog box (CTRL+1 to open it) to get the number format ‘code’ (that is the $#,##0.00 part) you need:

You can use any number formats for the format_text argument that you find in the Format Cells dialog box under the ‘Number’ tab.

Or you can write your own custom format.

If you’re new to custom number formats check out my comprehensive guide to custom number formats.

Example 2 – Formatted as a date with hyphens instead of the Excel standard forward slash.

Note: 41640 in cell A5 is the serial number for the date 1st Jan 2014. More on understanding dates in Excel here.

Example 3 – Display day of the week.

Again we’ve taken a date in cell A6 and with the TEXT function we’ve only displayed the day of the week. If you wanted to display the full name of the day you would use “dddd”.

Example 4 – Add leading zeros to a number.

This is handy for invoice numbers or other numbers/codes that require a leading zero.

Limitations of TEXT Formulas

As I mentioned at the beginning, the above examples all convert the numbers in column A to text in column B.

Examples 3 and 4 are ok formatted as text (the day of the week and leading zeros) as they are unlikely to ever be used in a math formula so having them as text won’t cause you a problem.

But it’s not ideal for examples 1 and 2 (format as currency and date), as it’s likely you’ll want to perform a calculation using those numbers at some point in your worksheet’s life.

A better option for examples 1 and 2 is to just apply the number format to the cell in column A.

Combine Text and Numbers in One Cell

I think the best use of the TEXT function is to use it to combine text and numbers in one cell.

As you can see in cell A16 below:

In the formula bar you can see I’ve used the ampersand symbol (&) to combine the text, “Sales up” and “Since 2010”, with the number returned by the TEXT function, which I’ve formatted as a percentage:

="Sales up "&


&" Since 2010"

Which results in one text string:

Sales up 95% Since 2010

You’ll notice in this example I’ve also performed a calculation for the value argument of the TEXT function, which is then formatted as a percentage:




Which results in:


The benefit of using a formula for the value argument is that any changes in the data will automatically be reflected in my statement in cell A16.

Bonus Trick

Now you can link cell A16 to your chart title and not only will the chart update if the numbers change, but so will the title:

To link the chart title to cell A16:


Crazy TEXT Function Trick

At the very beginning I said the TEXT function converts a number to text which means you can’t perform any math calculations on the results.

However, in this video Mike Girvin, of Excel Is Fun, shows a crazy trick (at 3:30) with the TEXT function to convert a date into the right format. Even MrExcel doesn’t believe it will work:

Explanation: in the video Mike performs a calculation on the text function which in turn converts the value in the cell back to a number.

Similarly, you can also convert a cell containing a text function back to a number by multiplying the cell by 1, or add 0, or use the VALUE function, to name a few.

Note: There are some limitations to this. For example you can’t convert the text ‘Wed’ in example 3 above back to a number, but you can for the other examples.

How To Delete Your Coinbase Account

Are you looking to delete your Coinbase account?

Maybe you no longer want to use Coinbase to store your cryptocurrency.

Or maybe you want to transfer your cryptocurrency holdings to another wallet.

But before you delete your Coinbase account, you need to know that both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro share most of your account’s settings.

Hence, if you delete your Coinbase account, your Coinbase Pro account will also be deleted.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to delete your Coinbase account.

How to delete your Coinbase account

To delete your Coinbase account, you need to navigate to the “Activity” page.

However, you cannot delete your Coinbase account if you have a remaining balance in any of your wallets.

Before you can delete your account, you need to have a zero balance.

To do so, you need to transfer your funds and cryptocurrencies to another wallet or user.

Then, you’ll have access to deleting your Coinbase account.

Here’s how you can delete your Coinbase account:

Firstly, you need to go to the Coinbase website.

You can use a desktop or a mobile device for this.

You won’t be able to use the Coinbase mobile app as it does not have a feature to delete your account there.

However, keep in mind that the screenshots in this guide are taken on a mobile device.

Hence, if you’re using Coinbase on a desktop, the user interface will be a little different.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll land on your dashboard.

On the navigation menu, you’ll see multiple options including “Home”, “Portfolio”, “Prices”, and more.

Scroll down to the bottom of the menu.

At the bottom of the menu, you’ll see other options including “Settings”, “Reports”, “Help”, and “Sign out”.

The settings page is where you need to navigate to.

On the settings page, you’ll land on the “Profile” tab by default.

If you’re using Coinbase on a mobile, tap on the dropdown arrow on the profile tab.

After you’ve tapped on the dropdown arrow, a navigation menu will open.

Tap on “Activity” to go to the activity page.

On the activity page, you’ll see all of your active sessions.

Your active sessions are categorized by “Mobile Applications”, “Web Sessions”, “Confirmed Devices”, and “Account Activity”.

If you’re using Coinbase on a mobile device, this page might not be responsive.

However, you can zoom in on the page to see its details.

You then need to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

At the bottom of a page, you’ll see a “Close Account” header.

Under the header, you’ll see a “Close Account” button.

The popup message is a confirmation that you want to close your Coinbase account.

Before you close your account, make sure to withdraw all of your funds first.

If there are still funds in your account, you won’t be able to close it.

Once all of your funds are withdrawn, you will be able to delete your account.

Then, you need to enter your password to continue.

You need to enter your password for security purposes.


Deleting your Coinbase account is not recommended.

If you detected suspicious activity in your account, it’s best to disable it first.

You can contact Coinbase for assistance in disabling your account.

They have a support number that you can call if you detect suspicious activity in your account.

Disabling your account is temporary, and you’ll be able to reactivate it back later.

On the other hand, deleting your Coinbase account is a permanent and irreversible process.

Hence, you should always consider disabling your account instead of deleting it.

Further Reading

How to Change or Reset Your Coinbase Password

3 Ways to Contact Coinbase

How to Delete Your Binance Account

How To Delete Your Shein Account

In case you don’t know setting up and account on a social media platform and one on a website could be worlds different. Since not all websites and services are created equal, when the time comes to say goodbye, it might also be done in a different way than what you did for some other service.

If you’re someone who browsed and shopped on SHEIN but now you want to delete your account and all the information that comes with it, then this post will help you delete your data from SHEIN.

Ask SHEIN to delete your data

If you have decided to delete your account from SHEIN, then you might want to know that SHEIN doesn’t provide you with an easy way to do that on their website, nor does it mention it on its support page.

There’s no specific option to delete your account inside SHEIN and thus, you’re limited to deleting your data by requesting SHEIN to remove them for you.

How to ask SHEIN to delete your account

To delete your data on SHEIN, you can send an email to “[email protected]” and request them to close your account.

Note: The request should be sent from the registered email address that you used to sign up on SHEIN and should include “Delete my SHEIN account” as the subject.

What happens when you send SHEIN email to delete your account

SHEIN will prompt you for confirmation and you can proceed to delete your account as well as the data that you shared with the service.

What else can you do?

If sending them a request to delete your account via email doesn’t cut it, you can head over to SHEIN’s customer service page to chat with the company’s customer care. On this page, you can request account closure from within the chat screen and your complaint will be registered as a ticket. You will get a message on your registered email saying your ticket is resolved and your account has been deleted from SHEIN.

Can SHEIN still use your data?

You must know that although SHEIN confirms that you, as a user, have “the right to access, correct, or delete the personal information” collected by them, the retailer will use them for as long as they want to comply with applicable laws.

Why should you delete your SHEIN account

When you sign in to SHEIN for the very first time, the website asks you to agree to their “Privacy & Cookie Policy”. Most users tend to not pay attention to this and simply agree to whatever that has been listed in this section.

When you create a SHEIN account, the company confirms that it collects the following data for its own use:

Your personal information that you provide when creating an account including your name, mailing address, phone number, and email

The data you provided when using SHEIN including the products that you bought and what you browsed for

Your payment data including credit or debit card number and other card information

Type and model of the device, browser, and OS that you use

Your location and IP address

Does SheIn retain your data

SHEIN says that the company has no obligation when it comes to keeping your data when you request for account closure. However, in some cases, some of your data can be retained by the retailer. Your data can be retained by SHEIN in case of any of the following scenarios

For account recovery

For preventing fraud or abuse

When required by law

For auditing

Ask them to delete your credit card info

As mentioned above, SHEIN uses your payment info along with other data when you sign up for the first time. If you have decided to request SHEIN to delete your account and all the information that comes with it, you should also ask them to delete your payment information as well.

This information includes all of your credit and debit card numbers that you saved on the website and other account and authentication information like billing, contact, and shipping details. If you don’t want this data to get on the wrong hands, you should ask SHEIN to remove your payment information along when closing your account.

Additionally, you can delete all of your payment info by heading over to SHEIN’s ‘My Payment Options‘ page and deleting each and every card detail that you entered while shopping on the site. You can do this before requesting SHEIN to delete your account, otherwise, you’ll have to depend on SHEIN to remove it for you.

How To Permanently Delete Your Viber Account

Some people prefer Viber for their instant messaging needs. Those pondering leaving Viber might be wondering if they can deactivate their account and delete their data. In a word, yes. In this tutorial, we’ll tell you everything about deleting a Viber account, guide you through the account deactivation process, and inform you about what happens to your data after the account is killed.

Uninstalling the Viber app vs. deactivating your account

Keep in mind that simply removing the Viber app from your device is not the same as deactivating your account. But if you do delete the Viber app, the following will happen:

Your Viber address book gets removed from the servers after 45 days.

Your phone number, which is your Viber account number, will be decoupled from the service after one year of inactivity.

To instantly deactivate your Viber account, follow the steps outlined further below.

Deactivation of a Viber account can only take place within the application itself. If you have already uninstalled Viber and would like to deactivate your account, you will need to re-install Viber in order to do so.

Ensure that you have the latest version of Viber for iOS or Viber for Mac prior to deactivating your account.

What happens after I deactivate my Viber account?

This is what happens after you deactivate a Viber account on your device:

All of your data is cleared off this device, including your call and message history, groups, and downloaded stickers, both free and purchased.

You will no longer appear as a Viber user to your Viber contacts.

All other accounts linked to your Viber account, like Twitter, Facebook, and so forth, will be unlinked from the service.

Any purchased Viber Out credit will remain on this account, but you can contact Viber support via email and request a credit transfer to a new Viber account.

When you deactivate Viber on your primary device (the one on which you registered with the service), the app will be deactivated on all other devices.

For more details, have a look at this Viber support page.

Important: Once your account is deactivated from your iPhone, there is no way to restore any of your user data even if you reactivate your account (which means re-creating a Viber account with the same phone number). Viber does not store any of your message histories and is unable to retrieve lost data. Re-registering to Viber with the same mobile phone number will not restore the previous account history on iPhone.

However, if you back up your Viber chats to Google Drive from your Android phone, you’ll be able to restore the chats after reactivating your account. The Viber support page tells you about this.

Having said that, here’s how to back up your Viber chats (in case you don’t plan on deactivating or, if someday in the future, Viber supports restoring chats on iOS).

Back up your Viber chats

Follow the steps outlined below in order to create a full backup of your chat history prior to deleting your Viber account:

Launch Viber on your iPhone and tap More from the bottom right.

Tap Viber Backup.

Finally, choose what you want to include in the backup and tap Back Up Now.

Deactivate your Viber account on mobile

Open the Viber app on your iPhone and tap More from the bottom right.

Tap Deactivate Account.

Enter your phone number and tap Deactivate Account once again.

You will be warned that continuing with the deactivation process will permanently delete your data. Tap Deactivate if you’re sure.

You can now delete the Viber app from this device.

Deactivate your Viber account on desktop

Launch Viber on your Mac, Windows, or Linux PC.

If you are sure that you would like to proceed, choose Deactivate.

This will remove all of your data and deactivate Viber from your desktop only.

You can now drag the Viber app from your Mac’s Applications folder into the Trash. Viber will remain active on your primary device (your iPhone), so you’ll need to deactivate the app there, too (steps already explained above).

How to reactivate your Viber account

Download and launch Viber on your iPhone.

Follow the onscreen instructions to re-register your mobile phone number with the service. This will reinstate the previous account on your new device. Your message and call history will not be restored.

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